HC Clark Gulf Coast Green 2010
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HC Clark Gulf Coast Green 2010



Gulf Coast Green speaker, H C Clark, presented " Critical Agricultural Strategies from the Outside-In: Through Doable Farming Centered Enterprise" on 04/15/2010 in Houston, Texas

Gulf Coast Green speaker, H C Clark, presented " Critical Agricultural Strategies from the Outside-In: Through Doable Farming Centered Enterprise" on 04/15/2010 in Houston, Texas



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  • Texas coast map, annotate
  • Geologic map coast-annotate, pix

HC Clark Gulf Coast Green 2010 HC Clark Gulf Coast Green 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • Critical Agricultural Strategies from the Outside In: Approaching Sustainability Through Doable Farming Centered Enterprise H.C. Clark [email_address]
  • Houston area as a laboratory
    • Soil
    • Topography
    • Rainfall
    • Climate
    • Access
    • History
    • Culture
    • +Attitude
    Hub + Developing Area Outer Tier Counties Nodes: real or virtual View slide
  • Viable, doable, now. Get out of town! Get out of the box! Think of the possibilities-from your perspective.
    • Houston hub and ag opportunity as example
      • Good soil, water and growing climate
    • Green already by food miles alone
    • Reasons will only become more critical
    • Scale—match to market, comfort and resource
      • Niche, Threshold, Commodity, Transitions,
    • Failure is OK if end is a better place
    View slide
  • Nodes—real and virtual
    • GATHERING:washing, cold storage, assembly and distribution, processing plant—remodel, mobile, other infrastructure
    • RESEARCH: experiments, long term demo
    • CONSULTING: design, set-up, legal, financial….
    • TRANSPORT—e.g. cooperatives, backhauls
    • SERVICES—from plowing to harvesting
    • SELLING: farmers’ markets, restaurants, stores
  • A typical farmer, kind of--Me.
    • Here’s my deal:
    • Bought a farm, great!
    • Flailed about with Kansas farming—and other foolish mistakes—lots of ‘em
    • Discovered cows
    • Added to farm
    • Kept my day job
    • Moved to grassfed prep
    • Sustainable – but for truck
    • Cows grandin
    • Vetch
  • Farmers’ Market got me thinking Alternative place to sell Incubator Distribution Point Public Place—and all that goes with it
  • Farmer Examples
    • Perry Chickens, Rockdale
    • Hanka Asian Vegetables, Pleak
    • Wood Duck Micro-greens, Fostoria
    • McGlaughlin Grassfed, Montgomery
    • Peachland Organic , Gundermann, Wharton
    • Fish Farm, Winnie
    • Lowell Organic Rice, El Campo
    • Calvert, the town
  • Collier Perry, Chickens, Rockdale to Commerce to Houston
  • Jim and Vel Hanka Ahead of the curve— and the season
  • John and Karla McGlaughlin Grassfed
  • Dimitri and Jennifer Georgantas— Gulf of Mexico Shrimp
  • Garrett, Stacey and Joan Gundermann Generations and more
  • Agricultural Green-think about it-Houston Region: Llano to Bolivar
    • Input technologies—opportunities from Big Ag
      • Precision agriculture, testing, irrigation, weed and bug control, mechanization, long term experiments, seeds, scourges—brush, bugs, weeds
    • Inputs and soil building—waste becomes fertilizer
      • Manure, food waste, yard waste, biosolids: N sources
      • Coal mines: humates, flue stack by-product
      • Llano granite quarries: P and K
      • Gulf Coast seaweed
  • Find a place, design [re-design] it-
    • Design farm layout, drainage, stock tanks…
    • Water and other regs
    • Temporary space, permanent space
    • Barns and buildings
    • Expansion
  • If this is such a great idea…?
    • Economic reality-You won’t get rich, but…
    • Costs: fertilizer, fuel, land, labor-barriers
    • Uncertainties-Weather, politics, resources…
    • Small country towns today-difficult situation
    • Risks-Can we take on some? Very Important.
    • But wait! For one thing, people ARE doing these things: Creekstone, Ben Wheeler, Whole Foods kinda’, Piedmont Center,
    • Think of each of these problems as opportunities.
  • Get started—different approach-doable-ness
    • Vision, ideas, deal making, ….
    • Get out and get learning
    • Think about people, opportunities, places
    • Catalog the resources, start a file, meet with colleagues, DRIVE!
    • DO something and tell about it….
  • So now…
    • Talk among yourselves.
    • Get started with the references I’ve set up.
    • Get out of town!
    • Pick a project and do it.
    • [email_address]
  • Reserve slides follow
  • Other things
    • Long term planning—crops, succession, transition, Generation gap
    • Regulations of all sorts, political structure, development relations [lobbying]
    • Sociology, psychology, infrastructure
    • Research—What are others doing?
    • Preservation, my favorite
  • Time is now
    • Real pressure will increase
      • Transport and input
      • Population
      • Climate and other environmental variables
      • Green capital
      • Land ownership
  • Start now
    • Road map
    • Town folders
    • vacant buildings??
    • Geologic map, of course, topo, soil survey
    • Water wells, etc.
    • Appraisal district
    • Economic development office
    • Risk
    • Design build