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Rapid prototyping with BlackBerry Webworks is a getting started guide to developing and publishing your html, css, and javascript application for the BlackBerry platform.

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BlackBerry WebWorks

  1. 1. WebWorksRapid prototyping with BlackBerry
  2. 2. Josue BustosTwitter: @hozweLinked In: josuebustos
  3. 3. Co-FounderZukini MobileMobile Designer, Developer
  4. 4. Co-FounderMobile Camp Los Angeles
  5. 5. Adobe User Group Co-ManagerLos Angeles PhoneGap
  6. 6. WHAT IS WebWorks?BlackBerry® WebWorks™ allowsweb and mobile web developers touse the SDK in combination withtheir development tooling of choice todevelop, test and package up theirweb applications for BlackBerrytablets and smartphones.
  7. 7. Build HTML 5 apps withNative Capabilities usingWebWorks
  8. 8. E.G
  9. 9. BlackBerry apps are first Class
  10. 10. Out of the boxIntegrate your app with BlackBerry hardware, core apps,and services.WebWorks APIs let you achieve deep integration withsome of the core BlackBerry applications• BBM, Calendar, or Contacts.• Invoke almost any other app from within your appServices available include:• Advertising Service: Earn additional revenue with in-appadvertising.• Payment Service: Leverage the business model thats rightfor your application.• Push Service: Enable direct, real-time content delivery toyour application users.
  11. 11. PrerequisitesHTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript knowledgeThat’s it!
  12. 12. Use what you knowTake advantage of popular mobile web frameworks
  13. 13. Lets set up yourenvironment
  14. 14. Getting Started•• Local Server e.g localhost://something.html• Tools• BlackBerry Signing Keys• WebWorks SDK’s• Ripple Emulator• Config.xml• Package your app• Get you app on BlackBerry World app market( optional )
  15. 15. Tools?
  16. 16. IDE’s galore• Text edit• Eclipse• Adobe Dreamweaver• Sublime• Netbeans• Vim• Visual Studio for web• Command lineWhat ever floats your code ;)
  17. 17. Get your signing KeysIts free! And don’t forget to remember your password.
  18. 18. Download the SDK’sWe can do a lot with SDK’s.
  19. 19. No Device?
  20. 20. Download device simulatorBlackBerry device simulators available for your conveniance.
  21. 21. Download RippleFrom
  22. 22. Through Chrome
  23. 23. • To start the ripple emulator clickthe ripple icon on the top right.• Then click on “Eenable”.• Start ripple services in order topackage and sign your apps totest on device.
  24. 24. Emulate your AppPoint your URL to your local server project files to see yourproject adapt inside the layout view.
  25. 25. Config.xmlCopy and paste a sample xml file from BlackBerry dev website and insert it into your root project. Or else ripple emulatorwill not package your project.
  26. 26. So your project tree should look something like this.
  27. 27. Ripple Build SettingsBefore we package our app we need to include a project rootpath, WebWorks SDK root path, your BlackBerry signingkey, archive name etc.
  28. 28. Packaging your appView screen cast for a quick demo.
  29. 29. Debugging
  30. 30. Web InspectorTurn on web inspector to debug your apps through a localnetwork for apps installed on the phone. For desktop it’s thesame right click and inspect element.
  31. 31. BlackBerry WorldRegister and submit your app to the app store. No Pressure.
  32. 32. Now the journey really begins
  33. 33. Until next timeThank you for watching.
  34. 34. Tips and tricksClick here for the recording.