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Felix Fidelsberger (Stupeflix) - Essential sale skills for Entrepreneurs (and Geeks)

Felix Fidelsberger (Stupeflix) - Essential sale skills for Entrepreneurs (and Geeks)



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Felix fidelsberger how-to-web Felix fidelsberger how-to-web Presentation Transcript

  • about
    • Head of Biz Dev Europe at Stupeflix.com
      • Automated video creation platform
      • Seedcamp winner 2008
      • Started with B2B
      • Shifting focus to B2C
    • Co-Founder & CEO toksta.com IM & Chat for social networks (b2b)
    • Founded in late 2007
    • Seedcamp winner 2008
    • Exit through sale in 2009
  • Why (you think) deals don‘t close
    • “ I am just not good/experienced enough at sales”
    • “ We are missing crucial features”
    • “ Large companies don’t buy from Startups”
    • “ We need a big showcase and reference customer to establish trust”
    • “ People are concerned about uptime and if we can handle their load”
    • “ The clients are so “behind” in technology. They just don’t get it”
  • The painful truth
    • You are not solving a problem (that is big enough for the client to open his wallet).
  • Selling is simple
    • Unless you make it hard.
  • Don‘t pitch
    • How can I help you?
    • (Ask the right questions.)
  • Establish trust
    • Show that you are an expert.
    • (Ask the right questions.)
  • Make buying easy
    • Think for your customer.
    • (Ask the right questions.)
  • Understand the real problem
    • Validate your assumptions.
    • (Ask the right questions.)
  • Follow the right leads
    • Don’t chase ghosts.
    • (Ask the right questions.)
  • BANT
    • Budget. Authority. Need. Timeframe.
    • (Find the questions right for you.)
  • Sample questions
    • What made this become a priority?
    • What initially motivated you to move on with this topic?
    • In an ideal world, how would a perfect solution for you look like?
    • How are you currently handling ______?
    • What do you like about this solution? What do you not like?
    • What is the timeframe for the individual steps?
    • When do you realistically think this could go live?
    • What are possible showstoppers that could prevent this deal from happening?
  • Punchlines
    • Sales is 90% listening and 10% talking.
    • Prospect for the gold.
    • Sales is your Google Analytics.
    • Making complex buying decisions sucks. Support by asking questions.
    • Getting a “No” is a good thing (if you get it early enough).
  • Recommended reading
    • Steve Blank – 4 Steps to the Epiphany
    • (sales bible for b2b startups)
    • BarryRhein.com
    • Download 15 Sure-fire Ways to Qualify Any Prospect Watch the “sales challenge”
  • Contact
    • [email_address]
    • Twitter: @felixfid
    • LinkedIn
    • Xing