How to Raise Pigs - 5 Ideal Steps In Pig Farming


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Learn more essential tips on pig farming and how to raise pigs using the right way

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How to Raise Pigs - 5 Ideal Steps In Pig Farming

  1. 1. How to Raise Pigs - 5 Ideal Steps In Pig FarmingClick Here For More Tips On Raising Pigs The Right Method And Avoid Making Painful MistakesBreeding and raising pigs, especially for their meat, is a very lucrativebusiness. If you have the land, the equipment, and the resources to raisepigs, the next step for you is to learn how to rear pigs properly andcorrectly. Learning how to raise pigs is important because not only will yoube investing on these animals but doing so incorrectly will result to weakand sickly pigs that will produce only mediocre meat for the market. So, tobegin, here are a few ideal steps to starting out with pig farming:o The first thing that any pig farmer should do when learning how toraise pigs is to set up a well-ventilated house with roomy pig pens for your
  2. 2. pigs. You can do this by buying hog wire and materials for fencing the pigsin. Before installing the hog wire though, make sure that you bury thefences at least six inches below the ground to secure it well.o Next, buy materials needed to keep your pigs healthy such as pigfeeds and hay. Hay is especially essential because pigs are nesting animalsand will need it to keep themselves warm and happy. Never neglect yourresponsibility of supplying hay for your pigs.o The most important step when learning how to raise pigs is to knowwhere to look for the pigs and how to pick out the good ones from themediocre ones. You will find information for this in many websites as wellas stores that sell pig feeds and equipment for rearing pigs. Some of thesesellers will refer you to well-known pig breeders who are reputable,trustworthy, and who are known by many for breeding good pigs andselling delicious pig meat.o When feeding pigs, make sure that you do not overfeed them as thiswill make them sickly and overweight. Depending on the breed of the pigyou have purchased, especially if it is a breed ideal for slaughter, you mayhave to feed those more aggressively to speed up growth and weight gain.Take some time to research on these breeds and ask around for advice onfeeding before purchasing feeds and deciding how much to feed.o When learning how to raise pigs, it is important that you take note ofhow to secure them within their areas as well. Make sure that you allot acertain period of time to let the pigs roam around, but not too long thatthey would roam on their own and destroy whatever property or areas thatcome their way.
  3. 3. Click Here For More Tips On Raising Pigs The Right Method And Avoid Making Painful Mistakes