Raising Dexter Cattle Tips - Considerations Before You Venture Into It


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Discover more vital tips on raising dexter cattle facts and how to raise cattle successfully using the right way

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Raising Dexter Cattle Tips - Considerations Before You Venture Into It

  1. 1. Raising Dexter Cattle Tips - Considerations Before You Venture Into ItClick Here For More Tips On Raising Cattle The Proper Way And Avoid Making Costly MistakesRaising Dexter cattle is not something new. This type of cattle are anancient breed. They are the smallest breed of cattle of British origin and arebred both for milk and for meat. They are predominantly black in color, butcan also be red or dun. Dexters are a mountain breed, which means thatthey are particularly hardy and can survive in any environmental condition.The meat they produce is of excellent quality, has a good level of marbling,and is highly valued for its flavor and minimal waste.1. Can be kept in small propertiesSome farmers jokingly say that if you dont have a farm or a barn, you cankeep a Dexter in your garden. Maybe not so, but the size and the
  2. 2. temperament of this type of cattle really do make them suitable for smallspaces. It used to be that cattle breeders thought that major breeds shouldbe bred bigger and bigger. This necessitated having a property that waslarge enough for all those big cows. However, breeders have by now realizedthat bigger is not necessarily better and some have turned to raising Dextercattle, a breed that does not require large properties but is equallyprofitable.2. Have longer life spansBecause more calves mean more profits, raising Dexter cattle can be aparticularly lucrative endeavor. Dexters typically live long lives and can bebred until the ages of 14 or 15. Considering that a Dexter can be bred fromas early as a year old and through harsh weather conditions, this trait is aclear advantage over other breeds.3. Easy to take care ofRaising Dexter cattle does not require large sums of money. First, the sizeof a Dexter means that it can be kept in a facility that does not have to be asstrong and sturdy as those required by bigger and stronger breeds. Second,this type of cattle are not as susceptible to cattle diseases. This means thatthey rarely need to be attended to by a veterinarian. Third, they are highlyintelligent and have a steady temperament, which means that they are notdifficult to handle.4. Easy to breed
  3. 3. Another good reason for raising Dexter cattle is that Dexters are known as"easy calving cattle". This means that they can successfully give birthwithout assistance and that they rarely experience any birthing difficulties.Also, the rate of live births of this type of cattle is relatively high. Because ofthese characteristics, Dexter bulls are often used instead of valuable heifersof larger cattle for breeding. This almost always results in larger numbers ofsafe, unassisted births.5. Produce a lot of milk and meatRaising Dexter cattle for either milk or meat can both be profitable. Theyare known as prolific milkers and produce a significantly higher milk yieldthan other breeds. Their milk is of very high quality and has high levels ofprotein and butterfat. The meat, on the other hand, has a pleasantly uniquetaste and texture that makes it suitable for boutique meat markets.Click Here For More Tips On Raising Cattle The Proper Way And Avoid Making Costly Mistakes