Important List of Required Cattle Feeders For Different Purposes


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Discover more vital tips regarding cattle feeders and how to raise cattle successfully using the right way

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Important List of Required Cattle Feeders For Different Purposes

  1. 1. Important List of Required Cattle Feeders For Different PurposesClick Here For More Tips On Raising Cattle The Proper Way And Avoid Making Costly MistakesWhatever your purpose in raising cattle is - for meat, for breeding or fordairy - you need to have them adequately fed; so that your cattle could inturn provide a good turnout.Now, left to their own devices, cattle would forage, but what if your ranchdoesnt cover hundred of acres for pasture? There is a current debate in thecattle industry regarding cattle feeding. There are advocates of pasturefeeding while some promote the benefits of feedlots, where cattle are fedwith hay, usually in small amounts, and supplements such as grain and soy.
  2. 2. However, most ranchers chose to implement an integrated livestockfarming system where cattle equipment such as cattle feeders are used inorder to efficiently give food and supplements to cattle. The thing is,feedlots or no feedlots, you would still need to give dietary supplement foryour cattle. Cattle need plant protein, especially during the late summerseason where there is a drop in plant protein; in which case, you are goingto need cattle feeders. Sure, you can use practically any fairly-sized bin youcan get your hands on, but if you want production to be more efficient (andto avoid getting your cattles foot and head caught somewhere), you wouldneed equipment that was built specifically for feeding cattle.Cattle feeders come in different sizes, colors, materials, and of course,prices, ranging from a hundred dollars to a few thousand bucks, with itsprice depending on the material used and its capacity.There are several types of cattle feeders in the market today. The mostcommon are creep feeders, bale feeders, bunk feeders and bull mineralfeeders.Creep feeders are feeding equipment where height adjustment mechanismsare used in order to allow calves to eat while the large animals are securelykept out. Some creep feeders are stationary while others have an ATVfunction, which is very useful in larger farms. Mobile creep feeders allowranchers to feed their cattle, practically anywhere, eliminating the need tomove a herd in long distances.Bale feeders are cheaper compared to Creep feeders, as these cattle feedersdo not have height adjustment mechanisms.
  3. 3. Bunk feeders are an excellent choice for farmers intending to use feedingequipment for multiple livestock. Some bunk feeders even come with a linerthat you can replace with ease.Bull Feeders, as the name implies are for bulls and are therefore, heavy-duty. Most bull feeders have multiple compartments, require very littlemaintenance, and are weather resistant. Some even have pre-drilled anchorholes to make it even sturdier.Some cattle feeders, especially the high-end ones come with a vibratingfunction that makes cattle feeds fluffy and easy-slide lids for fast refilling.Cattle feeders are a must in cattle farming, but just like anything thatrequires cash, you need to weigh your options. Look up online vendors ofcattle feeders and find out what they have for you, and what others have tosay about their products.Click Here For More Tips On Raising Cattle The Proper Way And Avoid Making Costly Mistakes