How To Get Traffic -Techniques that works


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How To Get Traffic -Techniques that works in 2012

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How To Get Traffic -Techniques that works

  1. 1. This Presentation is dedicated to all of youwho wants to get huge amount of traffic totheir Website within short time.
  2. 2. What You Will Discover ? Types Of Website Traffic What is Direct Traffic ? How To Get Direct Traffic? What is Referring Traffic? Sources Of Referring Traffic Traffic From Advertising How To Get Traffic From Advertising?
  3. 3. How to get traffic?• YOU know what to do to.• YOU know how to do.• YOU take the required action.
  4. 4. Types of website traffic• Direct traffic• Referring traffic• Traffic from advertisement
  5. 5. What is Direct Traffic ?
  6. 6. To get direct traffic…..• People should know about your website and its address.• People should feel that your website is useful to them.
  7. 7. What you should do to get direct traffic ?• Give some publicity to your website and you will get more direct traffic. There are lots of online and offline methods for gaining publicity.• Online methods include social media marketing, YouTube marketing etc. and can be used to gain huge publicity online.
  8. 8. • Website visitors should feel that your website is useful to them. There should be something that grabs their attention. They should feel that they are gaining something by visiting your website.
  9. 9. What is referring traffic?• Referring traffic comes as a result of people finding about your websites from other websites or search engines.• Other websites can be social networks, forums, web directories, blogs etc.
  10. 10. • Search engines• Article directories• Website directories• Social bookmarking• Social media like face book• Hubpages• Xomba
  11. 11. • Commenting in related blogs• Video sites like YouTube• Free downloadable e books• Holding contests• Link exchanges• Email signatures
  12. 12. • Forum posting• Forum signature• Squidoo• Distributing free software• Creating free screen savers• Write articles in newspapers
  13. 13. • Classified ads online• Yahoo answers• Profile pages in Amazon, eBay etc.• Publishing newsletter
  14. 14. • Guest post in related blogs and websites• Yousaytoo• Proper use of 404 pages• Shetoldme
  15. 15. • You can bring in a considerable amount of traffic to your website by advertising your website. Advertising is the quickest method to bring in traffic to your website.Advertising can be subdivided into thesecategories: Paid advertising Free advertising
  16. 16. Online paid advertising• Search based advertising• Contextual• Non contextual advertising
  17. 17. • “Building a great website is easy. But getting traffic is not that easy.”
  18. 18. THINGS TO BE AVOIDEDNever use automated traffic.Never forget to use a tool to measure the traffic you receive in your site.Never post copied content from other sites.Never send spam messages from your website.Never use pop-up windows in your website.Never use large size graphics.
  19. 19. • One by one, implement the methods that you have learned.• FOCUS ON A METHOD. When you find that it works for you, try the next. Focus upon the quality of your website. It really matters.• Provide quality articles in your website and you will gain considerable repeating traffic.
  20. 20. • Send in suggestions, comments or criticisms at • • Thank you for watching this tutorial.