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Dating Multiple Chicks

Dating Multiple Chicks



Dating Multiple Chicks Tips and Tricks are for anyone dating more than one person. Learn the secret tips & tricks to live the ultimate lifestyle without lies & stress. ...

Dating Multiple Chicks Tips and Tricks are for anyone dating more than one person. Learn the secret tips & tricks to live the ultimate lifestyle without lies & stress.

Learn how to avoid all the common mistakes that lead to fights & hassles.

The Dating Multiple Chicks method has been tested over and over again… and it works.

Through lots of trial and error, I developed a system to successfully Date Multiple Chicks.

I’m going to teach you the following:

• How to date around without dishonesty or deception.
• How to avoid creating a web of lies and the stress it creates.
• How to date multiple chicks without them knowing about each other.
• How to handle jealousy.
• How to avoid the common mistakes that lead to her finding clues.
• How to handle commitment pressure from her and society.
• How to answer the tough questions, like “Do you love me?” and “Are you dating around?”
• How to diffuse the situation if she discovers you’re dating around.
• How to manage your own reputation, so others don’t manage it for you.
• I'm going to teach you when to Break Up the Right Way to end relationships painlessly.

This Dating Multiple Chicks book will help eliminate the problems that arise when dating around, so you and your girls have fun and enjoyable relationships.



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    Dating Multiple Chicks Dating Multiple Chicks Document Transcript

    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKS Dating Multiple Chicks Secret tips & tricks of the ultimate lifestyle Michael Maxwell How to Date Chicks™ Copyright © 2011 All Rights Reserved For more information and to hear the audio book, go to: www.HowToDateChicks.comHow to Date Chicks™ Copyright 2011 © All Rights Reserved. The unauthorizedreproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyrightinfringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated bythe FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and is punishable by up to 5 years infederal prison and a fine of $250,000. Copying, sharing, emailing, posting,distributing, selling this work in whole or part, or creating derivative works fromthis book is strictly prohibited. The trademarks and service marks identified inthis book, How to Date Chicks™ and Breaking Up the Right Way™ are theexclusive properties of How to Date Chicks, may be registered or pendingregistration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and may be registeredor pending registration in other countries.DISCLAIMER: This work is not to be considered professional, medical, psychological or legal advice. It is forentertainment purposes only. How to Date Chicks, our associates and/or affiliates will not be liable for anydirect or indirect consequences that occur from the use of any of the ideas contained in this book. It containsadult content intended for mature audiences at least 18 years of age. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 2
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSContentsIntroduction ....................................................................................................................... 4 Pickup Artist: Mike Maxwell............................................................................................... 5 There’s Nothing Wrong with Dating Around ...................................................................... 6 Why Do Men Want to Date Around? ................................................................................. 7 Social Stigma .................................................................................................................... 8 Keeping Secrets ................................................................................................................ 9 No Need to Lie ................................................................................................................ 11 Separate Social Circles ................................................................................................... 13 Dating Multiple Chicks Best Practices............................................................................. 14 Answering Tough Questions ........................................................................................... 17 Hiding Clues .................................................................................................................... 21 Protect Your Privacy ....................................................................................................... 24 Phone Etiquette............................................................................................................... 26 Time Management .......................................................................................................... 28 Shackin’ Bag ................................................................................................................... 29 What to do if she discovers you’re dating around ........................................................... 31 Managing Your Own Reputation ..................................................................................... 33 Relationship Styles.......................................................................................................... 34 Breaking Up the Right Way ............................................................................................. 36 Conclusion ...................................................................................................................... 38  www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 3
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSIntroductionI’m Mike Maxwell and your about to learn the secret tips & tricks of Dating MultipleChicks. This method has been tested over and over again… and it works. I’m going toteach you the following: • How to date around without dishonesty or deception. • How to avoid creating a web of lies and the stress it creates. • How to date multiple chicks without them knowing about each other. • How to handle jealousy. • How to avoid the common mistakes that lead to her finding clues. • How to handle commitment pressure from her and society. • How to answer the tough questions, like “Do you love me?” and “Are you dating around?” • How to diffuse the situation if she discovers you’re dating around. • How to manage your own reputation, so others don’t manage it for you. • Im going to teach you when to Break Up the Right Way to end relationships painlessly.This guide will help eliminate the problems that arise when dating around, so you andyour girls have fun and enjoyable relationships. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 4
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSPickup Artist: Mike MaxwellPick Up MasteryI studied pickup courses to understand the psychology of women and became verygood. I mastered pickup and inner game. I’ve extensively studied and practiced theteachings of Double Your Dating, Love Systems, Real Social Dynamics and many more.I’ve reached a level of mastery that’s led to hundreds of interactions and girlfriends.Dating Multiple ChicksI discovered that having the option to date multiple chicks is inevitable once you havemastered pickup. However, it came with problems. • I would get caught in my own web of lies. • Girls would stop by unannounced and find me with another girl. • Jealous girlfriends were arguing with me and with each other. • Guys would get jealous of my success with women and cause problems, too. • Guys would try to start fights, or try to steal my girl’s attention. • Jealous people would bash my reputation behind my back. • It always let to nasty break ups and heartache.I came to the conclusion that there must be a way to eliminate these problems.The SolutionThrough lots of trial and error, I developed a system to successfully Date MultipleChicks. It’s a method that effectively eliminates almost all problems that come withdating around. I shared this method with others, and they had the same success. Idecided to share the Dating Multiple Chicks method with everyone. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 5
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSThere’s Nothing Wrong with Dating AroundDating Around vs. CheatingFirst of all, don’t feel guilty about dating around. There is a big difference between datingaround and cheating. Society accepts dating around if you have not made acommitment. As soon as you call her your girlfriend or say “I love you”, you’re in acommitted relationship. You are cheating on her if you continue to date other women. Aslong as you don’t make a commitment, you will be free to date multiple women withouthaving to apologize.Be DiscreteThe Dating Multiple Chicks method is not about deception. It’s about being discrete andknowing what information to keep confidential. You’re having sex with multiple women.Just don’t rub her nose in it. Women want a man who is with several women. They justdon’t want everyone else to know about it, because it could damage their reputation.Alpha-males had multiple mates for millions of years. This is what every woman wants,even if they don’t realize it. Society doesn’t want it to be common knowledge. But if youwatch female behavior, it becomes painfully obvious.Confident DecisionBe confident in your decision to date around. You have every right to date around if youwant. Maybe you’re not ready for commitment. Maybe you like variety. The reasondoesn’t matter. You don’t have to be in a committed relationship if you don’t want it. I’llrepeat that again… You don’t have to be in a committed relationship if you don’t want it.Part of being a man is making life choices without external pressure or influence. Don’tlet people put you on the defensive. State your position and immediately turn the lightback on them. Ask them if they’re happy in their committed relationship. You’ll see thetone of the conversation make an abrupt change. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 6
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSWhy Do Men Want to Date Around?Man’s InstinctQuite simply… we’re born this way. I’m not debating monogamy vs. polygamy. I’m notclaiming one is better than the other. I’m simply explaining why we are born with thedrive to date around. It’s important to understand ourselves anthropologically in order tohave a realistic viewpoint.We are pack animals by natureWe were very similar to lions long ago. The alpha-male would have multiple mates, likea lion pack. We did not get here by being monogamous. Social monogamy is a veryrecent invention. Scientists estimate it began less than 20,000 years ago. Humans havebeen around for millions of years. Monogamy has existed less than 0.5% of the time.Looking at the big picture, monogamy was not normal. It’s not even normal today.Currently, over 50% of marriages result in divorce. Therefore, even the people thatbelieve in monogamy have a proven track record for failure. It’s certainly possible to bemonogamous your entire life, but the odds are very much against it.For millions of years it was normal for the alpha-male to have multiple women. In fact,this innate behavior was key to the success of our species. Now we have to deal withour million year innate drive for multiple women in a society that deems it unacceptable.Our instinct conflicts with society.Woman’s InstinctWomen are born a certain way, too. Instinctively, women are attracted to the alpha-malethat has multiple mates. They pair-bond with the alpha-male and remain loyal to him.Being with an alpha-male would ensure her survival. Deep down she wants the guy thathas multiple women. However, society pressures her to not accept it. Therefore, herinstinct conflicts with society, too.Commitment Kills AttractionWomen love to chase. That’s why playing hard-to-get drives them crazy. As soon as sheknows she has you, she begins losing attraction. Commitment kills attraction. Ask anymarried couple. They may be happy for the first couple of years. But most marriagesresult in divorce within 7 years. Women are only happy when they have to chase you. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 7
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSThe Jealousy FactorIt’s important to understand how jealousy plays a role when dating around. Men andWomen deal with jealousy differently. Jealousy for men instinctively drives them to killrival males. Alternatively, jealousy for women instinctively makes them more attracted.Jealously drives her to compete with other females to get you.Social StigmaWe’re constantly bombarded with pressure to be in committed relationships. It comesfrom religious groups, government, television, and so on. As a single person, you can’tgo to a wedding without being asked, “So, when are you getting married?” Somesocieties still accept multiple wives, but ours isn’t one of them.How to Handle the Social StigmaYou can’t change society, so you have to change yourself. Use the social stigma to youradvantage. Date around to satisfy your need for variety. Society’s pressure may seemlike a hassle, but embrace it. The chance of getting caught makes sex more exciting. It’slike having outdoor sex. But in order to do it successfully, you need to make sure yourgirls don’t find out about each other. It’s actually easier than you may think, and I’llexplain how and why in later chapters. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 8
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSKeeping SecretsLie-of-Omission… BullshitSome people claim you’re lying by not telling everything. Everyone on the planet is a liarby that definition. It’s impossible to share every piece of information in your brain withanother. Therefore, everyone chooses what knowledge is shared and what is keptconfidential. Women are no exception. How would she feel if you read her private diary?Some information is personal and should be. You have every right to choose whichsecrets you keep. No one has the right to pry into your personal life. If she accuses youof lies of omission, jokingly say “Why don’t you publish your diary on Facebook? Afterthat, I’ll be happy to tell you everything in my brain.”Tell Me Everything TrickShe will try to trick you into telling her everything. She’ll use phases like: • “Don’t you trust me?” • “We’re close, so we should share everything.” • “We’re a couple, everyone expects us to tell each other everything.”Don’t fall for it. When someone tells you something in confidence, you have no right toshare that info with anyone. Even people you trust. Your own confidential information isthe same principle. Her prying for confidential information is a blatant violation of yourprivacy. Diffuse her attempts to pry you for secrets: Her: “You can tell me. Don’t you trust me?” You: “Really? You feel it’s ok to break confidentially under certain circumstances? Hmmm… I’ll have to reconsider what secrets I share with you.” Her: “I can be trusted to keep a secret.” You: “Oh good. Then you’ll understand and respect that I can too.”This will raise her level of trust with you. You’ve proven that people can tell yousomething in confidence, and you won’t share it. She will feel comfortable sharing evenmore with you, including her sexual fantasies. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 9
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSOmit the facts that hurtDon’t use deception or lies to date multiple chicks. Instead, simply omit the facts thatcould hurt her feelings. That way, you can stay true to yourself and not be accused oflying. If you’re going to date multiple women, you need to keep it a secret. It’s not widelyacceptable to date multiple women openly in today’s society, so you have to keep themseparated and keep it quiet. It’s cruel to flaunt dating around in her face anyway. Evenworse, don’t let anyone in her social circle know, because she’ll be ridiculed. Fight theurge to brag. Don’t tell anyone.Confide in someone outside of both her and your social circles. Talk to a friend orbrother that lives out of state. Preferably, someone that has never met her. You have toprotect her reputation at all costs. If her social circle perceives her as being used, all hellwill rain down on you. Think about it, a wife may know her husband’s cheating on her,but she doesn’t go ballistic until her social circle finds out and she’s humiliated. Herfriends & family will pressure her into leaving him.She Doesn’t Want to KnowIt’s actually easy to keep the secret, because she doesn’t want to know. Instinctively,she wants to be with the guy Dating Multiple Chicks. She’s not attracted to the chodethat is 100% committed. There’s no shortage of nice guys desperate for her pussy.She’s surrounded by them. She finds guys that kiss her ass annoying. But she’s beenbrainwashed by society. She’s supposed to want the loyal chode. And she’ll be judged ifshe isn’t. It’s the common movie story line today. The girl falls in love with nerdy PeterParker (a.k.a. Spiderman), which doesn’t happen in real life.In reality, she’s happy chasing the alpha-male. When she gets the alpha-male, shedoesn’t want to screw it up. She may suspect you’re dating others. She may test youand ask if you’re dating around. Omit the truth to spare her feelings. Make a joke of it. Her: “So, are you dating like 10 women? Reply with a smile: “10? Nah, you’re actually number 61? But don’t worry… you’re in the top 3.”Don’t lie and say she’s the only one. Don’t tell the truth that she’s the 2rd girl this week.Make a joke of it and immediately change the subject. She’s likely to let it slide, becauseshe’d rather choose to be in the dark than know the truth. But she has to test you toknow whether or not you brag about it. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 10
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSNo Need to LieWeb of LiesMost players make the web-of-lies mistake. They feel compelled to lie about datingaround in effort to keep the peace. This may come as a shock, but women are moreforgiving about dating around than lying. Once you start lying, you’ll spin a web of lies.You’ll need to invent lies to cover up lies. Maintaining a web of lies is stressful. No onecan keep all their lies straight, so you will be caught in a lie.Omission & RedirectionStick to the truth, but omit details that could hurt her feelings. If she wants to go out onenight and you have plans, tell her you have plans. Don’t tell her you have another date.That would be cruel. Eliminate the need to lie using omission & redirection. Here’s anexample: Her: “I have concert tickets for Friday. Wanna join me?” You: “I’d love to go, but already made plans I can’t break. How about Saturday? A buddy is having a party, you should come.”Let’s break it down. It seems like a simple interaction, but there’s actually a lot going onhere: 1. “I’d love to go…” Reply on a positive note. Interactions with you should always be positive and upbeat. Don’t hurt her feelings by flat-out turning her down. This expresses a desire to be with her. 2. “….already made plans I can’t break.” Omit the details of your Friday night plans. She doesn’t need to know. Imply that it’s too late to reschedule, so it’s out of your hands. Stand your ground if she presses you to change plans. She’ll know that you have integrity and wouldn’t break plans with her if a better offer came along. She’ll learn you are a man of your word. 3. “How about Saturday? A buddy is having a party…” She wants to see you, so immediately offer a time when she can spend time with you. She won’t feel rejected when you offer it. This is a perfect example of redirection. You’re immediately redirecting the conversation by offering another time. Don’t give her opportunity to drill deeper for details on your Friday night plans. She’s immediately put in a position to respond to your request, instead of probing into your plans. 4. “…you should come.” Come from a position of strength. Don’t ask her on a date, tell her to come. The word “come” also has a sexual connotation.Notice how there are no lies here. You do want to see her. You have Friday plans. Youare available to see her Saturday. No time and energy is spent maintaining a web of lies. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 11
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSIf her or her friends see you out on Friday, you have no lies to defend, because shealready knew you had plans. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 12
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSSeparate Social CirclesEach of us has multiple social circles. For example: • Coworkers • Family • Neighbors • Drinking buddies • Married friends with children • Gym or sport activity friends • Travel friendsDon’t introduce all your girls to all of your social circles. If you do, they will find out abouteach other. You can ask friends & family to be discreet about your dating around, but itwon’t work. One of them will accidentally post a photo of you on Facebook with a chick.Or they’ll accidentally call her by the wrong name. You can’t count on anyone to keepyour secret for you. In fact, your buddies may intentionally let it slip that you’re datingaround, because they’re secretly jealous of your success with women. Introduce eachgirl to a single separate social circle to avoid this problem. Keep them separated.Minimizing RiskSometimes overlap will happen. In theory, everyone knows everyone on the planet withonly 6 degrees of separation. Overlap of social circles is going to happen. The best youcan do is minimizing the risk. Spend a majority of your time with her one-on-one. Yourfriends will provide social proof that you’re not a misfit, so you should introduce her to asingle social circle.Follow these rules when brining her around your friend’s: • Introduce her to everyone by name only (don’t call her your girlfriend). • Don’t leave her alone with them for very long. • Leave the party early. Stay for only an hour or two.Why are these rules important? If you introduce her as your girlfriend, everyone willassume you’re in a committed relationship. If she’s alone with your friends for any lengthof time, she will drill them for personal information about you. She’ll ask about pastgirlfriends and your dating history. She may strike up a conversation about similarinterests with your friends and ask them to Facebook her. It’s less likely for either ofthese things to happen if you’re present. Minimize the amount of one-on-one time, soyour friends don’t get a chance to slip up and mention other women you’re dating. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 13
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSDating Multiple Chicks Best PracticesDates that Communicate CommitmentCertain types of dates insinuate commitment. Treating her to a dinner and a movie areok. Parties and bars are ok, too. Paying for a weeklong vacation may send the wrongmessage. She’ll interpret that you want to be her lover & provider. Avoid notorioushoneymoon locations like Niagara Falls, New York. It doesn’t matter if you go “dutch”and each pay your share. If it has a reputation as a honeymoon vacation, she’ll assumeyou want to marry her someday. A bike ride and picnic is a very domestic date. It cansend the wrong message if you’re the one preparing the food and bringing all thesupplies. She can treat you to a picnic, but if you treat her, she’ll assume you’re trying toimpress her. If she’s a single parent, just by going to the park with her children screams Iwant to be your children’s daddy.Wedding dates are the ultimate “I want commitment with you” date. Attend weddingsalone. Decline if she invites you as her wedding date. Tell her you already had plans.Don’t invite women to attend a wedding as your date. A wedding date communicatesthat you’re considering marriage with her. The topic of the two of you getting married willcome up during the reception.Inviting Multiple Girls Out at the Same TimeWhen mastering pickup, many gurus encourage inviting multiple chicks out at the sametime. This will raise your social status and incite jealousy & attraction. However, you’reDating Multiple Chicks now. You’re at a higher level of experience. Inviting multiplechicks out at the same time will actually hurt your game at this level. Don’t invite multiplegirls out at the same time anymore. They will get jealous and attracted, but they’ll gohome heartbroken that they can’t have you all to themselves. She’s sad, and you’resleeping alone. No one wins.AttentionBe with her when you’re with her. What does this mean? Treat her with respect and giveher the attention she deserves. Don’t let others interrupt your conversations with her.Giving her your undivided attention will show she’s special. Of course, you may interrupther if she’s talking to you about a subject you don’t like. Feel free to cut any conversationthread that you don’t like by changing the subject. The key is that you’re still providingattention to her. You may have conversations with others, but when those conversationsend, return attention to her. Take your time; don’t rush back to her. She’ll sense if it’sforced. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 14
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSCompetitionGuys will try to bully their way in. Sometimes they’re territorial. Sometimes they’rejealous. You will have to deal with guys in your space. They may try to interrupt yourconversation. They may hit on your girl. They may even threaten you. Use thisopportunity to prove that you will protect her. Shut him down quickly and then carry onas if it didn’t even happen. She’ll know that confrontation is no problem for you. She hasan innate desire to be protected by her alpha-male. Protecting her from the advances ofanother man will turn her on.Spark of JealousyRemember how she responds to jealousy. She wants to be with a man that other womendesire. Some harmless flirting and exchange of smiles with a waitress is a good thing.Asking for another woman’s phone number in front of her is a bad thing. Give her just aspark of jealousy without disrespecting her. Gauging this correctly will avoid argumentsand lead to hot sex.Be affectionate, but don’t overdo it. She wants all the women in the room to be jealous ofher. Stroking the back of her hair and a whisper in her ear may seem subtle, but less ismore in this case. Push & pull is key. Attraction is built in the take-away. Women readbody language. They’re all watching using peripheral vision. They’ll pick up on this subtleaffection. Subtle affection goes a long way in making her feel good about herself anddriving other women wild. She’ll go home feeling that all the other women were jealous.Chode MistakesThe chode is too affectionate. He constantly asks her if she needs anything. He doesn’tuse subtle affection. He’s outright clingy and overprotective. He overreacts to guyshitting on his chick. Be smooth, relaxed and laid back with your interactions &movements. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 15
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSHand HoldingHand holding can be used to build attraction. It can be a sign of insecurity if you do itwrong. Don’t hold her hand for long periods of time. Walking hand-in-hand for longdistances is bad. It communicates neediness. Attraction is built in the take-away. Holdher hand when crossing streets, and then let go once you’ve crossed. Hold hands whenwatching a movie, but not for the entire movie. Hold hands if she reaches for yours, butrelease after a couple minutes. You don’t want to abruptly pull away and make her feelrejected. Every time you release her hand, briefly stroke her hair or briefly place yourhand on the small of her back.If one of your girls happen to see you on a date, it will be less likely that she’ll catch youholding hands. She can assume she’s just a friend. If you are holding hands, beprepared to answer some tough questions. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 16
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSAnswering Tough QuestionsWomen set the tone of relationships by asking questions. It’s a very subtle tactic but veryeffective. Many guys let women set the tone because they’re unaware it’s evenhappening.The good news is that you direct the relationship with your answers. You can keep it funand casual or you let it grow into something serious. As the man, it’s your job to choosethe direction of the relationship – not her. Why are women attracted to decisive guys?Women instinctively look to the man for leadership and strength. That’s why they alwaysfall for alpha-males.Casual vs. Throttled ResponsesYou can keep the relationship fun and casual by answering serious questions with ajoke. She will pressure you by asking “Why can’t you ever be serious?” Simply reply,“Life’s too short to take everything so seriously. It’s better to have fun.”Or you can allow the relationship to grow, but control the pace. When she asks a seriousquestion, throttle it back to the pace you’re comfortable with. Don’t let her push youfurther down the path of a serious relationship if you’re not ready for it. In some of thefollowing examples, we’ll demonstrate casual vs. throttled responses.“I love you. Do you love me?”Women interpret “I love you” as commitment. Appreciate the seriousness of the “L”word. It’s a delicate situation that has to be handled correctly. It can be very awkwardwhen she says “I love you” before you’re ready. She’s putting herself out there. Don’tleave her feeling rejected on any level. Her: “I love you.” You - Casual: With a smile say, “That’s because you’re in a dick-trance. Now snap out of it and take your clothes off.” You – Throttled: “I’m crazy about you, babe.” Follow it up with a passionate kiss & hug.The casual response will get a laugh and keep it fun. The throttled response is a middleground that communicates you like her, but aren’t ready for the next level. It’s importantto re-enforce it with body language. Body language is about 75% of communication. It’smore important than the “I’m crazy about you, babe” phrase, but the combination of boththis phrase and kiss will reassure her. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 17
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKS“Where is this relationship going?”Women typically like forward movement in a relationship. They’re being pressured bytheir girlfriends to escalate it. Her: “Where is this relationship going?” You - Casual: With a smile say, “To a nudist resort with your hot girlfriends. Tell them to wear sun block on all their pink parts.” You – Throttled: “Where do you want this relationship to go?” Answer all her questions with questions.Again, the casual response will get a laugh and let her know you’re just for fun.The throttled response will keep her guessing. Finish the conversation with “Iunderstand. I’m not sure I’m in the exact same place as you yet, but I really enjoyspending time with you. Let me take some time to think about it.” And then immediatelyuse redirection to change the subject. Don’t allow her to press the issue. And then, justdon’t get back to her on this topic. Repeat this delay tactic of answering questions withquestions until she presses the issue and gives an ultimatum. You have 3 options at thatpoint: • You decide to take the relationship to the next level and commit to her. Break Up the Right Way with the other women, so they don’t cause any problems for you and your new girlfriend. • Call her bluff and use the break up to frame the relationship to your advantage. See “Getting Back On Track” in Breaking Up the Right Way to get her back with little effort, and she will be even more attracted to you. • Or end the relationship with her. Check out the Breaking Up the Right Way audio course to learn how to break up painlessly. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 18
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKS“Are you dating anyone else?” Her: “Are you dating other women?” You - Casual: With a smile say, “I’m dating all the Buccaneer cheerleaders, but don’t say anything because I think some of them are married.” You – Throttled: “Are you asking to be exclusive?” Put her in a position to make a case for a committed relationship.For the throttled response, keep answering her questions with questions. For example:“What are you looking for in a relationship?” and “Do you feel we’ve been seeing eachother long enough for a committed relationship?” It will help you better understand whereshe’s coming from and what she wants. Finish the conversation with, “I understand. I’mnot sure I’m in the exact same place as you yet, but I really enjoy spending time withyou. Let me take some time to think about it.” Change the subject, and just don’t bring itup again until you’re ready.“Is this your girlfriend?”Be careful how you introduce your girls to others. Don’t introduce her as your “girlfriend”.If you do, everyone including her will assume the two of you are exclusive. Simplyintroduce her by name and immediately talk about another subject. If someone asks, “Isthis your girlfriend?” Reply with, “We’re dating. She’s a really cool.” This is a responseyou can use even if she’s present, and she won’t be offended or read too much into it.“Are you a player?”Smile and thank her for the compliment. And then change the subject. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 19
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKS“Are you looking for a girlfriend?”Set her expectations up front. By doing so, you’ll avoid misunderstandings in the future.Make it clear you’re not looking for anything serious right now. Her: “Are you looking for a girlfriend?” You: “I just broke up with my girlfriend, so I’m not looking for anything serious. I just want to hang out with friends and have fun.”Let’s break down this response and explain why it works so well: 1. “I just broke up with my girlfriend…” demonstrates social proof, because you had a girlfriend. You broke up with her, which indicates you had higher value. You broke up recently, so there’s small window of opportunity for her to date you before you’re in another relationship. 2. “…I’m not looking for anything serious.” It’s stated clearly that you’re not looking for a serious monogamous relationship right now. She won’t have the expectation of dating you exclusively. 3. “I just want to hang out with friends…” shows that you are secure. You don’t need a woman to complete you. Hot chicks have had points in their life when they want to take a break from dating. This statement indicates that you are sought after by women, like hot chicks are sought after by guys. 4. “…have fun.” A positive attitude is attractive. Everyone likes to hang out with friends and have fun. This statement eliminates dating pressure. This leaves it open for the two of you to hang out together, and if it leads to something more then great!Don’t worry about turning her off if she’s looking for something serious. If she likes you,she may start dating you in hopes of changing your mind later. Or, she may call you ifshe’s in the mood for a fling.Choose the Right PathYou can always go from casual to throttled, but you can’t go from throttled responses tojokes. It’s recommended to always go with the casual responses at first until youre sureyou want something serious with her. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 20
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSHiding CluesRemember, it’s important to be discrete, so be careful to hide all the dating-aroundclues.Clean Your PlaceWomen often leave jewelry, hair berets, panties, and shoes behind so they have anexcuse to see you again. She also does it to mark her territory. Classic example isleaving high heels by your front door. It lets every woman know as soon as they step intoyour place that another woman has been there. She hopes that your other girls will see itand break up with you. Make sure you sweep your place for all items and put them out ofsite. Don’t put them in the top drawer of your desk. She might open it looking for a pen.Don’t put them in the nightstand drawer. She might open it looking for sex toys.BathroomIf a woman is interested in you, she’ll excuse herself to your bathroom. Typically withinthe first 5 minutes. She’s most likely not using the bathroom; she’s investigating it like aCSI agent. So check your medicine chest. Sometimes women leave a toothbrush in themedicine chest. She may leave a pink razor in the shower. She may write “Had a greattime XOXO” with her finger on your shower mirror when it was steamed. This won’t showuntil the next shower. So wipe the mirror of any messages. Check the trash can. Pushany tampons or condoms to the bottom of the trash can.CondomsDon’t leave condom wrappers on the floor. Check under the bed for them. Sometimesthey get under the bed, and yes, she checks there. Don’t leave them visible in the trashcan. Wrap the condom & wrapper in toilet paper and shove it to the bottom of the trashcan. If she’s the type to dig to the bottom of the trash can, then she’s the type to findclues no matter what.Change the SheetsThere could be sex stains. There could be a wet spot from lube. There could be thescent of another woman’s perfume on the pillow cases. Always change the sheetsbetween dates. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 21
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSClean Your CarLook for items left on the back seat or on the floor under the seats. Check if she leftanything in the trunk. Check for lipstick in the door pockets and glove box. If you’re car isparked in a garage, leave the windows rolled down to air out any perfume scent.When in doubt, throw it awayYou may start growing a collection of belongings. Typically, they won’t leave anything ofgreat value behind, because they know there’s a chance you won’t see them again. If it’sobviously something cheap like a hair beret or cheap panties, just throw it away. Youcan’t chance her finding a collection of jewelry in a drawer someday. You can’t chancereturning an item to the wrong owner. If she asks about something you’ve thrown away,just reply “I don’t know where that is.” Which is true, it may be in a garbage truck or trashpile somewhere. Who knows where it is by now.Pre-emptive Damage ControlInform her that friends & family stay at your place often. If you have introduced her tomarried friends, couples, or your sister, mention that they stay the night at your placesometimes. She’s less likely to freak out about women’s shampoo in your shower, if sheknows that friends stay at your place. Let her know friends leaving things behind iscommon. If she says you should know who left what behind, respond like she’s crazy.“Are you joking? I wasn’t put here to keep track of others’ belongings. They’re adults.They can keep track of it themselves.”Picture TagsFacebook, also known as “FaceStalk” to guys that date around. Facebook is your enemywhen it comes to dating around. You’re at a party and someone snaps a picture of youand a beautiful girl kissing. It’s tagged on Facebook the next day for everyone to see. Allyour other girls see it, and they’re humiliated. They don’t mind so much that you’rekissing another girl. She is actually turned on by the jealousy. It’s the embarrassment ofher social circle giving her a hard time about it. Avoid the situation. Lay low when thecameras come out. Avoid make out sessions when the cameras are flashing. Bring yourown camera for taking pictures. These pics you have complete control over. Un-tagyourself from Facebook pics the following day. Or better yet, delete your Facebookaccount. You’re Dating Multiple Chicks now, so you don’t need Facebook to meetwomen anymore. The same goes for MySpace, also known as “SpySpace”. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 22
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSCan’t Eliminate All Risks & CluesNo matter how good you become at eliminating the clues, if she wants to know, she willfind out. She just needs to camp in front of your place one evening. She’ll see thewomen coming & going. She could hire a private investigator. She can Facebook yourfriends. Even by deleting your Facebook profile, she can keep tabs through your friends.You’ll still appear in your friend’s FaceBook photos.If she wants to know, you cannot stop it. The real objective is to be discrete. She doesn’twant to worry about you embarrassing her within the social circle. She needs to knowyou won’t brag about dating around. She needs to know she can trust you to be discrete. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 23
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSProtect Your PrivacyWhat you do with other women is none of her business. You have to protect your privacyand the privacy of others. Some of this advice may sound paranoid, but it’s better to besafe than sorry.SnoopingShe will snoop thru your place. Women are nosey by nature. She will go thru all yourdrawers if left alone. It’s not recommended to give her a key to your place. If she asks fora key, just respond “Why would you need to be here when I’m not?” If she presses theissue, tell her you’ll give it some thought, and then just don’t get around to it.Lock BoxBuy a lock box or safe. If you have any old love letters or homemade porn, keep themlocked up. Make sure the key isn’t anywhere she may find it, because she will search forit. She will find anything that isn’t locked up. You can’t risk violating the trust of the girlthat let you video record her. Don’t risk her video getting out to the public.Protect Your ComputerKeep your computer password locked when it’s not in your site. Most women this day &age know how to view your website history. If you have visited any dating or porn sites,she will see it. Create a guest account on your computer, so she doesn’t have access toyour files or browser history. Put any private pictures in a hidden directory. Or put themon disc and lock it up.The less direct contact women have with each other in your social circle the better.When sending group emails, put your own email in the “TO” field, put everyone else’s inthe “BCC” field. This protects the privacy of your friends who may not want their emailaddress shared without permission. It also keeps female friends from getting eachother’s direct email addresses.Beware of keylogger. Keystroke logging is hidden software that track all computerkeystrokes without your knowledge. Keylogger will provide her access to all of yourpasswords and email. It’s all over the news how people use keylogger to catch cheatingspouses. Don’t give her an opportunity to install keylogger on your computer. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 24
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSProtect Your PhoneAlways set your phone to passcode lock. A person can find out more intimate detailsabout you in your phone than a diary. There will be hassles if she sees flirty messagesfrom other girls. Don’t risk her getting other girls’ names & phone numbers. Set yourphone to auto-lock after 5-15 minutes of sitting idle. If you set it to lock immediately, itcan be annoying. You will have to constantly re-key your passcode. If she sees that toooften, she’ll learn your passcode. So set the passcode lock on delay. Beware of herlooking over your shoulder to get your passcode.Phone spyware was developed by law enforcement to monitor criminals. Now it’spublically available for about $40. Prevent her from being able to install spyware with apasscode. It takes only 5 minutes to install phone spyware. Spyware sends a copy ofevery message sent to your phone to her phone. She can listen to all your calls. She canaccess your phone’s microphone to listen in to your conversations, even when yourphone is not in use. Spyware is almost impossible to detect & remove. If spyware isinstalled on your phone, the only guaranteed method of removal is to get a new phone. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 25
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSPhone EtiquetteA common mistake is allowing your phone to tip her off that you’re dating around. Avoidthe appearance women are constantly calling you. Some simple phone practices willhelp manage your image.VoicemailThrow out your answering machine. I hope you don’t still have this old technology.Answering machines broadcast everything on speaker. You cannot screen calls orplayback messages with her nearby. Join the 21st century and get voicemail. Turn downphone volume when playing back voicemail. Don’t risk her being close enough tooverhear a woman’s voice on your phone. She doesn’t need to understand theconversation to get jealous; she just needs to hear a woman’s voice.Ignore Your PhoneYoung girls are so hooked on their own popularity; they can’t fight the urge to answerevery call, text message & Facebook notification. Don’t be like a 21 year old blondeanswering your phone every time it beeps. In fact, set phone on vibrate when on a date.Don’t check it as soon as someone calls or messages you. Don’t carry your phone in abelt holster that displays the screen outwardly. She’ll see it light up and read the namesof girls calling you. If you’re constantly on the phone she’ll suspect other women. She’sattracted to you, so she assumes all other women are too.Returning MessagesIf you’re on a date, excuse yourself to restroom or wait until she goes to the restroom.And then check and/or return messages. Never call women during a date. You don’twant her to catch you mid-conversation with a chick. Women can tell by your voice ifyou’re talking to a girl. Reply with a text message instead of calling back. You don’t wantyour current date to hear you talking to another girl, so you can’t call back, but you cantext back. It’s quick and you can finish before your date returns.The woman calling may ask, “Why don’t you answer your phone? You just sent me atext, so I know you’re there.” Reply by text, “It’s too noisy here. I won’t be able to hearyou. Have to call you back later.” Don’t commit to a time that you’ll call back. You don’tknow for sure when your date will end. Feel free to state where you are if it’s a placethat’s typically noisy. Like a restaurant, airport, ball game, party, etc. Or wait until yourdate is over to return calls. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 26
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSFeel free to call guys back in front of her. Make it very clear if you’re talking to a guy.Start the call with “What’s up, bro” or finish with “Talk to ya later, dude”. Leave no doubtthat you were talking to a buddy - not a chick.Text MessagesDisable the text message preview. For example, the iPhone displays text messageseven without a passcode when preview is enabled. Disable it in message settings, soyour girlfriend doesn’t read messages from other girls when your phone’s sitting on thetable. Some phones display all names when you send text messages to multiple people.Disable group messaging. You don’t want her to learn about your other women in agroup text message.Get into the habit of setting your phone face down when it’s not in your pocket. No onecan spy on your messages if it’s set to vibrate & face down. She won’t be aware that youeven received a voicemail or text message. You can check your phone periodically forany urgent messages.Store women’s numbers in your phone using nicknames or initials. Stick to cutenicknames, not sexual ones. If she does happen to see a message pop-up, at least shewon’t know the true identity.Leave It BehindThis is a tough one for most people, but leave your phone behind sometimes. Set aprecedence that you don’t always carry your phone. Leave it behind when you go to themovies with her, and let her know you did. Leave it at home when you go to the gym,jogging or bike rides. You want her to get used to the fact you’re not always accessible.Because when you’re on a date with her, you shouldn’t return phone calls right away.When she asks, “Why didn’t you get back to yesterday evening?” You can reply, “I wasout and left my phone at home. So what’s up?” If she’s already witnessed you leaving itat home, she won’t question it. Remember to immediately ask her what she wanted. Thisis a redirection tactic to keep her from harping on why you didn’t return her call rightaway. It’s important to change the subject. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 27
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSTime ManagementBeing organized will prevent stress.Keep a CalendarA calendar on your mobile device works best. You can check it on the go. Use a singlecalendar. Having a separate work vs. personal calendar will only cause confusion. Putall your dates on the calendar. Only use initials for dates, in case someone sees yourcalendar. You don’t want anyone know how many women you’re dating. Nor do youwant them to know when, where & with whom.Always check your calendar before committing to any plans. Don’t risk double-booking.Double-booking leads to cancellations. Cancellations lead to suspicion. If she requests adate when you already have plans, simply state you have plans and pick another date.Juggling Multiple WomenDon’t juggle more women than you can handle. Sometimes women come in waves.There may not be enough time to see them all. Saying “no” can be hurtful. Instead,space the communication out. Reply using text instead of phone calls, and take a fewdays to return messages. Inform her that you’re swamped with work. It will probably justincrease attraction.Don’t Split the DayNever see 2 girls on the same day. First date may run late which screws up the second.It doesn’t allow enough time to hide clues in between dates. Allow yourself enough timeto sweep your place for clues. You don’t want to rush clean up of your place and misssomething. First date may feel rushed and suspect you have a second date. If shesuspects you have another date, she may purposely drag her feet in hopes of meetingthe other girl. Or she’ll take so long; you have to cancel the second date. Second datewon’t be happy if you stand her up. Don’t split the day with 2 girls. It’s not worth thestress & risk.Canceling a DateBe respectful of others. Never stand anyone up (except for hot young blondes, this willactually intensify attraction). If you have to cancel, do it as far in advance as possible.Same goes for running late. Otherwise, you risk her standing you up as payback. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 28
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSShackin’ BagAlways be prepared for an unexpected hook up. There’s nothing worse than a missedopportunity. Keep a gym bag in the trunk of your car with these essential items: • Gym Clothes: T-shirt, shorts, underwear & socks • Toiletry Bag: Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hair gel, gum/mints • Party Clothes: Nice shirt, jeans, socks & dress shoes • Towel & Swimsuit • CondomsShackin’ UpWomen don’t want to be perceived as easy. If you have an overnight bag packed, she’llassume you thought she was a sure thing. That could be a deal breaker. However, thatdoesn’t happen with a gym bag. You can say, “I planned to hit the gym tomorrow.” She’llthink you just happened to have it. That’s why it’s important to pack gym clothes.Whether or not you use the gym clothes is irrelevant. Make sure it looks like a gym bag,not an overnight bag.Not having condoms could be a deal breaker, too. Make sure you have 5-6 of them. Toomany may give the impression you’re a man-whore. Not enough could be a problem ifshe wants to do the deed multiple times.HygeneGum or mints will keep your breath fresh for that make-out session. Bad breath can killthe interaction, so take care of it. Having a toothbrush takes care of that dreadedmorning breath the next day. Deodorant is handy in case you’ve been in the clubsweating and there’s no time for a shower. If the overnight hook up turns into a funweekend, you won’t have to worry about body odor or bad breath. Keep them all in yourtoiletry bag, so it’s easy to carry them back and forth to the bathroom.Prepared for AdventureIn order to be spontaneous, you have to be prepared. Everything in your Shackin’ Bagshould cover the basics for most adventures. She may want to go hot-tubbing or inviteyou to a pool party, so pack a swimsuit & towel. Party clothes are a must. You may havejust come from a pool party, and her girlfriends want you to join them for dinner anddrinks. Someone may have spilled wine on your clothes, so have at least one set ofparty clothes as backup to maintain your image and keep the fun going. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 29
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSNothing Left BehindLast but not least, it’s easy to leave with everything you came with if you have a Shackin’Bag. Without it, you chance leaving an expensive watch, belt, or favorite necklacebehind. Make sure you put everything in the bag as you take them off. If things getawkward, you don’t waste any time hunting for your stuff – just grab your bag and go.Otherwise, you may find yourself making that awkward phone call the next day, “Hi, Irealize things didn’t work out between us, but could I get my watch back?” Get yourself aShackin’ Bag unless you enjoy buying your stuff over and over again. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 30
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSWhat to do if she discovers you’re dating aroundThere’s a difference between dating around vs. cheating. If you haven’t committed toher, then you don’t need to lie your way out of it. Surprisingly, women can get over yousleeping around easier than getting over lies. Remember the jealousy factor. It increasesher attraction. Getting caught with another woman is only a big deal if you let it becomea big deal. If she confronts you about dating another woman, admit it like it’s no big dealand state it matter-of-factly. You haven’t made a commitment to her, so you don’t haveto defend dating around. If you made a commitment and have been caught cheating,you need to handle it differently.Things to AvoidDon’t go into any details. If she asks about the other woman or her name, reply “It’s notimportant.” Protect the identity of the other woman. Avoid phrases that paint pictures ofyou with another woman. Don’t say things like, “She’s an ex-girlfriend that stopped byand one thing led to another.” She’ll have images of the two of you screwing.Don’t try to shift blame on her. This is the most obvious tactic that she’ll easily deflect.Women have been using this tactic forever, so they see right through it. Don’t changethe subject. Just admit it and move on.Often, women feel inadequate if you’re with other women. She’ll try to get you to confessher faults. Asking what she did wrong, and why she isn’t good enough. Assure her shedid nothing wrong. Don’t reject her or point out her flaws when she’s in this vulnerablestate.Caught CheatingHave you lied or misled her into believing you’re exclusive? What angers women mostare the lies. Breaking trust is the real issue, not that you slept with another woman. If youtold her she’s the only one, this is best damage control: Her: “I can’t believe you’ve been cheating on me.” You: “I’m sorry. I screwed up. It just happened. I regret it. I know you’re hurting. I feel horrible that I’ve hurt you. You have every right to be angry. Take some time and decide if you want to give me another chance. Im disappointed in myself.”You have to fall on your sword and admit it. Denying it only aggravates the situation.Imagine leaving your 13 year old nephew in your place for a few minutes. When youreturn there’s a broken lamp on the floor. Is there any lie he can say to escape blame?Of course not. She’s caught you. The only thing to do is admit it. By sincerely www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 31
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSapologizing, she can save face with her social circle. She can tell her girlfriends that youowned up to it.Don’t have this conversation face-to-face. You’ve hurt her and she wants to punish you.She’ll keep you as long as possible to scold you. Have the conversation by phone andkeep it short. Allowing her to berate you for an hour will only emasculate you and killattraction.OutcomeDon’t be surprised when she still wants to see you afterwards. She’s hard-wired byinstinct to want the guy with multiple chicks. She may even be more attracted to you.She may get past it sooner than you expect. She may try to put you on a short leash. Itmay cramp your lifestyle if she’s monitoring your every move. Therefore, you have tochoose between dating her or Break Up the Right Way. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 32
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSManaging Your Own ReputationYou have to manage your own reputation. If you don’t, others will manage it for you.Female HatersBreaking Up the Right Way will eliminate angry ex-girlfriends. If you Break Up the RightWay, then you won’t have to worry about them dragging your reputation through themud. In fact, they will have nothing but nice things to say about you.Beware of women you don’t date. These are the women that will really bash yourreputation. Much more than angry ex-girlfriends. Imagine the 16 year old flirtycheerleader - everyone likes her. Imagine the hot model that ignores you - she’s a bitch.The same goes for your image. If women find you attractive, and you show no interest,she will think you’re an egotistical bastard. Flirt a little with all women to avoid havinghaters that bash you behind your back. Otherwise, they will ruin your reputation.Male HatersA certain percentage of the male population will resent you when you’re successful. Itstems from insecurity issues. They will automatically feel jealous. Don’t let it anger you.It’s a form of flattery. As much as it will stroke your own ego, you need to be humble. Putthese guys at ease by catering to their ego. It is very hard to feel jealous and negativeemotions towards someone that genuinely shows interest. Point out positivecharacteristics about these individuals to befriend them.Humble & StrongDownplay your ability to seduce women. Ask guys for dating advice. This will make themfeel less intimidated by your success with women. This is the one time it is ok to self-deprecate yourself in order to put others at ease. If that doesn’t work, stand your groundand make it known that there will be consequences for messing with you. Some peopleare hell-bent on butting into your life and the only way to deal with them is to beassertive and scare them off. Realize that every jealous person is paying you the utmostcompliment by showing you just how great you are at this game. In fact, you are somuch better at it, they feel the only way to win is to go behind your back and backstab. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 33
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSRelationship StylesUnderstanding relationship styles is necessary when Dating Multiple Chicks.Co-Dependent RelationshipThis is the “I need you to need me” relationship. Couples in co-dependent relationshipsfeel they cannot function or survive without the other. It’s based on feeding each other’sinsecurities. It’s a common relationship among adolescents because it’s an immaturerelationship style. Many women believe a co-dependent relationship is normal. Maybethey never outgrew it. It’s a very clingy relationship that has the following characteristics: • Checking in with each other daily, sometimes multiple times a day. • Not being able to make a decision without asking permission of your partner. • Spending excessive time with each other. • No respect for boundaries or personal space. • Insisting on detailed count of events whenever spending time apart. • Not respecting your partner’s need to spend time with others without you.Chicks that like co-dependent relationships have girlfriends in co-dependentrelationships. Therefore, when she goes to her girlfriends for advice, they’ll reassure herbehavior is normal.Men are absolutely miserable in a co-dependent relationship, because it’s smothering.It’s common among married couples. It drives men into their “man-caves” to escape it.Inter-Dependent RelationshipThis is the “I want you to want me” relationship. Couples in an inter-dependentrelationship are self-reliant and share a mutual intimate bond. It’s a common relationshipamong successful independent adults, because it’s a mature relationship style. It’sbased on a mutual respect for each other. You don’t weaken each other by catering toeach other’s insecurities. It’s a strong relationship that has the following characteristics: • The partners share intimacy, ideas, bonding and common interests when together. • They are independent and autonomous when apart. • Consult their partner to make decisions that affect both partners. • One partner can make decisions that only affect himself/herself without asking permission of the other. • They give each other the gift of missing each other by spending time apart. • Respecting your partner’s need to spend time with others without you. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 34
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSChicks that like inter-dependent relationships have very few girlfriends. They’re notinsecure, so they don’t need a support group of co-dependent girlfriends. Co-dependentgirlfriends typically provide bad relationship advice, so an inter-dependent woman won’tseek their advice. Men & women are happiest in inter-dependent relationships.Relationship Style for Dating AroundKeeping multiple women happy when dating around can seem like a daunting task, butit’s not as difficult as you may think. The man sets the relationship style - not the woman.You must be an alpha-male leader and set relationship tone & boundaries early. Youhave to build an inter-dependent relationship with all of your women.Dating each girl just a couple of times per week is a good balance. This allows enoughtime and space to date others. Contact her just a few times in between dates – not daily.Give her the gift of missing you. Remember attraction is built in the take-away. You bothwill look forward to seeing each other, because you miss each other. She will value thetime she spends with you, so petty arguments are less likely. You may notice thatcouples that smother each other bicker constantly.Handling Co-Dependent WomenBeware of controlling women that push for a co-dependent relationship. You have to setfirm boundaries early. Head off her demands immediately. Here are some examples. Her: “Why did it take 4 hours to return my call?” You: “I’m very busy, so I’m not always easy to get a hold of.” Her: “You’re going out with your friends Friday instead of spending time with me? Are your friends more important than me?” You: “I don’t choose friends over girlfriends or vice versa. I’m loyal to everyone special in my life.” Her: “When we’re together it’s great. But when we’re apart, I feel so disconnected.” You: “I wish I could see you more, but I’m very busy. I look forward to seeing you soon.”She doesn’t realize it, but she is miserable in co-dependent relationship. You have tosave her from herself in this case. It’s counter-intuitive that she would push so hard for arelationship style that will make her unhappy, but you have to keep her from derailinginter-dependence. Maintaining an inter-dependent relationship is in the best interest ofboth of you. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 35
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSBreaking Up the Right WayExpect commitment pressure. Typically 3 months into the relationship, she’ll push totake it to the next level. She’s been socially programmed to do so. Women always seemto want to advance it forward. While guys want to keep it as is. This will often come inthe form of an ultimatum. She won’t see you anymore unless you’re exclusive. She’llthreaten to break up with you if you don’t stop dating around. Or she may ask to move inwith you. At this point you have 3 options: 1. Agree to be in a committed relationship with her. If you agree to this, then you’ll have to Break Up the Right Way with the other women you’re dating. Breaking Up the Right Way will get rid of the other girls hassle-free without pain and suffering. Otherwise, if you don’t Break Up the Right Way with the other girls, it could create problems for you and your new girlfriend. 2. Call her bluff. She doesn’t really want to break up with you. After all, she’s trying to get you to commit to her. Therefore, she’s crazy about you. Tell her you’re not ready for a committed relationship, but still want to see her. If she goes through with it and breaks up with you, follow “Getting Back On Track” in Breaking Up the Right Way to use it to your advantage. This method will get her back with little effort, and she will be even more attracted to you. 3. Break up with her. Break Up the Right Way and continue dating other women.Make sure you Break Up the Right Way instead of following mainstream break upadvice. Mainstream break up advice always leads to blow-back after you dump her.Blow-backIf you follow mainstream break up advice, then you’ve probably experienced blow-back.Blow-back is the fall out after you’ve dumped her. You’ve made her feel like a fool, soshe’s going to make you pay. She will tear you down to make herself look good. She’llwreck your reputation to ruin your chances of dating others within your social circle. Ifshe cant have you, shell do what she can to stop other chicks from wanting you. Shewill invent lies to paint you in the worse possible light. She may even try to sabotageyour job and friendships. She may stalk you. Even worse, she may stalk your newgirlfriend. It’s a bad situation.Have you ever run into your ex-girlfriend after a bad break up? It’s incredibly awkward.Shes a ticking time-bomb about to make an embarrassing scene. You can’t wait to getaway from her. Without knowing how to Break Up the Right Way, you are vulnerable toblow-back which may potentially ruin your life long-term. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 36
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSBreaking Up the Right WayBreaking Up the Right Way is a fool proof system to break up painlessly. In this courseyou will learn: • How to avoid all the common break up mistakes. • How to convert girlfriends into friends. • How to remain friends with everyone in her social circle. • How to move onto new girlfriends without hurting her. • How to leave the door open to hook up with ex-girlfriends. • How women break up with you without you knowing about it.Mastering pickup is only half the game. What do you do when youre no longer attractedto her? There are plenty of courses that teach pickup, but Breaking Up the Right Way isthe first to teach break up. As you become more successful at pickup, you willexperience more break ups.Dont start a relationship knowing only half the game. Learn the best exit strategy thatwomen use. Thats right; this is a well guarded secret in the female community. BreakingUp the Right Way is how they end relationships, and you are about to learn it. Take thefirst step towards living free of break up pain. Start living a life full of friends instead ofangry ex-girlfriends. Learn how to Break Up the Right Way. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 37
    • DATING MULTIPLE CHICKSConclusionFollowing the Dating Multiple Chicks secret tips & tricks should accomplish the following: o Satisfy your need to date multiple women. o Maintain integrity without lying or deception. o Provide women a fulfilling relationship. o Date multiple chicks without upsetting their social circles. o Date multiple chicks in a stress-free lifestyle. o Know when to end relationships painlessly by Breaking Up the Right Way.Both you and the women in your life will benefit from this dating method.Learn moreStay informed of the latest dating advice at www.HowToDateChicks.com. We lookforward to hearing about your success with Dating Multiple Chicks. Sign up for ourmonthly newsletter in which we continue to provide free tips. Connect with other datingexperts, listen to dating gurus and view special offers & products. We invite you to visitour blog to provide feedback at blog.howtodatechicks.com. We look forward to hearingfrom you. www .How ToD a teCh icks .co m Page 38
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