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How to build a blog in 30 min with my step-by-step guide. Simple steps to build a blog for your product or business. Visit:

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How To Build A Blog - Step-By-Step

  1. 1. How To Build A Blog Fast - Step-By-Step Guide To Help You.
  2. 2. Build Your Blog In 3 Simple StepsTo get your website online, just follow the 3 Steps below in the order I have laidthem out for you.Step 1 - Hosting & Domain - I’ll explain what a domain name and web hosting is.Step 2 - Using WordPress - I’ll explain what Worpress platform is and why it is thebest tool for your new website. I’ll also show you (with a video tutorial) howsimple it is to install and use.Step 3 - Building Your Blog – I’ll share the exact steps to take to get your site doneand online. I will also walk you through the wordpress dashboard, so you knowhow to use it correctly.
  3. 3. Get Web HostingHow To Choose the Right Domain Name• Make it short and easy to spell and preferably no more then 3 words long.Following these steps will make it easier for people to remember your websitesname.• If you’re website will be for your small business, then use your business nameas your domain name.• If you want to branded as an expert in a specific field, then use your own nameas your domain name. I did this for my name on my blog.• Choose a .com if you can, and a .net as a second choice. .com is what peopleautomatically relate a website too. the .net is a close second.• Do NOT use numbers in your domain name.
  4. 4. How To Get Web Hosting For Your BlogTo make it easier for you to get started building your website, I only recommendONE web host for you to use.The company that I use for all of my websites is Bluehost. They have everythingmyself and beginners need, fast load times, great customer support, easy to use.When you choose BlueHost hosting you get FREE domain registration, saving youa few dollars.Here is what you get with Bluehost:• Free Domain Registration• Unlimited Bandwidth• 1-Click WordPress Install• Currently priced at $3.95/monthGet your FREE domain and hosting -> Click Here To Visit BlueHost.
  5. 5. Design Your Blog Using WordPressThe platform that I use and recommend you use for your website is WordPress.“WordPress is the system/platform that you build your website on. WordPress letsyou easily build a professional-looking website/blog without any technical know-how.2 Reasons I ONLY use WordPress: 1- Easy to use and maintain. 2- It isCOMPLETELY Free.”WordPress operates from the internet, you can access it through any browser.Because of this, it works on any device that has internet access.Everything you need to do in WordPress is located on the left side and labeled foreasy understanding.Next are 3 screen shots of the most important things you will do inside WordPress.
  6. 6. Peek Inside WordPress:this is where you manage everything you need to do on your website.
  7. 7. This is how you add a new page on your website.
  8. 8. This is how you add a new post on your website.
  9. 9. Start Building Your Website NowBuilding Your Site:Step 1. Buy a domain name (you get a free domain when you buy Bluehost hostingbelow)Step 2. Buy hosting a plan -> Click Here To Visit Bluehost.comStep 3. Install the wordpress platform by using the 1-click install feature – seevideo below.
  10. 10. You Are Done!You’ve finished your 3 Steps to building your website or blog.Congratulations!If you get stuck, Bluehost customer service are always happy tohelp and so am I. If you have questions – visit me at build a blog Learn More Below....
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