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Explanation of the Resident Association and Council at White Horse Village.

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  • Today we are going to talk about the Residents Association at WHV.What it is, what it does and what that means to you.The Residents Association is a non-profit association, incorporated in May 2003All the residents of WHV are automatically members of the Residents Association.15 of these members serve Council as Directors
  • The Residents Association Communicates concerns from members, thru Council, to both WHV management and the White Horse Village Board of Directors. Residents participate in the Activities of Committees that are self-managed after being established by Council.
  • The Association communicates with residents to encourage and promote resident concern and friendshipand it Communicates resident interests and concerns to WHV Board and management It Communicates and cooperates with the Board and management to promote healthful, active, enjoyable and useful community life in a financially sound communityThe Association does not have or assume responsibility for operation or management of WHV
  • The Association, thruCouncil establishes all Committees. These committees are driven by resident interestThere are generally three types of committees, Activities, Advisory and Income Producing  
  • Council consists of the 15 elected Directors, the immediate Past President, and the Executive Director of White Horse Village who is a non-voting member of Council.On the fourth Wednesday of January the Directors meet to elect 5 members to serve as Association Officers as President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. These officers serve for a term of 1 year No gain or profit shall accrue to any member as a result of any activity of the AssociationREV
  • No person can be elected to serve as a Director of the Association without having been a resident in White Horse Village for at least one year. Spouses or companions cannot serve at the same time.A member may not serve as a Director for more than two terms.In the event that any Officer resigns or becomes unable to serve, the Council elects from its Members a member to serve at capacity for the unexpired term.REV
  • Yearly, during the November Council meeting, the Vice-President presents for approval a Nominating Committee of six members: two from the Council and four from the community.   Members who are nominated for election to Director prepare a biographical summary for the benefit of members of the Association in casting votes. 21 days before the Annual Meeting the Committee announces the names of members nominated for election as Directors.  REV
  • On the fourth Wednesday of January the Directors meet to elect from their membership, members to serve as Officers of the Association in the capacity of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. These officers of the Association serve for a term of 1 year.REV
  • The President is Chief Executive Officer of the Association and has general supervision and responsibility for its operation and affairs. The President presides at Association, Counciland Executive Committee meetings. The President has no vote except in case of a tie.The Vice President has the powers of the President in the absence or disability of the President . The Secretary records the minutes of Association, Council and Executive Committee meeting and records votes taken. The Treasurer has custody of funds and other property; collects and receive monies owed; disburses funds; keeps account books; and renders an account showing transactions and the financial condition of the Association. The Assistant Treasurer assists the Treasurer and exercises duties of Treasurer during prolonged absence of the Treasurer.  REV
  • The Executive Committee consists of the five elected Officers. The Executive Committee meets on one day notice, and when Council is not in session has and exercises all the powers and duties of Council. The presence of not less than three (3) Members of the Executive Committee constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business.
  • There are four (4) regular Meetings of the Association each year, they are held in the auditorium.They are The Annual Meeting on the second Wednesday of January for the election of Directors and the transaction of businessAnd meetings for the transaction of business on the second Wednesday of April, July, and October.Council meets in the Garden Room on the Second Wednesday of the remaining monthsREV
  • Council creates, appoints and dissolves standing and special committees. The President appoints the chairperson of all committees. The chairperson of each recruits and appoints the members of their committee.  The Chairperson of any committee can be removed by the President at any time during their Tenure. The President can appoint a replacement.REV
  • There are currently 27 committees concerned with the activities and entertainment of residents.
  • There are 8 committees involved with producing income and 7 advisory committees who meet with WHV management.
  • The Council establishes dues, solicits contributions and uses other means to obtain funds needed to finance the operations, projects and activities of the association. The Council establishes a budget for the Fiscal Year, setting forth the proposed activities and projects of the Association and anticipated costs, expenses and income. The Councilobtains an Auditor to audit the accounts and financial statements of the Treasurer. The Auditor’sreport is presented to the Council after the close of the fiscal year.REV
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  • Whv Council

    1. 1. The following program is<br />a Special Presentation<br /> of WHV TV Channel 14<br />
    2. 2. The content in this presentation is based on information taken from the <br />White Horse Village <br />Residents Association<br />Constitution And By-laws <br />and other Association publications<br />
    5. 5. the ASSOCIATION<br />thru COUNCIL<br />COMMUNICATES<br />with WHV Board and Management<br />on Resident Interests<br />& Concerns<br />Promote Community Life and Financial Soundness<br />with Residents<br />to PromoteConcerns & Friendship<br />
    6. 6. the ASSOCIATION<br />thru COUNCILmanages & directs<br />Activities COMMITTEES<br />Advisory COMMITTEES<br />Income Producing COMMITTEES<br />Resident<br />ACTIVITIES<br />$$ for ACTIVITIES<br />MANAGEMENT<br />
    7. 7. Past President<br />WHV CEO<br />COUNCIL<br />ASSOCIATIONMEMBERS<br />5 elected per year<br /> 3 yr term<br />15 DIRECTORS<br />President<br />Vice President<br />5 OFFICERS<br />Secretary<br />Treasurer<br />Assistant Treasurer<br />
    8. 8. DIRECTOR QUALIFICATIONS<br />1 Yr Resident<br />Only 1 Office<br />2 Term Limit<br />Spouse/<br />Companion Not at same time<br />Resigns or unable to serve - Council elects from its Members to serve unexpired term<br />
    9. 9. DIRECTOR NOMINATIONS<br />VP presents Nominating Committee of six members - 2 from Council - 4 from community   <br />Association Members suggest names of members<br />Nominees prepare biography<br />21 days before Annual Meeting <br />Committee announces nominees<br />
    10. 10. COUNCIL Selects<br />President<br />Vice President<br />5 OFFICERS<br />Secretary<br />Treasurer<br />Assistant Treasurer<br />
    11. 11. OFFICER’S <br />DUTIES<br />President isChief Executive Officer & supervises operation<br />Vice President has presidential powers in absence of president<br />Secretary records minutes of meetings and records votes<br />Treasurerprovides custody of the funds and other property; disburses funds, keeps accounts<br />Assistant Treasurer assists Treasurer acts as Treasurer in absence of treasurer<br />
    12. 12. EXECUTIVE <br />COMMITTEE<br />Consists of the 5 Elected Council Officers <br />Meets with 1 day notice & exercises all powers and duties<br />Requires 3 member quorum to transact business <br />
    13. 13. COMBINED MEETINGS CALENDAR<br />the COUNCIL<br />In the Garden Room<br />the ASSOCIATION<br />In the Auditorium<br />
    14. 14. the COUNCIL<br />COMMITTEES<br />Council creates and dissolves standing and special committees<br />Committees make reports yearly<br />President appoints and removes committee chairperson<br /> Chairperson recruits members<br />
    15. 15. the <br />ACTIVITIES COMMITTEES<br /><ul><li> Archives
    16. 16. Auditorium
    17. 17. Blue Bird Trail
    18. 18. Bulletin Board
    19. 19. Channel 14 TV
    20. 20. Clubhouse Decoration
    21. 21. Computer Group
    22. 22. Cultural Encounters
    23. 23. Distinguished Lectures
    24. 24. Festival of Lights
    25. 25. Fine Arts
    26. 26. Fire & Safety
    27. 27. Fitness & Aquatics
    28. 28. Genealogy
    29. 29. Golf
    30. 30. Health Service Volunteers
    31. 31. Library
    32. 32. Ombudsman
    33. 33. Performing Arts
    34. 34. Pool
    35. 35. Religious Activities
    36. 36. Rose Tree Elementary Sch
    37. 37. Social Responsibility
    38. 38. Village Singers
    39. 39. Village Volunteerism
    40. 40. Village Welcomers
    41. 41. White Horse Tales</li></li></ul><li>the <br />INCOME PRODUCING<br />COMMITTEES<br />the <br />ADVISORY<br />COMMITTEES<br /><ul><li> Copier
    42. 42. Employee Appreciation Fund
    43. 43. Gift Corral
    44. 44. Harvesters
    45. 45. Octofair
    46. 46. Spring Luncheon
    47. 47. Stall
    48. 48. Woodshop
    49. 49. Budget & Finance
    50. 50. Entertainment
    51. 51. Food Service
    52. 52. Health Services
    53. 53. Interior Design
    54. 54. Landscape
    55. 55. Property & Facilities</li></li></ul><li>The Budget<br />Expenses<br />Income<br />Activities<br />Dues<br />Contributions<br />Projects<br />Fundraising<br />
    56. 56. Additional Information including all Residents Association documents are available in the WHV Library<br />
    57. 57. This presentation was produced by How Gregg <br />for<br />WHV TV Channel 14<br />