Van Tour 98 The Corps 2002


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Tour of the Corps of Engineers campgrounds in Roadtrek Van Motorhome

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  • Van Tour 98 The Corps 2002

    1. 1. Roadtrek Tour No. 98 Tour of the Corps October 2002 19 Days 3,019 Miles
    2. 2. Itinerary Oct 27-Nov 13, 2002 Tour No. 98 Tour of the Corps (18 Days) Ladew Topiary Gardens, Jacksonville, MD Skyline Drive Lewis Mountain CG, Elkton, VA National D-Day Memorial, Bedford, VA Warrior Creek Corps of Eng CG, Wilkesboro, NC Old Burke Co. Courthouse, Morgantown, NC Ducktown Basin Museum, Ducktown, TN Harrison Bay State Park, Chattanooga, TN Raccoon Mountain TVA Facility, Chattanooga, TN Cullman Co. Museum, Cullman, AL Whitten Corps of Engineers CG, Fulton, MS Amory Regional Museum, Amory, MS Columbus, MS Twittley Branch Corps of Eng CG, Collinsville, MS Laurel, MS Paul Johnson State Park, Hattiesburg, MS Armed Forces Museum, Hattiesburg, MS Old Depot Museum, Selma, AL Gunter Hill Corps of Engineers CG, Montgomery, AL F Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum, Montgomery, AL Tuskegee Instiute National Site, Tuskegee, AL R Schaefer Head Corps of Eng CG, West Point, GA Chattahoochee Nature Center, Roswell, GA Cheraw State Park, Cheraw, SC Richland-Americamps, Ashland, VA
    3. 3. Campgrounds: Boydton, VA: North Bend Park, CofE, 804-738-6662 PA Wilkesboro, NC: Marley’s Ford, CofE, 910-921-3750 Jeffersonville Chattanooga, TN: Harrison Bay St Pk, 423-344-6214 (2 Nights) Dep-Sun Oct 27 48/67f Fulton, MS: Jamie L Whitten, CofE, 601-862-7070 Arr-Thu Nov 14 40/55f Collinsville, MS: Twittley Branch CG, CofE, 601-626-8068 (2 Nights) Ladew Topiary Gardens Hattiesburg, MS: Paul Johnson St Pk, 601-582-7721 (2 Nights) Monroeville, AL: Isaac Creek CG, CofE, 334-282-4254 (2 Nights) MD Montgomery, AL: Gunter Hill, CofE, 334-269-1053 West Point, GA: R Schaefer Head CG, CofE, 703-645-2404 VA Sun Oct 27 50/70f 331 Mi Roswell, GA: Mike (2 Nights) Boydton Hartwell, GA: Watsadlers, CofE, 706-376-4788 Prestwould Plantation 359 Mi Wed Nov 13 40/60f Cheraw, SC: Cheraw St Pk, 803-537-2215 Greensboro Henderson Arboretum Henderson, NC: Nutbush Bridge St Pk, 919-438-7791 Mon Oct 28 48/71f 197 Mi Patterson’s Mill Wilkesboro County Store Burke Co Courthouse Pinehurst Ducktown Basin 220 Mi Tue, Wed Oct 29, 30, 47/71f Museum Chattanooga 281 Mi 167 Mi NC TN Raccoon Mtn Mon, Nov 11 42/64f Hartwell Cheraw Tue Nov 12 42/66f TVA Plant Sat, Sun Nov 9, 10 Thur Oct 31 50/78f Lansford Canal Park 242 Mi 42/64f Fulton 215 Mi Roswell Amory Museum Cullman Co 85 Mi SC 105 Mi Chattahoochee Museum Columbus Nature Center MS 154 Mi AL 92Mi West Point Fri Nov 8 42/64f Fri, Sat Nov 1, 2 44/68f Collinsville Depot Tuskegee Institute Roadtrek 190 Versatile 101 Mi Museum Scott Fitzgerald Museum GA Chevy Van Motorhome Jimmy Rodgers 112 Mi Montgomery Museum Monroeville Thu Nov 7 44/68f FALL TOUR 2002 Hattiesburg Sun, Mon Nov 3, 4 189 Mi Tue, Wed Nov 5,6 44/68f Southern Loop 44/68f 2,630 Miles, 19 Days
    4. 4. Jacksonville, MD Log Entry: Toured Ladew Topiary Gardens and Manor House, Jacksonville, MD. We did it again! After 8 years of our travels in the van we still find great attractions. Of courses they are on the byways not the hiways but we like the country roads. The estate was the home of Harvey S. Ladew, an artist and foxhunting devotee. There are 15 gardens including a pink garden, white garden, iris garden, Victorian garden, berry garden which are still all still in bloom. There is topiary everywhere, including sculptured swans atop a hedge and a man on a horse jumping a fence with dogs chasing after a fox. Ladew Topiary Gardens
    5. 5. Jacksonville, MD Log Entry: There is a giant Buddha with folded arms and a ship on water. Ladew was an artist and his studio is open as well as the house. Carved on steps in on of the gardens is the saying quot;If you want to be happy for a week-get married, if you want to be happy for a month - kill your pig, if you want to be happy forever-build a gardenquot;. There are also many large bird houses. Ladew Topiary Gardens
    6. 6. Virginia and North Carolina Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway Log Entry: Along Skyline Drive we saw a spectacular panorama of fall colors - lots of tourist. The road reaches 3,680 feet in elevation and there was a steady stream of cars. It was free with our Golden Age card. Drove as short distance on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Even in the rain the trees are colorful. We ran through some fog.
    7. 7. Bedford, VA Log Entry: Stopped in Bedford, VA to tour the National D-Day Memorial. The small town of Bedford suffered proportionately more casualties on D-Day than any other town in the country. We took a tour in the rain on a golf cart with a very D-Day Memorial knowledgeable guide. The current state of the project is an impressive, large outdoor memorial featuring an English garden leading to a LST landing craft in stone at the edge of the water, a pool, leading to a sand beach and then a high wall. Statuary depicts troops in the water, pinned down on the beach and scaling the wall. In back of the wall is a memorial arch inscribed with the word quot;Overlordquot; which was the name of the operation. The arch is 44 feet six inches high, to represent the day, June 6, 1944. On of the fallen men on the beach has a replica of a bible that was picked up and returned to his sister in Bedford. There are 13 flags flying in front of the arch, each representing one of the nations involved in the invasion. At the sides of the pool are individual tributes to the Naval and Air Forces. The overall project won't be completed for 4 or 5 years.
    8. 8. North Carolina Log Entry: Stopped in Morgantown, NC to tour the Old Burke County Courthouse built in 1837. There is a heritage museum with local exhibits and a replica of the law office of Sen. Sam Ervin, who is from Morgantown and was the chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee. Helen Keller went to the school for the deaf here. We drove through the tail end of the Smokey Mountains and along the Nantahala River in Nantahala National Forest. We saw a lot of the Kudzu vine, which is taking over the trees in the area. It grows over anything that stands, including fences and old houses making them into sculptures. The fog in the mountains really did look like smoke. The river is a popular site for white water rafting. Burke County Courthouse Natahala River
    9. 9. Tennessee Log Entry: We next toured the Ducktown Basin Museum in Ducktown, TN. We saw a slide show Ducktown Basin on the area's copper-mining industry and how native Cherokees were forced to join The Trail of Tears to Oklahoma in 1838. There is a simulated copper mine tunnel, and displays. A chimney near museum is the remains of the first copper mine in 1850 and you can see where a section of the mine being dug caved in. Copper mining was the area's industry until 1968 when a mining by- product, Sulfuric Oxide took over. Surface mining destroyed vegetation and all the trees were cut for fuel for steam engines at the mills, leaving barren land. Reforestation has restored much of the valley.
    10. 10. Chattanooga, TN Log Entry: 4:00 PM we arrive at Harrison Bay St Park for a two night stay. We got a gravel site with large trees on a lake for $16. The park is huge and has a marina, swimming pool and a quot;Jack Nicholson Signature Golf Coursequot;. This is our first night without the heater. Saw Roadtrek number 3. Harrison Bay
    11. 11. Chattanooga, TN Log Entry: Drove to the West Side of Chattanooga to tour the Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage Facility, a Tennessee Valley Authority power generating plant 1,160 feet inside Raccoon Mountain. We drove what seemed like forever up the mountain to the top, where a huge dammed reservoir and a visitor's center are located. From there, it was a 52-second, 1,160 foot ride straight down in an elevator to the underground power plant. The visitor's center and elevator were built because quot;people built it and want to see itquot;. Water is pumped from the Tennessee River up to the reservoir on top of the mountain during times of lower power cost, usually at night. During high usage, high cost, time during the day it is released to run through generators, producing power. Raccoon Mountain
    12. 12. Cullman, AL Cullman County Museum Log Entry: Stopped in Cullman, AL to tour the Cullman County Museum, which is housed in a replica of the home of John Cullmann, the town's founder. There are displays of the town's identity and German heritage include antique clothing, American Indian artifacts and a street scene with various historical artifacts displayed in storefront windows. Among the atifacts were an advertisement for 1924 Chevrolets, an old ballot box and a beautiful quilt made from cross-stitched panels. Life-size bronze statue of Cullmann stands outside.
    13. 13. Fulton, MS Log Entry: We arrived at Whitten Campground of the Corps of Engineers at 3:00 PM after driving all over the countryside trying to find it with conflicting directions. It is on the Tenn-Tom Waterway and has a dam and canal locks nearby. Since 9-11, all the Corps dams are off limits and the directions were via the dam road. The drive was worth it; we got a flat concrete pad site in heavy woods with a lake vista off a paved road. There are some pull-thru sites. The campground has paved, lighted walks down to the water which is very wide here. We drove into the Central Time Zone today. Whitten Campground
    14. 14. Amory, MS Amory Regional Museum Log Entry: Stopped to visit the Amory Regional Museum in Amory, MS. What was planned as a half-hour stop lasted two hours. The museum is a ten. The town was built by the railroad and has a lot of railroad related memorabilia, including a passenger car. We saw many old implements, some we've never seen before, like the workings of an old wooden tumbler lock. They have a Mardi Gras dress whose train takes up half the room it's in.
    15. 15. Amory, MS Continued: The museum was originally a sanitarium then a hospital. It has a lot of related medical items, an iron lung (both adult and child), a complete hospital patient's room with hand crank up bed (Fay cranked them as a nurse) and a hand lever propelled wheel chair with a front wheel steering lever. There is a whole room on Indians and another on buildings in the town with many old photos. Out back, there is a fully furnished 1840 log cabin, complete with a rifle hole in the wall to shoot out. Amory Regional Museum
    16. 16. Columbus, MS Log Entry: We stopped to walk in Columbus, MS. The visitor center is the birthplace home of Tennessee Williams, who wrote quot;Cat on a Hot Tin Roofquot; and quot;A Streetcar Named Desirequot;. The town's historic district has many stately homes built in the early to mid 1800quot;s. Memorial Day started here as Decoration Day by southern women who decorated the graves of the union soldiers as well as the confederates. Historic District
    17. 17. Hattiesburg, MS Log Entry: Arrived at Paul Johnson State Park, below Hattiesburg, at 2:00 PM. You drive right over a spillway to get to the campground area. This is one of our favorite state parks and one of the nicest. Many people winter here, you only pay for 20 days a month at $9 a day senior rate. The campground is 3/4 full and 2/3 are here for the season. This is an ideal place for snowbirds, it is closer than either TX or FL. There are paved roads and long paved sites, many on a lake in tall southern pines. Prisoners from the Hattiesburg jail work in the park and they wear striped pants. We got a nice level site on the lake for a two-day stay. Paul Johnson State Park
    18. 18. Hattiesburg, MS Log Entry: Stopped to tour the Armed Forces Museum at Camp Shelby, which is just up the street from the campground. The museum recently moved into a new building and all the exhibits have been newly redo. There are many dioramas and displays, which cover all the American wars, from the War of 1812 through the terrorism of 9-11. There are exhibits on the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Spanish American War, the Civil War, WWI (when Camp Shelby was established), WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Shield and 9-11 with displays on Afghanistan. Armed Forces Museum Camp Shelby
    19. 19. Hattiesburg, MS Continued: The exhibits include arms, equipment (including planes, helicopters, and tanks) and uniforms of both sides along with maps, dioramas, film, etc. There is a MS servicemen's Metal of Honor Tower. The museum covers all the services, including the Merchant Marine. Camp Shelby is primarily a National Guard training facility and handles about Armed Forces Museum 100,000 people a year. Camp Shelby
    20. 20. Monroeville, AL Isaac Creek Log Entry: Arrived at Isaac Creek Corps of Engineers Campground at 2:45 PM for a two day stay and got a large, long paved concrete site in the woods for $7 with Golden Age card. You could put about six Roadtreks in a row on the site. There are some pull-thru sites.
    21. 21. Selma, AL Log Entry: Toured the Old Depot Museum in Selma, AL. The museum is in a restored railroad depot. There is a section covering the 47-mile Civil Rights March by Martin Luther King from Selma to Montgomery. Our tour guide was a woodcarver in Williamsburg who moved to Selma and continued carving. There are many old photos of people and buildings in the area. There are WWII photos of Pacific battles and old military uniforms. Old Depot Museum
    22. 22. Selma, AL Continued: There is an old local bank teller's cage from a bank robbed by Jesse James, farm machinery, a dentist chair, a one man band, a stove made from the patterns used to cast it and other memorabilia. Out back is a bale of cotton, an old caboose and a building with fire department equipment including an old fire truck. Old Depot Museum
    23. 23. Montgomery, Al Log Entry: Arrived at Gunter Hill Corps of Engineers Campground at 1:15 PM. We got a graveled site in woods off of a paved road. The campground is on a creek and so big it has both hunting and fishing. A couple from California pulled in next to us in a Roadtrek. That is number 4. They are out on a 6- month trip. They plan to install solar panels on the roof in place of a generator. Gunter Hill
    24. 24. Montgomery, AL Log Entry: Stopped in Montgomery to tour the F.Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum. It is in a 3-room section of the house the Fitzgeralds rented during writing of quot;Tender is the Nightquot; F.Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum and her quot;Save Me the Waltz.quot; The rest of the house is now apartments. It features stories, pictures, film scripts, letters and memorabilia of the lives and works of noted the novelist of the 1920s and '30s, his author/artist wife and daughter Scottie. He wrote 5 novels including quot;The Great Gadsbyquot;.
    25. 25. Tuskegee, AL Log Entry: Drove on to Tuskegee, AL to tour the Tuskegee Instiute Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site on the campus of Tuskegee University. The campus is very large and well kept with many of the original buildings recently refurbished. The museum features the history of Booker T. Washington and his efforts to start a school for black men and women. He invited George Washington Carver to join the faculty as the head of the new Department of Agriculture. The school wanted to teach better agricultural methods to the black people in mostly rural areas and to equip them with skills to improve their livelihood. They had a bus called quot;The Booker T. Washington Agricultural School on Wheelsquot; that visited the workers in the fields. The museum has many of Carver's experiments and classroom tools. He taught them to use everything - quot;Nothing in Nature is Wastedquot;. He was best known for his work with peanuts. Tuskegee Institute was the only center in the United States to treat black polio victims. We saw a film on the WWII Tuskegee Airmen. They were trained here but until young Senator Harry S. Truman intervened, they were not taken into the air corps. Then first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, interceded to get them active duty - no blacks were allowed to fly before then. They finally saw battle in 1943 and went on to distinguish themselves as great airmen.
    26. 26. Roswell, GA Log Entry: Stopped in Roswell to tour the Chattahoochee Nature Center, a wetland area directly on the Chattahoochee River. The center was a self-guided tour through a butterfly garden, beaver habitat, lakes and wooded areas. Several people were holding eagles and hawks. There are large cages of raptors, with turkey buzzards, a bald eagle and many owls. There is also a reptile building. We took a guided tour on a raised boardwalk to the wetland area along the river. We saw Willow Bark Trees, Bayer discovered the component for aspirin that comes from their bark. Chattahoochee Nature Center
    27. 27. West Point , GA Log Entry: Arrived at R. Schaefer Head Corps of Engineers CG at 2:00 PM and got a site with a concrete pad directly on a tree lined lake for $10 Golden Age cost. All the campsites are waterfront and there are many fishermen with boats here. R. Schaefer Head Campground
    28. 28. A Presentation of Gregg Graphics Gradyville, Pa.