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Howard Smith tells the story of CSC's culture of collaboration using case studies of CSC's ideation events, enterprise social network and jams.

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Collaborate to Innovate@CSC

  2. 2. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 2April 24, 2014 Source: McKinsey & Company, “The rise of the networked enterprise, Web 2.0 finds its payday.” Survey of 4,394 executives. December 2010, IS THERE BUSINESS VALUE IN COLLABORATION?
  3. 3. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 3April 24, 2014 INNOVATION AND COLLABORATION CAN BE WEASEL WORDS What do they really mean? • Weasel – A word or phrase aimed at creating an impression that something specific and meaningful has been said, when in fact only a vague or ambiguous claim has been communicated “We empower our most valued resources to engage our innovation teams to shift the paradigm”
  4. 4. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 4April 24, 2014 Market needs Existing capabilities Overcome blockers Gather ideas Assess viability Convert solutions into offerings Prioritize investment Identify synergies Create new solutions Improve solution Improve appeal Remove blockers Increase differentiation Develop new features Improve ROI Resolve problems Assess current viability Leverage partners Competitive assessment Track relevant market change Map core competencies Requirements & portfolio Opportunity assessment Solution options Portfolio gap analysis Identify internal & external experts Accelerate take-up Identify the best lead customers Accelerate knowledge of the solution Excite the market Accelerate sales Target new markets Partner for success Define what’s next Agree how to get there New Value Drive adoption Improve IncrementallyExplore market Leap to Next Generation COLLABORATE TO INNOVATE@CSC
  5. 5. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 5April 24, 2014 ASSUMPTION AND CHALLENGE FOR ENTERPRISES Idea / challenge mgt top down (ideation events) Social collaboration bottom up (jamming) Conceptual centre: Ideas and processes How to bring it all together? Conceptual centre: Connections and community Business Projects + Communities of Practice Communitygrowsthroughideamanagement Ideasgrowthroughcommunitymanagement
  6. 6. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 6April 24, 2014 CROWD SOURCING IS EVERYWHERE .... but can it be made to work in the enterprise? 118, 581 designers 103 ideas per project DesignCrowd KickStarter Kaggle 4 million people Pledged $603 million Funding 40,000 projects Big data to Big analytics 92,566 data scientists Working on your problem
  7. 7. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 7April 24, 2014 THE LONGITUDE CHALLENGE An analogy for structured collaboration at scale • The Longitude Prize was a reward offered by the British government for a simple and practical method for the precise determination of a ship's longitude • The prize, established through an Act of Parliament (the Longitude Act) in 1714, was administered by the Board of Longitude • The Board of Longitude set out a detailed description of the problem, and a precise set of conditions under which a solution would be selected John Harrison, inventor of the marine chronometer
  8. 8. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 8April 24, 2014 CSC SUCCESS WITH IDEATION EVENTS / JAMS Roughly 60 virtual events conducted over seven years Some Notable Wins (Small and Large) since 2006 Event Date Financial Results Process Sponsor R&D Tax Rebates 2006 $48M savings in first event EMEA Tax Manager DSO Reduction July 2008 $528M improvement in cash flow CFO of Major Business Unit Client Account 2006 $1.6M collected in unbilled client work, one off Client Account General Manager CSC Greenway June 2008 $780K savings and initiated Greenway program CSC Sustainability Program Office CSC India New Business June 2010 $2.2M new revenue New Services Director Corp Growth Event October 2010 Contributed to $19.3B sales performance President, Sales & Marketing
  9. 9. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 9April 24, 2014 CASE STUDY CSC SOLVED A COMPLEX CASH FLOW PROBLEM VIA STRUCTURED COLLABORATION Challenge: Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) reduction Duration 8 weeks Review team: 27 experts The Ideation Event resulted in reduction of DSO by 4-8 days $64M-128M / annum Audience: 2300 cross-functional Active participants: 317 Ideas: 182 Reviews: 334 Votes: 1789
  10. 10. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 10April 24, 2014 WHAT MADE THE CASH FLOW COLLABORATION WORK? High Priority Problem Defined Owner More than a Suggestion Box (Structured Process) Ideation Process Design Evaluation Using Scorecards Expert Recommendations Process Decisions Implemented Decisions Explained Focused Organization On The Issue The Right Starting Point
  11. 11. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 11April 24, 2014 MORE EXAMPLES OF LARGE SCALE COLLABORATION @CSC CSC Greenway Sponsored by panel of SVPs/VPs 90,000 Employees invited 200 Review Team volunteers Result: New CR Program Cash Flow Optimization Sponsored by CFO of large CSC unit 2000 participants 20 person evaluation team Complex Process Design Result: Savings $64 to $128/annum CEO Challenge Sponsored by CEO Part of CSC 50th celebrations All employees invited 2000 ideas developed Stimulated Senior Leader conference Result: 3 new Strategic Initiatives SEEDS Sponsored by Technology Office Topic based ‘events’ throughout year Growing database of “SEEDS” Result: Awareness, education Spinoff: popular Serendipity Newsletter to all employees R&D Tax Rebates Sponsored by UK CFO 500 Architects invited Return: $50K to bottom line Repeated in other CSC Geos “Elephants in the Room” Sponsored by VP Culture Pre-CSC Annual Conference jam 1500 Attendees invited Result: Expanded CSC Culture Change Program Sales Transformation Sponsored by SVP Sales & Marketing Sales community engagement/change 5000 Global Sales community invited Result: Re-Driected Sales Transformation Program Global Customer Echo Sponsored by Innovation Office / ideation program Employees invited to speak on behalf of their client 90,000 Employees Result: Input to BU Change Programs Risk Register Update Sponsored by Chief Audit Officer Secure ideation “Director” level+ 350 Senior Leaders invited Result: Updated CSC Risk Disclaimers
  12. 12. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 12April 24, 2014 CSC IDENTITY JAM 2014
  13. 13. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 13April 24, 2014 IDENTITY JAM 2014 CEO endorsement, advance announcements, kick off Post event / jam reflections, decisions, follow up, actions Senior leader sponsorship - jam tracks Viral adoption, spreading the word, “Homo Imitans”
  14. 14. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 14April 24, 2014 IDEATION EVENT / JAM CONCEPT Creating value through employee and customer engagement Identify the problem & owner Detail the challenge & audience Launch Capture ideas Build out ideas Evaluate and review Conclusions and decisions ? ?
  15. 15. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 15April 24, 2014 Ideation is not all about “Innovation” Marketing - market opportunities, potential new offerings, reduce cost of slogans, brand names, etc New Product Development - new product concepts, identifying potential market opportunities, supporting the front-end of the product development process Research & Development - technology solutions, applications for existing or new technology, improve efficiency of R&D process, project evaluation Finance cost reduction and process improvement, structured tool and process for the company, solve specific, time critical problems, create sustainable competitive advantage through ongoing commitment to innovative work on small improvements that competitors find hard to replicate Sales identify new selling opportunities, explore new markets, improve selling process and interaction with the rest of the firm and with customers Channel how to leverage partners, agents, etc
  16. 16. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 16April 24, 2014 Analysis of Over 1000 Ideation Events Customer Service – identify opportunities to improve customer service, tap into customer insight and feed into the R&D, marketing and sales process, create differentiators through service Manufacturing – cost reduction, process improvement, sharing best practices Supply Chain & Procurement - how to tap into the supply chain for improvements, cost reductions, and ways of adding more value through supplier-driven innovation HR – supporting general employee engagement goals, resolving issues from employee surveys Legal – ensure follow good process, protect intellectual property, streamline IP process Executive - involve employees in strategy to promote alignment and buy-in, address specific executive challenges, support search for large breakthrough type innovation initiatives for growth
  17. 17. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 17April 24, 2014 A TYPICAL COLLABORATION EVENT LAUNCH SEQUENCE Event / Jam Design Ideas Generation Idea Development ConclusionsReviews Purpose Examples Selection criteria Populations Recognition Sponsorship Communication Communication Encouragement Re-enforcement Sponsors & stakeholders set objectives Employees, experts or externals are invited to participate Review team & experts guide best ideas to develop Review team leaders conclude the event in terms of outcomes Categorise Publicise decisions Next steps Allocate responsibility Comments Peer reviews Expert reviews Final reviews Public comments Event launch Review team evaluates, scores & formally reviews ideas Configure Portal Portal supports process throughout Best ideas transition to Projects
  18. 18. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 18April 24, 2014 THREE PATTERNS FOR THE IDEATION PROCESS ?? ?? ?? Problem + Ideas = Solution Situation + Insights = Improved knowledge Portfolio + Ideas (in/out) = Updated portfolio New ideas, improvements, changes, counter arguments … Ideas can be … product ideas, service innovations, strategy insights, risks, barriers … #1 Insight #2 Solve #3 Portfolio
  19. 19. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 19April 24, 2014 THREE MORE IDEATION PATTERNS ?? ?? ?? #4 Qualification #5 Competition #6 Improvement Candidates + Questions = Decision Candidates + Criteria = Winners Process + Exceptions = Insight for Improved Process
  20. 20. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 20April 24, 2014 ?“Time bounded challenges” 1. A small team has a problem, so they... 2. Pose a challenge, which... ! 3. Elicits some specific ideas, which... 4. Helps the organization archive goals “Ask the experts” (invert your thinking) ? 1. A small team has expertise, so they... 2. Advertise their skills, which... 3. Elicits some specific problems to work on... 4. Which the experts answer, thereby... 5. Helping to solve the problem and grow expertise ! TWO COMMON USE CASES FOR IDEATION PROCESSES
  21. 21. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 21April 24, 2014 THE IDEA PROCESS IN MORE DETAILS ! Raw ideas Idea building/ peer review Developing ideas ‘Formal’ review/ stage-gate Reviewed ideas Idea bucketing / Conclusions / Decisions Evaluation and facilitation team Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Idea categorization/ Structured recommendations Expert reviews e.g. scorecard  Assign responsibility  Action plan  Track value Decision / Action workgroup 1. A leader wants to solve a problem or get some new ideas so they … 2. Stimulate a targeted community … 3. With communications, challenges, seed ideas, conditions for action
  22. 22. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 22April 24, 2014 TRIAGE OR “FUNNEL” ANALOGIES ARE NOT ALWAYS HELPFUL A few winners ... • Ideation is not about picking winners and “top” ideas • Many events or jams should be designed to be additive Or everyone contributes • Ideas need not compete with one another, but can add to an emergent picture – Fleshing out details – Providing key insights – Challenging the status quo
  23. 23. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 23April 24, 2014 PROCESS DESIGN IS NEEDED FOR COLLABORATION TO WORK AT SCALE Convergence The process by which the community builds on ideas The evaluation criteria Scorecards and recommendation process The appropriate pattern of development of ideas The decisions you will take to move ideas to the next stage Who you invite How you invite them The challenge you set them The types of ideas you do and do not want The type of content you want developed
  24. 24. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 24April 24, 2014 THE DESIGN OF CHALLENGES • Document problems & requirements • Agree sponsors & stakeholders • Refine problem statements , questions and understand the true nature of the problem by clarifying – Context – Priorities – Resources available to solve the problem – Attempts that have been made in the past – Why they failed, what is different now – Objectives – Metrics – measures of success • Generate directions for innovation • Formulate idea management campaign and identify or canvas staff for participation Define Requirements & Problems Refine, prioritise & clarify Innovation Directions CSC Client Identify sub-problemsAnalysis & Prioritisation Decomposing the complexity of problems Stake Holders Drive idea management campaigns
  25. 25. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 25April 24, 2014 Subject Matter Experts IDEA MANAGEMENT • Identify subject experts and sponsors to support the campaign / jam • Formulate problem story and provocative questions broken down into focus areas for experts • Identify/canvas staff for participation in ideation event • Launch idea management campaign on the portal • Filter ideas using partially automated idea management process • Refine and expand on ideas through interaction with originators and consultation with experts • Use a stage gate process to determine which ideas contribute to goals / challenge and are worth developing further Filter (Clarify & Select) Ideas Staff Stage gate process Challenge Sponsors Analysis & Problem Solving Managing the creativity of innovation Consultation Collaboration Expand (Develop Ideas Further)
  26. 26. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 26April 24, 2014 A PROGRAM OF IDEATION CHALLENGES / JAMS @CSC month 2 4 6 8 … etc Senior Management Awareness Phase Mid Management Ideation Phase What are the Issues? Where are the problems? Employee Engagement Customer Echo Implementation strategies Lead Customer and Strategic Programs Driving a change of culture/transformation What are the solutions? Cross Functional Collaborations
  27. 27. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 27April 24, 2014 Develops our portfolio of seed solution concepts Increases our ability to market our innovation internally and externally Increases our clients’ experience of innovation Ensures connection to voice of the customer and market needs Increases our ability to manufacture new solution prototypes APPLIED INNOVATION@CSC …. First of a Kind projects Obtaining qualified client opportunities Envisaging and describing new solution concepts Standing up meaningful projects Harnessing IP and engineering reusable solution components Converting projects into valuable references
  28. 28. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 28April 24, 2014 DISTINGUISHING INNOVATION FROM BUSINESS AS USUAL WHAT IT ISN’T! WHAT IT IS! It’s not in our current portfolio But someone wants it to be Technology for technology’s sake Applied first of a kind solutions Projects looking for problems Clients looking to solve problems Simple extensions of the current portfolio A step change or disruptive influence on our portfolio “next generational” More of the same A new technology, method or approach, new intellectual property Played out with the usual partners Engaging with leading edge players Highly industrialized Experimental but provable Low risk Medium to high risk with a safety net Done in isolation Dependent on collaboration across teams High-cost investment Co-invested development A short-term tactical objective An investment in our future
  29. 29. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 29April 24, 2014 Apr Jun Sept Jan Apr STRUCTURE OF INNOVATION PROGRAMS SEEDS Forever Challenges Billion Dollar Ideas KEY Client Challenges/ Unmet Needs Lead Customer Opportunity Super Challenge Every 2 years Ideation event or jam 2 2 3 3 Grand Challenges Hunts 1 1 Event / Jam Customer Echo ...
  30. 30. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 30April 24, 2014 LARGE SCALE STRUCTURED IDEATION @CSC Identify the problem & owner Details of challenge& audience Launch Capture ideas Build out ideas Evaluate and review Conclusions and decisions ? ? A structured process fosters employee, partner and customer knowledge and direct it to solve problems and meet business goals It works because collaboration is directed towards convergent outcomes - the workflow embodies peer collaboration, idea development, structured evaluation and stage gate process Best practices drive event planning, process design and communications, ensuring focus on outcomes Event Desig n Ideas Generation Idea Development ConclusionsRevie ws Purpose Examples Selection criteria Populations Recognition Sponsorship Communicati on Communica tion Encourage ment Re- enforcemen t Sponsors & stakeholders set objectives Employees, experts or externals are invited to participate Review team & experts guide best ideas to develop Review team leaders conclude the event in terms of outcomes Categorise Publicise decisions Next steps Allocate responsibility Comments Peer reviews Expert reviews Final reviews Public comments Ev ent lau nc h Review team evaluates, scores & formally reviews ideas Configure Idea Central Idea Central portal supports process throughout Best ideas transition to projects Every event and jam is planned: linked to strategy, process design, launch and communications plan facilitation, expert involvement, decision logic and assignment of responsibilities month 1 2 3 4 … etc Senior Management Awareness Phase Mid Management Ideation Phase Cross Functional Ideation Small number of selected 2 day jams 2 week events on streamed targets What are the Issues? What are the problems? What are the solutions ? Employee mobilization Ideation Implementation strategies Lead customer and strategic partner ideation Driving a change of culture Events and jams can be chained throughout the year – output of one feeding input of another, allowing larger problems or transformation challenges to be addressed in phases ! Raw ideas Peer comment/review Developed ideas Formal review/stage-gate Reviewed ideas Conclusions and Decision codes Review team As the expert e.g. Implement now Next year Review codes, Idea evaluation Review codes e.g. scorecard  Assign responsibility  Initial action plan  Deadlines Concludeeach idea Large scale collaboration takes place on an enterprise social platform and ideation portal - top down and bottom up
  31. 31. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 31April 24, 2014 CONTACT DETAILS • Howard Smith led the development of CSC’s “Collective Intelligence” (ideation, crowdsourcing) program from its outset in 2006 to 2011 – During this period the program delivered $500M in audited value to the company • Smith is the author of the widely referenced white paper What Innovation Is – How Companies Create Operating Systems for Innovation • A case study and information pack is available upon request
  33. 33. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 33April 24, 2014 CSC COLLABORATION IMPACTS LEADERSHIP, EMPLOYEES, CAREERS, PROJECTS, CLIENTS, PARTNERS, OFFERINGS Internal Collaboration Secure Client/Vendor Collaboration Open Market Collaboration Product / Solution Support & Repurposing Ongoing Product Support Capture and Share Knowledge Accelerate Business Goals Across Teams Drive Profitability Drive Richer Customer Engagement Build Relationships and Networks Transitions/Transforms Relationships Network and Personalize Experiences Find Experts and a New Level of Innovation Create Trusted Partners Locate Industry Experts Build Skills in Communities of Practice Differentiate as Innovator Access Customer Sentiment
  34. 34. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 34April 24, 2014 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 • Social Strategist identified • Business case approved • Social Software pilot • 20 weeks 25K registered • Social Software in full production • Exec begins blog • Director of Collaboration hired • 50% registered • 25% active • Public communities • CIO blogs • Advocates community • Intranet 1.0 • V2 of Social Policies • Community Manager hired part time • 100% registered • 75% active • Community Manager hired • Updates for Corporate Communications • C3 becomes a hub C3 C3 C3 C3 CSC EngageCSC’s Social Business Journey 2012
  35. 35. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 35April 24, 2014 C3 Utilization Statistics – March 2014 50,000 daily views 600 daily replies 4000 daily revisions 800 daily creates 500,000 documents 100,000 discussions 45,000 blog posts 3500 polls/surveys 4000 videos 30 new groups/day 35 new discussions/day 500 new documents/day 50,000 logins/day 85,000 registered users 53,000 authoring/active 18,000 participating users 9000 open groups 5500 private groups (group = space/community)
  36. 36. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 36April 24, 2014 Lessons learned along the way • Establish a community manager from the beginning to guide, maintain, and curate the platform • Approach collaboration with a problem(s) you need to solve • Ensure you have an ongoing internal and external Strategy Director who understands the collaboration industry trends • Engage leaders to broaden their influence, access cultural business intelligence and steer multiple projects • Cultivate an advocates groups to help support the users across the platform • Form key communities around a business topic as interactive networks collaborating, sharing knowledge and growing their capabilities with identified sponsoring leaders
  37. 37. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 37April 24, 2014 CSC is Successful in Social Business in the Industry Early Adopter Generates Thought Leadership and Business Outcomes Award Winning Industry Recognized News Worthy San Francisco, Las Vegas Virtual Conference Philadelphia, Denmark Washington DC Frankfurt, Paris Webinar Montreal San Francisco, Boston "As a technology services company, being seen as thought leaders and innovators … one which C3 has shown strong potential to fulfill… hitting a sweet spot.” “Even the chairman’s office has embraced it... communities interact more easily, allowing people to reach out across the company and find resources.” “I especially liked this vignette of community management at CSC, a large, well-known business services company. . . “ “CSC Recognized for Social Business Achievements” “Social business, organized around collaboration, innovation, two continuous themes that runs through their literature and their work….They have a clearly delineated process and framework for social business.” CSC CRM Watchlist 2012 Winner Finalist 2010 Internal Evangelist of the Year Award November 2009 Community Adoption October 2009 Champion Award September 2010 Community / Networked Maturity Stage 3 June 2012 Online Course
  38. 38. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 38April 24, 2014 In 2012, Corporate Executive Board called CSC Office of Innovation “Best In Class” for Innovation/Collaboration • “Adoption of the C3 platform provides a great forum for people across the organization to collaborate” • “Having a collaboration system underlie the innovation function at CSC is a very progressive practice” • “Direct connection to daily workflow causes the system to not be just a collaboration tool but also to serve as an information warehouse” • “The interface of the C3 system is also effective, intuitive and easy to use…helps overcome adoption hurdles by seeming familiar to new participants in the system”
  39. 39. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 39April 24, 2014 CSC is Successful in Social Business Internally C3 Wins Hearts & Minds - Goes Global and Viral “Proud to be CSC” “I went from being a skeptic to a convert. It just makes you want to get involved!” “C3 is the de facto standard for how we collaborate. It's the language of the company.” – VP, CSC “It is a key tool to achieve the ‘One CSC’ vision.” VP, CSC C3 Wins Hearts and Minds Asia Pacific 10% EMEA 24% North America 42% Latin America 1% India 22% Other 1% C3 Goes Global *Activity = View, Create, Read, Edit, Like, Download, Comment, Rate, Etc. C3 Activity in 2012 C3 Delivers Business Outcomes 100% Adoption Wins Hearts and Minds Innovation  Asset / Expertise Location “Way Work Gets Done”  Time Zone/ Distance Barriers Executive Communications & Strategy Alignment MM Cost Savings Consolidation / Shut Down 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Inactive Active Users Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 C3 Viral Growth 2010 2011 2012
  40. 40. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 40April 24, 2014 2012 CSC Survey Results Show How Collaboration Is a Part of Our Culture and Reflects the Way We Do Work Great Results Conclusions Nearly 60% use C3 daily to do their job and another 25% use it weekly A majority of CSC works in C3 to support clients and do their work C3 is used consistently across all demographics • Get information and answers • Locate tools and apps • Collaborate in business groups & communities • Search for CSC strategy, global messages Executives and managers who responded were very positive and enthusiastic Leadership who work in C3 have a very high level of use and engagement Key Community membership and training enhances user experience and increases level of engagement Key Community members and staff who have taken training have a high opinion of C3 as a collaboration tool and a high level of activity Overall user satisfaction is positive, scoring 7.7 on a 10 point scale 63% are “likely” to recommend C3 and nearly 30% are “extremely likely” to recommend C3 C3 user contribution rate is three times the industry standard In relation to the 90-9-1 Rule of Engagement
  41. 41. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 41April 24, 2014 CSC Is On the Path To Fully Optimizing Collaboration Through Leadership, Solutions, Processes, and Experts Command and control. Primary modes of communication are in person, phone & email. No use of many-to- many communication tools. Traditional Testing the waters. Not supportive of the use of social as a viable solution for business. Silos and not connected to the business workflow. Piqued Committed to a few social activities, but most communication still occurs through traditional channels. Seeing quick wins. Experimental Engagement with key stakeholders via new social channels. Beginning to see correlation between social activity and business results. Social Social business is integrated into the DNA of doing business with all constituents. Operations are optimized for collaboration and innovation. Networked Source: The Community Roundtable
  42. 42. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 42April 24, 2014 Leaders are steering the way
  43. 43. Copyright CSC, All Rights Reserved 43April 24, 2014