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Board survey presentation
Board survey presentation
Board survey presentation
Board survey presentation
Board survey presentation
Board survey presentation
Board survey presentation
Board survey presentation
Board survey presentation
Board survey presentation
Board survey presentation
Board survey presentation
Board survey presentation
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Board survey presentation


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Our House Board Survey 2011 What the board thinks about themselves.
  • 2. Board Response
    • 10 members answered
    • 3 weeks to answer, with 3 emails
  • 3. Question #1: What do you think are the strengths of the Our House board?
    • Contribution and diversity along the lines of their expertise
    • Business savvy
    • Professional attitudes
    • Commitment/ dedicated
    • Creativity
    • Flexibility
    • Willing
    • Respectful
    • Work together
    • Passion
  • 4. Question #2: What do you think are the areas of the board that need growth or improvement?
    • Commercial realtor involve/ Facilities
    • Community leaders
    • Philanthropists/ Fundraising
    • Concrete expectations of what board membership means
    • Specific goals for each board committee
    • Understanding the budget items
    • Grow the board
    • Community connections
    • Inconsistent attendance
  • 5. Question #3: In order to help address these areas, please prioritize the above examples from most important to least.
    • Architect commercial real estate professional community leaders and philanthropists
    • I've only identified one area of improvement.
    • Top priority - attendance Second priority - clear goals
    • evaluate board needs and skills and look for candidates that have same passion.
    • Number one is fundraising
  • 6. Question #4: What are the skills that you or other board members bring to the board?
    • Government
    • Leadership
    • health care system
    • organizational
    • Fundraising
    • Enthusiastic
    • volunteerism
    • attorney
  • 7. Question #5: Do you have a clear understanding of your role as a board member and the expectations from the organization? Are you meeting them? Meeting Expectations 9 Somewhat Meeting Expectations 2 Not Meeting Expectations 2
  • 8. Question #6: Who do you think is responsible for communicating these expectations to the board? Executive Director 3 Board Chair 4 Development Director 1 Board Development Committee 1 Courting board members 1
  • 9. Question #7: Please describe who the organization serves, how the organization implements its services, and why the organization is necessary?
    • PWA
    • The organization serves people living with HIV/AIDS by providing several levels of care for those who need it: residential care for those with strong need for continuous care; adult foster care for those who need less clinical care; NHCP for those who can mostly care for themselves. Without Our House, these people would either not get the care and die needlessly; they would be in hospitals, where care would be much more expensive; they would be on the streets..
    • It serves the indigent HIV positive population. There are no other facilities that can provide 24 hour care as effectively as Our House
  • 10. Question #8: When you were a new board member, what was your orientation process?
    • No Orientation
    • Meeting with board members and Staff
    • Meet with Board Development committee to review role/expectations
    • Application form to get me thinking about what I was going to bring to the board
  • 11. Question #9: What tools would help make the board more effective? Board Report Cards 5 Board Buddies 5 Annual Board Assessment 6 Opportunity to get to know my fellow board members better 4 Workshop 5 More Meetings 1 Less Meetings 1
  • 12. Recommendations
    • Annual Board Assessment
    • Raise Board Attendance
    • Grow Board
    • Set in stone expectations for members & committees
    • Hold board members accountable
    • Elevator Speech Workshop
  • 13. Useful Resources
    • Board Toolkit
    • The Board Book by William Bowen
    • Goverance as Leadership: Reframing the Work of Nonprofit Boards by Richard Chait, William Ryan, and Barbara Taylor