CAFNR Communications Brown Bag session on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube
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CAFNR Communications Brown Bag session on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube

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An overview of LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube with examples of how they can be used in an academic environment.

An overview of LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube with examples of how they can be used in an academic environment.

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  • 1. Welcome!
    Brown Bag Session on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube
    Genevieve Howard
    CAFNR Communications
    August 19, 2010
  • 2. What we will talk about today
    Is Twitter right for you?
    What can I do with LinkedIn?
    Who should use it?
  • 3. What is Twitter?
    Twitter is a free service that people use to send 140-character messages called tweets.
    More than 100 million people use it.
    People can subscribe to one another which is called following.
  • 4. Customized background
  • 5. User name
  • 6. User name
    Most recent tweet
  • 7. User name
  • 8. User name
  • 9. How to talk Twitter
    @ sign + user name = responding to someone. These are publically visible. @cafnr
    RT = retweet. This means you are resending someone else’s message. RT @cafnr
    # = hash tag. These add context to your tweets. #ag
    D = direct message. You can send direct messages to people who are following you. These are not publically visible. D cafnr
    Backchannel = Tweets during a live presentation
  • 10. Following on Twitter
  • 11. Is Twitter right for your group?
    Yes, if you have something to promote. Do you have information you want to spread widely?
  • 12. Is Twitter right for you personally?
    Yes, if you like this kind of online participation. Do you want to follow trends and learn from others in your specialized area?
    Find people by looking at who your collegaues follow.
    Who Should I Follow?
    Most people use an application to manage Twitter, such as TweetDeck or Hootsuite.
  • 13. Ideas for using Twitter academically
    Post reminders on assignments.
    Send links to relevant readings.
    Promote upcoming events.
    Ask for opinions, “What should we name our next flavor of ice cream?”
    Use in the classroom to share questions and thoughts, an official backchannel.
    Helps to have a person monitoring Twitter stream
    Use a # hashtag
  • 14. What is LinkedIn?
    LinkedIn is a free, professional network.
    More than 70 million members.
    Personal profiles act as showcases of your professional goals and achievements.
    Groups are professional communities based on common interest, affiliation and experience.
  • 15. Creating a new profile
    Learn how to use LinkedIn
  • 16. What can I do with LinkedIn?
    Build your network.
    Colleagues’ updates.
    Customize your URL.
    Ask for or give advice in Answers.
    Question on recommendation letter
    Learn about companies.
    Join groups that reflect your interests.
    Institute of Food Technologists
  • 17. CAFNR Group
  • 18. CAFNR Group
  • 19. What is YouTube?
    YouTube is the most popular video sharing site in the world.
    24 hours of video uploaded each minute.
    2 billion views a day.
    Source:, retrieved Aug. 17, 2010
  • 20. Who should use YouTube?
    Anyone who has interesting video content.
    Use the embed code to put on your own website.
    Promote with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
    Example of news: Beginning Farmer
    Example of promotion: Truman’s tour
    Example of education: Khan Academy
  • 21. Promote your brand
    Truman tour opened with title screen
    Truman’s tour
    Beginning Farmer closed with production screen and UM system logo
    Beginning Farmer
    Use your video to promote your group’s identity. Incorporate your logo into content with appropriately branded clothing.
  • 22. Length of video
    Video length is usually best at less than 3 minutes.
    Attention span
    Possible cost and time in longer production
    Break up longer video into segments
  • 23. Thank you!
    Genevieve Howard
    Join the CAFNR LinkedIn group
    Be our fan on Facebook
    Follow us @cafnr