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Azul Systems has created Java for the Real Time Business, one that is standards-compliant, commercially proven and purpose-built for the demands of today’s business critical applications. Azul innovation delivers Java that is consistent, scalable, agile and self-tuning and lets you focus on creating and delivering new business value, rather than continually re-tuning your production environment.

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Azul Systems - Our corporate overview

  1. 1. Meeting the Challenge of the Real- Time Business Imperative. Discover Zing: Java for the Real-Time Business Azul Systems Inc.
  2. 2. The Real-time Business Imperative • It’s everywhere • You are facing tremendous pressures – Across business sectors – Around the globe • Demand shifts continuously • The pressure to innovate is non-stop • Richer mobile applications need robust supporting apps • You face an ongoing war for the best talent • Budgets are constrained and can disappear overnight And day, in any sector can look like Black Friday or Cyber Monday (or worse yet -- another Flash Crash) ©2013 Azul Systems Inc. 2
  3. 3. What’s a Real-Time Business? -- Your Business is now Real-Time. • There are human “Real-Time” timeframes • Respond to mobile users and surges in demand without delay • Users get antsy in seconds (or less) – an extra second is fatal • Customers abandon a site just as quickly • Then there are machine-level timeframes • Process information as fast as it arrives • Automated data feeds have service levels in microseconds • In both cases, it’s about expectations and imperatives • Sometimes formal SLAs, sometimes simply guidelines • You can’t just be fast, your must be consistently fast • 99%, 99.9%... and worst case can be as important as the average • If you can’t meet the emerging standard, your competitors will ©2013 Azul Systems Inc. 3
  4. 4. Where’s Java in the Face of this Challenge? • The default language for the enterprise • Ubiquitous • Powerful • Productive But… • Java can be fragile at runtime • As demands change, your best people need to re-tune • …So they can’t be building new features and new apps • Easier to scale out vs. up • Application glitches and jitter can hurt your bottom line ©2013 Azul Systems Inc. 4
  5. 5. What if There Was a Better Java? • A Java that met all industry standards • A Java that eliminated jitter – out of the box • A Java that helped drive new revenues • A Java that gets your apps live ahead of your rivals • A Java that delivered better utilization of your human capital and your existing hardware • A Java that delivers all the above without needing to change a line of code • And helped you face your Real-Time Imperatives 5©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  6. 6. What if There Was a Better Java? There is. We call it Zing. 6©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  7. 7. Zing: Reliable, Speedy Performance for the Real-Time Business
  8. 8. Zing: Java for the Real-Time Business • Raw Performance • Real-time business demands fast execution • From machine scale to human scale, Zing delivers • Unmatched Predictability • Eliminates disruptions, glitches and pauses • Meet all your service delivery standards • Better customer experience = more revenue • Unlocking Innovation • Meet your Competitive and Time-to-Market Challenges • Get new functionality into production faster • Concentrate on new capabilities vs. tuning • Operational and Capital Efficiency • Transform human and infrastructure utilization 8©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  9. 9. Zing: Java for your Real-Time Business With Zing, Azul delivers: • Blazing Performance, all the time ─ Machine scale to human scale • Consistency of Execution, improving service quality ─ Eliminates Java-induced glitches, pauses and stalls ─ Continuously delivers, even when demand spikes • Java Technology that Unlocks Innovation ─ Driving incremental revenue and profitability ─ Enabling new capabilities, new offerings, new lines of business ─ Accelerate time to market and gain competitive advantage • Operational and Capital efficiency and leverage ─ Gain more revenue from existing infrastructure ─ Scale efficiently, up or out -- reduce server sprawl ─ Now your team can focus on new features instead of tuning 9©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  10. 10. Performance for the Real-Time Business • Zing is the new Java performance standard • Great Performance, all the time ─ Java’s optimizing compilers generate great code ─ Now that speed comes without operational glitches ─ Even when demand spikes • Tackle application types that were formerly the exclusive domain of C and C++ • Existing applications improve without changes • Gain new advantages from aggressive in-memory computing “With Zing our reporting engine shows its best side. It’s not hobbled by the JVM anymore.” – Daniel Taylor, VP Operations, Vocalabs 10©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  11. 11. From Fractions of a Second to Microseconds • Out of the box, you’ll reduce peak disruptions to a few milliseconds • Immediately see better performance and responsiveness for Web-based (human-scale) apps • Works across a wide range from 10s of microseconds in highly tuned trading applications to hundreds of milliseconds in complex Web applications • Ideal for electronic markets, real-time advertising auctions, wireless communications Trading technology and FIX engine provider Rapid Addition reported more throughput and lower latency with Zing (June 2013) 11©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  12. 12. Zing: Delivering Consistent Performance
  13. 13. Consistency: Java’s Achilles Heel • Java can be very fast – often as good or better than C and C++ in real-world applications • Optimizing JIT compilers are very powerful in all JVMs and they generate great code… • So things run great – for a while • …But then the application glitches, stalls, freezes or crashes (and we’ve all seen it) 13©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  14. 14. Traditional Java has Limitations • With Zing, you can go from systems that look like this: Traditional JVM: Typical case is fine; worst case is far too high 14©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  15. 15. Enabling Java-Based Real-Time Business • (To this) Zing eliminates the SLA issues and performance challenges you spend weeks (or even months) trying to solve • Zing delivers great performance while eliminating latency spikes • 10s of microseconds typical with sub-millisecond peaks 15©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  16. 16. Zing: Unlocking Innovation Delivering Competitive Advantage for your Real-time Business
  17. 17. Zing: Unlocking Innovation • Real-time business faces an overwhelming need to deliver competitive advantage -- And velocity is key • Zing makes better use of today’s large-memory, multicore servers • Deliver more functionality, faster – across travel, shopping, trading, algo, SaaS, Big Data • Pursue new business models that just won’t work with traditional Java • Now you can re-gain all the advantages of Java ─ Blazing development productivity ─ Rich array of standard tools and libraries ─ 9 million developers worldwide 17©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  18. 18. Zing Drives Competitive Advantage • Get new business models, new strategies and new offerings implemented faster • With less testing and tuning ─ Example: Use in-memory pricing data to test and deliver better market strategies ─ Example: Hold every US hotel room in memory • Set the stage for “actionable” Big Data and memory- based computing • React to changes in seconds or minutes vs. overnight 18©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  19. 19. Demonstrate ROI in Days? Financial sector challenge: “Can we make more trades (and more profit) running our unmodified Java-based trading platform with Zing?” 1 week later… “Yes.” 19©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  20. 20. Zing: Capital Efficiency for the Real-Time Business
  21. 21. Zing Drives Capital Efficiency • Today’s servers can support massive memory configurations – and more memory and more CPU cores should = more speed • Sadly, every other Java solution wants to chop applications into small instances – making data models more complex, and monitoring and operations an ongoing headache • Zing makes effective use of all available memory and CPUs • Zing extracts maximum value (and 2-3X sustainable operational throughput) from your infrastructure SuccessFactors CIO: “With Zing, we can scale up with software.” Social Gaming CTO: “With Zing, we get 2 ½ times the number of users on the same hardware – without crashing.” 21©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  22. 22. Human Capital: Key to the Real-Time Business • There’s a worldwide war for talent • RedMonk, 2013: Developers are “The New Kingmakers” • You need to provide the best tools and most interesting challenges for your developers • And you’d rather use your best and most creative people to build new functionality and new offerings • …vs. tuning glitchy legacy systems • Zing helps keep your best people engaged in building your business • (And off jobs boards) 22©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  23. 23. Wrapping Up
  24. 24. Azul’s Deep Java DNA • Award-Winning Leader in Java Technology • Founded in 2002, privately held; based in Sunnyvale, CA • CTO Gil Tene on the JCP Executive Committee • Proven and robust technology in Java runtimes and virtualization • Ongoing technology investment and rich IP portfolio • Deep low-latency Java production expertise • Growing ISV and OEM partner ecosystem 24©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  25. 25. Azul’s Reference Customer List 25©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  26. 26. Zing: Java for the Real-Time Business • Raw Performance • Real-time business demands fast execution • From machine scale to human scale, Zing delivers • Unmatched Predictability • Eliminates disruptions, glitches and pauses • Meet all your service delivery standards • Better customer experience = more revenue • Unlocking Innovation • Meet Competitive and Time-to-Market Challenges • Get new functionality into production faster • Concentrate on new capabilities vs. tuning • Operational and Capital Efficiency • Transforming human and infrastructure utilization 26©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  27. 27. Getting Started Is Easy. Just Tell Us When. • Simple subscription model • Zing pilots and trials are risk-free • Trials delivered onsite -- at zero cost • We help with before/after test cases • We’ll show you how Zing can:  Quickly transform existing applications  Meet your ROI targets  Simplify operations and reduce costs  Unlock innovation  Get you to market faster  And Drive your Real-Time Business 27©2013 Azul Systems Inc.
  28. 28.