How To Publish A Book On Amazon Kindle


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Learn how to write and publish a book on Amazon Kindle with award winning/best-selling author Richard McMunn. Rchard has written and published over 150 books since his career as a firefighter with Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

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How To Publish A Book On Amazon Kindle

  1. 1. HOW TO PUBLISH YOURBOOK ON AMAZON KINDLERichard McMunn – UK best-selling published
  2. 2. About me…- 4 years in the Royal Navy- 17 years in the Fire Service- HSBC Award winning entrepreneur- Government Business Link Advisor- Best selling published author of over 150 books- Just 3 GCSEs!
  3. 3. I recommend that you DO NOT geta standard book publishing deal• You will get frustrated• You will get 10-15% net profits• You will lose control• You will have to update the bookInstead, publish your book on Amazon Kindle…you can sell lots of books if you do it right!Take a look at my own websitefor the
  4. 4. The benefits of Publishing onAmazon Kindle• you will get respect• you will receive credibility• you can become an ‘expert’ in yourfield• you will get freedom• you can become very successful
  6. 6. The are 81,000,000visitors a month onAmazon!!!These are yourFREE customers
  7. 7. Amazon Facts…1. It started in 1995 by Jeff Bezos2. He wanted a name beginning withthe letter „A‟. It was first calledAbracadabra!3. He settled on „Amazon‟ as it is thebiggest river in the World.4. He started as an online bookretailer, but soon expanded.
  8. 8. Amazon Facts…5. A „bricks and mortar‟ bookstore could sellapprox. 200,000 books, but online the number islimitless.6. The Amazon logo represents customersatisfaction.7. Jeff Bezos wanted to sell every product fromthe Alphabet.8. Amazon „influences‟ how we shop and read!
  9. 9. Amazon Facts…9. is the World‟s 9th most visited website!10. Amazon now sells more e-books than printed books.11. Amazon makes good use of the „loss leader‟ marketingstrategy.12. You HAVE to be selling your BOOK on Amazon…13. Amazon dominates the online retail market – this willcontinue.
  10. 10. What is a Loss leader…“A loss leader, or simply aleader, is a product sold at alow price (at cost or belowcost) to stimulate otherprofitable sales.”
  11. 11. Does Amazon everemail you, offering youpromotions?This is called UPSELLING andthey do it very effectively!
  12. 12. Amazon will Upsell your book…
  13. 13. The Amazon Sales page is crucial toyour books success…Customer reviews +LIKE buttonUpselling – frequently boughttogetherUpselling – customers who bought this…
  14. 14. The Amazon Upsell process…Your book needs to get on as many other author sales pages as possible– this can take time but it will generate MORE sales for you – the way toachieve this is for your book to get GOOD reviews and many LIKES.
  15. 15. I use a unique publishingsystem…YOU CAN USE IT TOO!
  16. 16. 95% of my success isdown to what?
  17. 17. Always use an Action Plan to monitoryour progress.Without one you are likely towander off track.Remember, without ACTIONYou will get NOTHING!
  18. 18. Let‟s take a look at the benefitof selling a book on Amazon … Books are Amazon’s primary product They are used as a loss leader They are easy to sell They are easy to source You can create your own Kindle is MASSIVE!!!
  19. 19. Why do I sell books?• Books are where Amazon started.• The book market is HUGE!• Amazon ‘control’ the book market.• Kindle means I make more net profit.• I have control and I keep the copyright.• You DO NOT have to get a publishing contract tosell books on Amazon.
  20. 20. STEP 1 – HOW DO I CHOOSE A BOOK IDEA1. What do I know?2. What do others that I know, know?3. Write a list of potential book ideas.4. Research using the Google Keyword Tool.5. Get someone to help
  21. 21. STEP 2 – MY PUBLISHING STRATEGY1. Set out an Action Plan2. Give myself a definitive time-frame3. I STICK TO IT!4. 3 pages a day for a month – THAT’S EASY!5. I consider outsourcing the writing element.6. I prepare the book for publishing byproofreading, editing, formatting for Kindleand book cover design.
  22. 22. RESEARCHING IDEASWHAT DO I KNOW? WHAT DO OTHERS KNOW?Use the form to start planning your book – by completing theabove form you will come up with some great ideas for yourfirst book.
  23. 23. ResearchWill it sell?NewspapersIdeaAmazonWho knows what? Write the bookSimple worddocument 64 – 100pagesTitle?USPCover design Kindle3 pages per dayTHIS IS MY ACTIONPLAN FOR WRITINGA BOOK!PromoteKeyword
  24. 24. The benefits of selling onAmazon Kindle…• No face-to-face selling.• Amazon will do the fulfilment for you.• There are NO customer emails to deal with.• Amazon has millions of customers worldwide.• No set up fees to start selling.• Amazon has a fast set-up process.• Amazon is a ‘24/7 – 365 days a year’ operation.• You get very good support from Amazon.• The ability to tap into Amazon’s Global power!