mHealth, the real road map?


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The presentation I gave at Mobile Monday Amsterdam (#MoMoAms) Mobile Health edition on January 25th, 2010.
It's a view on the Dutch healthcare and from a health insurer's perspective.

It's all about trust.


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  • Hi all, my name is UVIT – 25% Dutch health insurance market (4,2M) Part of my job is to develop the online channel for health and care.
  • I try to give you a heliview on the Dutch mHealth developments and want to show you what I think will be opportunies for short term in NL by showing what insures should do.
  • Great possibilities for mHealth already, we've heard some great stories so far. But how are we doing in NL? Not really ahead of the herd, just waiting and listening?
  • Checking out the iTunes app store in NL, we see a Fitness and Wellness focus in app store apps. Many apps do about the same thing. Paid apps mostly by private developers. Also a few lbs services, like within Layar, HealthMap (Zorgkaart NL) and by UMCN.
  • In my job I regularly meet mHeealth projects.Great initiatives, really. Many of available Dutch leading eHealth examples are 6+ years old! Ancient. No use of open standards and no API's. Mostly, they are projects by IT companies, or EMR producers, or scientists, who base their mobile apps on their existing products and use mobile as a addition channel. So that means lack of UX,
  • … Which bring us great innovations like this $250M space toilet It's a necesary tool, but too few users, and.. well... it's a crappy interface :-)
  • Many innovations take place, based on the “old” business models. Yes, that is the Comic Sans font ;-) Insurers get contacted a lot with business proposals, investment/sponsorship deals. Business case is usually poor, if present.
  • All this leads to inefficient, expensive innovation. Which would make it the cheapest to hire extra people to give the necessary attention. ;-) Maybe a new wave of guest workers?
  • Ater all, healthcare is human to human. Healthcare 2.0 is about connecting people Tech is a means not a goal It’s about relationships
  • Internet and 2.0 tools are merging worlds. Evidence based data vs personal experience data. What is true? In this context? For me? Guidance not anylonger solely by physicians, but also by trusted peers from “outside” and inside (informal care networks (worth approx €6G in NL)).
  • Trust is imperative
  • Raise your hand if you trust your health insurance company
  • Trust is all about relationships and reliance Google? Microsoft? Vodafone? T-Mobile? The Government?
  • Bad image of (health) insurers in general. Advertising won’t solve it for us.
  • Complexity of healthcare makes it difficult to be transparant and connected, but also to build relationships and almost impossible to rely on each other.
  • Mission: making and keeping healthcare qualitative, transparant, accessible and affordable Management by enabling Not-for-profit org in commodified market, creating added value for customers is essential.
  • Mission: making and keeping healthcare qualitative, transparant, accessible and affordable Management by enabling Not-for-profit org in commodified market, creating added value for customers is essential.
  • Simplified model The 4 Ps
  • 4 developments in the next 3 years: Online access to anything, anywhere, anytime Personal experiences, beyond personalisation, but adding value by adding experience Always on, communication all the way Creation of service layers upon businesses
  • Make ubiquitous data
  • From belly staring to building relationships Shift from patriarchal character to a feminine approach Intrinsic trustworthiness Big Brother will become Big Sister H elp stakeholders into the new world ( the real challenge )
  • Join forces, form alliances and perform government lobbies
  • All stakeholders in healthcare have been bus for years to create, negotiate, make alliaances etc. Due to the complexity it all moves very slow.
  • Open (others) up Business models 2.0 Build
  • All you need is some nanoink, and a drop of blood to measure hormone levels. Imagine in a few years time, we can use our phone to adjust our hormone levels.
  • Robocop, Resident Evil, Terminator There is always a connection in SciFi between mecidine an mad proffessor and world domination by using a “good” technology for bad. But how about more complex examples, like this one, The Sun. It's an educational tool, using AR to stimulate children to go outside and see the influence of the sun on nature; flowers blooming etc. instead of “boring books” Is that the purpose of technology?
  • The big diseases Cancer becoming a chronic disease Long tail of rare diseases; 15% of the population suffers from 6000 rare diseases. Too specialized voor GP, information is rare, many wrong diagnoses (disrupting trust), find patients like me.
  • Great possibilities already, even greater with upcoming sensor tech, DNA tech, nanotech, neurotech and combinations.
  • mHealth, the real road map?

    1. 1. Hi! Mobile Monday Amsterdam, Jan 25, 2010
    2. 2. mHealth the Dutch road map mobypicture by @pimko
    3. 3. Great Expectations (cc) “Burum” by Bert K.
    4. 4. Dutch iTunes App Store
    5. 5. Defensive approach
    6. 6. The $250M Space Toilet Via Holy Kaw! (
    7. 7. Ye mobile health business plan HiTech vs. Papyrus
    8. 8. Future of Healthcare? (cc) Seattle Municipal Archives, 1962
    9. 9. (cc) Marc Smith Relationships
    10. 10. Apomediation
    11. 11. Social mHealth <ul><li>Trust </li></ul>(cc) Wesley Fryer
    12. 12. So, do you trust “us”?
    13. 13. Who DO you trust?
    14. 14. Image (cc) Joe Shlabotnik
    15. 15. Healthcare in Holland
    16. 16. Mission (cc) Bernt Rostad
    17. 17. Quality Transparancy Accessibility Affordability Enabling Trust Mission (cc) Bernt Rostad
    18. 18. payer patient provider politics Healthcare in Holland
    19. 19. (c) Trend8 Movements 2012 Ubiquity & Omnipresence Personal Experiences Always Communicating Service Layers
    20. 20. Step 1
    21. 21. Inspired by J.H. Marseille
    22. 23. World Domination!
    23. 24. Privacy, security, politics
    24. 25. What can you do now ? (cc) Trend8
    25. 26. Mesh up
    26. 27. Ethics and common sense (c) Changhong design
    27. 28. Opportunities
    28. 29. Opportunities Diabetes, Obesity, COPD, Heart, Dementia, Cancer Long tail of rare diseases
    29. 30. Thank you!