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Supercharging Your Business Through Local Search
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Supercharging Your Business Through Local Search


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Google places and local seo tactics

Google places and local seo tactics

Published in: Self Improvement
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  • 1. Supercharging Your Business Through Local Search Houston IMA February 22, 2011 Brian Combs, CEO ionadas local LLC @BrianPCombs
  • 2. Some Questions…1.  Do you have a locally focused business?2.  Do you know what your keywords are?3.  Do you have a Google Places listing?4.  Do you have a Yahoo Local listing?5.  Do you have a Bing Local listing?6.  Is your website search engine optimized?7.  Have you built citations?8.  Have you built links?9.  Do you have an effective review program?
  • 3. Table of Contents1.  What is Local SEO?2.  Determining Keywords3.  Google Place Pages4.  Yahoo Local5.  Bing Local6.  Website Optimization7.  Citation Building8.  Link Building9.  Reviews10. Questions & Answers
  • 4. What is Local SEO?
  • 5. What is Local SEO?
  • 6. What is Local SEO?
  • 7. What is Local SEO?
  • 8. What is Local SEO?
  • 9. Should You Optimize for Local Results?•  If you want any of the following from people in particular geographies: –  Website visits –  Phone calls –  Foot traffic•  If your keywords return local results•  If your keywords should return local results
  • 10. Find the Right Keywords•  Create a List of Potential Keywords•  Are Map Results Being Returned?•  Attempt to Find Balance Between: –  Potential traffic –  Competitiveness –  Semantic appropriateness –  Current ranking
  • 11. Long Tail Keywords•  Less competitive•  Good search volume in aggregate
  • 12. Find the Right Keywords, cont. Google AdWords Tool
  • 13. Google Places Pages•  Does It Already Exist? –  Create or claim the listing•  Use Your Keywords and Locations –  But Don’t Overuse Them•  P.O. Boxes may be Depreciated•  Upload Images and/or Videos•  Verify by Phone or Mail
  • 14. Google Places Pages, cont.•  Company/Organization•  Main Phone•  Description•  Categories•  Service Areas•  Additional Details
  • 15. Yahoo Local•  Using Yahoo login preferred•  Keyword usage opportunities limited•  Categories very important –  But keep them accurate•  No verification –  But reviewed by Yahoo staff•  Reviews are critical!
  • 16. Bing Local•  Create login before creating listing•  Good opportunities for keyword usage –  But listing will be reviewed•  Categories very important –  But keep them accurate•  Verification by phone or mail
  • 17. Website Optimization•  No longer optional!•  Optimize for locations as well as keywords•  Keywords and locations in Title Tags•  Phone number and address on every page –  Especially important for LBL landing page•  Contact Info page –  Include directions –  Use map pulled from Google –  Create separate pages for multiple addresses•  hCard Microformat
  • 18. Citation Building•  Established you company’s importance•  Trusted pages that list company name, phone number, and address –  Link not required! –  Major IYPs –  Local Directories –  Vertical Directories
  • 19. Citation Building, cont.•  Ten IYPs in which every local business should be listed: •  BotW Local •  Localeze •  SuperPages •  OpenList •  InfoUSA •  Yelp •  InsiderPages •  MerchantCircle • •  CitySearch
  • 20. Link Building•  It still matters –  Critical for competitive keywords•  Keyword usage –  Anchor (linking) text –  Text around link•  Google PageRank and TrustRank•  Reciprocal links•  Paid links•  Social media linking
  • 21. Link Building, cont.•  Should look natural –  Very the destination page, anchor text, and text around the link –  Contextual match with linked page –  Don’t mislead or deceive –  Start out slow with new site –  Can be citation as well
  • 22. Why Are Reviews Important?•  Impact Rankings –  Quantity matters•  Impact Conversion –  Quality matters•  Feedback Channel
  • 23. Things to Remember•  Be proactive•  Be transparent•  Be ready for that bad review!
  • 24. Places to Get Reviews•  Google, Yahoo, Bing•  Third-Party Sites•  Diversity is Good
  • 25. Where to Push Reviewers•  Search Engine or Third Party?•  Which Third-Party Websites?If the customer already has an established account with a review system, a review there might be worth more.
  • 26. Ways to Encourage Reviews•  It’s a Mindset•  Make it a Process•  Be Ethical and Transparent•  Be Creative
  • 27. Keywords in Reviews•  Definitely Impact Rankings•  Added Real Estate for Content –  Good for Long Tail –  Great for Blocked Terms (e.g. “Google”)•  Be Careful When Manipulating Review Content
  • 28. Review Velocity•  Clearly Part of Ranking Algo•  Shows Viability of Business•  But, Every Review Helps
  • 29. Google Filtering Reviews•  Questionable reviews removed•  Algorithmic, not human driven•  Are reviews from “private” users devalued?
  • 30. Responding to Reviews•  Listen to what is being said•  Should you respond?•  Calm down before you respond
  • 31. Types of Complainers•  Legitimate Complaints•  Unrealistic Expectations•  Lunatics•  Former Employees
  • 32. If you Engage•  Expect to make mistakes•  Pick your battles•  There are no secrets!
  • 33. hCard Microformat Reviews•  Indexed and aggregated by Google•  Open to all players•  Does it impact ranking?•  How does Google handle the spam?
  • 34. Things to Avoid•  Don’t Self Review –  Very easy to spot –  Could be fraud –  Don’t become an example!•  Review Services
  • 35.
  • 36. Controversial Issues•  Rules are Vague•  Incentivized Reviews•  Encouraging Reviews at Multiple Sites•  Entering Review at Place of Business•  Can You Pay to Remove Reviews?
  • 37.
  • 38.
  • 39.•  For Dentists Only•  Becoming Cost of Having Seat at Table•  Higher Quantities may be Nerf’ed•  Does Google Continue to Allow This?
  • 40. Closing Thoughts•  If your business sucks, you might not want to encourage reviews…•  If you found this presentation informative, I’d appreciate a review of ionadas local of Austin, Texas at Google Places, Yahoo Local and/or Bing Local…
  • 41. Thank YouBrian CombsFounder and CEOionadas local LLCEmail: combs@ionadas.comWeb: www.ionadas.comTel: (512) 501-1875Twitter: @BrianPCombs