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Power point timeline

  1. 1. PowerPoint TimelineTechnological InnovationsEconomicSocial developmentsPoliticalGovernment involvement in societyOther
  2. 2. BessemerScab- a person Process-who worksdespite an A cheap and Frederick Lawongoing strike, efficient Olmstead- ausually they process for landscapewere not making steel, architect thatemployed by developed by helped draw athe company the British plan forduring the manufacturer “greensward”strike. Henry Bessemer1800’s 1830 1850 1857 1859 Soddies- Social Darwinism- an Patronage- A freestanding economic and officeholders house made on social power to the flat plains by stacking blocks of philosophy, appoint people prairie turf. Many based on that have problems such as Charles helped them to water leaks and Darwin’s theory positions in insects were of evolution. government. common.
  3. 3. HomesteadAct- law thatprovided 160 acres Andrewin the west to anycitizen or intended Credit’ Carnegie- leftcitizen who was Mobilier’- his job at thehead of household Stockholders in Pennsylvaniaand would cultivateland for five years; the Union railroad toled to record Pacific Railroad move on tonumber of U.S. formed this better things;settlers claimingprivate property. construction owned a steel company. company 1862 1864 1865 Sand Creek Massacre- Most of the Cheyenne, assuming they were under government protection peacefully returned to Colorado; General Curtis “want [ed] no peace till the Indians suffer [ed] more.”
  4. 4. Collective Tammany Bargaining- Hall- powerful negotiation democratic between an machine, run employer and by Boss Weed trade union, aimed at regulating work conditions. 1868 Sitting Bull- (Tatania Iyotanka) leader of Hunkpapa Sioux, neverTweed Ring- signed treaty ofhead of Fort Laramie,Tammany hall, was forced onpowerful the leaders ofpolitical Sioux.machine.
  5. 5. Farmers Trust- whenAlliance- companies Literacy test- joined in trust test was givenSet up to to test readingeducate people Great Plains- agreements, people called for blacks,about topics blacks were Vast trustees ransuch as lower asked more Grassland; separateinterest rates difficult distinctive and companies ason loans and questions. highly one.government developedspending. Native Americans Grandfather lived here. 1870’s Poll tax- clause- whitesGrange- requirement to who didn’t pass vote, annual clause couldOrganization tax that had to still vote, triedfor farmers, Jim Crow be paid before to ensuremembers spent Laws- another qualifying to blacks couldn’tmajority of time name for vote. vote.fighting for segregationrailroads, laws, put intoteaching effect inmembers how Graft- illegal schools, use of politicalto organize and hospitals,more. influence for parks, and personal gain, transportation led to kickback. systems.
  6. 6. Thomas Alva Edison- Civil service- Dumbbell perfected the nonmilitary tenements- Telephone- light bulb, branches of Jacob Riis invented by invented entire government, pointed out that alexander system for reformers these were to graham bell producing and began to press overcrowded. and Thomas distributing for elimination Watson, electrical power of patronage. effected office work and created jobs for1870’s & women. 1876 1877 1879 1880’’s Alexander Graham Bell- Mark Twain- invented the novelist andSegregation- humorist; Jacob Riis-seperation telephone along with inspired discussedbased on race,blacks had to be Thomas young adults tenements;seperated and Watson, when he were tofollow certain opened the declared overcrowded.customs. way for independence worldwide of literature. connection.
  7. 7. Melting pot- Ragtime- blend Wild BillMany native of African Hickok-born American Angel island-Americans spirituals and Served as a immigration European scout and spythought of our musical forms was popularcountry as a during the civil here, just likemelting pot war, violent Ellis Island but(mix of races man known as on the Westand cultures.) “dead man’s Coast.. hand” 1880’s Ellis Island- hotspot for Assimilation- immigration, An idea where had to pass Native physical Americans examinations in gave up their order to be able way of life and to come to became part of America. white culture
  8. 8. Long Drive- Political An overland machine- an transport that organized lasted about group that three months, controls a there was only political party in about one a city and cowboy per offers services every 250- 300 to voters and cattle. businessmen. 1881 1883-1887 1885Brooker T.Washington-belived thatracism wouldend whenblacks acquireduseful laborskills
  9. 9. Dawes Act: Jane Adams- A law that was one of the mostSamuel intended to influentialGompers- led “Americanize” members of thethe Cigar Native settlementmakers’ Americans by houseinternational distributing movement.union to joinwith other craft reservationunions. land. 1886 1887 1889 Settlement George house- Eastmen- reformers in developed a social reform series of more established convenient this, run by alternatives to middle class, heavy glass provided plates used for education, photography. services, etc.
  10. 10. WoundedGhost Dance: Knee: Ida B. Wells-A ritual that a Custer’s Saw lynchingprophet taught Seventh Calvary for what it wasthe Sioux, rounded up 350 when three ofbrought up a lot starving andof controversy her friends freezing Siouxwith Americans. were illegally and took them to wounded executed. knee. 1890 1892 Sherman Kickback- antitrust act- workers made it illegal “kickbacked” a to form a trust portion of that interfered earnings to the with free trade machine, illegal between states payments for or with other their services. countries
  11. 11. “Cross of Gold”- William Bimetallism- Jennings Bryan delivered an The use of both impassioned gold and silver address to the as a basis for a assembled national delegates. monetary system. 1894 1896 Plessy vs. Ferguson-Eugene V. separation ofDebs- races in publicattempted to accommodationform an s was legal andindustrial didn’t gounion; against the 14th amendment.AmericanRailway Union(ARU)
  12. 12. John D. Debt peonage- W.E.B. Dubois- Rockefeller- a system that First African joined with bound laborers American to competing into slavery in receive a companies in order to work doctorate from trust off a debt to the Harvard, agreements, employer. founded the established oil Niagra company. movement. 1901 1902 1903 1905Monopoly- Orville and Wilbur Wright-United Statesof Steel was two brothersone of the most that had thecommon first successfulcompanies to flight.form amonopoly.
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