Transport truck fleet solutions by hotware


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DC-AC Inverter power everywhere 5Kw and up

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Transport truck fleet solutions by hotware

  1. 1. Transport Truck Fleet Solutions by LinkChampHotware Inverter Power reduces $ FUEL costs
  2. 2. Add a Inverter and SAVE $$$$• The tough economic times on the trucking industry needs some helpsaving Idle Fuel costs and compliance to the new Anti-Idle Laws. Fleet andoperations managers are under extreme pressure to maintain profitabilityin the wake of escalating fuel prices and comfort for their drivers since theimplementation of Anti-Idling Regulations and Laws• With fuel expected to go up in the future with depleting fossil fuel stocksall truck services need to change their equipment options either by OEMor retrofit. Fuel costs constitute a significant portion of a fleet’s overalloperating cost so it is extremely important to operate trucks at optimalfuel efficiency.• Engine idling is inefficient, pollutes air, affects engine life and performanceand reduces the fuel efficiency. Drivers idle engines to operate essentialelectronics and appliances while at rest stops, or while loading orunloading trucks. Engine idling problem is even more prominent with longhaul drivers who are faced with uncertain weather and road conditions.Fleet managers also have to worry about complying with the stringent EPAnorms on emissions as mentioned above.
  3. 3. Cab installed Air-Con12VDC/120VACTruck StopElectric Utilityplug inEliminate Idle TimeSave Fuel CostsComfort of Electricity
  4. 4. • Adding a Hotware inverter• Auto-Transfer/ Inverter /Charger System to your fleetallows hotel comforts without idling ( saving fuel andAnti-idle tickets) , transferring these loads to Truck Stoppower when available and using this incoming powerto charge batteries. This helps to reduce both fuelconsumption and engine wear extending the life 30%.Hotware manufactures many models of highly efficientpower inverters and Auto-transfer /inverter/chargercombination units that can also be used in conjunctionwith an APU (Auxiliary Power Unit)Generator if already installed .
  5. 5. Hotware Saving $ Solution• By installing Hotware SP3000C or SP5000C forexample .The Auto-transfer/ Inverter/ Chargeras a aftermarket option with your dealer. Asample calculation “ ROI “ will estimate yoursavings over a truck or fleet’s service life. Fleetmanagers can make some rewards in the formof enhanced fuel economy, reduced emissionsand increased bottom $$$ in the long run for asmall initial investment!
  6. 6. ROI Sample Calculations• Cost of Diesel Fuel $4.00 USD / Gallon• Idle consumption on a Class 8 truck 0.8• ($ x gallons/hr) = $3.2• Idle per day hours 8 , 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year =2496• $3.2 x 2496 = $7987.20 USD per year idle costs• If the truck is used 3 years (3x7987.20) = $23961.60 Idle Cost• And if your fleet has 5 trucks (5 x23961.60) =$119,808.00USDin just 3 years gone up in SMOKE !• If you consider a SP3000C20A auto transfer/Inverter/ChargerMSRP is $499 and estimate total installed price is $1500 USD• Pay back time in Months 2.3• Total savings in trucks life $22,461.60• Total Fleet savings $112,308.00 for 5 class 8 trucks
  7. 7. Remote PanelAuto-Transfer / Inverter /Charger from 300-5000 watt and Custom up to 20kwBatteryCablesCustomInverterCables
  8. 8. X-LINInnovationThank you !Hotware Intl’ Co., : +886-3-4639125Fax ; +886-3-4639367Integration