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Gritman project powerpoint

  1. 1. Gritman Medical Hotinger and Kayla Mortellaro By: Amanda Center
  2. 2. Henry McGregor founded the McGregor house on the corner ofwhat is now 7th and Main street in downtown Moscow. It is the current location of Gritman Medical Center. McGregor’s intention was to have the the finest hotel in Moscow. Along with the house, he owned the land from the 7th and main going south towards Lewiston and east towards Troy, Idaho.
  3. 3. Because of a poor economy due to crop failures in the 1870s, McGregor was forcedto sell the hotel and his land. The building on 7th and Main, sat empty until 1892 when Dr. Charles L. McGregor put his land on the market in the January, 1892 Gritman, purchased it to edition of the Moscow start a hospital. Mirror.
  4. 4. Dr. Gritman was born in Lincoln, Ill., on December, 28, 1862. When Gritman and his he was 19, his family wife Bertie, lived in relocated to the hospital on the Dayton, Wash., where he third floor for 38 worked and saved money to years. attend the Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery. Gritman practiced medicine in the Moscow, Palouse region for 41 years. He traveled to remote villages and farms on horse and buggy, and sleds in the snow. He practiced Dr Charles Gritman medicine at the hospital with Continued several different partners.
  5. 5. Bertie was a registered nurse and trained nurses in the Gritman Hospital Nursing School. She developed and managed the hospital with her husband. Gritman died on August 8, 1933. Bertie sold the property and old hospital to the Moscow Hospital Association for The outside of Gritman $20,000, with the Memorial Hospital condition that the hospital would always carry the name Gritman.
  6. 6. The Moscow Association had iniitally planned a hospital with 45 beds costing $100,000. By September 1939, the number of beds grew to 48 with a cost of $120,000. The hospital expanded again in January 1940, adding 25 more hospital beds costing $80,000. The 1940 Gritman Hospital
  7. 7. In 1962, due to population growth and improving technology, the hospital's board of directors decided to build a Center Wing. The cost was around $685,000 with $330,000 coming from Hill-Burton funds. The hospital added another addition, the 29,500- square- foot East Wing, in 1974, after receiving financial help from the Idaho Board of Health and the Federal Health Association. View of the North side of Gritman
  8. 8. Gritman performed the first appendectomy in the area at his hospital. This marked a new era with medicine as Gritman mixed many of his own medications. Blood transfusions went through a saline tube from the donor to the recipient. In 1991, Gritman Memorial Hospital changed to Gritman Medical Center. The medical center provides more than 25 different departmental services. And the transition continues with helicopter services instead of horse and buggy. Nurses station 1960s
  9. 9. Gritman Medical Center has been a significant part of the Moscow community, celebrating its 100 year anniversary in 1996. In 2004, a $20 million expansion project started to add a roof-top helipad, better emergency quarters, the Patricia Kempthorne Woman’s Imaging Center, the Family Birthing Center, an advanced surgery department, and the Critical Care Unit.