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IronRuby for the Rubyist



Presentation on IronRuby geared towards Rubyists

Presentation on IronRuby geared towards Rubyists



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IronRuby for the Rubyist IronRuby for the Rubyist Presentation Transcript

  • Will Green @hotgazpacho
  •  History  The DLR  Why IronRuby?  The Million Dollar Question  Rusty Washers  Getting IronRuby  Additional Resources
  • Or, how Microsoft learned to stop worrying and love dynamic languages + = Sources:
  •  Compiler that translates Ruby source code into .NET IL (Intermediate Langauage)  Ran Ruby code on the .NET CLR (Common Language Runtime)  Started by Dr. Wayne Kelly and Prof. John Gough of the Queensland University of Technology  Lost relevance around the beginning of 2008
  •  “A high-performance Ruby to .NET bridge that allows seamless integration of CLR and Ruby objects in the same Win32 process.”  Developed by John Lam and Ceasar Larry  Runs Ruby code on the .NET Common Language Runtime  Abandoned when John Lam was hired by Microsoft
  •  “IronRuby is a Open Source implementation of the Ruby programming language for .NET, heavily relying on Microsoft's Dynamic Language Runtime”  Microsoft’s implementation of Ruby  John Lam hired as Program Manager  Current Program Manager (also for IronPython) is Jimmy Schementi  First previewed at MIX 2007  Version 1.0 released at MIX 2010  Targets Ruby 1.8.6
  • You got your dynamic in my static! You got your static in my dynamic! Source:
  •  A common runtime for dynamic languages on the .NET platform  Provides interop among various dynamic languages  Use libraries from multiple languages simultaneously  Allows hosting dynamic languages in static .NET assemblies  New .NET static type: dynamic
  •  IronRuby  IronPython  IronScheme  ClojureCLR  IronJS (JavaScript)  Nua (Lua) JS
  • What is it good for?
  •  Sometimes, you just ‘gotta interop with “Enterprise” systems written in .NET  SOAP and COM  WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) services  Access to the BCL == Base Class Library  Very extensive, rich set of standard libraries  IronRuby eases the pain
  •  Standardized Packaging System  Central Repository for hosting packages  Allows installation and management of multiple versions of a package  Allows distribution of binary packages targeting a specific platform  Ruby Gems 1.3.7 includes my patch to recognize universal-dotnet, universal-dotnet-2.0, and universal-dotnet-4.0 as platforms
  •  Acceptance Testing  Cucumber  Unit Testing, BDD style  RSpec / Shoulda  Factories instead of Fixtures  Factory Girl  Machinist  Mocking  RSpec Mocks  Caricature ▪ Mock .NET types (death to sealed and internal!) ▪
  •  Believe in Magic!   DSL for creating UIs  Windows Presentation Foundation ▪ Current hotness for client UI development on Windows  Silverlight ▪ WPF for the Web  Windows Forms ▪ Traditional battleship-grey Windows apps  Think Builder for Windows UIs
  • DEMO
  •  <script type=“text/ruby”></script>  Requires Silverlight, but you get to do this:
  • DEMO
  • Source: find-out/
  • YES!
  •  YES!  IronRuby.Rack  Rack adapter for IIS (HttpHandler)  Included in IronRuby source on GitHub  Needs some tweaks*  ActiveRecord Adapters  sqlite3-ironruby  Ironruby-sqlserver
  • DEMO
  • Where does IronRuby fall short? Source:
  •  85.94% pass rate  vs 97.53% for MRI  Latest statistics at  Need RubySpec contributions!  RubySepc helps ALL Ruby implementations! 
  •  OpenSSL  Needs .NET implementation  Should not be an issue with .NET crypto APIs  Putting my money where my mouth is  If someone will write the RubySpec specs for OpenSSL, I will implement it for IronRuby
  •  IronRuby doesn’t implement the C API  However, equivalent libraries with .NET code can be created (and packaged as Gems!)  eg. iron-term-ansicolor ▪ My lib for color console output on Windows
  •  Cucumber’s parser, Gherkin, is now Ragel based  Ragel does not target C# or .NET  Work-around:  Ragel does target Java  IKVM is Java (the langauge) for .NET  Use IKVM to create a .NET assembly  Still has some issues
  •  IronRuby does not support FFI  FFI = Foreign Function Interface ▪  Perhaps could be implemented via p/Invoke?  Crazy thought, or craziest thought?
  •  Mono == An open source, cross-platform, implementation of C# and the CLR that is binary compatible with Microsoft.NET  Most active contributors to IronRuby are ‘Softies, so running on Mono is not a priority  However, running on Mono is something the team would like
  • Give it to me! Source:
  •  Binary Releases on CodePlex   Source is synched from MS internal TFS to Github   Community contributions accepted, in some areas of the code, via pulls from forks
  • Get Involved in the Dynamic Revolution! Source:
  •  Mailing List:  How to Contribute:  IronRuby web site:  Jimmy Schementi’s blog  IronRuby in the Browser: ruby-in-browser-3192.html
  •  “IronRuby Unleashed” by Shay Friedman (Sams)  “IronRuby In Action” by Ivan Porto Carrero (Manning)
  •  Jimmy Schementi (MS) - @jschementi  James Deville (MS) - @jredville  Ivan Porto Carrero (MVP) - @casualjim  Shay Friedman (MVP) - @ironshay  Michael Letterle (MVP) - @mletterle  Ben Hall (MVP) - @Ben_Hall  Thibaut Barrère - @thibaut_barrere  Mike Moore - @blowmage