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How to Choose the Perfect Accommodation for You
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How to Choose the Perfect Accommodation for You


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During your vacation, would you stay at one of the Disney Orlando hotels or a hotel in the Kissimmee area? When you go on an Orlando vacation, you should never take your accommodation for granted.

During your vacation, would you stay at one of the Disney Orlando hotels or a hotel in the Kissimmee area? When you go on an Orlando vacation, you should never take your accommodation for granted.

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  • 1. How to Choose thePerfect Accommodations for Your Orlando Vacation
  • 2. How to Choose the Perfect Accommodationsfor Your Orlando Vacation
  • 3. During your vacation, wouldyou stay at one of the Disney Or-lando hotels or a hotel in theKissimmee area? When you goon an Orlando vacation, youshould never take your accom-modation for granted. Sure, themain attractions are the excellenttheme parks in the area. How-ever, where you stay plays alarge role in how enjoyable yourvacation is.
  • 4. A fun and relaxing vacationdoes not only rely on the qualityof attractions but also on thequality of your accommodations.Having a good night sleep isessential to having a great starton your day. One of the first things thatyou should consider whenchoosing your accommodationswould have to be your budget.Which one among the many
  • 5. Disney Orlando hotels is bestsuited to your budget? There aremany hotels in the area and youwould surely find a place thatwould meet your needs and pricerequirements. It would also be agood idea to look for vacationpackages that offer hugediscounts on your lodging. An-other factor to consider whenchoosing your lodging would belocation. You might find that the
  • 6. Hotels in close proximity to at-tractions are more expensivethan hotels located farther away. Staying at Kissimmeehotels would be less expensivebecause they are a short driveaway from parks. Although moreaffordable, hotels in Kissimmeeare high quality. The lower pricepoint is simply due to location inrelation to theme parks.
  • 7. Staying in Kissimmiee, you mayreceive more value when itcomes to lodging.Some people prefer to stay neartheir chosen attractions for theconvenience of being able to goback to the hotel room wheneverthere is a need for it. Whether you are staying atone of the Kissimmee hotels ora hotel in Orlando, you might
  • 8. want to check if the hotel offersfree shuttle service to and fromthe theme parks. Benefits likethis would make your vacationmore convenient. You would nothave to worry about driving orparking. You would just have tocheck the schedule of departureso that you know when your ridewill arrive. It is also wise tocheck for other freebies and dis-counts like free meals and
  • 9. discounted tickets to the themeparks. Theme park tickets canbe costly, and purchasing a vaca-tion package may provide attrac-tive discounts. Another important considera-tion when choosing youraccommodations would have tobe the number of people in yourparty. Instead of booking two orthree rooms at one of the Dis-ney Orlando hotels, you could
  • 10. opt to stay in a vacation home orcondo unit with enough rooms toaccommodate everyone. Youmight also want to stay in aplace that has a fully equippedkitchen where you could cookyour meals. Not only would thisbe more practical, but it wouldalso allow you to enjoy a quietmeal at home.
  • 11. Choosing the perfect accommo-dation would mean choosing aplace that would be able to meetall your preferences and needs.
  • 12. Keep Kids and Your Vacation Fuss-Free inPocket-FriendlyOrlando Hotels
  • 13. One of the most difficultparts of arranging a vacation ischoosing what hotel to stay in.Whether you are with friends orwith your family you would wantto have the best possible placethat is within your reach finan-cially. Orlando hotels are theway to go; they offer value foryour money and great service.Disney World is situated inKissimmee, Florida so staying inthis vicinity, you get the added
  • 14. benefit of being seconds awayfrom the celebrated amusementpark. Kissimmee hotels offervacation packages with greatrates. Their outstanding attributeis the fact that they charge 50%less than the standard rates ofhotels within Disney World. Theyare more affordable than mosthotels in other cities because oftheir proximity to Disney World.
  • 15. So many other hotels close tothe area are vying to attractmore guests and this brings theprices of Kissimmee hotelsdown. Competitive pricing worksto your advantage. You get af-fordable pricing and excellentquality of service. Many Kissimmee hotels, asis the case with most Orlandohotels, offer free shuttle serviceto all the major theme parks
  • 16. within and close to the area.Aside from Disney World thisservice also includes transporta-tion to Sea World and UniversalStudios. You do not have to renta car or worry about your fare.This feature can save you a lot ofmoney. Since these hotels mainlyhouse amusement park gueststhey have customized them-selves to fit the needs of families
  • 17. and children. Facilities likegaming areas, fitness gyms andfamily entertainment rooms arereadily available. Special roomslike kid suites are also a big hit. Kissimmee hotel restau-rants are also kid friendly. It iseasy to find restaurants that of-fer discounts or free meals forchildren. When a large portion ofspending is on food, these dealssave substantially.
  • 18. Most parents need to spend alittle time away from the kidsduring vacation to allow every-one to pursue their own interestsand do what they want. If you’resomeone who needs to get awayfrom the ecstatic hustle andbustle of theme parks once in awhile or if you just dont feel likegoing out, Kissimmee hotelsoffer amazing in-house diver-sions. There are great poolside
  • 19. areas where you can lounge,work on your tan or read a book.There are saunas where you canlet tense muscles loosen up. Youcan also avail of their relaxingroom services. Many rooms aresuperbly furnished with granitecounter tops, high-speed inter-net access, and flat screen TVsso all you really have to do is sitback and soak in the luxury.
  • 20. Vacations are not only forkids to have fun and excitement.You are equally special. So, thetrained staff will keep yourchildren and belongings safe,while you are out thererediscovering yourself, findingpeace, and keeping youbalanced, and soon to be readyto face another bout of chaos.When you want the ideal get-away for the whole family, Or-lando Hotels have what youneed.
  • 21. to face another bout of chaos.See you soon in one of ourOrlando Hotels.