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Vlora bay brochure

  1. 1. Private Guide Memories to last a lifetime VLORA BAY TOURS How often have you said aloud, “I would love to see Vlora Bay…” or "I would like to spend my holidays in a new fantastic way?" 1. CHOOSE the most interesting places. 2. Only a PRIVATE GUIDE can show you the places most interesting to you. Now you can stop talking about it and do it! You can contact Vlora Bay Tour to make it possible for you. We make it easy to have your travel dreams come true, with expert planning and the best resources. 3. GET THE BEST ADVICE on the best places to eat or shop, where to go, and how to get there. The private guide can do that for you. 4. ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS - wake up on your own time, and eat your meals when you want them. Do not hurry because the group is waiting for you. 5. The culture and the language will not be A STUMBLING BLOCK anymore because the private guide will be there to help you anytime you need him. 6. WONDERING how to get to your destination from the aeroport or port? No more. You will be picked up and brought back according to your own schedule. Vlora Bay Tours Phone: 00355 692264874 Email: arjan.bilo@gmail.com www.vlorabay.com WE MAKE YOU GO ROUND THE IONIAN BAY Phone: 00355 692264874 Vlora Bay Tours Phone: 00355 692264874 Email: arjan.bilo@gmail.com
  2. 2. wood, clothing, embroidery, and fishing are distinguished. In addition, at 1909 the first school for girls was founded, run by the patriot Marigo Posio. CULINARY TOURS Tour packages PICK A PACKAGE We have several packages to accommodate almost any need, or you can let us create a custom travel package. Following is a small sampling of some of our packages. Call us to find out more about these and other packages, or let us know where you want to go and we can create just the right custom package for you! HISTORY TOUR FLAG SQUARE The main square in Vlora, which Albania and can offer you the taste of ancient times. The normal cost of a guide will vary depending on the group size and the itinerary to be undertaken. Rates are from 30 Euro per day. In addition to guides fees you will also have to pay for your guide expenses that are directly related to the guided experience. These will include: food and accommodation travel costs outside Vlora. symbolizes the work of Albanian patriots led by Ismail Qemali for freedom and independence. Vlora area offers one of most special and traditional food in Mediterranean. In fact, food is one of the most enjoyable experiences that you will meet here. You can choose fish, lamb, traditional food, frogs etc. There will be a culinary tour for you who would like to try new food. THE MUSEUM OF INDEPENDENCE Come for an unforgettable experience! The Museum of Independence reflects the stern struggle of the Albanian's for freedom and independence, the events that brought about the raising of the flag on the 28th November l912, when Albania was proclaimed an independent state. THE ETHNOGRAPHIC MUSEUM Ethnographic Museum of Vlora is located in one of the oldest buildings of the city, which was built in the middle of XIX century. This building is declared a cultural monument. The museum is quite palatable to visitors and in particular reflects the traditions of the district of Vlora. In this museum are included the best traditions of material culture, made of residents of the district of Vlora, where above all manufacturing metal, HOT TOURS For you who would like more of the Albanian History there is one more tour and that is outside Vlora, in the cities of Berat and Kruje. These are the most Historical Places that you can find in GUIDES TO EXPENSES AND FEES 1. All prices inside Vlora town tours are 30 Euro a day per person. This includes tours in Llogora, Kanina, Orikum, Zvernec, also History Tours and Culinary Tours. 2. Vlora Special Tour and Tour to Castle of Ali Pasha costs 50 Euro per person. 3. Tours to Butrint and Himara Area cost 80 Euro per person. 4. Hot Tours, because they are outside Vlora cost 150 Euro per person. 5. Sightseeing and Walking cost 20 Euro per person. There are lots of gorgeous spots around the bay area, especially near sunset time. We are sure that the experience you will have with Vlora Bay Private Guide will reward your efforts.