Resort development in novosele, albania


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Resort development in novosele, albania

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Resort development in novosele, albania

  2. 2. Current situation Mr. Gazment Demi owns a 240 hectare plot of land at the Albanian coastline in the commune of Novoselë. The plot of land has more than two kilometers coastline with sandy beaches and includes a lake as well as a forest and brushwood zone. Novoselë is located approximately 120 kilometers away from Tirana and some 12 kilometers from the city of Vlorë. An urban development plan for the area between Vjosa river and hidrovore (Novoselë commune) has been conducted and the functional zoning plan has been approved by the district authorities, the responsible Ministry of Agriculture, Nutrition and Consumer Defense as well as the government of the Republic of Albania. The plot of land is situated in this area. Due to the already prepared urban plan the resort will include different elements like hotels, villas, shopping facilities, an aqua park, golf course, yacht port, etc.
  3. 3. General information about Albania The Republic of Albania is country in the south eastern part of Europe bordering Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro. Across the Strait of Otranto Italy is only 72 kilometers away from the Albanian coastline.
  4. 4. Tourism in Albania Currently Albania is still a more or less white spot on the world map of tourism destination. Despite the great potential of a country with a more than 350 kilometers long coastline, a Mediterranean climate impressive mountains and lakes as well as numerous interesting cultural places, Albania has yet failed to develop tourism accordingly. According to official figures of the UN World Tourism Organization the number of overnight visitors to Albania had been between 2,5 and 3 million over the last four years.
  5. 5. Tourism image of Albania Although the natural pre-requisites for a positive tourism image of Albania do exist, the county is still not visible on the world map of tourism destinations. One strong indicator for the attractiveness as a tourism destination is the presence in the programs of the various tour operators. To show the absence of Albania in those programs, we randomly picked strong tour operators in Germany.
  6. 6. The above table underlines, that Albania has not yet reached the image of a tourism holiday destination. The main reasons are the not favorable accessibility of most parts of the coastline, the lack of accommodation facilities and holiday resorts with an appropriate number of rooms and the insufficient financial resources and development skills of the public authorities. The NTO (National Tourism Organization) of Albania currently uses the slogan “Albania – a new Mediterranean love” – but with the current shortage of modern tourism destinations it will be difficult to be heard. On one hand new modern tourism resorts are an opportunity to start relationships with international tour operators. On the other hand it might not be too interesting for international tour operators, as long as there is no certain quantity of saleable properties in a destination.
  7. 7. Vlorë District The plot of land in Novoselë designated for tourism development is located in Vlorë District. The district has a land area of 1.609 square kilometers and a population of 147.000 people. It consists of 13 communes – Novoselë being one of them.
  8. 8. The city of Vlorë Vlorë is located in the Southwestern part of Albania at the confluence of the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea. Behind Durrës, it is the second largest port city of Albania with a population of approximately 94.000 inhabitants.
  9. 9. Climate Vlorë District has a typical Mediterranean climate with cool wet winters and hot, dry summers with the possibility that temperatures exceed 35 degree centigrade. The average daily high temperature reaches 30 degrees in the summer months of July and August, while January is the coldest months with an average daily high temperature of 13 degrees. The precipitation is generally very low in the summer time but can increase to almost 200 millimeters in the winter months.
  10. 10. Accessibility Currently there are three ways for foreigners to get to Vlorë District: 1. Flight to Tirana and road connection to Vlorë District 2. Flight to Corfu Island (Greece), ferry to Saranda and road connection to Vlorë District 3. Ferry from Brindisi (Italy) to Vlorë
  11. 11. Tourism attractions of the region
  12. 12. Urban study for the territory between Vjosa river mouth and Hidrovore The 14th July 2009 the Albanian Govern approved the “Urban Study for the Tourism Development of the Coastal Area between Vjosa river mouth and Hidrovore.
  13. 13. The following map shows the result of the urban study on tourism development for Novoselë The two coastal tourism development zones, highlighted in red have the same designation for hotels, hotelier elite villas, service objects, touristic residences and tourism attractions. The distance between these two zones is 4.55 km. The sportive tourism development zone, highlighted in green, has a total area of 300 hectares and is designated to golf and horse riding facilities. The blue highlighted area is approved for the development of a regional airport. The distance between the airport and zone “C” is 2.8 km, while the distance of zone “C” from the highway is 6.6 km. ZONE “C” ZONE “A” SPORT ZONE AIRPORT
  14. 14. This plot has a beach coastline of approximately two kilometers. The beach consists of smooth sand and has a width up to 150 meters. There are several natural dunes along the beach. Directly behind the sandy beach zone a shallow lake (which vary considerably with seasons) winds itself all along from the northern boarder of the tourism development zone C to the southern one. The territory includes, in it’s major part, a dense Mediterranean forest area. The territories to the north and south of tourism development zone C are protected dense forest areas with no building permission. Property information
  15. 15. Tourism development Zone “C” 300ha YACHT PORT
  16. 16. Maximal height 6 floors Lot coverage 15% Total area of the hotel zone 859 000 m ² (85.9 ha) Hotel construction area 773 100 m² Hotel bedrooms ≈ 15 460 ≈ 8 hotels are foreseen Hotel Zone
  17. 17. Maximal height 3 floors Lot coverage 10% Total area of the villa zone 437 400 m ² (43.7 ha) Villa construction area 131 100 m² (≈ 435 villas) Hotelier elite villa
  18. 18. Maximal height 3 floors Lot coverage 25% Total area of the residential zone 932 400 m ² (93.2 ha)) Residences construction area 699 300 m² Residential apartments ≈ 9 320 apartments (18 640 bedrooms) Residential Zone
  19. 19. Maximal height 3 floors Lot coverage 20% Total area of the service zone 119 200 m ² (11.9 ha) Service construction area 71 520 m² Services
  20. 20. Dimensions 300 x 300 m Capacity 100 – 150 yachts Total area of the zone 174 800 m ² (17.4 ha) Ports area 100 000 m ² Construction area of the residences, facilities and services 10 488 m ² Yacht Port
  21. 21. Total area of the sportive zone 493 300 m ² (49.3 ha) The area of 10 soccer fields and their facilities 100 000 m² Tennis court, volleyball and basketball fields area 50 000 m² The construction area for 2 floor buildings 20 000 m² Sportive Zone
  22. 22. The area of tourism resort territory 300 ha Hotel construction area 773 100 m² Hotelier villas construction area 131 100 m² Residences construction area 699 300 m² Service construction area 71 520 m² Yacht port capacity 150 yachts Sportive area 493 300 m² Total construction area 1 685 000 m² Project Idea
  23. 23. Hotel Project Idea
  24. 24. HotelierVillaProjectIdea
  25. 25. Ground Floor
  26. 26. First Floor
  27. 27. Second Floor
  28. 28. Hotelier Villa Project Idea
  29. 29. Hotelier Villa Project Idea
  30. 30. Hotelier Villa Project Idea
  31. 31. Hotelier Villa Project Idea
  32. 32. TourismResidencesProjectIdea
  33. 33. Tourism Residences Project Idea
  34. 34. From a tourist point of view, the tourism development zone C in Novoselë has the following main strengths and weaknesses: STRENGTHS •Attractive location at the sea and large forest area •Proximity to the city of Vlora •Attractive sandy beach area •A number of attractive excursion targets in the region around Novoselë •Vlorë and surrounding is already seen as a nice holiday spot for local people WEAKNESSES •Nearest airport is 120 kilometers away – no inbound charter connections. •Albania and the region around Vlorë have no tourism image on the main European outbound source markets
  35. 35. From an investor point of view, the tourism development zone C in Novoselë has the following main strengths and weaknesses: STRENTHS • Domestic demand for hotel/resort Development. •Location at the beach and in close proximity to Vlorë. •Possibility to be the first in Albania to offer something unique (e.g. golf course and residences or spa resort). •Development with high percentage of equity capital might be possible. •Approved urban development plan including zone. WEAKNESSES •No current international demand. •Difficult to find an international operator for the hotel/resort. •No general infrastructure until the boarder of the tourism development zone C. •Tougher credit criteria than before the crisis. •Expected high seasonality.
  36. 36. FINAL REMARK Mr. Christopher Hinteregger, Project Manager of Kohl & Partner Wien GmbH in the conclusions of the PRE-STUDY RESORT DEVELOPMENT IN NOVOSELË, ALBANIA determines: Due to the undersupply of modern hotels/resorts and tourism infrastructure (e.g. aqua parks or golf courses) at the Albanian coastline, especially in comparison to other countries at the Mediterranean Sea, tourism development zone C has the potential to be successful developed.
  37. 37. Thank you for your attention!