Pocket guide with general information on Albania..


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Pocket guide with general information on Albania..

  1. 1. general informationalbania pocket guide your’s to discover
  2. 2. Albaniatheme guidesgeneral information
  3. 3. WELCOME TO ALBANIA The country where you can admire and enjoy nature, both beautiful and chaste. The gleaming and warm sea, clean air and healthy climate, the hospitality of Albanians - one of their most deeply-rooted traditions, and the natural and cultural wealth, will etch unforgettable memories in your mind.
  4. 4. CONTENTS Welcome to albania 4 General information 6Procedures to enter albania 10 Entrance points to albania 12 Ground distances 18 Urban transport 20 Tourist attractions 22 National parks 24 Museums 28
  5. 5. GENERAL INFORMATION General information Area: 28.748 km2 Capital: Tirana Population: 3,144 million inhabitants (2004) Language: Albanian Currency: Lek Regime: Parliamentary Republic History Albania is country inhabited from antiquity. The predecessors of Albanians are the ancient Illyrian inhabitants of the Balkan Peninsula. The name Albania derives from that of the Illyrian tribe of Alban, (Albanoi). Whereas the name “Shqipëri”, means the “Land of Eagles”. It refers not simply to the presence of the rare species of eagles in our territory, but it is also a symbol of the heroic century - long resistance of the Albanian people. Location Albania is situated in the Balkan Peninsula, in southeastern part of Europe . It land borders are with Greece, Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia,Kosovo and Montenegro. In the west the Strait of Otranto (72 km) separates from Italy. The climate is healthy and favor- able. On average, there are 120 days a year of a temperature higher than 20 degrees celsius, and approximately 112 - 120 days of sun (the second country in Europe, after Spain).
  6. 6. GENERAL INFORMATION PoliceTiranë Shqiponja 129Tiranë (2nd District) 04 / 223322Directorate of Tirana 04 / 228152Shkodër 022 / 40019 / 3295 129Durrës Shqiponja 052 / 22544 or 052 129, /23151Kavajë 0554 / 3723,46318Golem, Kavajë 0554 / 2647 / 3999 / 129Vlorë 033 / 28391 / 2/3/4Korçë 082 / 42500 (129)Sarandë 0852 / 3333 / 4444Gjirokastër 0846 / 6999 / 2571,3682Pogradec 0832 /129 / 2333,Shëngjin 021 53205 / 07Public servicesTiranë - ER 04 222235/ 253364/ 253365Durrës - ER 052 127, 22222Kavajë - 055 42830 / 42828Shkozet - 052 23075Berat - hos. 032 34409 / 34737, 34222Korçë - hos. 082 42674 / 42972Pogradec - ER 083 127 / 22300Vlorë - hos. 033 22657 / 127,24336Gjirokastër - hos. 084 62017,62310Sarandë - 085 22442 / 2778,2017Fier - hospital 034 22409 / 22761,22021Kukës - hos. 024 22370,22229Shkodër - hos. 022 42125 / 42429,42789Lezhë - ER 021 52127,52222Night Drugstore, Blvd. ‘’Zog I‘’ 04 222241
  7. 7. GENERAL INFORMATION Currency Public Holidays The national currency is Lek, in denominations of 5000, 1000, 500, 200 and 100 lek and coins New Year: January 1 and 2 of 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 lek. Catholic Easter Orthodox Easter Credit cards like American Express, Diners The “Summer Day” ( March 14) Club and Visa, are accepted by banks and the Fitr Bajrami (the end of Ramadan) major hotels. The same is true for Travelers Kurban Bajram Checks. However, most payments are made Day of Sultan Novruz (March) in cash. Day of Beautification of Mother Theresa Banking hours: Monday to Friday: 08.30 a.m. (October 19th) to 3.00 p.m.. Independence Day: November 28 Liberation Day: November 29 Christmas Day: December 25 Electric Current Albania has a European compatible network: 220 V and AC 50 Hz. Local time GMT +1 (GMT + 2 between end of April and end of October)
  8. 8. GENERAL INFORMATION Useful contactsMinistry of Tourism,Culture, Youth and SportsNational Tourist OrganisationDepartment for PromotionTel. 00 355 4 273 425Tel 00 355 4 273 281Fax. 00 355 4 273 281liykugtkutkutwww.albaniantourism.comCountry and City codesAlbania country code: ++ 355Tiranë 4, Durrës 52, Elbasan 54,Shkodër 22, Gjirokastër 84, Korçë 82,Vlorë 33, Berat 32, Fier 34, Kavajë574, Pogradec 832, Kukës 242, Krujë511. SarandëThe central post offices operate frommorning to evening. Besides regularservice they offer DHL, EMS, ACS,FEDEX etc..
  9. 9. PROCEDURES TO ENTER ALBANIA10 Procedures Passports: A valid passport is required to enter Albania. Visas: By a decision of the Prime Minister of the Republic Nr.439,date 4.3.2000 the citizens of the following countries do not need a visa to enter in Albania. E.C. Austria,Belgium,Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary ,ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania,Luxembourg,Malta, The Netherlands, Portugal, Poland,Romania, Spain ,Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia and United Kingdom. EFTA Countries: Norway and Switzerland Other: Australia, U.S.A.,Canada, Turkey,Japan, South Korea, San Marino, Singapore, New Zeland, Malaysia, Croatia, Andorra, Argentina, Principate of Monaco, Vatican. May enter without visas, by having only an ID the citizens of the following countries : European Comunity, U.K., Iceland, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, U.S.A., New Zeland (they have to pay the entry tax of 10 Euros). The citizens of other countries may obtain visa at any entry point: Macedonia (10 Euros at the borders) , Montenegro (free of charge) Israel (30 Euros). The citizens of other countries are reqiured to obtain visas in the embassies of the republic of Albania or Albanian Consulates in their respective or neighbouring countries. The Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs web. www.mfa.gov.al, carries information in english and albanian about visa requirements. All foreign citizens of Albanian nationality can enter in Albania without visa. In such case identity cards are accepted as valid.
  10. 10. PROCEDURES TO ENTER ALBANIA 11 Customs Regulations According to the Customs Code, it is prohibited to take into the territory of the country: fire arms, muni- tions, drugs as well as other objects and substances that are dangerous for the public. There are special rules to prohibit the transport out of Albania of precious metals, antique coins, old maps, certain antique objects, books and art work which are part of the national cultural and historical heritage.
  11. 11. ENTRANCE POINTS TO ALBANIA12 One can reach the Republic of Albania by air, land and sea. “Mother Theresa” is Albania’s international airport. A new terminal is located 10 km north- west of Tirana. A taxi service links Tirana to the Airport. The fare is approximately 20 Eu- ros. There is also a bus service for each hour, wich links Tirana with airport. The departeure is behind the National Historic Museum, at “Ded Gjo Luli” streat. The travel fare is 200 leke. The airlines that operate in Albania ALBANIAN AIRLINES Rr.: “Dëshmoret e 4 Shkurtit” Tel: 00355 4 235162/233494 Fax: 00355 4 235138/ 228461 Provides connection to Rome, Milan, Turin, Bologna, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Pristina, Zurich, Athens, London. ADA AIR Nënë Tereza (Mother Theresa) Airport Rr.: “Durrësit” No. 11, + 3 5 5 4 3 6 2 13 7 -3 7 1 2 0 1 - 2 3 4 8 5 4 Tel: 00 355 4 233421/ 256111 w w w. a e ro p o r t . c o m . a l eleka@aeroport.com.al Fax: 00 355 4 240888 The airport has duty free shops. Provides connection to Bari. Customs operate 24 hours a day. ALITALIA Blvd. Dëshmorët e Kombit Hotel ”Europapark” Tel: 00 355 4 230023, Fax: 257061 Provides connection to Roma and Milan.
  12. 12. AIRLINES 13AUSTRIAN AIRLINES OLYMPIC AIRWAYSBlvd. Dëshmorët e Kombit Blvd ”Zogu I”, VEVE Center,Hotel ”Europapark” 2 nd floorTel: 00 355 4 235029, 235028, Fax: 235026 Tel: 00 355 4 228960 / 61Provide connection to Vienna. Fax: 00 355 4 228959 Provides connection to Athens.MALEVTorre Drin, Second Floor TURKISH AIRLINESTel: 00 355 4 234163,227900, Fax: 234578 Sheshi Skëndërbej,Provides connection to Budapest. Hotel “Tirana International”, Tel / Fax: 00 355 4 240964 /234902BELLE AIR Provides connection to Istanbul.Boul “ Zog I “Tel: 00 355 4 240227 HEMUS AIRFax: 00355 4 240213 Rr.: “Durrësit”,Provides connection to Genova, Pisa, Verona, Tel: 00 355 4 230410Bergamo, Trieaste. Fax: 00 355 4 267989 Provides connection to Sofia.ADRIA AIRWAYSQendra Tregetare ETC JATTel: 00355 4 272666 “Torre Drin”Provides connection to Ljubljana. Tel: 00 355 4 234163 / 227900BRITISH AIRWAYS Fax: 00 355 4 234578Provides connections to London , Provides connection to Belgrade.through Gatwick Airport.
  13. 13. ENTRANCE POINTS TO ALBANIA14 Albania can be reached by ferries through these ports Port of Durrës connects to the Italian ports of Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, Trieste. Tel: 00 355 52 13115/ 24470 Customs operate 24 hours a day. Port of Shën Gjini (Saint John), connects to Bari. Customs operate until 22:00 Port of Vlorës connects to Brindisi. Tel: 00 355 33 24 521, 29 418, Fax: 00 355 33 29417 Customs operate until 22:00 Port of Saranda has daily traffic with the Greek island of Corfu. Customs operate until 22:00
  14. 14. ENTRANCE POINTS TO ALBANIA 15 Important sea travel agencyss: To Bari Venturis Ferry,the ticket can be taken from Duni Agency Tel / Fax: 00 355 52 24900 Merlines Company, the ticket can be taken from Adria Shiping Agency, Tel: 00 355 52 28610 Azzuro Lines company, the tickets can be taken from San Nikolla Agency , Tel: 00 355 52 303383 DP Ferry Company, the ticket can be taken from Magelan Shiping Agency,Tel: 00 355 52 36340, Fax: 00 355 52 39836 To Ancona Adria Ferry Tel / Fax: 00355 52 27333 To Trieste Lion Lines , the ticket can be taken from KAD agency Tel / Fax: 00355 52 24154 To Brindizi Capedan Aleksandros Ferry, ticket can be taken from Albania Series Agency. Tel / Fax: 00355 33 29937 To Corfu Kristi Ferry, Skenderbej Ferry and Sotiraqi Ferry. The ticket can be taken from Shkendia Travel Agency in Sa- randa
  15. 15. ENTRANCE POINTS TO ALBANIA One can reach the Republic of Albania by road through16 the following neighboring countries: Kosovo Montenegro Through Morina pass Through Hani i Hotit, which links Kukës with Prizren. which links Shkodra with Pogorica. Customs operate Customs operate until 19:00 24 hrs a day. Through Murriqan, which links Shkodra with Ulqin. Macedonia Customs operate until 22:00 Through Qafa e Thanës Through Vermosh, which links Pogradec, Librazhd, Elbasan which links the region of Kelmendi in with Struga. Albania with Plava and Gucia in Customs operate until 22:00 Montenegro. Customs operate Through Tushemisht until 22:00 which, through the southern shore of Lake Ohrid, links Pogradec with Saint Greece Naum and Ohrid. Through Kapshtica Customs operate until 22:00 which links Korça with Through Bllata Thessalonica. which links Peshkopia with Customs operate 24 hours a day. Dibra e Madhe. Through Kakavija Customs operate until 22:00 which links Gjirokastra with Ioannina. Through Gorica Customs operate until 24 hours a day. which links the northern shore of the lake Through the Pass of Boti of Prespa Major with Otoshev and other which links Konispol with Filat. parts of Macedonia. Customs operate until 22:00 Customs operate until 19:00 Through Tre Urat which links the area of Përmet and Leskovik with Konica. Customs operate until 22:00
  16. 16. OTHER SERVICES 17Several agencies provide Rental carsinternational bus travelDrita Europcar“Ded Gjo Luli“ Street, Tirana ‘’Durrësit ‘’ Street, L.61Tel: 00 355 4 251277, Tel: 00 355 4 22 78 88, 22 63 70Fax 00355 4 257663, ALBRENTCARprovides daily connections with Tetova Rr. ‘’Sami Frashëri’’, Agimi buildingsJoy travel Tel: 00 355 4 22 81 66Rr. Sulejman Delvina , Tirana, AvisTel / Fax 00355 4 273030 Blvd. ’’Dëshmorët e Kombit”,272992, Provides connection to Athens. Hotel Europa ParkHelios Tel: 00 355 4 23 50 11Boul “ Zog I” nr 66, Tirana SixtTel: 00355 4 231222 “ Kavaja” StreetFax 00 355 4 231999 Tel: 00 355 4 259 020,Provides connection to Thessalonica, Fax: 233 650Athens and Milan. Departs daily at 04:00 Hertzfrom the agency offices. “ Ded Gjo Luli” street behind theKlid ballkan interbus National MuseumRruga Murat Toptani, Tirana Tel Fax 00 355 4 255028Tel: 00 355 4 235540/ 235491Albania interlines Price of GasBoul “ Zog I” ,Tirana Leaded: 105 -110 lekëTel: 00355 4 222272 Unleaded: 110 -120 lekëProvides daily connection to Athens. Oil D1: 90 - 95 lekë
  17. 17. GROUND DISTANCES IN KM18 The road network of Albania is 18,000 km long, out of which 7,450 km are considered main arteries. From Montenegro From Tushemisht From Bllata (Peshkopi) Hani i Hotit- Tiranë 144 Tiranë 176 Tiranë 146 Shkodër 253 Shkodër 165 Shkodër 37 Shirokë 259 Shirokë 174 Shirokë 47 Shëngjin 225 Shëngjin 144 Shëngjin 35 Durrës 184 Durrës 178 Durrës 150 Golem 196 Golem 190 Golem 162 Vlorë 293 Vlorë 325 Vlorë 285 Sarandë 424 Sarandë 461 Sarandë 400 Pogradec 6 Pogradec 315 Pogradec 285 From Kosovo Morini (Kukës) Tiranë 225 Shkodër 238 Shirokë 247 Shëngjin 273 Durrës 243 Vlorë 395 Sarandë 504 Pogradec 364 From Macedonia Qafë Thanë 122 Shkodër 331 Shirokë 340 Shëngjin 205 Durrës 162 Golem 174 Vlorë 268 Sarandë 407 Pogradec 17
  18. 18. MAIN ROUTES 19The main routes from Korça are: The main routes from Tirana are:Korçë - Tiranë (07.30, 08.30) Southward:Korçë - Durrës (09.30, 10.30) Tiranë - Berat, Tiranë - Vlorë,Korçë - Vlorë (08.30) Tiranë - Gjirokastër,Korçë - Sarandë (06.30) Tiranë - Sarandë. DepartureThe main routes from Durrës are: near the flour factory at “Kavaja” streetDurrës - Tiranë (06.00, 17.00),Durrës - Sarandë (06.00 - 09.00, 13.00 - 17.00), Northward: Tiranë - Shkodër, Tiranë - Kukës, etj.Durrës - Korçë (06.00 - 09.00, 13.00 - 17.00), Departure from Zogu i Zi andDurrës - Shkodër (07.30), the rail station.Durrës - Vlorë (06.15 - 08.15),Durrës - Berat (06.30, 07.30, 08.15), Southeastward:Durrës - Kapshticë (05.45). Tiranë - Pogradec, Tiranë - Korçë.The main routes from Berat are: Departure from the behind of “Qemal Stafa”Berat - Tiranë (every 30 minutes from Stadium.04.30 to 15.00) The buses of Tiranë - DurrësBerat - Korçë ( 05.00) and Tiranë - Golem routes depart from rail stationThe main routes from Gjirokastra are:Gjirokastër - Tiranë (05.00, 06.00, 08.00). Travel time and bus fares:Gjirokastër - Sarandë (08.00). Tiranë - Durrës ( 45 minutes) 100 lekëGjirokastër - Vlorë (06.30). Tiranë - Krujë ( 45 minutes) 100 lekëBuses depart from the town entrance. Tiranë - Shkodër ( 2 hours) 200 lekë Tiranë - Sarandë ( 5 hours) 800 lekëThe main routes from Vlora are: Tiranë - Golem ( 1 hour) 100 lekëVlorë - Sarandë - Vlorë (08.00 - ret 14.00), Tiranë - Vlorë ( 3 hours) 500 lekëVlorë - Gjirokastër - Vlorë (06.00, 07.30 - ret 06.00, 08.30),Vlorë - Durrës - Vlorë (06.15, 08.15 - ret 10.45, 12.45),Vlorë - Korçë - Vlorë (08.00-ret 09.00 following day),Vlorë - Tiranë - Vlorë (04.00, 04.30, 05.00, 10.30).Busses depart by the mosque at the center of the city.
  19. 19. URBAN TRANSPORT TRANSPORT WITHIN THE COUNTRY20 Urban Transport A city bus service operates in Tiranë, Shkodër, Durrës, Vlorë, Berat, Korçë etc.. The main routes in Tirana are: City belt, Kinostudio - Kombinat (West to East), Tirana e re - Stacioni i Trenit, Sheshi Skënderbej - Profarma etc.. Bus fare is 20 lekë. The main route in Durrës is Durrës - Plepa, which passes through the whole of the Beach area (from 05.00 to 22.00). Durrës - Shkozet (from 05.00 to 22.00) The main route in Vlora is Sheshi i Flamurit - Uji i Ftohtë, Vlorë - Plazhi i Vjetër. The main route in Shkodra is Radio Shkodra - Buna bridge and in the opposite direction of the industrial area. Interurban Transport is carried out by private buses.
  20. 20. TAXISRadio-taxi service is in operation. 21Such are:Radio “Taxi Express”24 hour service - tel. 355 555,274 000Rigel Agency - tel. 04 23 27 75Korrekt - tel. 04 22 34 63Radio taxi - tel. 04 24 44 44Radio taxi - tel. 04 37 77 77,36 66 66 In Durrës, radio-taxi service Tel. 052/ 55555, address: L.17, Rr.14 Nëntori, Cel. 068 22 07854. In Vlorë, radio-taxi service Tel. 033/ 28753, address: next to the Mosque. In Berat, taxis line in front of the “Tomorri” hotel, Tel. Cel. 068 25 13307 / 068 23 65253. In Krujë, radio-taxi service from the town center, Cel. 068 21 49791. In Lezhë, radio-taxi service Tel.021/ 53333, address: Rr.”Fran Ivanaj”.In Tirana, the taxi stands are at “Tirana In-ternational Hotel”, Hotel “Europapark”, “AvniRustemi” square, Et’hem Bej Mosque, Wis-ton square, etc.. Nortttthethe priceIn other cities, usually taxis are parked at the railstations and main hotels. They are distinguishedby the sign reading TAXI. Meters are not opera-tional throughout the country.If you come to Albania with your own vehicle,you will find service and gas stations all over thecountry.
  21. 21. TOURIST ATTRACTIONS22 Beaches The best suited for families are the beaches of the Adriatic Sea: Velipoja, Durrësi, Golemi, Divjaka, Old Beach in Vlora etc.. The Ionian coast is renowned for its intimate beaches, mainly frequented by young people. These offer opportunities for diving enthusiasts, speed boat tours etc.. Lakes Such are the beaches of Dhërmi, Albania is also in rich in diverse, big and Jali, Himara, Qeparoi, Borshi, small lakes. Saranda and Ksamil. The most famous for its beach and The Albanian coast, through its recreational potential is Lake Ohrid, with an wonderful lagoons and beaches area of 362 m2, one-third of which belong to also offers opportunities to nature Albania. It is the deepest in the Balkan lovers and eco tourists. Peninsula. Its depth reach approximately 300 Observation of seafowl can take meters. Thanks to its history and the diversity place especially in the lagoon of of its rare flora and fauna, the Lake has been Karavasta, the ensemble of declared a sight of cultural and natural Kunë-Vain in Lezhë, etc.. heritage by UNESKO. The rarest species of the lake fauna is “koran”, a delicious fish. The city of Pogradec, build on the southwest- ern shores of the Lake, is well known for its healthy climate. There are a number of tour- ist centers on the lake shores, such as: Lini, Pojska, Pogradeci, Driloni and Tushemishti, where one can find accommodation in hotels or houses for rent.
  22. 22. TOURIST ATTRACTIONS The Lake of Shkodra 23 has an area of 362 km2, from which 149 km2 belong to Albania. Its key tourist centers are Shiroka and Zogaj. Many hotels and restaurants serve special- ties of the lake fish: carp, eel. The main activities include sunbathing, fishing, swimming, small-ship cruises, etc.. The Lake of Pespa has an area of 285 km2, from which 38.8 km2 belong to Albania. It stands out for its intimate shoreline and the small island of Maligrad, which houses an eremite church.Mountainous destinationsThese are widely spread throughout the territory of Albania. The most notable are: DajtiMountain near Tirana, Llogora in the district of Vlora, Dardha and Bozdoveci in the dis-trict of Korça, Valbona in Tropoja, Thethi in Malësia e Madhe (the Big Highland), etc..They offer numerous opportunities to engage in skiing, mountain climbing, mountainbiking, etc..The natural beauty of the mountains is complemented by numerous sights of thenational cultural and historical heritage, such as the archeological park of Butrint(under the protection of UNESCO), Apolonia, ancient Durrës, the castle of Rozafa inShkodër, castles of Kruja, Durrës, Petrela, Elbasan, Berat, Gjirokastra, Lëkurs, PortoPalermo, etc.. Of interest are also a number of edifices of the byzantine period, like thechurch of Berat, Voskopojë, the Monastery of Ardenica, various museums.
  23. 23. NATIONAL PARKS24 National Park of “Dajti” is located 26 km to the east of the capital, 50 km from the international airport “Nënë Teresa” (Mother Theresa), and has an area of 3, 300 ha. One finds there 200 years old beech trees. They are precious natural monuments and attractive sights to visit. Dajti Park is well-frequented, especially by daily visitors. It can be considered the “natural balcony of Tirana”. Accommodation is available for longer stays. National Park of “Thethi” with an area of 2,630 ha, is situated in the Albanian Alps, in the proximity of Bjeshkët e Namuna (Cursed Mountains). It lies 70 km from the city of Shkodra. Thethi River, flowing at 1,000- 1,300 l/sek., and rich in mountain trout, runs through the Park. An especially picturesque and captivating sight is the Grunas cataract. Worth mentioning is also the presence in the Park of the relic tree of Taxus baccata. The Park has the largest popula- tion of bobcats in the country (50 heads). National Park of “Lura” with an area of 1,280 ha, is located on the eastern slope of the massif “Kunora e Lurës” (the Crown of Lura). Especially picturesque are the 14 glacial lakes of Lura. They freeze during the winter. In the southern part of the Park lies a meadow called the “Field of Mares”. Its diverse vegetation with multicolor flowers and century-old coniferous trees, creates a relaxing environment. Lura Park is a potential destination for ecotourism.
  24. 24. NATIONAL PARKSThe National Park “Pisha e Divjakës”(The Pine-Tree of Divjaka), with an area of 1,250 ha, is located 5 km from 25Divjaka and nearly 40 km from the center of the town of Lushnja. It is partof theensemble of the Lagoon of Karavasta, an area under the protection ofthe International Convention of Ramsar from the year 1994. Divjaka Parkconstitutes one of the most important ecosystems in the whole of Albaniathanks to its rich fauna. Its most distinct inhabitant is the curly pelican(pelicanus crispus), whose colony represents nearly 6.4% of itspopulation worldwide.The National Park of “Llogara”is situated 40 km to the southeast of the city of Vlora on the borderbetween the Adriatic and Ionian seas. In the proximity of the Pass ofLlogara one encounters trees of very unique shapes, a result of windcurrents. One such is the “Flag Pine-Tree”, a rare natural monument ofscientific and touristic interest. From the Pass of Llogara, the view encom-passes sights within 3 km of straight-line distance, including the Ioniansea, the rugged sides of the Mountain of Vetëtima, and a good part ofthe Albanian Riviera. The Park has undeniable values as a health cen-ter thanks to the prefect blending of the fresh mountain air and the seabreeze.The National Park “Bredhi i Drenovës”`(Fir of Drenova), is situated 10 km from the city ofKorça and lies against the Mountain of Morava. The Park has an areaof 1,380 ha. It is very well frequented by the inhabitants of Korça andthe surrounding villages. The presence of many springs of potable wa-ter throughout the year, such as that of Shën Gjergji (Saint George), theSpring of the Old Woman, the Spring of Pilica, etc., add to the attractivefeatures of the Park.
  25. 25. NATIONAL PARKS26 The National Park of “Lugina e Valbonës” (the Valley of Valbona), with an area of 8,000 ha is considered a miracle of the Albanian Alps. It is located 25 - 30 km from the town of Bajram Curri and lies in between high rugged mountain tops, amidst a fantastic blend of colors in every season, giving it an air of mys- tery and surprises. It draws enormous interest from a scientific, touristic, and recreational standpoint. Moreover, its biodiversity is significant both nationally and internationally. The village of Valbona is the most important tourist sight. The valley traversed by the river of the same name, has wonderful and unpolluted scenery. Its configuration, morphology, water re- sources, woods, pastures, diversity of flowers, the characteristic houses, the generosity and hospitality of the inhabitants create excellent conditions for the development of tourism. The National Park “Mali i Tomorrit” (the Mountain of Tomorr), with an area of 4,000 ha is situated to the east of the museum- town of Berat. It includes the Mountain of Tomorr, which from afar appears like a gigantic natural citadel. The beauty of the Park is manifest in every season of the year. The tomb of Abaz Alia (Tyrbe of Kulmak - a place of worship) is found in the Park at an altitude of 1,200 meters above the sea level. Every year, at the end of August, thousands of people climb to this location in a week-long ritual of the Bektashi sect. This can stimulate visits from those interested in religious traditions. National Park “Bredhi i Hotovës” (the Fir of Hotova), with an area of 1,200 ha, is situated in the region of Frashër, 35 km to the northeast of the town of Përmet. The characteristics feature of this Park is the fir of Hotova, which is regarded as one of the most important Mediterranean relic plants of the country. Thanks to the wonderful and picturesque landscape, the healthy climate, clean air as well proximity to residential areas, the Park offers opportunities for tourism, ecotourism, camping, excursions, as well as recreation and sports in every season of the year.
  26. 26. NATIONAL PARKS 27National Park of “Qafë Shtamë”(Shtama Pass), with an area of 2,000 ha, is situated 25 km to the northeast of the townof Kruja. The overall scenery of the Park, which has a round shape, is very picturesque.A most attractive sight is the fountain of “Queen Mother”, with very clear and cold waters.The curative properties of the water as well as the natural landscape make this a well-frequented location.National Park “Zall Gjocaj”with an area of approximately 140 km, is situatednearly 40 km to the northeast of the town of Burrel. The overall scenery of the park is verypicturesque. The presence of several springs and ravines adds to its beauty.The National Park of “Prespa”with an area of 27,750 ha, is located where the national borders of Albania, Greece andMacedonia meet. It is composed of the lakes of Prespa Major and Prespa Minor, as wellas their reservoir basin. The area of Prespa is one of the richest culturally with the eremitebyzantine churches, as well as those post-byzantine, the cave of Tren in the Lake ofPrespa Minor, the castle of Trajan, the church of Saint Mary in the island of Maligrad,erected in the 14th century. By an agreement signed at the prime ministerial level, theLake of Prespa Major and that of Prespa Minor are included in the Balkan Park ofPrespa.National Park “Butrinti”is situated approximately 25 km to the south of the town of Saranda. It has high interestfrom the scientific, archeological, touristic, social and recreational standpoint. Its biodiver-sity is of both national and international significance. The area of the Park is 2,500 ha. It isof particular importance for tourism in Albania, primarily the cultural tourism targeting theantique town of Butrint, protected by UNESKO-s, the blue tourism in Ksamil, ecotourism,water sports, fishing in the lake of Butrint, etc..
  27. 27. MUSEUMS28 Tiranë National History Museum (Sheshi Skënderbej) Tel: 0355 4 223 446, 223 977, 228 389 open: 09.00 - 12.30, 17.00 - 19.00 closed: Monday National Museum of Albanian Philately Tel: 0355 4 229 696 open: 08.00 - 16.00, closed: Saturday and Sunday Museum of Natural Sciences (Rr. Kavajës) Tel: 0355 4 229 028 open: 08.00 - 15.00, closed Saturday and Sunday Museum of Archeology (Sheshi Nënë Tereza) Tel: 0355 4 240 711 open: 10.30 - 14.00, closed Saturday and Sunday Mosaic of Tirana (Rr. Naim Frasheri) Tel: 0355 4 266 207,226 005 open to visitors at all times Botanic Park (Rr. Komuna e Parisit) Tel: 0355 4 225 287 open: 80.00 -14.00 National Galery of Arts (Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit) Tel 0355 4 226005 open: 90.00 - 13.00, 17.00 - 20.00 Thursday: 17.00 - 20.00, closed on Monday
  28. 28. MUSEUMSDurrësMuseum of Archeology (Rr. Taulantia) 29Tel: 0355 52 222 53open: 08.00 - 16.00, closed on MondayMuseum of Ethnographyopen: 08.00 - 17.00ShkodërMuseum of History (Rr. Oso Kuka)Tel: 0355 22 43213open: 08.00 - 14.00, closed on MondayMuseum of Rozafa Castleopen: 10.00 - 14.00closed on Sunday and MondayKrujëMuseum “Gjergj Kastrioti”,Museum of Ethnographyopen: 09.00 - 13.00 and 15.00 - 18.00closed on MondayBeratMuseum “Onufri” (Lagja Kala)open: 08.00 - 16.00, closed on MondayTel: 0355 32 32248Museum of Ethnography (Lagja Kala)open: 08.00 - 16.00, closed on MondayTel: 0355 32 32224
  29. 29. MUSEUMS30 Korça Museum of Ethnography Tel: 062687009 open: 09.00 - 13.00 and 15.00 - 18.00 Museum of Medieval Art Tel: 0355 82 43022 open: 09.00 - 13.00 and 15.00 - 18.00 Museum of the First School in Albanian Mob: 0692461792 open: 09.00 - 13.00 and 15.00 - 18.00 “Vangjush Mio” Museum Tel: 082 43 32 open: 09.00 - 13.00 and 15.00 - 18.00 Museum of Archeology Tel: 0355 82 43185 open: 09.00 - 13.00 and 15.00 - 18.00 Bratko Museum Mob: 0692156561 open: 09.00 - 13.00 and 15.00 - 18.00
  30. 30. MUSEUMS Vlorë 31 Museum of Ethnography Tel: 033 23514, open: 09.00 - 13.00 and 15.00 - 17.00 Museum of History Tel: 0355 33 23534 open: 09.00 - 13.00 and 15.00 - 17.00 Museum of Independence Tel: 0355 33 29419 open: 09.00 - 13.00 and 15.00 - 17.00 Gkirokastra Museum of Weapons in the Castle Tel: 0355 84 624 60 open: 09.00 - 19.00 , closed on Monday and TuesdayFier Museum of EthnographyPojan, Archeological Center open: 08.00 - 12.00 and 16.00 - 19.00and Museum of Apolonia closed Monday and Tuesday, Tel 0355 84 624 60Tel: 038 450 420 Sarandaopen: 08.00 - 15.30, closed Monday Mosaics in the town,and Tuesday open to visitors at all timesFiniq ButrintArcheological Center of Finiq (Foinike). Archeological Park of Butrint,open to visitors at all times open to visitors at all times.
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