Theth Heart of the Albanian Alps


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Theth Heart of the Albanian Alps

  1. 1. The elaboration of the brochurewas supported through:Njereznatyre
  2. 2. People and nature of Thethwelcome you!Welcome to one of the most remote mountain areasin Europe! The region is part of the Dinaric Alpswhich have their highest peaks here (Jezerca: 2.694 m).The alpine landscape is breathtaking and thepopulations in the valleys saved their centuries-oldtraditions of rural live and hospitality.The flora and fauna around Theth offer an enormousnumber of rare species. That is why a huge area hasbeen declared as a National Park.This remote region waits to be discovered by peoplewho love to experience nature, the great hospitalityand culture of local families.
  3. 3. The forgotten MountainsThe landscapes of this highest part of the Dinaric Alps arecharacterized by rough limestone (karst) formations, denseforests, bourns and rivers, canyons, waterfalls as well assmall cultivated fields in the valleys.Wild boar, deer, wolf, chamois and the brown bear live here.Several rare and endemic plants with over 1.650 differentspecies compose a highly interesting and diverse ecosystem.The trough valley forms a unique landscape in the highmountains with several attractions like waterfalls.The climate in Northern Albania is characterized byrelatively sunny and dry summers but rainy and snowywinters.
  4. 4. Active in natureThe fantastic nature and landscapes offer great potentialfor people who want to explore pristine and undiscoveredregions.Just recently several walking tracks and trails were identifiedand partly marked. A new map covering the region of Thethand Kelmend (Tamara, Vermosh) gives information about 18hiking tracks or trails (eight in Theth, eight in Kelmend andtwo cross-regional tracks). A new walking guide providesdetailed information including GPS data.The peaks around Theth also offer great possibilities formountaineering and climbing. Recently several climbingtracks have been identified and published.The region opens up for numerous, challenging possibilitiesfor mountain bikers: there exist various trails from Shkodraand Razma to Theth.Further possibilities to actively spend leisure time are horseriding, exploration of the numerous caves, bird and animalwatching, collecting berries or herbs and kayaking.To raise the attractiveness of the village and the accessibilityof the surrounding nature GTZ supports the identificationand labeling of walking tracks and climbing routes. Otherongoing activities are to improve the healthcare situation inthe village.The nature of Theth is still a treasure box waiting to beopened and explored.
  5. 5. Hiking trails around ThethiThethi in the region
  6. 6. 0m 500m 1 km 2 km
  7. 7. History and traditional rural cultureThe harsh nature with long winters, infertilesoil and the landscape with high mountains hasalways made living hard for local people.Nevertheless the valley of Theth has been settledfor 3.000 years and the during centuries it hasbeen on a borderline with Illyrians, Romans,Byzantine or Ottomans.The typical houses are made of stone to beprotective and robust. Family life has always ies! nal specialt Tr y traditio b orbeen very important - old traditions and - a whole lam A real delic acy is Ferlig n wer over opefestivities outlasted the centuries. repared on ske young pork p fire. the famous e region is also Typical for th ulac, p milk and k white chee se from shee e flour baked bre ad from maiz served with . over the oven the g tradition in The vil lage has a lon local grapes, f Rak i made from production o el. Raki is pre sent e rr y and corn plums, mulb ill be invited to and you surely w in social live n. de productio taste the home ma
  8. 8. Tourism facilities
  9. 9. Long tradition of hospitality – experience living with local familiesYou are welcome to experience the long number of tourists visiting the regiontradition of hospitality of the families in and staying with the families keepsTheth! rising significantly.A stay in their historical houses offers The map and a list of accommodationyou the possibility to get to know the facilities in this brochure provide you atypical and traditional way of rural living first outline and helps you to choose antogether with local Albanian families. appropriate accommodation for yourFew families live the whole year round in stay in Theth.Theth. A lot of the inhabitants leave thevillage due to the harsh living conditions,especially in winter.Since 2005 the German TechnicalCooperation (GTZ) is supporting thedevelopment of tourism as a new sourceof income in the village. Also GEF’s smallgrant program (SG/GEF) contributed toimprove tourism facilities and tourisminfrastructure in the area.In a first step the offer of accommodationin local private houses was improvedby creating facilities with a simple butgood standard to satisfy the expectationsof national and international guests.Camping sites are also available. The
  10. 10. How to reach Theth:Starting point for trips to Theth is Shkodra, theregional center of North Albania. You can reach Thethon two different ways:1)The shortest way via Koplik, Boga and the pass Bunii Thorës (1.786 m) is around 68,8 km long but notpassable in winter. The road is paved untill Boga, theremaining way is unpaved.2)An all year accessible road is located more to thesouth via Prekai, Kiri, Nikaj-Shala and Nderlysa butthe distance adds up to 128,3 km.For both ways the use of an off-road car isrecommendedIf you have further questions, feel free to For questions concerning tourism allcontact the following institutions: over Albania please contact:Deutsche Gessellschaft für National Tourism Agency Albania.Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH Address :Rr.Abdi Toptani, Nr. 4 Al- 1010 Tirane AlbaniaOffice Tirana Tel:+355(04)273778Rr.Skenderbej Fax: +355(04)273281Nr.21/1 Tirana,Albania Email: URL: www.albaniantourism.comwww.gtz.deOffice ShkodraL: Tome Kola, Rr: Daniel Matlia, No.98Shkoder, Albaniashpetim.quku@gtz.deImprintPublisher: GTZ AlbaniaRr. “Skenderbeg”, Nr. 21/1Tirana, AlbaniaEditing, concept & text: Stefan KrellExpert adviser: Roza RupaPhotos: Roza Rupa, Edlira Kruja,Stefan Krell, Vlima PrevaziMaps: GeoConsultDesign: Studio grafike “Elsi Kongo”Print: Gent grafik
  11. 11. New publications on ThethiISBN 978-3-940686-19-0 ISBN 978-3-940686-18-3Deutsche Gessellschaft fürTechnische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbHOffice TiranaRr.SkenderbejNr.21/1 Tirana,Albania