Mobilizing the Hosting Industry


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With the increasing usage of smart phone devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and tablet devices) among system administrators and datacenter workers to manage their deployment footprint, many trends can be observed by looking into usage patterns of these workers to find identify inefficiencies for further improvements. Caleb take an in-depth look into both industry patterns as well as usage trends in order to figure out what is grabbing user attention in the hosting industry.

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Mobilizing the Hosting Industry

  1. 1. Opportunities in the mobile space for hostingproviders to add value and improve profitability Presented by: Caleb Kow, MobPanel
  2. 2. What to Expect Background 20 minute presentation – focus on facts & statistics No companies mentioned (though they should be fairly obvious to those of you who are experts in the industry) Staged Scenarios – how to improve ARPU, acquire higher value customers through value offerings Why is the mobile cloud the next big wave? Data, Statistics, References are all copyright of their respective sources
  3. 3. Audience Poll
  4. 4. Mobile Adoption Quick Facts Mobility as a lifestyle choice for consumers  Blog/Tweet/Check-In/Surf/Tweet/IM/Updates/Tweet/…  Mobile device becoming our wallet (App Stores, Purchases, NFC) Smart Phones increasingly preferred choice  Nielsen November 2010: 45% of acquirers chose a smart phone over feature phone ( Skepticism over balance between Functionality, Security & Privacy  Security Breaches  Privacy Invasions
  5. 5. Mobile Adoption Quick Facts
  6. 6. Mobile Adoption Quick FactsAccording to GigaOM(, one in two Americans will have a smart phone by Christmas – this year!
  7. 7. Mobile Adoption Quick Facts © Chetan Sharma Consulting
  8. 8. Mobile Adoption in Hosting IndustryGeneral Websites Increasing number of mobile compatible websites Render content customized to screen real estate“Mobilizer” Services Take an existing website and convert it into a mobile- optimized view Control Panels skinning themes for mobile devicesHosting & Cloud Providers Allow customers to open tickets conveniently through a mobile interface Native applications to manage cloud slices
  9. 9. Opportunities for Hosting ProvidersConvenience Familiarity Mobility• “I want it right here right • Increased adoption of • Ability to accomplish work now” drives familiarity with a while on the go• Business owners not particular mobile or screen • Stuck in traffic? Long necessarily always in front interface commutes? Flight delays? of their computer screens • People are using smart Tasks can still be phones/devices to do more accomplished. day to day tasks Service Providers can increase value offerings
  10. 10. Questions to ponder upon How can my customers manage How can I reduce their websites more customer service conveniently? cost overheads? Service Provider Dilemma Am I reaching How do I maximize out effectively revenue from to customers? customers?
  11. 11. Thought-Provoking Questions How can we make How much control is purchasing hosting sufficient for effective services as simple as management without “buying an app”? compromising security? Value of Mobility Can hosting providersWhich mobile platform(s) make the entire customer would give me the best experience more social return on investment? and/or collaborative?
  12. 12. What Phones are folks using these days?  Know your “turf” before deciding on a mobile strategy  Pay attention to emerging trends in order to ride growth waves
  13. 13. What Phones are folks using these days?  Know your “turf” before deciding on a mobile strategy  Pay attention to emerging trends in order to ride growth waves
  14. 14. Understanding the Mobile Consumer Source:
  15. 15. Possibilities for aMobile Future
  16. 16. Scenario 1: Active Engagement John is the owner of 90 days before is about to expire, hisweb host sends him a friendly email 60 days before is about to expire, hisweb host sends him yet another friendly email 30 days before is about to expire, hisvery patient web host sends him a more seriously wordedemail The same happens 3, 2 and 1 day before the final expiry Domain expires…..
  17. 17. Scenario 1: Active Engagement Isn’t this just simply Domain Name magical? expires in 24 hours, last chance to renew now at half the public price! Expire Renew
  18. 18. Scenario 2: Collaboration John is the owner of He employs 2 outsourced techs to manage all his sharedhosting servers Techs are “trigger happy”, love to reboot servers Especially those which are in the process of being rebooted Massive mayhem.. fsck woes.. never ending chkdsk… Techs blame it on not knowing when a particular server hasalready been rebooted by the other tech John is sad
  19. 19. Scenario 2: Collaboration Amazing.. Tech A requests permission to reboot Isn’t it? Server 5 from Rack 2 (Windows Server 2000 – Shared Hosting) Deny Approve
  20. 20. Scenario 3: Ubiquitous Access John from braved through the worst of LA traffic toreach his favorite steak house. Just when the order is served, John receives acall from his mum that her website is down, and immediately deduces that hehas to reboot the entire cloud slice powering his mum’s site. The steak goes to waste. John braces himself for a mad dash intotraffic, again. This is the second time its happening this month. Solution? Login to the mobile web application and reboot his cloud slice. The steak tastes great.
  21. 21. Security Concerns Loss – Theft or malicious activity Insecurity – Storing sensitive data on mobile phone Administrator Privileges – entry point to gain full access to all accounts Session Hijacking – MITM, spoofing attacks Malicious Applications – Trojans and backdoor applications Private Networks Tunneling VPN Two Factor Authentication Tokens Administrative Approval Checks
  22. 22. Trends which we (MobPanel) have learnto System Administrators love statistics o Server Load Averages o Disk Utilization o Frequent checks across all serverso Allowing customers to “self serve manage” their sites through a mobile interfacehas a direct impact on customer service helpdesk ticketing loado Perceived value goes up when hosting customers are offered the option to managetheir sites through a mobile phone, on top of established control panel softwareo Users choose to manage their site through a mobile phone for simplestraightforward tasks (eg creating an email account, changing ftp password, rebootserver)o Users prefer to manage their site using a desktop and control panel access foradvanced functionality (eg creating a database, creating a database user, assigning adatabase user to the newly created database)
  23. 23. Conclusion Mobilizing of the hosting industry is already underway  Hosting Providers making their websites mobile compatible  Site management functionality in native mobile applications Opportunities for commercialization Engage customers wherever they go Ride the wave of smart phone adoption
  24. 24. Questions?
  25. 25. Thank You for being here! Caleb Kow