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HostGator Coupon Code – For Any Discount in your HostGator Hosting Plan.
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HostGator Coupon Code – For Any Discount in your HostGator Hosting Plan.


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How to get huge discount in your hosting plan and amazing bonuses from us. You will be able to get discount ($9.94 to $599) using our HostGator coupons. Tips to choose best hosting plan for your need. …

How to get huge discount in your hosting plan and amazing bonuses from us. You will be able to get discount ($9.94 to $599) using our HostGator coupons. Tips to choose best hosting plan for your need. Visit:

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  • 1. www.eHostgatorCouponCode.comHow to get huge discount in your hosting plan from $9.94 to $599..
  • 2. Brought to you by: www.ehostgatorcouponcode.comHostGator needs no introduction for its coupon code and overall services. We will more concentrate in this review,why HostGator is more popular among web site maker or web masters? As an extra ordinary bonus, we will share inhere some of its coupon code to help you save money and time.Below latest HostGator coupon code can be used for hosting plans like Hatching, Baby, Business, Reseller,Dedicated, VPN hosting plan…. Host Gator Coupon Code Discount Coupon CodeFirst month free ($0.01) hostgator9d25% Off hostgator25pr$24.94 Off - for Reseller hosting hostgator24reWhich one is best for you?Hostgator coupon code will give you huge discount if you use the right one... below you canknow more..Hathing or Baby or Business plan -If you chose Hathing or Baby or Business plan .then  For 1 month billing cycle use hostgator coupon code> hostgator9d. It will give you $9.94 discount. You will able to get your hosting .1 cent for first month.  For more than 1 month billing cycle you should use hostgator coupon code> hostgator25pr. You will get 25% off. Page 2
  • 3. ProReseller plan -If you choose any of the reseller hosting plan from hostgator. Then...  For Aluminium/Copper plan: for 1 month billing cycle use hostgator coupon code >hostgator9d. It will give you $9.94 discount. You will able to get your hosting free of charge for first month. for more than 1 month cycle use hostgator coupon code hostgator25pr  For Silver/Gold /Diamond plan - for any (1 or more) billing cycle you should use hostgator coupon code > hostgator25pr. You will get 25% off.Dedicated plan linux or window -If you choose Dedicated hosting plan from Hostgator. Then... you will be more benifitted ifyou use our 25% off hostgator coupon code - hostgator25pr. But note that, ifyou use hostgator25pr and get less than $9.94 discount, then you shoulduse hostgator9d coupon to get more discount.How to use above HostGator Coupon codes:Step 1: Use your Coupon Code : Enter your domain name first then copy our Coupon Code and put it into the coupon code box (red mark) Page 3
  • 4. Step2: Select your billing information : Select Package Type and Billing Cycle (red mark) and after that fill up the form.Step3: Just complete the purchase and have discount with bonus. Sending emailmamun50_50@yahoo.comWe would like to share with you some unbelievable bonuses that you will get if you use any one of our valuableHostGator coupons. This kind of offer you will not found anywhere else and it is only this site because we aregiving these bonuses from our end. This kind of services and products are normally sold elsewhere more thanhundred dollars! This is just our way of saying thank you for buying HostGator plan through our affiliate link.So, you will receive these amazing bonuses from today, if you register/signup to use coupons from our site inHostGator. Page 4
  • 5. 1. BONUS #1: We will manually setup and Install WordPress on your hosting, along with the theme of yourchoice! Including essential Antispam, Privacy, and SEO plug-in!2. BONUS #2: Free SEO video for Wordpress, thats 1000 dollar worth valuable for newbie.3. SURPRISE BONUS! If u sign up *today* you’ll receive yet ANOTHER terrific surprise bonus! Sign up andredeem your Bonuses (instructions below) to find out what it is!How to Receive your FREE Bonuses:Step 1. Select the coupons you want to use, and signed by hosting.Step 2. Copy your Hostgator coupon in the coupon code area.Step 3. Once you complete your purchase, come back here to have your bonus. www.ehostgatorcouponcode.comIf you find or observed any technical or regular support then HostGator’s 24/7/365 live chat/via phone/Emailsupport will help any of your issues immediately and solve it instantly.Web Hosting Features…- Unrestricted Bandwidth and Disk Space.- Easy to Use Control Panel.- 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.- Unlimited Sub Domains, FTP and Email Accounts.- 45 Day Money Back Guarantee.Award Winning attractive Support...- 24/7/365 Live time Support via Phone, Live Chat and Email.- 24/7/365 Monitoring the Server.- Automatic Data Backups in Weekly.- Online Support Portal with over 680 Help Articles and 500 Video Tutorials.- HostGator Access in Community Forum. Page 5
  • 6. If you wish to launch a website for your personal needs or business then you need to decide which type ofweb hosting service you choose as this will act as a link between your site and the clients or readers.What is meant by a Web Host?A web host is a type of a service who allows you to make use of their server and by doing thisyou can connect your website to the Internet. All you need is a domain name, once this is doneyour website is ready to be uploaded and launched on the WWW (World Wide Web).What is the best way to find a perfect web hosting service?You will need to consider a lot of things before finalizing on a web host provider. There’s nolimit to the choices available; all you need to do is explore the advantages and disadvantagesbefore you commit to anyone.1. Type of websiteYou need to know the type of website you are hosting. See the various plans being offered andthen select the most suitable one. You need to bear in mind things related to the traffic your sitewill have. There is a huge difference between hosting a personal website and a commercial highvalue website. You need to convey the type of website you intend to host before finalizing on thesame. If you feel that the services are inadequate then you can always upgrade to a better optionat a later stage.2. Know the amount of space you will require:Generally users are not very sure about how much space they would need for their websites. Sorather than taking a risk, they tend to buy excess space which goes waste. This also increases thecost. You should discuss your requirements with web service provider and chalk out a planwhich will allow you to make optimum utilization of the available resources. Page 6
  • 7. 3. Know if the service provider gives you access to FTP:Many people plan to host the websites which they have already created. The problem comeswhen they need to include more content. FTP will help in this as it allows the users to add pagesto the website without any problem.4. Quick and safe:Speed is an important factor to be considered. Another aspect is related to security. Both theseaspects are very vital and so you need to discuss with the web host service provider about thesethings. When the speed will be better than your web site will load much faster. Your websitemay contain information which should not be misused and so security plays an important role inthis.5. Be aware of the bandwidth:You need to check the size and the bandwidth provided by the web hosting company. This willlet users transfer valuable data like email etc. you should be clear about the amount of bandwidthwhich each web hosting plan provides.6. Quality of Customer Support:You may encounter difficulties at any given point so it is important to have the assistance ofsomeone who has the required expertise in their field and are available to you at any time of theday or night as well. A web hosting company that provides good customer support will ensurethat the problem is resolved in the shortest possible time.7. Costing:The cost of any web hosting plan and domain name needs to be considered. There are many webhosting companies and they compete with each other. The customer gets the benefits of thevarious plans, deals and offers available. Page 7
  • 8. Do you feel shared hosting is the best option for you?Often people are unsure about how to choose the most appropriate web hosting option for theirwebsite. There are many forms of web hosting available such as reseller hosting, dedicatedhosting, shared hosting & VPS hosting and. With so many different options available the usermay surely get confused about which option is best suited for them. Just like its name indicatesshared hosting means that you will have to share server space with more than one subscriber. It islike a group of individuals who select the shared hosting option. They will have to share theresources amongst themselves on the same physical server. In other words they will be havingthe same IP address as that of other users of the same server. You may find it strange how peoplereach the correct destination and how the computer knows which site the visitor wants to see ifthe IP address is the same. The solution is in fact very simple, whenever anyone types the URLof the website they wish to visit, and then the server identifies the hostname and then connectsthe mentioned website to the visitor’s browser.Shared hosting provides every customer unique access and are not permitted to access theaccounts of other subscribers even though they are on the same server. A hosting provider mayrestrict the number of subscribers on a single physical server for proper allocation of resourcesand services. They will also try to maintain a good profit margin.There are numerous pros and cons of a shared hosting plan:ProsAs compared to other web hosting services shared hosting is much more affordable andeconomical. This is because of the concept of resource sharing. Generally the subscription fee fora single month is around $3.94, which is amazingly cost efficient for you. No other type of webhosting service will be able to offer their service at such low rates. Look around and you willsurely find a shared hosting plan which is ideal for you and does not compromise on the quality.A good shared web hosting service provider will take proper care about the hardwarerequirements as well as the server management. You need to ensure that the hosting serviceprovider has a good reputation and is reliable. It is important that they give equal priority to all Page 8
  • 9. the customers. A few hosting providers are iPage, BlueHost, InMotion and Hostgator. Theservice of these providers is reliable and they are efficient and professional.ConsThe main disadvantage of joining a shared host is that more than one subscriber uses the physicalserver. Although the server has a very high configuration for its hardware and provides excellentservices, yet it is not the same as a dedicated server. The individual utility of a customer mayhamper the normal functioning of the server and thus inconvenience the other customers whoshare the space. In case a single user has a huge database then the processor utilization of theserver as well as the RAM utilization increases. This might cause an imbalance.As the customer as well as the hosting service providers are not able to manage performanceissues which occur during the peak hours therefore shared hosting causes a lot of inconveniencebeyond a certain point of time. If your hosting plan offers you unlimited bandwidth and theunrestricted use of resources then you should avoid such plans as if everyone has a free usage ofthe resources then it will lead to conflicts as everyone has unlimited rights. It is better to opt forshared website hosts which allocate fixed resources and has a restriction on the number ofcustomers on each server as their performance is more or less consistent. Another limitation isthat dedicated SSL may not work on shared hosting. This is because SSL can be integrated onlyto a single IP address.Although shared webhosting service providers have their own limitations yet many webmastersprefer to use them as they are economic. Generally there is not much difference between thequality of service of a dedicated host and a shared host. The only exception is that shared hostingplans are not provided with a unique IP address. The dedicated hosting services are costly ascompared to shared hosting services. Often they cost around $ 100 or more in every month.Unless you have a high traffic or resource intensive website, you can safely utilize the services ofa shared hosting plan. Page 9
  • 10. With each passing day and developing technologies launching a website has become very easy.You just need to bear in mind a few simple facts while choosing an appropriate web hostingcompany.Merits & Demerits of Shared HostingShared hosting is gaining precedence over other web hosting options. It is also affordable andcan cater to a large number of clients at the same time. The physical server contains more thanone client and the resources are shared amongst all the members. The CPU time, RAM as well asthe bandwidth and disk space is all shared by more than one customer or even all the clients.AdvantagesThere are numerous advantages of shared hosting which will explain you that why it is highlypopular.Cost efficiency: Customers generally look for service provides who do not charge them a lot.Shared hosting provides the owners of small businesses a cost efficient way to host theirwebsites. To host a good website you need to have proper hardware equipment and otherresources. These are not very cheap and need a lot of maintenance. Unforeseen circumstances orusual wear and tear may make costly equipment unusable thus increasing the cost of replacementand the inconvenience caused as well. As the resources are shared the cost and efforts formaintenance is reduced as per example that dedicated server may cost about $150/month andshared hosting may be as low as $5/month. The cost is also very less as compared to thededicated server.Convenience: Besides being cost efficient, shared servers are also very convenient as you do nothave to be involved in the maintenance of the server. This is taken care of by the service provider,so you save your valuable time and energy and can concentrate on other aspects of your business.Even though the resources are shared yet the clients are provided with a unique hosting account.This allows them to make use of cPanel as well. A few web hosting plans also provide the userswith more than one domain. A domain can be easily created through cPanel. Page 10
  • 11. Good Customer Support: As most shared hosting plans are the main sources of income for theservice providers they will work hard to ensure the loyalty of their customers. The number ofpeople using shared hosts is far more than those using dedicated hosts. So the company willensure that you get all the assistance you need even if you select a basic hosting plan.Simple and Instant Setup: All web hosting companies allot fixed slots for shared hosting. Allthey need to do is activate the account by adding the required information and assign a slot to theclient. Once the payment is done the transaction is complete and you can begin to work throughyour new domain within a short time often as less as an hour.DisadvantagesGenerally people prefer to go for shared hosting plans. But there are some disadvantages andyour must be aware of it.Limited resources: As there are more than one hosting accounts on the same server, you willoften not have unlimited access to resources. During the peak hours you may experiencebottlenecks. This also happens when a few sites become resource intensive even for a short while.This may not happen so often but yet there is a possibility of it happening. A hosting providerwho is experienced and vigilant will ensure that the resources are balanced and the flow of datais evenly distributed.Not the best choice for large websites: At times some websites have large resources whichneed to be shared or where the flow of traffic is very heavy. For such sites the option of limitedresources would be a hindrance. So keeping this in mind you can select your host providerdepending on the current nature of your site as well as the flow of the net traffic. For largewebsites dedicated and VPS servers are obviously better choices.Dynamic IP: Although you can get a static dedicated IP address in a sharing host account, youwill need to pay an additional amount regularly. Generally you will be provided with a dynamicIP. This will cause problems for you in case if you wish to implement SSL in your site. This isonly possible through a dedicated IP address. Page 11
  • 12. Security risks: As the resources are shared, many people see it as a risk to security of data. Butin reality, shared hosts have proper security provisions and it is very rare for a breach to occur. 1. Business Hosting can help establish an adequate online presence When you are in the lookout for the right business hosting companies especially when the objective is to sell something to the people then your major concern should be reliability. Choosing a less-than-reliable web host can have serious consequences hampering your business. If the users are unable to access the site due to frequent server problems then, it can cost your business thousands of dollars in terms of potential profit. In these situations, the users will not wait too long for your server problem to be fixed and the online store to be up again. They will become impatient of the long wait and will eventually choose a competitor to buy from instead of waiting for things to go normal at your online store. 2. Business hosting offers all the features that are needed by business owners Even the most modern company of the present time, cannot go a long way with a less-than- adequate hosting for its website. Businesses need to use all the available features to derive benefits from the limitless powers of the internet. The essentials of a good business hosting include online store tools like shopping carts and product management, improved security and transaction facilities. 3. Business hosting gives you the benefits of specialized advices and assistance To build an online store is much more complicated a task than is developing a website that provides information only. An online store is faced with challenges like surviving the extreme competition that is prevalent in the market, working on the minute details which are very essential for an online store and reaching out to the millions of internet users. You may receive assistance from the hosting company on how to create brand awareness in the market. The task does not get over with the mere creation of the website; the real task is to bring to Page 12
  • 13. the knowledge of the million internet users about the online store. The web hosting company can be asked for free advices for the amateur online entrepreneurs. The comparison of the different business hosting packages including control panel, server platform, hardware specification, storage quota and bandwidth is important to check the business hosting company’s efficiency level. You should check the hosting company’s history of security protection to ensure that there is zero or least chance of your online store being hacked. The importance of email in an online business cannot be overlooked. You should check if the web hosting company uses dedicated email servers so that the email service still works while the website is down. This will ensure better reliability and availability. The search for the business web host and reaching the most suitable one requires your attention on the factors that are important for your business requirements. You should also see if the web host is competent to help you run the online business comfortably and effectively.Why Business Hosting should be used for Your New Business?It has been observed that business hosting is a good choice made by a businessman thanchoosing the other types of hosting services. The level of reliability your business requires canonly be provided by the hosting solutions. The difficulty faced by visitors in accessing yourwebsite can land you in a situation where you will continuously lose sales as well as yourprospective and present customers. The high level reliability given by the business hostingsolutions are likely to tackle this problem and lower the frequency of such situations.You need hosting solutions for your business because they help you develop amazing websites.The features of the web hosting solutions will lead you to easy creation of website and will allowyou to sell the products and services online. Customer interaction improves with features likeforums where active discussion and interaction takes place between customers and the business Page 13
  • 14. representatives. The dynamic features of the business hosting solutions make business hostingimperative for successful online business.Tips for Choosing Business Hosting Solutions:Do not hurry while you choose a business hosting plan to meet the requirements of your business.Take your time and look for a business hosting option that will provide all features andapplications needed to create a successful website. Business hosting is an essential ingredient inthe recipe of success for your business. You should look for a plan that comes at an affordableprice so that without spending exorbitant amounts you can derive benefits of shared hosting.We give you a list of the tips that will help you choose the best business hosting firm to conductsuccessful online business for you:1. Removal of Free Hosting Providers: You need to eliminate all those organizations that offerfree web hosting from your web hosting providers list. Free hosting plans for hosting an internetbusiness website will not come with the required features and security options that are importantto have while running an online business.2. Research: You need to do a lot of research on web hosting companies to find the best hostingprovider for your business. You are not required to hire any private investigators who willinvestigate each and every option of web hosting available with you. You should first do aresearch for business hosting companies according to your preferences on internet. You need toshortlist the companies that fulfill your criteria from the list you make on the basis of yourresearch. You should eliminate those companies that do not satisfy all your preferences. Theoptions that you now have in the list of web hosting companies after elimination and short listingshould be considered one by one.3. Reputation: The reputation of the business hosting provider plays a significant role whilemaking the choice of the web hosting provider. The genuine web hosting reviews on the internetgive us some insight into the quality of service provided by the web hosting companies whichhelp give us an idea of the reputation enjoyed by them in the market. It is necessary to form Page 14
  • 15. Opinions on the basis of actual user reviews. You are also advised to check the hosting forums,the places where users discuss different hosting companies, their plans and help the new usersthrough their process of finding the best hosting company. Hosting forums are the perfect placesto analyze the potential of the hosting provider and evaluate the position they hold in the market.4. Avoid making cost your deciding factor: Many a times, businesses choose a hostingprovider on the basis of the prices of the hosting plan. This is one of the blunders they do. Cost isnot essentially the major deciding factor for all types of hosting. It might be an important factorfor other types of hosting but for business hosting it is not the sole deciding factor. You shouldindulge in comparing costs of different hosting providers but for taking decision as to whichhosting company to go for, features and reliability should be given more importance.5. Security and Other Factors: There are some features that play a critical role in deciding forthe web hosting company that will help you in your business. Security provided by the webhosting company, reliability, customer assistance and flexibility in upgrading the hosting plan aresome examples of the integral features. Security is a prime concern for an ecommerce businessbecause an online business involving sale of goods to clients requires client’s personalinformation like credit card number, social security number; therefore it becomes necessary toinstall top quality security for the business to protect the data from hackers and theft. Reliabilityis a measure to check how long a website will stay offline in acute circumstances and flexibilityallows you to move to better hosting plans with more resources as the business grows. Page 15
  • 16. The Internet provides a host of platforms for blogging. This helps bloggers to create new blogs regularly.Although creating a blog is not too difficult, yet you have to give careful thought before you choose theproper medium to host your blog. Before choosing the correct mode for blog hosting you need to bear inmind a lot of things irrespective of your blog content. The solution lies in clearly identifying yourrequirements and the most appropriate option to fulfill this requirement. If you look at the right place youwill surely find the solution. If you plan to change your domain name then be sure that the process is notvery time consuming. This is because without knowing the domain name it would be impossible for visitorsto locate your website. Hence, whenever you move over to another host, then be prepared to face a loss of afew readers as they would be unable to locate your website.Before launching your blog there are numerous factors to be taken into consideration. First of allit is important to compile a list of blog web hosts. Once you have the list in hand, then you canmake a proper comparison of the services they provide. A majority of web hosts for blogs do nothave any restriction on the contents and the topics being posted. But there may be a few webhosts which do not allow specific contents or topics to be posted. A few web hosting companiesare very rigid regarding the posting of content while others are pretty much flexible and adjust tothe needs of the bloggers. Again another factor which needs to be clarified is if the web host willgive you permission to utilize advertising services and even if they do allow then do they have alimitation on the number of advertisements and the modes of advertisements to be used. Youmust also be aware if your web host has the provision to let you create and post new contentfrom a magnitude of other platforms like the Smartphone. It is important that you read the termsof use in detail. Although it may seem to be boring, yet it is recommended that you do not ignorethis. A shortcut would be to hunt for words and terms related to your doubts and read around it.Any hidden expenditure or trap however well camouflaged will be detected if you spend sometime in reading the terms of use with concentration. At times you may feel cheated if you findthat there is a clause about some hidden expenses which you may have to shell out at a laterstage. Page 16
  • 17. For beginners it would be a good idea to select a host who provides services which are very userfriendly. A good blog hosting company will often provide you with freebies such as an eBookwith guidelines and tips to help you along with a few templates to help you to begin.Confirm that the web hosting company gives you permission to customize the look of your blogand add and modify certain features based on your specific requirements.It is important that you have a proper understanding of how the world of blogging works. Youmust first be aware of all your requirements and list them out properly and in detail. In the initialphase itself you must plan and decide whether you wish to add many images and videos to yourblogs in the form of embedded clips or video casts. You should know if your web host gives youthe permission to transfer a huge amount of data and if yes then does it levy any extra charge forthe same needs to be confirmed.It is common for people to make money through blogs by means of advertisements andmarketing of products online. You need to be aware if the web host restricts the number ofadvertisements which you can post or if it allows you to choose the mode of advertisement youfind profitable. If you opt for a blog host which does not match your expectations it will lead to agreat loss for you eventually. At times you may lose out on revenue and opportunities due tothese very limitations.A few web hosts can be very economical. These often do not charge a huge amount as a fee.Instead they expect a percentage from the revenue you generate through advertisements.Generally, such web hosts are looking for maintaining long term relations with their clients.They come handy for bloggers who have just entered the industry and cannot afford to pay avery high fee.In order to know if you have made the right choice while finalizing a web hosting site which ismost suitable to you then first and foremost you need to go through the reviews and ratings ofthese web hosts. Many times the big fish in the market provide their reviews at leisure. But restassured that this review is never fabricated and is an authentic source of feedback. Often the Page 17
  • 18. feedback will reveal the most suitable plan and web hosting service you should chose. One canfind the best alternative to work with based on the feedbacks and ratings mentioned on the web.Blog hosting has rapidly gained momentum in today’s world. The availability of variousblogging software programs has enabled many website owners to create their blog almostinstantly. Blog hosting services are often free but at times they may come at a price in return tohost the blog.Free blog hosting providers usually generate revenue by stuffing the blog with variousadvertisements. They do not offer a huge variety of hosting features. Hence, it is better to choosea paid blog hosting as it will provide you with better and more enhanced features which will aidthe blog owners to design professional looking blogs with excellent visual appeal.There are a few features which you need to check for before you finalize on a blog hosting firm.These features are listed here:1. List out your blogging requirements: it is very important that you are well aware of yourblogging requirements before you finalize your blog hosting provider. After this stage iscompleted you can proceed to compare the features which the blog hosting company provideswith your list of requirements. The things which you will need to consider and keep in mind arethe frequency with which you will be updating your blog. The more the frequency the more thespace you would require.2. Plan your budget: you should be well aware of the amount you would need to spend whilechoosing a blog hosting firm. Before selecting you need to first know how much money you are Page 18
  • 19. willing to spend. Once you have arranged for the proper funds then you can finalise the hostingplans depending on the cost effectiveness and also the services.3. check for availability of plans to upgrade: It is very important to know if your hostingprovider has a better slab or upgrading option with enhanced features. when your businessflourishes you may want to add more features or need additional space in order to match yourgrowing needs. So it is a good idea to confirm if you ar allowed to change or upgrade your plansat a later stage.4. Discuss with other people: online there is no lack of information, but it is always better tomake enquires offline at times. You can speak to other people who are already involved inblogging and take their suggestions about web hosting companies. Discuss issues such as downtime and the availability of proper customer service. It is a disaster to opt for a host who does apretty shabby job of technical assistance.5. Be aware of the statistics of downtime: any company who claims to offer you 100% uptimeis surely exaggerating. So you must be realistic and accept this fact. But if this happens too oftenand that too for extended duration then you need to rethink about it. An occasional rebooting andmaintenance of the server may actually prove to be beneficial. Check and study the down timestats of the host you are planning to choose. In case you find anything which claims more thanthe normal average available online then something fishy is surely there and you need toreconsider being a part of such web hosting companies.6. Check the Uptime: for a business to succeed online it is vital that it be available to visitors24/7 for all 365 days. You never know who may be seeking your services at what time. So incase your blog goes offline, you often lose many visitors. On an average you must go for acompany which will give you an assurance of 99.9% uptime. If the host provider is able topromise you of this then you can select it. It is also important to check the time which is neededfor your blog to load on a particular hosting server. If the loading time is too slow then the Page 19
  • 20. Readers might lose interest in your blog as no one likes to wait in this age of instant service.7. Customer Service: beginners need to be especially sure of the fact that they will be providedwith proper assistance at every step while setting up their blogs. A good web hosting companywill offer you customer service without flinching. The time factor is also imperative, so theresponse time should be quick and readily available.8. Take care about limitations of traffic: it is not necessary to have a hosting package withhuge amount of bandwidth, do check to confirm the charges which are levied by the web hostingcompany in case there is an overage of traffic. Often there is no foolproof methodology topredict overage. The sudden spurt of traffic to your blog is a good idea. But at times you mayhave to shell out a price for this. If this amount is affordable then it is all right to pay, but takecare to see that the company does not cheat you into paying a huge amount which will pinchyour pocket.9. Find out if it is accompanied by a free set up: as long as you are not capable of getting intothe nuances of server set ups you should stick to a web hosting service which will provide youwith a free set up and allow you to transfer your blog with ease. Transferring a blog, particularlya blog which is established since a long time and contains many posts is not very easy. If you arenot sure how to go about this, I would advise you to take professional assistance to help you withthe same.10. Confirm the services which will be provided: when you select a package such as adedicated virtual server then the whole and sole responsibility of managing the server vests withyou. So it is better to select a hosted server package which is accompanied with support. Prior tofinalizing the company you must read the scope of service without fail. This will make youmentally prepared about what to expect in terms of support. People who have a good technicalcommand in server maintenance can relax but a novice needs to be concerned about this issueand is an important factor which will let you finalize the web host service Page 20
  • 21. I hope that these tips aid you in your efforts to select the best blog hosting provider for your blog.For get the huge discount from HostGator and amazing bonuses from usplease use coupon code hostgator9d or hostgator25pr. Brought to you by: Page 21