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Photo jewelry and photo charms,custom photo gifts:

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jewelry pictures

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello from Amy Kinn, ====Its important to print Facebook photos for many reasons. You never know when you may nolonger be able to access certain pictures on Facebook, and having a copy of cherished photosensures that they will never be lost. Photos are also enjoyed more fully when you have a physicalcopy of them on professional photo paper. While you may agree that it is important to printFacebook pictures, the idea of just printing photos to keep may not be very appealing. Even if youlike to print photos, you may want to consider other ways to enjoy them. This article will give yousome suggestions for other ways to display Facebook photos in addition to printing 4x6s or 5x7s.Photo Mousepads with Changeable 5x7- Mousepads are a great way to display a picture fromFacebook. If you buy a mousepad that allows you to change the photo, then you can ordermultiple prints and alternate the photo in your mousepad. Make your mousepad look even betterby printing them on Metallic Photo Paper. Mousepads with a non-glare top make it easier to seethe image.Photo Calendars & Dry Erase Boards- Calendars and dry erase boards are creative ways todisplay Facebook photos, especially if you have multiple photos that you want to enjoy together.Dry erase boards and calendars come in a variety of designs and allow you to place severalphotos in different areas including on the background. Another great option is a monthly calendar.Choose a photo for each month of the year and print your calendar on Metallic Paper to give iteven more character.Stainless Steel Photo Travel Mugs - Whats a better way to appreciate Facebook photo(s) thanwhile youre having your morning coffee at work? You can put one or three photos on a travel mugand choose from different backgrounds. Stainless steel travel mugs come with or without a handleand are insulated for cold or hot beverages.Photo Jewlery- Jewelry is a great way to appreciate cherished Facebook photos. It also makesgreat gifts for mothers, grandmothers, and graduates. Choose a Memory Photo Bracelet, Live,Laugh, Love Portrait Charm Bracelet, 3 Tone Toggle Portrait Charm Bracelet, or Beaded Braceletto be reminded of a special memory throughout the day. Forget-me-knot Photo Bandz are alsogreat ways to display photos and are like the popular silly bandz. Portrait Pendant Necklaces andFour Frame Watches are other pieces of jewelry that can display photos from Facebook.I hope that these suggestions will help inspire you to display your Facebook photos in differentways, but I still want to encourage you to keep prints of photos from Facebook that are importantto you as well.Can you think of any other ways to appreciate pictures from Facebook? I would love to hear fromyou!
  2. 2. Lauren SkidmoreFounder, Photo Stasher, LLC704-426-3522Twitter Handle: @PhotoStasherPhotoStasher is a professional photo printing company that specializes in printing Facebookphotos. For more information or to get a FREE Facebook Print please visithttp://www.photostasher.comArticle Source: ====Hello from Amy Kinn, ====