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Contribution in the Drupal community
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Contribution in the Drupal community


Published on

@University of Szeged, 2013-05-09

@University of Szeged, 2013-05-09

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Contributionin the Drupal communityKálmán Hosszu, Senior Drupal Engineer at PronovixDiána Lakatos,Technical Writer at PronovixThursday, May 9, 13
  • 2. What is contribution?By definition:• the part played by a person in bringing abouta result• act of giving in common with others for acommon purposeIn the Drupal community:• contributors are the sole force behindimprovements to the platformThursday, May 9, 13
  • 3. Session structureWhat drives us? What is the psychologicalbackground of open source communities?How can you contribute to Drupal?Practise and exerciseThursday, May 9, 13
  • 4. The psychology ofcontributionThe drive for contribution- What motivates us?(Drive by Daniel H. Pink)• reward good behavior• punish bad behaviorThursday, May 9, 13
  • 5. Studyreward top performers, ignore low performers,others are in the middleResults of the study:• for mechanical tasks: the higher the pay, thebetter the performance• once the task called for even rudimentarycognitive skill: higher reward leads to poorerperformance!Thursday, May 9, 13
  • 6. How could that be?Lets test again!maybe the reward ($50) wasnt significant, lets test itsomewhere else: Madurai, Rural IndiaReplicated experiment:• low performance: 2 weeks salary• middle performance: 1 months salary• high performance: 2 months salaryResult: low and middle reward lead to similarperformance, high reward lead to worse performanceThursday, May 9, 13
  • 7. What have we learned?For simple,straightforward tasks,the motivation schemeis valid:IF you do thisTHEN you get thatThursday, May 9, 13
  • 8. What have we learned?When a task gets more complicated, it requiressome conceptual, creative thinking, then...these kinds of motivators dont work!Thursday, May 9, 13
  • 9. Motivating factors &personal satisfaction• autonomy (leads to engagement)• mastery (satisfying)• purpose (ikigai - a reason to get up in the morning)Example:Linux - from volunteers given away for freeWhy do people who otherwise do sophisticated, challengingwork in their jobs, volunteer to work for free?Thursday, May 9, 13
  • 10. Contribute to DrupalThursday, May 9, 13
  • 11. Mission• develop a leading edge open-source content managementsystem that implements the latest thinking and bestpractices in community publishing, knowledgemanagement, and software design.Key values:• flexibility, simplicity, and utility in our product• teamwork, innovation, and openness in our community• modularity, extensibility and maintainability in our codeThursday, May 9, 13
  • 12. Principles• Modular and extensible• Quality coding• Standards-based• Low resource demands• Open source• Ease of use• CollaborationThursday, May 9, 13
  • 13. How can you contribute?• User support• Documentation• Translations• Design and usability• Donations• Development• Themes• MarketingThursday, May 9, 13
  • 14. Community eventsCode sprintsDrupal User GroupsDrupalCampsDrupalconsThursday, May 9, 13
  • 15. Mentors and apprenticesWhat makes a good mentor?What makes a good apprentice?What your profile says about you:• core developments• contributed patches, modules, themes, ...• projects• memberships• ...Thursday, May 9, 13
  • 16. PractiseThursday, May 9, 13
  • 17. Get a account• post questions in the Forum• report a bug in a module or themes issuequeue• request new features in a module or theme.• report documentation errors• filter modules, themes and translations byDrupal versionEXERCISE 1: get a accountThursday, May 9, 13
  • 18. Get a Github account• Git is the version control developers use to share codewith one another.EXERCISE 2: get a Github accountThursday, May 9, 13
  • 19. Use the issuetracker• verifying bugs are still bugs• marking duplicate issues• answering support requests• responding to issues in a number ofconstructive ways• creating and rolling patchesEXERCISE 3: examine the issue trackerThursday, May 9, 13
  • 20. Issue statuses• Active• Needs Work ["CNW"]• Needs Review ["CNR"]• Reviewed & Tested by the Community ["RTBC"]• Patch (to be ported)• Fixed• Postponed• Postponed (maintainer needs more info)• Closed (duplicate)• Closed (wont fix)• Closed (works as designed)• Closed (cannot reproduce)• Closed (fixed)Thursday, May 9, 13
  • 21. Thank you for yourattention!Questions?Thursday, May 9, 13