A distribution for (Drupal) User Groups


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Presentation about DUG distribution at DrupalCamp 2013 Bratislava

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A distribution for (Drupal) User Groups

  1. 1. A distribution for(Drupal) User Groups From concept to code sprint
  2. 2. Who am I? About me kalma nhoss kalma zu n.hos szuDrupal developer since version 4.7projects - Sony Pictures Television - Da Vinci Learning - Intel - Saïd Business School - University of Oxford
  3. 3. Who am I? ContributionsShieldMultiformother modules and themescore patches to Drupal 7Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiativehelp and supportmember of the drupal.org and drupal.hu documentation teamlocal DUG organizer
  4. 4. The ProblemSzeged community is activeinteresting presentationslost on the internetplace needed to collect and store materials(presentations, demo files)
  5. 5. The SolutionWe need a website!
  6. 6. What we need...1. logo and branding2. feature list3. webdesign4. development
  7. 7. Logo and branding
  8. 8. Existing DUG logos
  9. 9. Let’s create our own logo!We should create a customizable logo!Anybody interested?The Hungarian community said YES!
  10. 10. Customizable logo We missTypo logo Druplicon :( Druplicon Opensource font for city Drupal colors Color, black and white, different sizes
  11. 11. The Drupal User Group logo
  12. 12. ShareShare the whole theme!Even better: create a distribution!
  13. 13. Feature list For the community - your opinion counts!issue list: http://drupal.org/project/issues/dug?categories=All
  14. 14. Feature listAs an administrator I would like to set the language of the website during installation set the Google Analytics code during installation to measure site visits set the Twitter hash used to identify tweets that should be displayed on the website set up polls in different topics to identify the needs of my audience sync up events to our meetup.com page
  15. 15. Feature listAs a registered user I would like to share information about myself to let others know what I’m doing submit blogmarks to share interesting articles with others. mark my favourite programs and blogmarks to find them easily later submit presentations/programs send messages to other users to ask for help in different topics ask for email notification about events not to forget about them
  16. 16. Feature listAs a visitor I would like tosuggest topics to let administrators know what Iwould be interested inview past and future DUG events and code sprints, toplan attendanceview previous programsshare content on social media platforms to makeinteresting content more popularsearch and find relevant content laterexport events to import them into my calendarsoftware
  17. 17. Webdesign Wireframes
  18. 18. WebdesignFront page
  19. 19. WebdesignEvents page
  20. 20. Webdesign Responsive TabletMobile
  21. 21. Webdesign Layouts
  22. 22. Code sprint in Szegedsome features done, more contribution neededtheme not started
  23. 23. Code sprint in Bratislava How you can contributetestcodetheme (responsive design)site-building
  24. 24. Code sprint in Szeged Required skills and knowledgeBasics: For coding: Drupal 7 beginner level coding skills git drupal.org profile For theming: high-level theming skills For site-building: mid-level site-building skills
  25. 25. Questions? Ask me on the code sprint.