Search experiences branded search engine proposal


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Search experiences branded search engine proposal

  1. 1. Get Your Own Official Branded Search Engine and engage your target audience every day while they search the web! Are You Ready to Join the New Generation of Search? © 2011, Search Experiences, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Proprietary and Confidential. 1501 Broadway, 12th Floor ~ New York, NY 10036 ~ United States of America E-mail: ~ Tel: 1.800.805.5385 ~ Fax: 1.800.805.5389* Notification of Proprietary Information and Confidential Information: This proposal includes data that will not be duplicated,used, or disclosed, in whole or in part, for any purpose other than to evaluate this proposal. The trademarks and logos displayedin this proposal are the registered trademarks of the respected companies and are used solely for educational purposes. Nothingcontained should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel or otherwise, any license or right to use any trademarks orlogos without the express written permission of the respected owners.
  2. 2. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Engine Proposal Page | 1 About ………..1 Value Proposition Overview.............2 Why Brand a Search Engine?.............3 The Effect.............4 Branded Search Engine Primary Benefits.............5 Branded Search Engine Package Features.............6 Online Awareness and Viral Marketing.............98 The Difference.............10 Join the New Generation of Search.............11Who We AreHeadquartered in the heart of New York City’s Time Square, is pushing the boundaries of innovation andcreativity in the integrated media space by designing and developingBranded Search Solutions which we are pioneers, using cutting-edgeWeb 3.0 technology. mission is remain the WorldLeader in Branded Search Solutions and create a new paradigm shiftin search behavior. Head Office: Search Experiences, LLC ~ 1501 Broadway, 12th Floor ~ New York, NY 10036 United States of America ~ 1-800-805-5385 Hours Mon-Fri, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, ESTWhat We Do has brought together a consortium ofstrategic partners from the leading search content providersonline and created an innovative service…Branded Search Engine Solutions for large brands.Simply put, we are changing the way theworld searches the web.We offer a new form of media that is bothpowerful and affordable, with endless perksfrom daily brand awareness to access to thepurest forms in consumer engagement.Now you can align your brand with the mostpopular activity online…SEARCH!
  3. 3. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Engine Proposal Page | 2 Ultimate Brand Alignment, Campaign Flexibility and Consumer Engagement On your very own Custom Branded Search Engine for an entire year (24/7/365)… for LESS than the average cost of a single advertising campaign?What if you could say GOODBYEThose surprise pay-per-click invoices.Limits on your ROI benefits or network share rules. “In-the-Box” rules on ad sizes.Blowing your online budget for just one keyword.No longevity for your investment.Exorbitant costs for any effort for dominance.Inflexibility to adapt to your evolving ads and content.or sharing cluttered space with your competitor brands? One-time, fixed rate with long-term strategy options. Unlimited clicks with uncapped impressions for maximum ROI. “Out-of-the-box” ad space sizes and content flexibility. A dedicated promotion, traffic-building partnership. Longevity for your investment. Freedom to engage consumers with a search experience. Flexibility to adapt to your evolving campaigns. Total Control of your ads and content. Access to behavioral, click-through, targeted measurements.
  4. 4. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Engine Proposal Page | 3According to NetRatings ( the authority source for deliveringcomprehensive measurement and analysis of online audiences, the most popularactivity online is Search, part of 85.9% of the 270 million internet users in NorthAmerica and 2 billion people online worldwide daily internet behavior. This is astaggering fact and up until now major search engines have enjoyed a monopolisticposition for users search. But, when we consider the search experience offered by theselarge search engines for such a regular activity, it is very impersonal, uniform, generic,controlled, and bland, a “One Size Fits All” experience.But the fact is, all web users online are individuals, having different interests,preferences, perspectives, passion points and brand loyalties. As such, it would be farmore personal if we each had a choice about the type of search experience wewant to have. In the same way we have a choice for other regular activities such asthe music we listen to, the TV channels we see, the food that we eat, etc.This is where is revolutionizingthe way we search. Our approach is simple, wetreat the Internet just like a big pizza, and we cutit up into smaller “slice” target segments. Goneare the days of the “One Size Fits All” and whatis left is relevant content for your consumer, theperson that you want to target. offers an exciting, innovative service creating custom brandedsearch engines to match any target markets user’s interests and brand loyalty to deliveran immersive branding and engagement experience for users. Whether it is acorporate brand, sports team, university, music artist, celebrity, charity, TV series,newspaper, radio station, etc. Whatever the target market (e.g. fans, students, readers,listeners, employees, members, customers etc.) we can create a search experienceshaped and themed for their needs which they will value and use regularly.This benefits internet users and gives them a new choice in search they never hadbefore, a tailored search experience designed specifically to their interests. Whilethey still get the usual relevant search results they expect from the large mass marketsearch engines, in addition the search experience includes interesting content theywant to see while they search. For instance, rather than annoying, unwanted sponsoredlinks (SPAM) to the right of search results where advertisers scramble to compete forsearch terms, on the other hand uses this highly visible space forcustom content the user would prefer to see, such as news headlines, videos, images,social network feeds, anything depending on our client needs.
  5. 5. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Engine Proposal Page | 4The following diagrams illustrate the effect and strong value proposition a Branded Search Engine has on reshaping your target audience’sinternet activity online and visitor habits to your website.WITHOUT Branded Search Solution© Copyright 2011 OCCASIONAL direct visits VISITOR (2-5X/month) FREQUENT USAGE indirect visits YOUR WEBSITE (10-20X/day)LOYAL USERS SEARCH ENGINE 99.9% of (bland search the time experience)Facts/Observations: OTHER WEBSITES# Currently your website only appears in search results when a user performs a specific searchquery relating to your website, which is a tiny fraction of all the other search queries they do.# Between visits to your website, your users have used a search engine hundreds of times.WITH Branded Search Solution© Copyright 2011 FREQUENT direct visits VISITOR (10-20X/month) FREQUENT USAGE increased YOUR WEBSITE indirect visits (10-20X/day)LOYAL USERS 99.9% of (increased BRANDED the timesatisfaction) SEARCH ENGINE OTHER WEBSITES (enjoyable searchFacts/Observations: experience)# With a branded search engine it does not matter what search queriesthey perform because you are skinning the search engine itself, appearing on every searchresult page.# Using the custom content areas in your branded search engine for selected eye-catchingcontent they are interested will drive your loyal users more frequently back to your website,increasing your indirect traffic.
  6. 6. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Engine Proposal Page | 5Our exciting approach creates a satisfying experience for users while they searchonline and serves as an effective marketing tool for brand partners to reach theirtarget market, complimenting and driving more traffic to their main website.The primary benefits of a Branded Search Engine are;Brand Partner Benefits:  Daily reaching target audience through search as a regular touchpoint.  Daily brand awareness of your product and services.  INCREASED; o Web Traffic to your website. o Page Views at your website. o Return Visits to your website. o Unique Visits to your website. o Ad Impressions for existing advertisers or house ads. o Ad Clicks for existing advertisers or house ads. o Sales for existing advertisers or house ads. o ROI for existing advertisers or house ads. o Revenue from existing advertisers.  Improved Effectiveness of advertising campaigns.  Extending ad reach coverage for existing advertisers.  Insights into search behavior of your target audience.  Detailed Analytics of your target audience daily search usage.  Effective Viral Marketing Tools including browser toolbar, web widgets & banners.User Benefits:  Improved and enjoyable search experience.  Increased satisfaction and happiness.  Highly relevant search results to search queries.  Personalized search experience matching their interests.  No unwanted PPC sponsored links.  Daily updates from your website.  Up-to-date information about your company.  Targeted advertising matching their interests.  Viral tools to spread the word to their friends.  Themed search toolbar to add to their web browser.  Web search widget to embed on their personal blogs and social profiles.  Themed banners to embed on their personal blogs and social profiles.
  7. 7. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Engine Proposal Page | 6 Branded Search Engine Package includes the following features.Custom Branded Search EngineA state-of-the-art Custom Branded Search Engine integrating highlyinteractive content and features built onproprietary search platform, delivering an immersive branding andengagement experience for users. The search engine is owned andmanaged by and licensed on an ongoingservice basis. Brand Partners have custom content and advertisingexclusivity on all search engine result pages. Custom Custom Switchable Custom Search Bar Branded Logo Background Image Tag Line Branded Search Engine Homepage Custom Exclusive Custom Toolbar Page Content
  8. 8. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Engine Proposal Page | 7 Custom Branded Logo Relevant Search Results Exclusive Custom Sidebar** Search Results arenot compromised! ContentUsers still get theirpreferred search ** eye-catchingresults (e.g. Google, selected contentYahoo, Bing etc.) from your ownhowever without the website your users areunwanted ads. (NO interested in to driveMORE SPAM) them back more frequently to your website, such as news headlines, videos, images, social network feeds, etc. Switchable Left Column Image Exclusive Leaderboard Banner Branded Search Result Page Mobile and Tablet PC Compatible Design and Development Support web development team will work closely with Brand Partners throughout the design and development of the Custom Branded Search Engine, making design revisions as required until you are 100% satisfied prior to going live.
  9. 9. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Engine Proposal Page | 8Viral Marketing ToolsEffective viral marketing tools, included in the branded search enginepackage will be created in addition to the Custom Branded SearchEngine allowing users alternative ways they can interact with thesolution. The custom designed viral marketing tools include;1. Web Browser Toolbar - once installed will remain on a user’s Web Browser when online. Web Browser Toolbar2. Web Search Widget Set - can be seamlessly integrated into any website layout, allowing visitors to enjoy the same search results you would find if using the Search Engine direct. ** Each of these viral tools are EASY opt-in activities – just click & install. Your loyal users who install the free Browser Toolbar – you will not just be with them when they are searching the web, but the entire time they are online your brand will be constantly with them. Your brand can get right on your loyal users personal websites if they embed any of the free Web Search Widgets or Web Banners. Sidebar Widget Banner Widget3. Web Banner Set – banners can be embedded simply on any website (copy and paste) Micro Bar Button Half Banner (88 x 31 Pixels) (120 x 60 Pixels) (234 x 60 Pixels) The following banner types and sizes are included in the Web Banner Set;  Micro Bar (88x31 pixels)  Rectangle (180x50 pixels)  Leaderboard (728x90 pixels)  Button 1 (120x60 pixels)  Large Rectangle (300x250 pixels)  Vertical Banner (120x240 pixels)  Button 2 (120x90 pixels)  Half Banner (234x60 pixels)  Skyscraper (120x600 pixels)  Square Button (125x125 pixels)  Full Banner (468x60 pixels)  Wide Skyscraper (160x600 pixels)Site Management, Hosting and BandwidthThe Custom Branded Search Engine is hosted and managed by at our data center. Server administrators willmonitor and manage traffic 24/7 and provide as much bandwidth asneeded to support you search engine traffic.Personal Account ManagerA personal account manager will be assigned to offer any assistancefor any updates or requests. An affordable secret weapon in brand dominance online! …….are you with us?
  10. 10. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Engine Proposal Page | 8Online Awareness for Branded Search Solutions is virally spreadthrough word of mouth. As our solution it is not mass market but segmented specificallyto your target audience, then using your existing communication channel is the bestway to inform them. Some effective viral marketing activities include;1. Adding Viral Marketing Tools to Your Website - generates awareness for the branded search engine when your visitors browse your website. The web search widgets and web banners can be embedded and the browser toolbar can be offered as a free download. Web Search Your Website Banner Widget Web Search Sidebar Widget Web Banner Browser Toolbar2. Social Media Messages - Facebook, Twitter and MySpace messages and tweets can be used to generate instant awareness of the branded search engine and viral tools, reaching your target audience direct and instantly. “Check Out Our “Download Our Official New Search Engine” Browser Toolbar…”3. Email Newsletter Announcement - An announcement in your monthly email newsletter to your subscribers is another way you can give awareness to your new branded search engine4. Website Article - An article at your website announcing the launch of your branded search engine going live is another viral marketing activity to give awareness of the solution.Each of these viral marketing activities take limited resources to perform. There is noneed to continually promote the solution, only a slight push is needed at the beginningand then your loyal users spread the word themselves once they are aware of it.Web Promotion and Traffic Building (optional) also offers an optional web promotion and trafficbuilding add-on package to assist actively promoting the newCustom Branded Search Engine after launch to increase publicawareness and generate targeted traffic. The following are selectedfeatures of this package; Press Release Creation and Distribution,Article Creation and Distribution Online, Manual Directory Submission to thousands ofSEO-friendly web directories, Hundreds of Social Bookmarking Submissions, etc.
  11. 11. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Engine Proposal Page | 9 Below are some unique factors about the technology powering Branded Search Engines ahead of the rest; Best of the Web Content Rather than restricting search result content to one provider, patent pending search platform integrates the leading search content providers online into the one solution giving an unbiased search experience. Search results are not compromised, users have peace of mind they are getting the same highly relevant, organic search results however now instead of the unwanted, unsolicited sponsored links (SPAM) on the side of results they now have interesting brand content. Integrating the leading search content providers into the one solution allows users to customize search results to their personal preferences. For instance, a user may like ® Web Results, ® Image Results, ® Map Results, ® Video Results, ® Shopping Results and Reference Results, which is very personal and they have never had such a choice in their search experience like this before. Additionally, switching between search content providers is simple and effortless using proprietary search bar, saving time and frustration. Search Bar Cutting-Edge Web 3.0 Technology Technology is evolving at an incredible pace. To stay ahead of the pack, searchexperiences branded search solutions are built using cutting-edge Web 3.0 technology, such as HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, jQuery, XHTML Mobile, to name a few. Multi-Browser Compatibility searchexperiences branded search solutions are multi-browser compatible allowing no limitations to ability to access the solution. The following are a selection of internet browsers supported; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera etc. Mobile and Tablet PC Friendly searchexperiences branded search solutions are available at the fingertips wherever your loyal users roam, from their mobile device or tablet PC (without the need to download any application either). The following are a some of the Mobile & Tablet PC devices supported; iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre, iPad, Playbook, Galaxy etc.
  12. 12. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Engine Proposal Page | 10 invites you to seize this exceptional opportunity to show yourcustomers that you are striving to meet their changing needs online… an opportunitythat presents itself as the best value for any corporation that is ready to evolveinto the new age of marketing and brand strategy initiatives.With a Branded Search Engine your marketing plan becomes energized and instantlyengaged within the new advertising power of online search, with an AccountManager, Design and Development Support Team, and a newly chargedCorporate Synergy that fosters Continual Innovation and Experiences Growth. manages the entire process limiting resource demands andmaximizing your return.  Low Setup Fees (one-time)  Affordable Service Plans  Time to Deliver: 6 weeks Call Sales at +1 800.805.5385 or E-mail sales@ .com 1501 Broadway, 12th Floor ~ New York, NY 10036 United States of America Fax: +1.800.805.5389 © 2011, Search Experiences, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Proprietary and Confidential.