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  • 1. SAMPLE JOB DESCRIPTION 1 JOB TITLE: Computer Programmer BASIC PURPOSE: To interpret systems, program, and job flow specifications developed by systems project leader in order to produce meaningful and efficient logic programs and operating techniques that will satisfy user requests. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Reviews specifications and time estimates to determine if further clarification is required to produce results requested by user. 2. Creates computer program logic to process data to achieve meaningful output that will satisfy user request. 3. Prepares job control language (JCL) records to produce a logically sound job stream that could comprise one or more activities. 4. Develops data record layouts, input forms and record formats, proposed report formats, testing schemes, and test data. 5. Makes use of software programs or routines provided by computer manufacturer in areas of sort, utility, bulk media conversion, and so on. 6. Writes computer program from logic flow chart, record layouts, and input and report formats spot checks program for obvious errors and has it keypunched and compiled; creates JCL to test program; and reviews output for correctness, and, if necessary, modifies program. 7. Assists computer operations personnel in implementing the productive running of the job. 8. Formulates documentation for project, operations, and program in 1
  • 2. accordance with corporate standards. Creates permanent files as required on disk storage device. ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS This position reports to a systems project leader. May have day-to-day contact with computer operations and data conversion personnel. JOB SPECIFICATIONS: Bachelor's degree or equivalent required, plus 1-3 years experience in programming. Working knowledge of accounting or manufacturing systems, data management techniques, data communications concepts, and job control language. Must keep abreast of the latest techniques in the data processing industry, particularly when it affects programming. SAMPLE JOB DESCRIPTION 2 JOB TITLE: Purchasing Agent (Manufacturing Company) AUTHORITY: The purchasing agent derives authority from and reports to the general manager. Within such limits of budget and company policy as may be imposed, the purchasing agent has full authority to initiate and complete such actions as may be necessary for the fulfillment of assigned responsibilities. RESPONSIBILITIES: In general, the purchasing agent is responsible for the procurement of materials requisitioned for manufacturing, stock, and other company operations, within 2
  • 3. allowed costs and schedules, and for the economical operation of his or her department. Specifically, this employee's responsibility is to: 1. Order and expedite purchased materials. 2. Order and expedite fabricated parts. 3. Meet sales and production requirements in the procurement of "buy-outs." 4. Expedite the supply of critical items. 5. Maintain current cost data on all purchased items. 6. Furnish lead time advice for materials planning. 7. Maintain delivery schedules on all items ordered. 8. Inform department heads of new sources of supply. 9. Inform department heads of new products and methods. 10. Maintain a reserve stock of company supplies. 11. Maintain purchase files on all orders. 12. Maintain control on all purchase vouchers. 13. Maintain purchase records on all items bought. 14. Obtain purchase cost on all items bought. 15. Maintain vigorous follow-up on all procurement begun. 16. Coordinate the activities of department personnel. 17. Coordinate activities with requisitioning agencies. 18. Advise production planning of all changes of schedule in materials due in. 19. Provide specified services within budgeted allowances. 20. Coordinate with materials planning on reorder quantities. 21. Maintain control of pattern allocations and usage. 22. Assume additional responsibilities the general manager may assign 3
  • 4. ACCOUNTABILITY: The purchasing agent is accountable for the following duties: 1. Employ, train, supervise, and terminate assigned procurement department per- sonnel. 2. Personally buy expensive items and large orders. 3. Regularly review all procurement activity to ensure that buying is constantly reappraised on a competitive basis. 4. Expedite orders. 5. Personally supervise materials procurement for rush jobs. 6. Approve and disapprove all requisitions for expense items for department and maintain department budgetary control. 7. Recommend and install improvements in purchasing methods. 8. Perform such additional duties as may be required for the execution of his or her responsibilities or assigned by the general manager. SAMPLE POSITION DESCRIPTION 3 JOB TITLE: Safety Manager FUNCTION: To plan, organize, and control the safety function of the plant to ensure that an effective accident prevention program is maintained and that appropriate measures are taken to comply with corporate, OSHA, and related safety policies and directives. 4
  • 5. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Supervises periodic inspections of plant machinery, equipment, and working conditions to ensure conformance to appropriate safety and sanitary standards and regulations. 2. Examines plant equipment slated for purchase and proposed facility modifications and additions for safety requirements. Recommends modifications or adjustments to correct any deficiencies prior to purchase or use. 3. Determines appropriate safety equipment and safe work practices to be employed on specific jobs based on OSHA and corporate standards and implements accordingly through plant management. 4. Observes workers and work practices to ensure that protective devices and safe work procedures are used. 5. Coordinates activities with industrial hygiene personnel to maintain safe procedures involving toxic fumes, explosive air mixtures, and other hazardous circumstances that may be present and that cannot reasonably be eliminated. 6. Monitors, on a regular basis, the availability and condition of appropriate fire-fighting and safety equipment in the plant. Acts as liaison with companies servicing fire alarm system and fire extinguishers and with local fire department. 7. Initiates and ensures investigations of accidents and unsafe working condi- tions, compiling statistical data and providing remedial actions to achieve effective accident prevention and avoidance of losses. 8. Chairs regular safety meetings and ensures that coordinated safety training 5
  • 6. and motivational campaigns are conducted in association with company policies. 9. Acts as liaison with government agencies and serves as plant management representative in case of inquiries and inspections to correct deficiencies and to minimize citations and fines for noncompliance. 10. Administers the worker's compensation insurance program through close coordination with the insurance earner to minimize unnecessary lost work time by employees and unjust claims. Maintains close follow-up with employees or family members of those employees who may have been seriously injured while at work. 11. Acts as plant liaison with inspectors of insurance carriers. Determines management's position on inspectors' recommendations and prepares written response accordingly. 12. Keeps abreast of OSHA and corporate safety regulations and standards applicable to the plant. Communicates with and/or trains employees to the extent appropriate to achieve understanding and compliance of same. Develops and prepares plant safety procedures and rules, ensures their communication to those affected, and audits for compliance. 13. Provides assistance to supervisors regarding the evaluation of safety problems and of employee safety recommendations and complaints. Determines acceptable corrective measures accordingly. ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Reports directly to the manager of administrative services. Provides safety expertise and direction to all levels of plant management. Has frequent 6
  • 7. contacts with representatives from OSHA and insurance carriers. POSITION SPECIFICATIONS: Bachelor's degree in engineering with some emphasis in industrial safety programs or the equivalent, plus 5-7 years of related work experience. Must be capable of organizing effective accident prevention programs and conducting appropriate administration. SAMPLE JOB DESCRIPTION 4 JOB TITLE: Statistician (Insurance Company) PURPOSES: To accumulate, compile, tabulate, and provide all kinds of statistical data covering company operations. RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Accumulates companywide statistics in any area requested or required; sets up tabulation procedures; establishes feasible use by company officials. 2. Cross-checks and balances controls with affiliated departments. 3. Prepares management reports and state filings that are beyond the skill or capacity of other departments. 4. Reviews tax forms and instructions to determine completion procedures. 5. Analyzes data for experience that can be drawn from it; makes suggestions, points out trend indications to superior. 6. Resolves tabular differences between EDP and/or Regional Offices for loss premiums input. 7. Assists statistician senior as required. 7
  • 8. JOB REQUIREMENTS: Education: College graduate or equivalent experience. Experience: Three years statistical experience. Knowledge: Insurance Accounting Insurance Principles Knowledge of company tabulations, formats Systems — Unearned Premium and Loss Reserves Calculations — Taxes Positions from which an employee could be promoted into this position: Statistical Clerk, Senior Contacts: Internal within own, affiliated departments and regional accounting: 10% of time. External with pools and associations: 5% of time. Working Conditions: Office environment; regular hours. 8