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  1. 1. POSITION / JOB TITLE:<br /><ul><li>2 Type of contract :</li></ul>3 Grade<br /> <br />COMMENCEMENT OF EMPLOYMENT:<br />Your employment will commence from the first date of work, after clearing medical, residence visa and approval from all government & security departments.<br />DURATION OF EMPLOYMENT: <br />This is a Two (2) years limited employment agreement, from the commencement of employment, as specified in Clause 2. This agreement is further renewable.<br />COMPENSATION & BENEFITS:<br />4.1 BASIC SALARY : <br />4.2 TRANSPORT ALLOWANCE : <br />4.3 ACCOMMODATION: <br />Furnished single accommodation is provided. However, the employer reserves the right to give you accommodation allowance at its discretion. Rules and Regulations of the employee housing, should be strictly complied with.<br /> 4.4 MEALS: Duty meals shall be provided by the Company. Employees working at remote sites will be provided with all meals on site.<br />4.5 LAUNDRY:<br />Will be provided free for Company uniforms.<br />PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT:<br />Anywhere in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is an explicit understanding in terms of this agreement, and the company reserves the right to transfer and relocate you to any other operating branches, associated with the company, at the time during your employment. A refusal of transfer maybe considered as sufficient grounds for termination of employment by the company.<br />PROBATIONARY PERIOD:<br />Your employment is subject to a Six (6) months probationary period, on commencement from the date of employment. During such probationary period, the employment may be terminated without notice and without any end of service gratuity being payable.<br />In case employee resigns during his probationary period, he will have to reimburse the company for the cost of employment visa, medical . and all other costs , residence visa, visa amendment (where applicable) and cost of Health Insurance Card.<br /> <br />WORKING HOURS:<br />Nine (9) hours per day, Six (5) days a week, with a total of fifty four (45) hours per week. The working hour excludes traveling from your residence to your work site. Breaks for Rest, Meals and Prayers will be in accordance with Article 65 and Article 66 of the U.A.E. Labour Law.<br />Your working hours and timings will be in accordance with departmental requirements. <br />ANNUAL LEAVE:<br />30 (Thirty) calendar days per year, on completion of 365 ( one working year of complete services working days, the company can ask you to take a leave based on operational needs.<br /> AIR PASSAGE:<br />You will be provided with economy class air ticket for self from Abu Dhabi and return air ticket when proceeding on leave on completion of one (1) working year, which does not include any unpaid leave, to the home of record as mentioned in clause 10.<br />HOME OF RECORD:<br />The employee’s Home of Record as used for the purpose of air ticket entitlement and repatriation shall be the city or town with a commercial airport, as determined by the Company. Your home of record on the above basis will be Cairo, Egypt.<br />INSURANCE:<br />On duty workman compensation & accident insurance will be provided by the company, as required as per UAE Labour Law.<br />MEDICAL INSURANCE:<br />Medical insurance will be provided for self. one company group policy <br />SICK LEAVE:<br />Sick leave will not be granted during the probationary period. However, after completion of NEXT 3 MONTH OF HIS the probationary period, you will be entitled to a maximum of 90 (ninety) either continuous or intermittent days of sick leave per year of service in accordance with Article 83 & 84 of the U.A.E. Labour Law, as follows:<br />The first 15 days with full pay.<br />The next 30 days with half pay.<br />Any subsequent period without pay.<br />If the illness is a direct result of your misconduct, no sick leave will be paid.<br />Misconduct cases : a worker wil not be entitled to sick leave in case of misconduct shall be reported his illness with in 2 days <br />The company may terminate the worker if the employee falls to reports back after exhausting his illness .leave<br />The employer will require you to produce a medical certificate after being examined by a physician, applicable under the Daman Insurance Card. <br />ABSENTEEISM:<br />Absenteeism from work without permission or a reasonable excuse shall be dealt with Ministerial Order # (28/1) Year 1981 Article 1 as per U.A.E Labour Law, which is:<br />First Time ¼ of a day wage deduction.<br />Second Time½ day wage deduction.<br />Third TimeOne day wage deduction.<br />Fourth TimeTwo days wage deduction.<br />Fifth TimeTermination<br />The employee shall also not be paid his wage for the day of absence.<br />GRATUITY or SEVERANCES PAYMENTS :<br />End of service benefit (severance) is paid in recognition of your service, in accordance with the provisions of Article 132 of the U.A.E Labor Law.<br />15.1 21 days final basic salary for each of the first five years of service.<br />15.2 30 days final basic salary for each year of service over five years.<br /> The employee is entitled to to severance pay for any fraction of a year he actually served, provided that he has completed<br /> <br />PERSONAL CONDUCT & REGULATIONS:<br />Personal conduct is particularly important for all employees of the employer as they are expected to maintain proper decorum at all times and the good reputation of the employer. While you are in the U.A.E., you will be bound by the Agility-GCC rules and regulations and must abide by the laws and customs in force in the U.A.E. You will not be allowed to use illegal or prohibited drugs or other substances or be under drug or alcohol influence while at work.<br />Agility-GCC may from time to time issue, amend, or re-issue regulations pertaining to the better conduct of its business. It is the duty of the employee to know and to abide by these regulations.<br />RESPONSIBILITIES: <br />The employee’s normal initial job title or work description is that specified in Clause 1. The employee’s duties will be fully explained on the commencement of the employment. Any oral or written descriptions of the employee’s job duties and responsibilities should serve as a guide to the major areas for which the employee will be accountable. In addition, all employees’ duties expressed in, or implied by, the UAE Labor Law shall be deemed incorporated into the terms and conditions of his Employment Agreement.<br />EXCLUSIVE SERVICE:<br />While employed in the company, you shall devote your whole time and attention to the service of the company, and express to undertake, that you shall not be engaged in any other business or occupation, or be in any way connected with any other business, company or concern, whether paid or unpaid, while you are under our company sponsorship. (Article of the U.A.E. Labour Law).<br />NOTICE OF TERMINATION<br />Termination with out notice :<br />19.2 The company has the right to terminate the employment contract with out any notice and payment in case of committed any of the action mentioned in 120.<br />Employment may be summarily terminated in accordance with Article 120 of the UAE Labor Law No. 8 of 1980, as amended or re-enacted from time to time, but in all other cases following the expiry of the employee's probationary period, should the Company decide to terminate the employee's Agreement of employment, the employee will be entitled to no less than 30 days' written notice. If the employee wishes to terminate the employment with the Company the employee is also required to give not less than 30 days' written notice.<br />Should you resign during your agreement, or terminated due to a cause attributed by you, you shall be required to compensate the employer for any damage, provided that the amount of compensation shall not exceed half a month wage for three months or for the remaining period of your agreement, whichever is shorter, unless stipulated herein. The cost of air ticket will be borne by the employee.<br />PROPERTY TO BE RETURNED ON TERMINATION:<br />The employee is required to deliver to Agility-GCC upon the termination of the employment and at any other time upon request made by Agility-GCC, all papers, documents, keys, identity cards, security passes, cars and all other property belonging to Agility-GCC in the employee’s possession.<br />RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS: 120 <br />In case of any of the above article accruing during the employment the company has the right to terminate with out any notice and payment ( Article 120 )<br />The employee is required not, without the prior written consent of the management of Agility-GCC, either directly or indirectly, alone or through or with any other person or persons, in any manner (whether before or after the termination of your employment) to:<br />22.1Solicit or entice away from Agility-GCC any person who at the date hereof is, or during the course of the employment becomes, an employee of Agility-GCC whether or not such a person would commit a breach of Agreement by reason of leaving service; or<br />22.2Initiate, accept, engage in any discussions or enter into any contact of any kind, with any person or employee of any firm, company or entity which is involved in any way whatsoever with Agility-GCC other than in the proper course of the Employee’s job duties; or<br />f a nominal value from any person or business entity which is involved in any way with Agility-GCC the giving and receiving of an uncustomary nature and those that are not in line with usual business practices must be reported to and approved by the management of Agility-GC<br />APPLICABLE LAW:<br />The employee shall observe Company’s rules and abide by the pertinent Federal Laws of United Arab Emirates and respect its customs and traditions.<br />This employment agreement with the other terms and conditions of employment which are consistent with the above provisions shall be governed by the pertinent laws of the UAE Labour Law.<br />SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES:<br />This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Federal laws on Regulations of Labour Relations of the United Arab Emirates and any disputes arising from the Agreement of Employment shall be settled before the Courts in Abu Dhabi through the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs.<br />REFERENCES:<br />The Company will proceed in clearing the employee's references in the appropriate manner.<br />Acceptance of above stated offer is to be confirmed within two working days. Moreover, all joining formalities to submit NOC/ cancellation from your sponsor is to be completed within 60 days from the date of this letter, else your selection will be treated as cancelled.<br />This employment agreement supersedes any and all previous agreements, between you and the company. <br />Through your employment agreement, you become an intricate and vital member of Agility-GCC. Your personal performance is anticipated to be of the highest professional standard.<br />We are delighted at the prospect of you joining our team and look forward to the talent and expertise you will personally contribute to our objectives.<br />Signed this employment agreement this_____day of _______2011.<br /> ______________________ General Manager<br />________________________________________________________________________________________<br /> STATEMENT OF ACCEPTANCE<br />I, __________________________________, have read, understood and accepted the foregoing terms and conditions of this employment as stated and referred to in this document. <br />Employee’s Signature: ___________________________Date: ______/________/________<br />________________________________________________________________________________________<br />To be filled in on reporting for duty on site: <br />Employee’s Signature: ____________________________ Date of Joining: ______/________/________<br />