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Mastery of-money-and-romance

  1. 1. Do you have the skills needed to attract the relationships you want in life? “Conversation Chemistry” can help: 1
  2. 2. ContentsPart I: Master Your Money.................................................................................................5 Chapter 1: How to Squash Money Worries.....................................................................5 Chapter 2: How to Attract Money into Your Life............................................................11 Chapter 3: The Top Ten Secrets of the Wealthy..........................................................19 Chapter 4: Creating Your Own Money Magnet.............................................................28Part 2: Master Your Love Life..........................................................................................41 Chapter 5: How to Attract Your Ideal Partner...............................................................41 Chapter 6: Let Go of Past Hurts and Awaken Your Passion.........................................51 Bonus Chapter: The 10 Crucial Areas of Any Relationship..........................................56Recommended Reading..................................................................................................61 Amazing Self Magazine................................................................................................61 Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 2
  3. 3. Dear Reader,Congratulations on your decision to master the two of the most importantareas of your life: your financial life and your romantic life. The fact that youare actively seeking solutions to change these areas of your life probablymeans that you’ve realized somethingYou’ve realized that in spite of how important money and romance are toyour personal happiness, the majority of people who you meet are totallyclueless about both of these subjects. Just think about how few people youknow who are in romantic relationships which are working out and which areempowering them to become better people.And think about how few people have even enough money to livecomfortably let alone to buy things that they want and to travel to theplaces that they wish to travel. These are people who will, over the course oftheir lives, experience so little of what the world has to offer them.What a shame that so few take the time to do what you are doing right now:proactively searching for answers which are beyond the scope of commonknowledge. The fact that you’re reading this book proves that you wantmore, and that you refuse to settle so good for you.What will you gain from reading this book?Well, that’s going to depend on two things: Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 3
  4. 4. 1) Your Desire for Change2) Your Willingness to Take ActionChange is not easy for anyone, and most of us resist it at all costs untilsomething comes along which makes us desperate for something differentin our life. That’s normally when we become open and humble enough toaccept input which can help us to change the ways of thinking and ofbelieving that have kept us stuck where we are in life.The second thing is of course your willingness to use what you learn in thisbook. Regardless of how powerful this advice is, it’s worthless withoutactually putting it into action and seeing the results for yourself.But, if you make a lifetime practice of just the principles in this short bookand refuse to give up, your entire life will begin to change for the better. Solet’s get started by taking a look at the position which most people are inwhen they seek to change their financial life.Enjoy.Carolyn Hansen Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 4
  5. 5. Part I: Master Your Money Chapter 1: How to Squash Money WorriesHow much time and energy do you spend worrying about money? If you’relike most people, it probably consumes your thoughts. It probably impactsyour relationships and your self-confidence and your sense of inner peace.No matter what your dreams are in life, one thing is for sure: worries aboutmoney will rob you of your opportunity to get what you really want.So how can you eliminate money worries from your life?It starts with understanding the source of financial worries: uncertainty. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 5
  6. 6. Think about it. If you know that you’re not going to have enough money topay your expenses, you normally aren’t as afraid. Instead, you begin tofocus your energy and attention on a plan of action for changing yoursituation. You start thinking about what you’re going to give up, how you’regoing to get by with less and how you’re going to deal with the fact thatcertain bills will just have to wait to get paid.In other words, once the thing that you fear becomes a certainty, most of thefear disappears as you’re forced to get things in gear and start working on aplan for change. And most of the time, you pull through and find a way todeal with what’s coming because you had certainty of what needed to bedone.If you doubt this to be true, just think about a time in your life when you werefaced with a financial crisis and you had to come up with money that youdidn’t have. How did you do? Did you come up with the money? Chancesare that you did, and how did you do it?You had absolute 100 percent certainty that you had no other choice.Surrender was not an option. It was fight or flight, and when most people arefaced with such a situation, they have no room for worry. Instead, they tapinto a source of confidence, motivation, and resourcefulness that they neveruse under ordinary circumstances.But, here’s something to think about: that source of confidence, motivationand resourcefulness is available to you at all times. The problem is that mostpeople only call upon it when they are certain that they have no other option. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 6
  7. 7. Instead, they allow themselves to be overcome with uncertainty, and this isthe time when money worries become paralyzing and build a greater senseof terror and helplessness.The fact of the matter is that when you’re uncertain about your financialfuture, you’re uncertain of what you need to do to change things. You’reunsure about whether you’re going to need a new plan of action or not.There’s very little or nothing that you can do other than drive yourself intoanxiety with worry and doubt.Uncertainty causes worry, worry causes anxiety, and anxiety becomes fear.And when fear is running rampant in your psyche, it shuts down yourcreativity (which is required to solve problems) and your confidence (whichis required to take actions). Now, think about what you just read and see ifyou can figure out what the key is to squashing your financial worriesforever.Let’s look at the two things which you’re going to need to master, and howyou can start using them to get rid of financial worries:1. Creative Problem SolvingUsing your problem solving skills to overcome financial problems can turnyour financial life around faster than anything. The problem is that most ofus spend more of our energy worrying about money problems than wespend on being creative in solving them. The only time that we use our Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 7
  8. 8. creative problem solving skills is when we know that we are faced with acertain upcoming crisis.So why not use this sense of certainty to create a must have financial goal inyour future? In other words, if you want to make $5,000 to take a vacationwith your family (without having to go into debt), why not pretend that youmust have it? Treat it the same way that you would a certain financial crisisand don’t entertain the option of surrender.Just as you did when you were faced with the certainty of an upcomingfinancial crises, your creative problem solving skills will awaken and you’ll beable to use them to create a solid plan of action for getting the money by thetime that you need it.This will empower you to take the second step towards squashing yourfinancial worries2. Commitment to ActionMost of us underestimate our capacity to make things happen and so we sitby and worry instead of taking action. We think about what might happen ifwe do xyz and what might go wrong or right or somewhere in between. As aresult, we waste a lot of time that could have been invested in taking action,learning from the results of those actions, correcting course, and achievingwhat we want. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 8
  9. 9. Try this: the next time you’re worried about money that you might not havein order to achieve something in the future (such as pay your bills, start anew business, handle a financial crisis take a vacation etc.) Just pretendthat you certainly won’t have the money and get right to work on a plan ofaction for earning it or saving it.If you do this, there are two things that could happen: you end up earningthe extra money that you need, and/or find that you have more than youneed as a result of assuming you wouldn’t have enough.If the latter turns out to be the case you will have a surplus, and you cansave the extra money towards financial emergencies which might occur inthe future. This will take the edge off of future financial worries and give youmore confidence that you have the self-reliance to handle emergencieswhen they do happen.The other possibility is that you’ll have either just enough money to cover theexpense of that you’ll fall a bit short of it. Either way, you’ll certainly havemore than you would have if you had just sat there and worried and donenothing.In other words, you’re using the assumption of something negativehappening to inspire definite positive action for dealing with that negativecircumstance. You can do this every time that you have any suspicion thatyou might need more money in the future that you normally wouldn’t have.Just assume that you’re going to need the money, and get to work. This“expecting the worst” is the approach which Robert Ringer (self-made Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 9
  10. 10. millionaire and author of the bestselling book “Winning ThroughIntimidation”) used to create his stupendous financial success.World renowned financial coach Robert Kiyosaki also supports thisapproach by claiming that if you plan ahead for bad times and take actionaccordingly, you’ll never know hard times.The other two options are to either worry and do nothing, or to assume that“everything will be fine” and to do nothing. While one of these is consideredto be a pessimistic point of view and the other is considered to be optimistic,they both have one thing in common: neither of them inspire the focus ofcreativity towards solving a problem, and neither of them lead to action.Better to assume that you need to do something to take proactive control ofyour financial future and to get to work. And if hard times never come again,then you have the assurance of a surplus of capital to deal with them. Asyou might guess, this surplus gives you an immense sense of inner peacewhich further promotes creative thinking and confidence to take action.This will prepare you for the next step in transforming your financial lifeTIP: Set a long term goal to save at least three months of expenses for a“just in case” fund. Set a deadline and just pretend that you have to havethe money no matter what. Conduct yourself just as you would if you werefacing a certain financial crisis. This is normally more than enough tomotivate you to positive action, and build your confidence and self-reliance. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 10
  11. 11. Chapter 2: How to Attract Money into Your LifeHave you ever looked at someone driving a nice car or driven through aneighborhood full of nice houses and wondered how those people got allthat money? If so, you’re about to learn the secret to attracting more moneyinto your life, and as you’ll soon realize, it’s not something which you’ll learnin school.But first, let’s look at some popular myths about wealth that tend to keepanyone from having more of it in their life:Making a Lot of Money is HardBelieve it or not, making a lot of money isn’t hard. It’s just different. Justthink about how hard you are working in your life to make money right now.Are you using all of the time and energy and resources which you haveavailable to you? If so, you’re already working as hard as you need to inorder to become wealthy.So why aren’t you attracting dollars into your life by the millions?It is because the strategy you are applying to earn money is far fromoptimal, and once you change this you will have a whole new world ofoptions to pursue that invite wealth into your life. Think about it, you havejust as many hours in the day as anyone else does, and you probably have Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 11
  12. 12. about as much energy to spend. So the only thing that remains that mightexplain the difference is how youre spending your time and energy.Most people are using the model of trading hours for dollars in order to earnincome. The obvious problem with this is saturation – you only have somany hours in a day. Therefore, no matter how hard you’re working, themethod you are applying towards earning an income has a cap on it.The key to enhanced wealth is the development of new strategies which donot restrict you to earning a limited amount per hour, per day, per week orper year (more on this later).Money is the Root of All EvilBelieving that money is evil is a surefire way to ensure that you’ll never havea lot of it. After all, who would want to willingly acquire more of something intheir life which they considered to be evil? Even worse is the belief thathaving money causes you to become an evil and greedy person.Again who would ever want to see themselves as evil or greedy? This aloneis probably one of the leading causes of mediocrity and even poverty. Let’sjust put this into perspective for a momentEvil is not a term which applies to inanimate objects such as money. Theintention to do evil requires the power of choice, and money cannot makechoices. Only you can. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 12
  13. 13. This means that as long as you know in your heart that you are a moralperson, money is not evil and it’s perfectly okay for you to want more of it.Perhaps even a really lot more!You Can Attract Money by the Power of Your ThoughtsThere’s a lot of talk about how you can attract more financial prosperity intoyour life by changing the way that you think. While your thoughts certainlydo influence your beliefs and your actions, thoughts alone cannot attractmore money into your life. They must be accompanied by specific plans ofaction which are executed with wisdom and persistence.In his best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich,” the author Napoleon Hillsaid:“Riches do not respond to wishes. They respond to definite plans, backedby definite actions through constant persistence.”And this quote provides the clue as to how you can actually attract moremoney into your lifePrinciple #1 : Wealth Only Happens on PurposeOther than believing in the above myths about money, the principal thingthat will make the difference between poverty and wealth is this: the ability to Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 13
  14. 14. take proactive control of your financial destiny, as opposed to leaving it tochance.Youve probably noticed that everywhere you go there are multipleopportunities for you to spend your money in order to build someone elsesdreams instead of building your own. We call these opportunities‘advertisements’ – and those who are lured in by them are people who haveno definite plan of action for their money.An interesting thing about money is that it moves in one direction and onedirection only: towards those who are proactively forming plans of action forattracting it. This means that it HAS to be flowing away from the people whoare not proactively forming plans of action for attracting it.This is a REALLY important point to keep in mind whenever you are thinkingabout money. It has a directionality. It flows from one source to another.This is never going to change. But what you can change is which end of thecurrency flow youre going to be on. The first step towards proactivelymanaging the flow of financial assets in your life is keeping record of fourthings: 1) Where your money is coming from 2) How much money is coming in 3) Where your money is going 4) How much is going out Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 14
  15. 15. As simple as this sounds, its impossible to form a plan of action forattracting wealth before you have a clear picture of what’s happening to thewealth which is already in your possession.TIP: The only way to do this is by writing down all of your financialtransactions so that you can have a clear picture of what needs to change inorder for you to manage the flow of your financial resources.Principle #2 : Wealth Stays With Those Who Know How to Build itIf you’ve never followed the statistics of Lottery and Powerball winners, itmight interest you to know that the majority of them spend it all within a fewyears. Why is this? Because the money that they win does not have anequal amount of value in their eyes as it would have if they had earned it.The reality is that the same principles by which a person acquires wealth arethe principles which are required to maintain wealth. If you are completelyclueless about how to build wealth, you wont be able to keep it in your lifefor very long once you get it.Consider this – you probably know at least one person who is making areasonable amount of money but is always broke, and who at the same timehas nothing to show for it. This is because they don’t fully understand thevalue of money and how to build wealth out of what they have.So no matter how much they make, they will always end up in the sameplace: broke. On the other hand, you have people like Donald Trump who Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 15
  16. 16. have lost almost everything they had at least once in their life but have builtit all back up from basically nothing.How is this possible? It is because wealth has more to do with the personwho has the money than how much money they actually have. Take$100,000 and give it to someone who is irresponsible with money and itwont be long before all of that money has flowed towards someone whohad a proactive plan of action for acquiring it.On the other hand, take that same $100,000 and give it to someone who isresponsible, and who understands how to build wealth, and they’ll havemore and more until they’ve built a fortune out of it.So before you think about what youre going to do to attract more moneyinto your life, work on building the characteristics which will empower you tomake the most of the money that you already have. We will be covering tenof these in the next chapter, but first we’ll cover the most important onePrinciple #3 : Wealth is Not Only Measured in Dollars and CentsHave you ever heard the saying “time is money”? If so, you’ve had at least asmall glimpse into how wealthy people think. The rich measure the value oftheir time and their energy at all times, not just when they’re earning money.They don’t sit on the phone for a half hour and squabble over a one dollarcharge on their electric bill. They would rather spend that time working onproactive plans of action for acquiring more wealth in their life: starting their Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 16
  17. 17. own business, investing etc. They also don’t waste their time chasing afterincome opportunities simply because they can make a lot of money.Instead, they focus on doing things to earn income that fill them with a senseof passion, purpose, and motivation. They understand that the value of thispassion and motivation is that it will help them to become truly excellent atwhat they do and open doors for them to earn more.On the other hand, millions of people choose careers that make themunhappy just because they can “make more money.” But most of the extramoney gets spent buying things in order to make up for the missinghappiness and sense of purpose in their life.If you want to have wealth in your life, you need to start measuring thefinancial value of the other things in your life not just money. This will helpyou to refocus your energy and resources in a way that will allow you toattract more money into your life.For example, how valuable is your time, your passion, and your naturalsense of purpose and motivation? How much more value could you add asa business owner, an entrepreneur, or an employee if you could commit allof these things towards your trade? How much more money could youpotentially earn as a result?As you might guess, this is simply not possible if you’re doing somethingonly because you can earn a bigger paycheck, but which provides you withno sense of excitement. No matter how “impractical” something might seem,it’s important to remember that in every field you can find at least a handful Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 17
  18. 18. of experts who are making a LOT more money than the average person intheir field.TIP: Sit down right now and ask yourself what one thing you’re mostpassionate about, most skilled at and which inspires you with a sense ofpurpose. Then, get to work on a practical plan of action which will positionyou to earn an income doing it.These are the people who love what they do and who are working at it withall their heart. If you want to attract the kind of money that they’re attracting,you must be able to do the same. This, in conjunction with the ten tips in thenext chapter, will empower you to change your strategy for earning moneyto one which can help you acquire more wealth and financial security Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 18
  19. 19. Chapter 3: The Top Ten Secrets of the WealthyIn this chapter, we’ll be covering 10 specific secrets which illuminate themajor differences between those who are wealthy and those who are poor.For each one of these, check your lifestyle, your financial habits, and yourcurrent strategy for earning income so as to identify what habits you need tochange right away:*Warning: some of what you’re about to read may be difficult to accept, butif you receive it with an open mind, it’ll change your life forever.Wealth Principle #1: Stop Working for Money and Get Money Workingfor YouWorking for money is a certain way to keep yourself working for money, andworking for it, and working for it only to watch it go in one hand and outthe other. Wealthy people know how to leverage money so that it multiplies.They don’t work for money as much as they know how to get money workingfor them.How do they do this? Through the way that they spend their money. Theyspend it on things which add value to their lives instead of things which willhelp other people build their dreams. Wealthy people don’t ask: “How muchwill this cost me?” as much as they ask “How much value will this add to mylife?” Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 19
  20. 20. Think about it, as long as you’re willing to work for money, there will alwaysbe someone who’s willing to invest in paying you so that you can help thembuild their dreams. This is what your employer is doing. They’re getting morevalue out of you than they’re investing because they’re paying you less thanwhat you’re helping them to earn.If they weren’t making money off of your efforts in this way, they wouldn’tkeep you on staff long. So they are leveraging their money (the money thatthey’re paying you) to build wealth for themselves.Wealth Principle #2: Stop Loving to Buy, Start Loving to Sell andPromoteThis could very well be the key difference between wealthy people andpeople who are broke: wealthy people love to sell, broke people love to buy.Just think about the attitude which most people have towards salespeople.It’s usually not too good, right? Yet, ask the same average person why theywant to get rich and they’ll rattle off a list of things that they would buy.This is exactly the reason WHY most people never get wealthy, they love tobuy. but they hate to sell. Some of them even hate people who sell andmarket. Think about this: no money is made until something is sold, and thatmeans someone has to buy. So in life, you’re either the seller or the buyer.Considering this, is it any wonder why the small majority of the populationcontrols almost all of the wealth? Again, no money is made until something Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 20
  21. 21. is sold. This is the cornerstone of every organization in the world. Evenchurches and non-for-profits have to earn money through promotion of somekind in order to stay in operation.So if you want to attract wealth, you must either love selling and promotingmore than you love buying, or else continue to help others get wealthyinstead of helping yourselfWealth Principle #3: Start Investing in Assets Instead of SavingSaving money is no longer the smart thing to do when it comes to buildingwealth. Taxes and inflation have made it impossible to build wealth bymerely putting money away. These days, saving money is losing money. Soonce you have a few thousand dollars saved to help with potentialemergencies, the next step is to invest.But isn’t investing risky? Yes. You could lose money if you aren’t smart withthe investments that you make. The only guard against this is to commityourself to a wise investment plan starting right now.On the other handIf you save money, you are certain to lose value because of taxes andinflation. Again, the only guard against this is to commit yourself to a wiseinvestment plan starting right now. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 21
  22. 22. As a good rule of thumb, invest in assets which will help you to increaseyour positive cash flow so that you can build your net worth. The best way todo this is by running your own business.Think about this – most of the time when you invest in your own business,you can write it off on your taxes, but you’re still paying yourself becauseyou’re building your own money making asset.Wealth Principle #4: Decide How Much You Want and WhyIf you don’t determine how much wealth you want and have a specific planfor how to spend it, you’ll either never make it or end up spending itfrivolously when it does come. This is so important that you need to getstarted right now by writing down two things:1) How much money you want to make2) Why you want the moneyThe second of these is the most important because people always workharder when they know exactly why they’re doing it. Too many people say: “Iwant to be rich” or “I’m going to win the lottery.”But without having a specific number in mind, your creative imagination andyour willpower have nothing to grasp onto. They have no standard by which Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 22
  23. 23. to determine a specific plan of action, so no action can be taken and ofcourse no action equals no results.Again, wealth can only happen on purpose, and having a specific amount toaim for and a specific plan for the money when you make it will enable youto make it happen on purpose instead of leaving things to chance.Wealth Principle #5: Start Learning, and Never StopKnowledge may not be power, but it certainly is potential power, and poweris required to earn money. If you’re not wealthy right now, there can only betwo reasons: you either lack the specific knowledge of how to acquirewealth, or you have the knowledge and you just haven’t used it.Either way, learning is something which you must start right now, and thereare two crucial dimensions to learning:1) Acquiring knowledge2) Using knowledge by taking action, learning from both yoursuccesses and your failures and taking more action.Everyone knows that there are some things you can “know” in your headwithout “knowing” by experiencing. This is why learning will always requireaction in order to be complete. For example, you can read a book about war,but you never know what war is like until you live through one. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 23
  24. 24. You can know about parenting by studying, reading and observing. But untilyou actually raise a child, you don’t really know parenting. You can evenread about a person, but you don’t know them until you meet them in theflesh.This has always been true, but with the growing abundance of knowledgeavailable because of the information age, knowledge through action isbecoming more important.Eric Hoffer said:“In times of drastic change, the learners will survive while the learned findthemselves well equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”In other words, if you want to survive and thrive, enjoy financial security andeven wealth, you must devote yourself to constant learning and action.Wealth Principle #6: Get out of Debt and Stop Borrowing For GoodAccording to Forbes magazine, nearly 75% of the 400 wealthiest people inNorth America claim that getting and staying out of debt is one of the firstkeys to building wealth. Think about it: the purpose of debt is to earn money.Debt is a product, and those who are buying it (the borrowers) are alwaysgoing to be helping those selling it (the lenders) to make more money. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 24
  25. 25. It has to work this way, or else no one would be selling debt. Again, you willeither be the seller who is making money or the buyer who is helping theseller make money.Wealth Principle #7: All Relationships are Business RelationshipsOne of the leading causes of financial troubles in North America is divorce.Couples who marry and split up lose handfuls of money (thousands tohundreds of thousands) over divorce disputes. This could all be avoided bymaking decisions in your relationships which take financial matters intoaccount from the beginning.When looking for a mate (or sometimes even when choosing friends), makefinancial responsibility one of the standards by which you determine whoyou’ll associate with. This alone could be the difference between beingbroke and being financially secure.Wealth Principle #8: Start Taking Care of Your BodyConsidering the rising cost of health care and the fact that the leading causeof personal bankruptcy is medical bills, it only makes sense to start takingcare of your body. Not to mention that a low energy level due to poor healthcan seriously impact your earning potential. So getting your health in orderis just as much a financial decision as it is a health decision. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 25
  26. 26. This is simple, yet so many people neglect it. Your body is mortal, andneglecting to take care of it through proper diet, exercise, rest and stressmanagement will take its toll financially. Maybe not today or tomorrow, buteventually the day will come.Wealth Principle #9: Know Where Your Money is GoingBroke people don’t know where their money is going until it’s already gone.If you’re wondering about this, think back to the last time that you looked atyour bank account and thought:“I thought I had more than that where did it all go?”Remember that wealth can ONLY happen on purpose. If you don’t have aplan for your money, you’ll spend your life losing it to someone who doeshave a plan for your money. If you aren’t keeping track of where your moneyis going, you aren’t managing your money on purpose.And this is where the last principle comes inWealth Principle #10: Get Started Right NowAs you’re reading this book, you’ve probably seen at least a few thingswhich have made you say:“Yeah, I need to do that.” Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 26
  27. 27. Start right now! Seriously, stop reading and get started. Write down yourplan of action and set a time to take the first action: to write your businessplan, to exercise, to make a budget, to pay off your credit cards, to decidehow much you want to make and why.Think about this: if not now, then when?Never! And you know this. Wealthy people don’t procrastinate. They makethings happen, they do it on purpose and they don’t make excuses. Sobefore you continue to the second part of this ebook, take the first steptowards changing your financial life Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 27
  28. 28. Chapter 4: Creating Your Own Money MagnetI mentioned in earlier chapters that money is directional. It flows from thosewho like to buy, to those who like to sell. So what better way to set up yourown money magnet than to become a seller?The first though that has likely popped into your head probably soundssomething like this: “Sure. Being a seller sounds like the right thing, but whatdo I have to sell?” Make no mistake about it, becoming a successful seller isnot an easy thing to achieve. But that is not the issue here. We have alreadydecided that there is going to be work involved, and we are not afraid of that.No one successful in the financial side of their lives is ever afraid of that.The only question that remains is how to go at the task constructively.Whether you know it or not, you probably do have something to sell thatother people would be willing to pay money for. This would be knowledge ofsome kind that you have acquired through one means or another that theaverage person has not managed to pick up, and which they now find theyneed to possess. It cannot just be any information you possess that is rare.It also has to be information that people are searching for, and for whichthey would be prepared to pay money to get.The amount they are willing to spend does not need to be a large either.There just needs to be enough people in the market to allow you to tap intothe money stream and divert some of it your way. If you can find such amarket of buyers, then being a seller is the first step required to attract their Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 28
  29. 29. attention. If you have something they want, they will gladly hand over themoney.But it might not be obvious what that something is. Fortunately, in the age ofdigital products, if you can figure out what it is, then it is a relatively simpletask to set up a platform to sell it. It may be an ebook, it may be asubscription to a newsletter that you write regularly. We’ll get to the technicalside of things later. For now, the question to be answered is what it is thatyou have to sell.What Sought After Information Do You Possess?Let’s assume that you have decided that you are going to write your ownbook and sell it on the internet. Let’s suppose also that because you havean interest in solar technology and you have been installing your own solarpanels for years (and knocking your electricity bill into reverse) that you feelyou have some level of expertise in this area that others could benefit from.After all, every time your solar panel exploits come up in conversation youinvariably hear how the other person would love to install their own solarpanels if they just had the time and the know how.Could an ebook on “How To Install Your Own Solar Panels And Go Off TheGrid” be a money magnet for you? You don’t want to invest time into writingthe book first only to discover later that there is no market for it. So how doyou test the waters? Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 29
  30. 30. One of the very first things you might do is go see how many people get onthe internet every month and search for the term “how to install solarpanels”. To do this you can use Google’s free keyword research tool: will likely put up an image with a security code on it, called aCAPTCHA, and ask you to type in the characters you see in the image (soas to verify that you are not some piece of software making thousands ofrequests every minute and slowing everyone down who might legitimatelybe seeking information).Type in the CAPTCHA code and then add the search phrase to the keywordbox on the left of the page: Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 30
  31. 31. The hit the “Search” button to find out how many searches for thiskeyphrase and ones similar to it are searched for at Google every month.You’ll get back the first 50 results from Google’s database: Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 31
  32. 32. You can see that I have sorted the results by relevance so that keywordsmost closely related to the original phrase show up high in the list of results.The column marked “Local Monthly Searches” gives the number of searchesper month in the U.S. (or whatever country you are in when you request thekeyword results).The original term “how to install solar panels” gets about 1500 searchesmonthly. The term “solar panel installation” gets around 6600 searches. Ifyou when through the list you would find other related terms that give you anidea about what people are searching for in this niche: • [residential solar panels] 4400 • [residential solar panel] 1900 • [make your own solar panels] 1600 • [homemade solar panels] 6600 • [build solar panels] 3600 • [solar panels for home] 2900 • [make a solar panel] 1000 • [make solar panel] 2400 • [build solar panel] 4400 Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 32
  33. 33. Notice that these keyword phrases are enclosed in [square braces]. Thisindicates that I have requested information on the number of times that thekeywords were exactly seached for. Otherwise the report numbers wouldinclude phrases that contain the specified keywords, but not necessarily justthose words, and not necessarily in the word order we have specified.By specifying an exact match on the keyword phrase we keep the reportedmonthly search volume down and closer to the actual numbers involved.So [build solar panel] indicates that people type the phrase build solar panelinto Google’s search engine about 4400 times every month. You can seewhere I have specified the Match Type option as exact here:The list of keywords shown above and their exact match search volume permonth is just a partial list of the results that come back. But already we cansee that people are also searching for information on how to build, not justinstall, solar panels. This might suggest that if you know how to provide theinformation, you might want to revise the title of your book to “How To Buildand Install Your Own Solar Panels”. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 33
  34. 34. Another good way to see whether there might be a market for this niche is togo looking for competing products. If you can find no competition then themarket is probably small. You really want a big market, and if others arealready making money in that market then it is a good sign that you might beable to as well.If you intend to write an ebook, and sell it, a good place to visit if you want tosee whether others have achieved some success is ClickBank. This is amarketplace of digital products, mostly ebooks, but also software andmembership sites. You can find the ClickBank marketplace here: the image on the next page you can see the result of doing a search onthe term solar panels.Note that I have ordered the results by relevance so that we can seeproducts that have the term solar panels somewhere in their description. It isalso important to note that the marketplace was designed as a place foraffiliates to go find products to promote, so the product title and descriptionare not what you’d expect to find if the vendor was attempting to make asale. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 34
  35. 35. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 35
  36. 36. Once you find a product that appears to be similar to the one you arethinking of creating it is important to visit the vendor’s site to see exactlywhat their sales pitch is.You are interested in the sales pages that look as though they ought to besuccessful. Then you want to check out their actual level of success atClickBank by investigating their gravity, which is essentially the number ofaffiliates in the last eight weeks that have managed to refer at least onesale.If the product has been around for a while but has a gravity less than 10then it is not doing too well. A really successful product will have a gravity of50 or more. The true superstar products, that are making their creatorsmillions of dollars every year, have a gravity of several hundred.These products are rare, their associated market is huge, and the vendorhas managed to do just about everything right to attract an endless streamof buyers.These vendors, and their products, are definitely worth studying! As anexample, here is one of the more successful products, called Green DIYEnergy, with a gravity of around 82, meaning that at the time this snapshotwas taken, about 82 affiliates were successfully selling copies of this productover the previous two month period: Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 36
  37. 37. Below you can see a portion of what the vendor’s sales page looks like at Is it any surprise that this site looksprofessional? Money magnets never look as though the seller has pinchedpennies in their marketing efforts. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 37
  38. 38. So we have found at least one vendor making a living off his knowledge ofhow to build and install solar panels (in fact there are a few that seem to bedoing OK with this niche). This is a very good sign, since if one person cando it, so can another.Of course, there is no guarantee that you will be able to match the marketingtalents of others who have already managed to make their businessprofitable. Marketing, and customer acquisition in general, is an entirelyseparate (and huge) subject in itself. But at least you know the niche isviable.Be sure to put in the research when the time comes to find out what it is thatyou can sell. The ideas presented in this chapter will not guarantee that youfind a real money making idea, but they might keep you from investing timeand resources into a venture that simply does not have the potential to pullbuyers into your life. Speaking of which, we have one last thing to discuss.How To Catch Buyers And Keep ThemBuyers are a valuable resource. By now you ought to have that idea plantedfirmly in your mind. So do not make the mistake that most sellers makewhen they strike out with their first potential money magnet. You will want tomake sure you do not let the buyer get away.Many sellers become obsessed with their first product and fail to recognize asimple truth that all successful sellers understand and take into account from Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 38
  39. 39. the beginning: the product has a shelf life and will eventually give way toother products, but buyers can last a lifetime – unless you let them getaway.What do I mean by that? Simply that no matter how much effort you put intocreating your money magnet, you will have to invest at least as much timeand money into the marketing side of your business. Each buyer youacquire through a sale will cost you a certain amount of money, so it is onlysmart to ensure that you can keep in contact with them. That way you canpotentially sell to them a second, and maybe third, time.If you have a mechanism in place that allows you to contact your buyersagain this is MUCH easier than having to go out and find new buyers. Thegood news is that is it relatively easy to do this. All you need to do is set upa newsletter and get each of your buyers onto it either before or after thatmake that purchase. You can use an established newsletter service providerlike Aweber at or GetResponse at to get the job done.This one aspect of dealing with buyers can be the difference between along-term business that succeeds, and one that fails to turn a profit.Remember, technology changes over time and products tend to fade, but atthe same time this means your buyers will eventually need replacementproducts, and if you have their ear, then you can have their repeat business.Don’t let them get away! Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 39
  40. 40. Plan to keep your buyers close to you at all times and you will dramaticallyimprove your odds of keeping that money stream flowing in your direction.SummaryYou will need to use creative problem solving and make a commitment toaction to get the ball rolling. This is just what we discussed in the earlier partof this book. You can do it if you believe that the time has come to make apositive financial change in your life, which any of us can do.In the next section of the book we will look at how to significantly enhanceyour odds of success when dealing with personal relationships, and how toapply those ideas to perhaps the important endeavor that you will everattempt in your life: how to go about attracting your ideal partner. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 40
  41. 41. Part 2: Master Your Love Life Chapter 5: How to Attract Your Ideal PartnerHow important would it be for you to attract your idea partner in life? Ifyou’ve been thinking about this, you might be wondering when you’ll find theperson, where you’ll find them, and your mind might be filled withuncertainty, hope, fear, excitement, worry and a whole mess of mixed upemotions. But no matter what you’re feeling, one thing is for sure: the timehas come for making something happen in your love life.But before you do, it’s important that you have three primary questionsanswered about attracting your ideal partner: Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 41
  42. 42. Who is Your Ideal Partner?Okay, let’s be point blank about this one: what do you really want in apartner? What characteristics do you require in order to be happy andfulfilled in a relationship? Most people, when asked this question, will eithertell you one of two things:What they Don’t WantThe characteristics of your ideal partner need to be a list of positive thingsthat you want instead of negative things that you don’t want. For example,have you ever heard someone say:“No one who lies, cheats, complains too much, no financially irresponsiblepeople ”Okay, first of all, who DOES want these things in a partner? The morefocused you are on what you don’t want, the less awareness you’ll have ofwhat you do want and the less energy you can commit towards looking forwhat you do want. Not to mention that if you focus only on the negatives thatyour list is likely to grow as your life experience grows.Focus instead on what you do want, and make sure that you don’t make thesecond mistake Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 42
  43. 43. Generic StandardsIs your ideal partner someone who: is honest, who treats you well, who isresponsible and faithful, attractive, a great lover and a good potentialparent? If so, I’m sorry but you still have no idea what you really want out ofa partner. Instead, you’ve simply agreed with over 90% of people out therewho are also looking for someone: honest, who treats them well, who isresponsible and faithful, attractive, a great lover and a good potential parent.If you want to attract your ideal partner, you need to know what you’relooking for and you need to get specific. Of course, you do want to makesure that your list of “must haves” doesn’t run the risk of excluding the rightperson. But without standards, you run the risk of settling for something that“seems right.”TIP: Relationships which work are based on the fulfillment of the needs forcertainty, variety, significance, growth and contribution. Ask yourself whatkind of partner will help you meet these needs and write down youranswers. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 43
  44. 44. Are You Ready for Them to Arrive?Okay, so there’s never a perfect time to do anything but it’s also true thatlack of preparation is one of the primary reasons why people miss out onwonderful opportunities in life. So how can you determine if you’re ready foryour ideal partner to arrive into your life?Simple, survey at the characteristics that you’re looking for (you wrote thosedown right?) and ask yourself this:“Am I the kind of person I need to be to attract my ideal partner and build ameaningful relationship with them?”Be honest about this and don’t cheat yourself, or your partner, whereverthey are. It’s unfair to expect your ideal partner to fall for you just becauseyou want someone like them in your life. You also have to commit yourselfto becoming the kind of person who they will want to be with.This is where the next question comes inWhat Are You Willing to Give?There’s no such thing as something for nothing. This is true in your financiallife, your health and in your relationships. You can know exactly what kind ofpartner you want, and you can have your life together and be 100%confident that you’re the kind of person they would want to be with but youstill have to go out and find them. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 44
  45. 45. The level of success you have in your life will always be equivalent to thelevel of commitment you have to achieving that success through planning,action and persistence. If you want to meet and attract your ideal partner, it’stime to ask yourself what you’re willing to give in order to have them.In other words: do you need to set your pride aside and join an online datingsite? Do you need to start getting out more and going where single peopleare? Do you need to start talking to more people of the opposite sex thosewho you don’t yet know? Do you need to learn to be a better listener?Do you need to be more responsible? More compassionate? Have bettermanners? Have more confidence? Do you need to work on your body toimprove your sense of self confidence? No matter what it is, go back to yourlist of the ideal attributes in a partner and start being honest about whatyou’re willing to give to get what you want.Sure, it might be easy to say:“But they’ll show up eventually they have to. After alI, I deserve to behappy.”Yes, you may deserve it. But you probably also know that it’s VERY easy todeserve something and still never get it. So let’s take a moment to look athow you might approach the problem of attracting that special person intoyour life. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 45
  46. 46. Online Dating SitesThere are hundreds of online dating sites that you can sign up with tobrowse profiles. One of the easiest to use is the Plenty Of Fish service at which is entirely free to sign up for and beginusing. Plenty Of Fish has a huge membership of tens of millions of usersfrom all over the world.Other perhaps more familiar sounding dating sites include at and at, bothof which are paid subscription services. eHarmony claims to have the mostsophisticated algorithm for matching people to one another. They call it theCompatibility Matching system. They also claim to be responsible for about Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 46
  47. 47. 2 percent of all U.S. marriages currently (over 230 marriages every day, infact), culminating in the birth of more that 100,000 babies! And that is justone online dating service.With numbers like these it is hard to ignore the online dating phenomenon.But attracting your ideal partner through a dating service is not for everyone,and you maybe need to kiss a lot of virtual frogs before you find one thattakes your breath away. So let’s look at some offline alternativesFinding Other Local SinglesWhether you believe in soul mates or not, the fact is that most people whofall in love do so after meeting someone who lives nearby, who they haveproximity with – often because they interact with them daily. So proximity isa huge consideration when it comes to attracting that ideal person into yourlife. You are going to have a much easier time of finding someone when youare mixing with them.So to increase your odds of a match you need to get out and mix with othersingles.On the next page are a few suggestion on how you might go about doingthat. The important thing is to get out there. The more you mingle, the moreyou will be forcing your own law of attraction to work for you. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 47
  48. 48. • Sign up for dancing classes. You’ll meet other singles and you will make physical contact with them, which is always great way to break the ice. • Sign up for sports or hobbies that you enjoy. If you meet someone while doing something you really have an interest in you will be able to share your enjoyment with them repeatedly and build upon it, whether it be soccer, volleyball, bird- watching, chess, or painting with water colors. • Visit piano bars. These are low key venues where soft music is played and it is easy to have a conversation with the other person. Take a friend of the same sex and treat it as a chance to converse, while at the same time being open to meeting members of the opposite sex.Improve Your Body, Improve Your Confidence Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 48
  49. 49. There can be no doubt that if you feel better about your physical appearanceyou will respond better to members of the opposite sex when you interactwith them. It is easy to develop insecurities as you move beyond your earlyyears when staying in shape took no effort at all. As your body changes (forthe worse!) your confidence begins to deflate, and you can subconsciouslysabotage your own prospects of attracting someone into your life by goingout of your way to reduce the chances of meeting them.You will turn down opportunities for meeting people simply because in theback of your mind you have decided that you no longer want anyone to haveaccess to your body because it is far from perfect.Fortunately, bodily perfection is not required in order to find a mate. But selfconfidence goes a long way to improving the odds, and you can have that ifyou learn how to stay in shape through proper exercise and eating habits.Often it is just ignorance of how your own body works that is holding youback from losing a few pounds and toning up so that you feel like a millionbucks. When that happens, you’ll be sending out signals that you are readyto let another person into your life and share both an emotional and physicalconnection! Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 49
  50. 50. At youcan find a free ebook which contains somegreat tips on the best way to lose weight. Itinvolves no dieting and will put you on the rightpath to learning how to avoid making the mostcommon dietary mistakes that cause excesspounds to creep onto your frame. It will alsotell you what you need to do to get rid of themwithout dieting.So the morale of this section is that in order to get something you reallywant, you usually still have to work for it whether you feel that you aredeserving of it or not. That’s where the next step comes in Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 50
  51. 51. Chapter 6: Let Go of Past Hurts and Awaken Your PassionOkay, as you were reading the last chapter, you might have felt some fear orapprehension about whether or not you were ready for your idealrelationship. Most likely, the cause of this apprehension was pain of pasthurts or a lack of self-confidence. Chances are that these two things aredirectly or indirectly linked.Let’s face it, you need passion, confidence and happiness within yourselfwhen you’re alone as well as when you’re in a relationship. Otherwise, yourun the risk of depending on your partner to fill up a hole in yourself, which isan unfair burden for the other person. A partner is an equal a person with whom you accomplish acompleteness which is greater than the sum of two people. In other words,in a strong relationship, one and one is more than just two. A strongpartnership can generate enough love, compassion, excitement, andinspiration to support an entire household.This requires each partner to be giving themselves as a whole person, full ofpassion and life and love which they can give freely to one another andwhich allows them to receive in full as well.In unhealthy relationships, each person is simply trying to become completeby filling up the “holes” in their own character. In such cases, one and one is Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 51
  52. 52. 1.5 at best. In psychology, this is called a “merger wish” and it can drain arelationship of passion and life FAST. This is the results of two “un-whole”people coming together in order to fill in for what is missing in themselves.As you might guess, whole people have the tendency to be attracted bymeans of mutual strengths, while un-whole people are likely to be drawn toone another out of mutual weaknesses.So how can you awaken your own sense of passion and let go of past hurtsto make sure that you’re giving yourself as a whole person?Here are five things you can do today, and which can make a dramaticincrease in your sense of personal passion and emotional health:1) Choose to ForgiveNo matter how badly someone else has hurt you, bitterness can only hurtone person: you. Even if you never have to see the person who hurt youagain, the day to forgive them is today, whether you’re ready to or not.Bitterness causes you to see every relationship in your life through the lensof an old wound. This makes trusting other people VERY hard.As you probably know, trust is something which benefits you more than theperson who you’re trusting. After all, the more you trust someone the moreyou’re able to receive from them. Mistrust, on the other hand, keeps youfrom openly receiving someone else’s love and compassion because you’realways wondering “what they’re up to.” So before you can be in a Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 52
  53. 53. relationship as a whole person, you have to forgive otherwise, trust willalways be a struggle and the people in your present and future will alwaysbe paying for the offenses of those in your past.Whether the person you need to forgive is a parent, a sibling, a friend,someone you hate or even yourself, remember that forgiveness is a choiceand it’s something you must do to unleash your passion and to take the nextstep2) Choose to Look ForwardThe best cure for the hurts of the past is the hopes of the future. Likewise,the biggest hindrance to the hopes of your future will always be the hurts ofyour past. Even if you’ve forgiven those who have hurt you, looking forwardis the only way to actually heal.In psychology, there is something called “the law of reverse effect” whichstates that what you focus on in your imagination will always overwhelmyour willpower. This is because you feel what you focus on and your feelingsinfluence your thoughts and your actions. Considering this, it’s easy toimagine how important it is for you to make a choice to look forward and tostop looking back. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 53
  54. 54. 3) Follow Your PassionFind what you’re passionate about and make a commitment that you’regoing to follow it as your mission in life. In fact, as you might have realizedfrom the first three chapters of this book, this is something which you mustdo to have a chance at true wealth. If you’re working in a job that causesyou to feel empty, passionless or even unhappy, the time to start working onan exit strategy is today.Think about it, no matter how much willpower you have, there’s no one whocan live a life full of passion and purpose if they dislike what they’re doingwith the majority of their waking hours. Yes, it might take some time, but thesooner you get started in pursuing a means of following your passion, thesooner you’ll get where you want to be.4) Set Higher StandardsThe higher your standards are, the higher your rewards will be in life. Mostpeople who aren’t happy have settled for things which have become thesource of their unhappiness: poor health, an unfulfilling career, unhealthyrelationships, financial uncertainty etc.The first step towards escaping this fate is setting high standards foryourself in all the areas of your life and committing yourself to workingtowards them no matter what. Even if you never reach them, you’ll get a Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 54
  55. 55. LOT closer than you would have if you’d never set those standards in thefirst place.Of course, this must also be balanced out with the first principle ofawakening your passion and becoming whole5) Be Present in the Here and NowThe past and the future both have one thing in common: they’re bothproducts of your imagination. Sure, one of them has already happened andone of them has not happened. But focusing too much on either of them willcause you to miss out on the present.The present is all that you have when it comes to living a life of passion andhappiness. Anything else is either a dream or a memory. As inspiring asdreams can be, and as wonderful as memories can be, the present is andalways will be the very substance of your life.If you master the skill of being present and in the moment, you’ll have moregood to remember and more hope for the future.TIP: Being present is something which takes practice, and you won’t begreat at it just because you’ve read this book. But a good way to start is bydeveloping the habit of asking yourself: “Am I giving all that I am to thismoment?” Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 55
  56. 56. Bonus Chapter: The 10 Crucial Areas of Any RelationshipAs a close to this book, we’re going to cover the ten most crucial areas ofyour relationships. These are areas which, if managed right, can be the bestareas of your relationship. But they can also be the worst if they aren’tmanaged well. As you’re reading these, check yourself in ALL of yourrelationships (not just your romantic relationships) and be honest aboutwhere you need to take action:#1 Graceful ListeningMost people know that being a good listener is crucial to success in arelationship. But few people know how to listen gracefully. This kind oflistening is being committed 100% to hearing a person and understandingthem. The need to be heard is rooted in the need to be understood, becausethe feeling of being understood validates a person.#2 CourtshipFor most relationships, courtship ends within the first year or two (or aftermarriage). This is also normally the time that the “newness” wears off of arelationship. But committing to consistent courtship (date nights etc.) withyour partner can keep the magic alive for a lifetime. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 56
  57. 57. #3 StandardsMany times, people get into a committed relationship and “let themselvesgo.” As a result, their partner gets only a fraction of the person who theyoriginally fell for, which often causes the relationship to get stale. But havinghigh standards for yourself will keep this from happening and will likelyinspire the same in your partner.#4 Sexual OpennessSexuality is one of the most exciting and enjoyable things about apartnership between two people. Just think about how high of a motivationthis is when you’re looking for a partner. So what causes this to become oneof the most boring parts of a long term relationship? Lack of sexualopenness: both partners communicating what they like to the other, listeningopenly to one another and making a selfless commitment to pleasing theother (something which almost always encourages reciprocation).TIP: This takes practice and the best place to start is by talking about thingslike kissing, petting and massaging. Talking about foreplay will make iteasier to progress into discussing more intimate acts of sexuality.#5 TransparencyHonesty is so important in a relationship - a relationship without trust isalmost certain to fail. And as hard as it might seem, the beginning oftrustworthiness is being transparent with one another. This means sharingwhat’s on your heart, whether it is “good” or “bad.” When something’s out in Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 57
  58. 58. the open, it can be dealt with openly. But when things are denied or hidden,they usually manifest themselves in a more indirect manner, making forconfusion and awkward interactions which can hurt the relationship.#6 RespectWhen the respect goes in a relationship, everything else becomes VERYhard to hold together. Just think about the relationships in your life(friendships, courtships etc) which have gone bad. Chances are that respectwas one of the first things to go, and everything else was quick to follow.This is because as soon as the name calling, the yelling, the throwing of“emotional daggers” and the criticizing starts, a line gets crossed.Suddenly, things which weren’t acceptable or permissible have become areality in the relationship. The standards for how you speak to your partnerfall and disrespect starts to seep into the relationship like the contents of anopen sewer.TIP: No matter how angry or upset you are, make a commitment that you’realways going to speak to your partner as you would want someone to speakto you and that you speak about them in their absence as you would in theirpresence. This will help you to protect your relationship from the poison ofdisrespect.#7 PlayfulnessLife needs to be fun, and so the person you share your time with must besomeone you can have fun with and laugh with. Laughter has a mysterious Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 58
  59. 59. power to transcend emotions and circumstances and some even claim it hashealing power. Nevertheless, laughter is one of the greatest gifts life offers,so playfulness with your partner is a commitment which has rich rewards.#8 Financial PlanningMoney is such a vital resource for acquiring the things that you want andneed. Any relationship which lacks good financial planning is open to allkinds of problems. The majority of marriages end either partially or fullybecause of money fights. No matter how in love you are with your partner,coming into agreement about your financial resources is something whichyou simply can’t afford not to do before you decide to get serious.#9 Child RearingIf you hope to have children one day, finding someone who you can parentin agreement with is of untold value to the entire family and to the future ofthe human race for that matter. Parents who don’t come into agreementabout how their children are going to be raised before the children are bornend up either fighting about it or “figuring it out as they go.” This provides atension and chaos that can bring out the worst in both the parents and thechildren.However, parenting in agreement can do more than build a healthycourtship and family, it can create a legacy which will benefit your childrenand the world for generations to come. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 59
  60. 60. #10 GrowthPeople need to grow in order to be emotionally healthy and happy, and thesame is true for a relationship. If you and your partner aren’t growingtogether, it’s only a matter of time before you start growing apart. Bychallenging yourself and your partner by committing to ongoing courtship,graceful listening, respect and all the other principles above, you’ll build abond which will be nearly impossible to break.But growth has to start with you and it can only start right here and now. Nomatter what has happened to you in your past, you now have the tools to getstarted in looking forward and to mastering your life one moment at atime.Starting right now. Do you have the skills needed to completely master your money and your romantic life? The “Amazing Self” magazine can help: 60
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