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Infuseyourbrain mindfuse (1)

  2. 2. We try – and we try – and we try. But many times the results of our efforts (and the various programs we try) just don’t seem to work – or last. Guess what? The problem is in our brains. Literally! Our brains have been injected with all kinds of nonsense along the way. Some we are aware of. Most we are not. And we keep trying to change. We want to feel happy – successful – loved – confident – even powerful. But usually our brains fall back into the same old ruts and our lives don’t change all that much. Did you know that our brains actually create ruts – that keep us stuck? Wouldn’t you like to rewire your brain? (Maybe connect the fearful cord into the self-confident outlet, for example.) What if you could rewire your brain to feel happy and magical all the time? What if you could rewire it to feel confident no matter where you were or whom you were with? What if you could rewire it to not be so afraid? We need science to develop a magic pill for us.
  3. 3. All the effort we use to change can get discouraging – and tiring. Do you sometimes feel like that? I have. THE GOOD GREAT AMAZING INCREDIBLE NEWS IS . . . Science has developed a way to infuse emotional, mental and physical mastery into your brain and body. (Okay, I helped it out a little.) When I discovered that it was scientifically possible to alter our brains, I became excited. I already knew that it was our core beliefs that negatively controlled our lives – caused our misery, pain and failures. I knew it was our core beliefs that stopped us from powerfully creating the lives we desire. I also knew that we were almost always unaware of which beliefs were holding us back. Adopting new beliefs is essential to mastery. Infusing specific beliefs deep into the core of our brains is essential to achieving outrageous mastery®. And now there is a way to do just that! (And you can literally feel it while it is happening.) Did you know that a successful, confident person’s brain literally looks different (and functions differently) than a fearful person’s brain? It’s true.
  4. 4. Imagine - -  changing your brain pattern - - to be exactly like that of a wealthy, confident, successful person’s brain! Imagine - -  your brain naturally causing you to feel wealthy Imagine - -  your brain naturally causing you to feel successful Imagine - -  your brain naturally causing you to feel  confident Imagine - -  your brain naturally causing you to feel worthy   Imagine - -  your brain naturally causing you to feel powerful Imagine - -  achieving this without working at it! Imagine - -  what you could do with ultimate self-confidence. Who would you be? How would others react to you? How would your life change? Imagine - -  what you could achieve if you really saw yourself as successful and powerful? What would that feel like? Imagine - -  feeling loved and special all the time. How would your life be different? Imagine - -  feeling completely worthy - - of anything you desired? Take a deep breath and think about that.
  5. 5. Imagine - -  feeling this way without really doing anything! Could this really be possible? The power to create – anything you desire – comes through owning. . .  complete certainty  outrageous self-confidence  the certainty that you can create anything  the certainty that you are divine with divine powers of creation  the feeling of being 100% worthy  the feeling of being successful  the feeling of being powerful  the feeling of being loved and special  the certainty that this is possible for you – yes, you! WHAT IF . . .  You could feel, know, and own all of the above through a process that literally infused this certainty and knowledge directly into your brain (your body and life’s control center)? And do it easily, naturally, and deeply?
  6. 6. WHAT IF . . .  It required only 25 minutes a day? WHAT IF . . .  All you had to do was look at your computer screen? WHAT IF . . .  This were really possible? o – absolutely possible? The exciting news is that this is possible! So many people share with me the challenges that keep them stuck. Many just don’t feel worthy enough to have their deepest desires become a reality. Many are afraid to go outside their comfort zone and really create a magical life. Others don’t even know what beliefs are holding them back; they just feel depressed and unhappy about their situations. Many have lost hope that their lives can really change. Life can do that to us.
  7. 7. When I discovered the reality of altering our brain patterns, I was electrified. I knew that people’s minds (overflowing with confusing beliefs) literally stopped them from being able to change their lives. So I decided to take the core elements that needed to be infused into one’s mind for literal change to take place and combine it with state-of-the-art brain altering. We know that changes occur within our brain and body more profoundly the more senses are stimulated. Therefore, I wanted to include as much sensory stimulation as I could at the same time. Here is what all the excitement is about. Years ago my goal was to achieve outrageous mastery in my own life and then guide others to experience the same thing. In all of my other free e-books I was able to give you immediate steps that would begin your transformation into owning self-confidence, financial mastery, powerful beliefs, and more. In this e-book, I am limited to giving you information about what is possible and available. This is because I can’t give you the “experience” of brain infusion in an e-book. I wish I could.
  8. 8. Hopefully, it will excite you to own this knowledge. And give you hope. What I have created with scientists and technologists is a masterpiece called Mastery MindFuse. During the two years that we were working to create Mastery MindFuse I believed it would be powerful and life-altering. I became more and more excited as the project moved forward. What shocked me . . . was when the project was finally completed and I tried it out for myself! I could literally feel my brain change. And it felt good! I felt my physical body, my mind, and emotions center themselves – like every part of me was in alignment with every other part – calmly – peacefully – deeply – lovingly. That was merely to prepare me for the actual “infusion.” Then as the most profound and deeply powerful part of Mastery MindFuse began, I literally felt it being injected into every part of my being. I felt deeply loved.
  9. 9. I felt special. I felt like I was not alone. I felt worthy. I felt like my life had meaning and a purpose - - and I could feel what that was. I felt at peace. It was like the cells in my body were empowered with the knowledge that I could create the life I desired - - all of it. I began to feel playful. I began to feel deep love for myself. And then . . . The images became DYNAMIC . . . And the explosion of images and brain rearranging – reverberated through my body as if I were seeing myself as I never had before. I felt as if I were holding lightning! And that that lightning was under my control - - - I REALLY COULD CREATE MASTERY!
  10. 10. I WOULD ALWAYS FIND A WAY TO MAKE MY DREAMS A REALITY! I felt - - - all the way through my being - - - that - - - MY TIME WAS NOW. I WAS POWERFUL. I RADIATED CONFIDENCE. I WAS AMAZING I WAS THE DIRECTOR OF MY LIFE I WOULD GO FOR IT - - ALL OF IT - - AND ACTUALLY ACHIEVE IT! Oh my - - - I was energized and passionate - - - and emotional. I was changing - - - deep inside - - - and my life’s control center (my brain) was waking up and taking charge. I was stunned. I was literally mesmerized. It was as if I could feel the parts of my brain that may not have completely believed these things before, align themselves with the deeply impactful message being presented. And I couldn’t wait to experience it again the next morning - - - and the next - - -
  11. 11. and the next. Knowing I was literally morphing into a confident, powerful creator. Wow! And then each day as I sat in front of my computer (many times in bed with my laptop on my lap) and re-experienced Mastery MindFuse, the infusion into my soul went deeper and deeper until I felt complete alignment with the affirmations and dramatic visualizations presented. I would go through my days and the words and images would reverberate through my mind and body at unexpected moments. I literally was transforming. And when I would think about it, I would laugh out loud! I would think to myself, “How could something be so powerful, so transformative, and yet so easy?” Outrageous mastery! Bring it on!
  12. 12. Mastery MindFuse You may be interested in knowing more about the science behind brain infusion. Let me first be real clear. Mastery MindFuseis NOT merely brainwave entrainment! It is brain infusion! Brainwave entrainment is powerful in and of itself, BUT, Mastery MindFuse is a full-body experience that stimulates and activates not only your brain but your entire mind, body, and spirit. Because of the added sensory stimulation, the incorporation of specific outrageous mastery® technology, and my own intensely powerful experience and knowledge with mastery and manifesting, Mastery MindFusecan’t even be compared to brain entrainment modalities. Now, allow me to share with you . . . THE SCIENCE OF MIND INFUSION (Intentionally changing your brain patterns while infusing new, emotionally powerful beliefs) Human brain patterns can be altered intentionally or without the individual having any desire to change them. You experience this every day. Listen to a certain song and you calm down, watch a sporting event and your mind gets excited. These different states of mind can be measured using EEG machines and each state of mind is associated with its own waveform. This is far from “alternative” medicine or New Age philosophy. Brain waves have long been known to science. In sleep studies, for instance, the brain wave patterns of patients are measured to determine when they’re in various stages of sleep. The fact that people are more easily influenced when they’re tired is something most people understand through their own experience. Wake someone from a
  13. 13. full sleep to a half sleep and ask them any request and, generally, they’ll just say “yes”. Like other aspects of our bodies, our brain waves can be harnessed and controlled. Learning to do so is a part of many spiritual traditions. Though they didn’t have knowledge of brain waves and their different patterns, ancient people practiced meditation, mortification of the flesh and other rituals to alter their consciousness. Most often, learning to do so has profound effects on one’s life, many of them quite beneficial. Today, technology and science have opened up new understandings about our brain waves and offer new ways to alter, control and benefit from understanding them. Brain Waves The brain has several different types of wave activity associated with it, all of which occur within different frequency ranges and all of which denote different states of mind. To understand how your brain waves can be changed intentionally, you must first understand the nature of the waves that you’re trying to change. Alpha Waves When your brain is producing these waves, you generally experience the feeling of drowsiness. As an example, imagine being at a meeting and desperately trying to stay away through a boring lecturer. As the speech drones on, you may find your eyes slowly closing and yourself entering a very calm, almost transcendent state. This state is where Alpha waves occur. Alpha waves are also produced when you wake up in the morning and just before you fall asleep at night. Anyone in this state of mind tends to be more suggestible than they would be otherwise. Beta Waves These waves are associated with everyday activity and with wakefulness. This is the most common state of mind that people experience. Beta waves and activities that stimulate them are very important to psychological health and good sleep. This is the state of mind where you’re capable, engaged and active. Without sufficient mental activity at this level, problems can result with concentration and with sleep.
  14. 14. Theta Waves These very inactive waves are associated with the most profound feelings of relaxation. These brain waves occur when you’re on the verge of sleep or when you’re lightly sleeping or in a meditative state. Delta Waves These waves are produced when we’re in our deepest sleep state. This sleep isn’t the sleep where you dream: this is the regenerative, “out like a light” state of sleep. Delta waves are the least active type of brain waves. When you’re brain is producing Delta waves, you’re not aware of it, or anything else, in most cases. How Brain Waves are Altered Brain waves can also be manipulated through a process called “entrainment”. This involves deliberately introducing stimuli that changes the brain wave patterns. There are numerous different ways to do this, though some methods are less specific, as they were developed before brain waves were even discovered. You may be familiar with some of the following ways that people alter their consciousness and, thus, their brain waves.  Meditation  Hypnosis  Strenuous Activity, i.e. “runners high”  Binaural Music  Isolation Tanks All of these methods alter your brain waves to some degree. However, none of them are actually able to induce specific types of brain waves. The most scientific methods oftentimes induce Alpha or Beta waves specifically or even stimulate one hemisphere of the brain and not the other. This entrainment process is very precise and the individuals who make use of it are able to induce in themselves the exact mental state they desire. Of course, all of this information fails to address the question as to why anyone
  15. 15. would deliberately alter their brain waves. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO ALTER THEIR BRAIN WAVES? Because it enables you to maximize your control over your mind, your habits, and your beliefs. The science of deliberately altering your brain waves (entrainment) is nothing short of “hacking” your brain to make it work better. PROBLEMS WITH TRADITIONAL METHODS HYPNOSIS You may be one of the people who cannot be hypnotized, or you may know someone who has this trait. In fact, some estimates place the total percentage of the population that can be hypnotized at around 30 percent. For roughly 70 percent of people, hypnotism will simply not offer much except a good laugh. MEDITATION Meditation is another activity that can change your brain waves, but it’s not suitable for everyone. Monks and other practitioners frequently spend years developing the ability to induce a meditative state in themselves and, even when they’re very experienced, the state is quite fragile. OTHER METHODS There are some methods of altering brain waves, many of them very popular, which actually do nothing. Some of these methods include odd types of music that may or may not have an effect, crystals, herbs and other products that offer nothing but a placebo effect. There are ways to alter your brain waves, but they are complex and require techniques and technologies based in the current scientific understanding of brain wave activity and the use of methods that are actually known to affect the patterns of the brain waves themselves. HOW BRAIN ALTERING WORKS (The Grandfather Clock Effect) When two events are occurring in proximity to one another but at different frequencies, they tend to eventually synchronize. In mechanical devices, this is called the Grandfather Clock Effect. If you have access to a pair of pendulum clocks, you can test this for yourself.
  16. 16. It’s science; it’s not magic. If you start the pendulums so that their beats are different from one another, you’ll eventually find that they begin to line up and, over time, they’ll beat the exact same rhythm. This is not only a quality of mechanical devices; our brains work this way, too. OTHER EXAMPLES People oftentimes soothe themselves by listening or watching rhythmic events. Watching the waves roll onto the shore, staring at rain as it falls or even watching one of the aforementioned clocks all tend to relax human beings. It’s also possible for human beings to follow the rhythm of these events quite naturally. If you’re listening to a metronome, for example, you can very accurately predict each of its tics without actually watching the device swing back and forth. Our brains are very adapted to patterns and rhythms. The concept behind brain wave entrainment is to deliberately introduce a rhythmic event—sometimes buried in an audio—that causes the brain waves to synchronize with the frequency of the event. By introducing stimuli that the brain can lock onto and that is of a certain frequency, the brain can be made to produce waves of a desired frequency through the natural process of synchronization. Because each of these waves is associated with a specific state of mind, attuning the brain waves to frequencies where the desired state of mind is present allows you to infuse new beliefs and thoughts into your brain when you’re susceptible to them. The example for Alpha waves that demonstrated how people who are drowsy or slightly dozed-off become very suggestible gives some insight into how you can use this to achieve much more mastery in your life. HOW ENTRAINMENT IS ACHIEVED AND WHY IT MATTERS There are products that claim to be able to induce different brain wave states, but not all of them are scientific. Those that are scientific use the principles of entrainment to achieve their effects. This means inducing the specific frequency ranges associated with various mental states via various stimuli. It may involve light, sound and more.
  17. 17. Those products that actually do achieve the result of inducing a particular state of mind can be very useful toward retraining the subconscious and changing the way you reflexively think about yourself and the world around you. Using state-of-the-art scientific technology I have created Mastery MindFuse, which incorporates the process of Infusing Outrageous Mastery® directly into your brain. Versus Other Methods Among the various methods that claim to allow you to access your subconscious, many are mere promises. Other methods, such as meditation, take years to learn and decades to perfect. And mastering meditation does not necessarily make you a powerful creator of your desires, or give you unstoppable self-confidence, or make you feel completely worthy, or successful, and so forth. It can calm you, center you, and many times bring you peace. But I suspect you desire much more in your life besides a feeling of peace. (Or maybe that’s just me?) Pounding on drums, chanting, dancing and other repetitive, hypnotic rituals have long been associated with achieving a clearer, more productive and positive mental state for thousands of years. In the past, there were elaborate rituals that people used to induce these states. Today, the world is scientific and technology has given us the opportunity to speed up – deepen – and even replace such rituals to achieve the powerful, peaceful, productive, mental states we desire. The Science Involved The  science  behind  brain  entrainment  is  not  new.    It’s  used  in  myriad  applications.   Brain  waves  are  used  as  an  indication  of  the  mental  state  of  patients  in  hospitals   every  day.   They’re  also  used  to  check  for  physical  problems  with  the  brain  and  as  ways  of   revealing  the  causes  and  potential  cures  for  various  mental  illnesses.   Brain  entrainment  is  a  real  phenomenon  that  can  be  measured  by  real  scientists   using  real  instruments.
  18. 18. Science and Tradition By using light and sound patterns that are designed to evoke certain brain wave patterns in the user, make it possible to vastly increase the quality of your meditation. One of the primary uses for brain entrainment is for relaxation and, of course, meditation is a very specific type of relaxation. By stimulating the production of Alpha and Theta waves, your meditative state can be made more intense and easier to maintain. There’s no reason to not make it as easy for yourself as possible! Using a scientific method to achieve the end goal of reaching a meditative state is not at all counterintuitive. While the practices and rituals associated with meditation have meaning, there’s nothing wrong with helping yourself to learn to meditate more quickly than would be otherwise possible. Especially when you consider the benefits of meditation, there’s no reason to not make it as easy for yourself as possible. When your brain waves are changed, your state of mind changes - allowing you to put yourself into a more suggestible state – therefore, absorbing more powerful beliefs and feelings into the “control center” of your body – your brain. Used properly it can literally infuse new patterns of thought into your subconscious. True power comes when we can control our mental states, thereby controlling how we process life and respond to it. Anxiety-ridden or having trouble controlling your emotions or impulses? Oftentimes, people who are anxiety-ridden or who have trouble controlling their emotions or impulses are encouraged to meditate as a way of calming themselves in everyday life. If you’ve ever been taught meditation as a relaxation technique, you’ll likely remember being told to ignore your thoughts and to focus on your breathing. Of course, monks spend lifetimes mastering the discipline required to ignore your own thoughts. For most people, meditation becomes yet another thing that doesn’t work out as advertised. The basic technique, however, does involve entrainment. Concentrating on your breathing is a way to get your brain focused on a rhythmic
  19. 19. event and, thus, to alter your brain waves through entrainment. The hard part is focusing on something you’re also consciously doing. Your Ability to Concentrate and Mentally Focus A lot of the people who use brain entrainment techniques do it to increase their ability to concentrate. In many cases, a lack of concentration results from a mind that is perpetually somewhere else. Mental focus can be enhanced by stimulating the brain in certain ways. There are definite connections between certain brain wave patterns and certain mental features, such as a lack of concentration. Though Beta waves, for example, are associated with being active and alert, those with problems concentrating, such as individuals with ADD, suffer a lack of those same brain waves. There are several different ways that entrainment can be used to help alleviate concentration problems. Sleep There is probably no phenomenon so readily associated with brain waves as is sleep. Most everyone knows that your brain wave patterns change when you sleep and most people, if they don’t know as much outright, would be able to infer that those brain waves become much less active during the sleep state. Insomnia is one of the most significant problems that modern people face. It results in lost productivity, lost wages and problems with maintaining a healthy social life. Over time, insomnia can cause physical problems, as well, and can introduce mental issues such as depression and anxiety in sufferers. The use of entrainment to help with sleep problems is of obvious benefit. By introducing calmer, more sedate brain wave patterns, an individual can be helped to relax. This means that the anxiety and other issues that oftentimes result in insomnia can be soothed and that, over time, the brain can be taught to relax again. This is one of the most popular uses for brain wave entrainment. Spiritual Connection A great many traditions hold that altering the mental state is a gateway to opening up new spiritual realities. Some individuals use entrainment as a way of opening those doors.
  20. 20. Meditation Substitute Meditation is a facet of numerous different spiritual pursuits. As was detailed above, however, meditation is not something that everyone can learn to do through traditional techniques. Life was very different when these ancient techniques were developed.  There were no mechanical or electronic distractions  People lived more active, less stressful lives  Life moved slower, allowing for years to be spent learning to meditate Today, the average person does not have a few years to spare so that they can go to the top of a mountain to learn to meditate from a master. Though this is the case, people still do have the urge to engage in something meaningful and spiritual that has something to offer aside from ego gratification and short-term pleasure. Brain wave entrainment can make it much easier to learn the techniques of meditation and to successfully achieve the meditative state. One of the hardest things about meditation is learning to lose yourself in the moment. With entrainment techniques, you gradually coax your mind into that state instead of trying to bludgeon it into submission. Better Performance To perform at your best, you need to be focused, energetic and confident. These are all areas where entrainment offers improvements. By being able to relax when you have the chance and to sleep well at night, your energy levels and mental state are both boosted. By teaching yourself to be confident through various techniques you can teach yourself that anything is possible. A lot of entrainment’s benefits flow from simply calming, refocusing and controlling the mind. These techniques can improve performance in many different aspects of life. A sharper mind makes it more likely that you’ll notice the tiny mistakes that separate a good job from a great one, and it makes it more likely that you’ll be able to perform better athletically. Taking the time to rest and focus your mind has beneficial effects throughout your life.
  21. 21. Harnessing the Subconscious There is a lot of information about the subconscious out there, not all of it good. The subconscious is a catch-all term for those thought processes, habits and tendencies we all have that aren’t under our direct control. For example, if you were picked on when you were a child and someone physically threatens you, your innate reaction may be one of submission; something that was programmed into your subconscious as a survival strategy during those formative years. If you were a bully, you may have a subconscious reaction toward anger each and every time you’re disappointed. You can retrain both of these habits, and many more. Your subconscious can also be understood as that part of your brain that controls your most basic functions. Your breathing, heartbeat, digestive function and so forth are controlled by processes that exist below the threshold of your conscious mind. This part of your conscious is sometimes referred to as the reptilian brain, as it tends to react to stimuli without compassion or any other higher form of thought. As a good example of this, if you put your hand on a hot stove, you’ll yank it away reflexively. If someone’s face happens to be in the way of your hand as you pull it back, you’ll generally be unable to alter that reaction to spare them being struck. These reactions are not inevitable, however. Retraining the Subconscious Your subconscious can be retrained. There are very practical, real-world examples of how this works that require no scientific jargon to illustrate. In fact, one of the easiest examples in the world involves sports. Imagine you’re hanging out with your least athletic friend. He or she is sitting casually, not paying attention to what’s going on when you throw a beanbag at their face. You can imagine their reaction: hands up, head down, eyes closed. These are the natural reactions that anyone has when something unexpected comes at their face. These reactions are programmed into the subconscious and, in most cases, they’re valuable. Now imagine your most athletic friend is sitting in that chair. You throw the beanbag at them, only to see a very different set of reactions. The hands go up, but the palms go out to catch, not to cover the head. The eyes widen and assess the trajectory and force of the beanbag so that it can be intercepted. The head goes up, but is ready to dodge the object, should your friend fail to intercept it. These are all subconscious reactions that have been taught to the individual to
  22. 22. allow to them to compete as an athlete. In this case, the subconscious physical reactions have been reprogrammed. This can be done with mental reactions, as well. We all have subconscious reactions to stimuli. One of the most illustrative is failure. When some people fail, their natural reaction is to assess why, to redouble their efforts and to work toward a different solution. For other people— the majority of people, in fact—the reaction is to engage in non-constructive self- criticism, to find a million reasons why no other method would guarantee success and to determine why they’re such utter failures at everything. This is not a constructive reaction and, like an athlete, you need to reprogram your subconscious reactions if you really expect to compete in life. Reprogramming All subconscious reactions can be reprogrammed. Soldiers are trained to react to intense fear by falling back on their training. Firefighters deny their subconscious—and sensible—fear of fire and enter a mental state that allows them to function above and beyond it when needed. Good public speakers take their subconscious fear of embarrassment and do away with it, finally learning how much fun it can actually be to be on stage giving a presentation. No matter what your issues, you can retrain your subconscious to deal with them more constructively. Where brain wave entrainment is concerned, the actual modification of the brain waves is only the first step. After the most advantageous pattern of brain waves has been induced, there are often times motivational messages or other materials provided to the individual by the device they’re using. This means that, when you’re in your suggestible state—such as the Alpha brain wave state—you hear the messages (sometimes subconsciously). Instead of reacting to them by dismissing any positive ideas as naïve, your subconscious absorbs the idea in the same way you’re likely to answer “Yes” to any request put to you while you’re dozing off. Those less-active brain wave states are very non-judgmental. This technique can be used to combat all matter of bad habits and destructive beliefs. You may find yourself wanting to become more assertive as your tendencies to be passive start to become problems. Absorbing the right messages when you’re in the right frame of mind can go a long way toward helping you accomplish this. Instead of relying on unscientific, gimmicky methods, you can simply use what’s scientifically-established about brain waves and entrainment to give yourself the edge by dramatically changing the way you think and respond.
  23. 23. Some Examples of Retraining Your Subconscious No matter how hard you try this in a normal state of mind, your critical thought patterns—which are normally eminently useful—will step in and cause you to analyze and question every positive idea you try to absorb. In the right frame of mind, however, which can be induced via entrainment of the brain waves to a specific frequency, you can simply absorb the message into your subconscious – which will, in turn, alter your beliefs and behavior. This is profoundly demonstrated in Mastery MindFuse Warnings Remember that there are some caveats with entrainment. Entrainment cannot take the place of therapy for genuine mental disorders. Those who suffer conditions such as epilepsy and other neurological disorders should consult with a doctor before using any entrainment products. Conclusion Entrainment is a method of changing your state of mind by using completely scientific, well-established and understood phenomena. You can read up on it yourself, if you wish, and you’ll find that brain waves, their relationship to your mental state and their usage in diagnosis and therapies are well established. Your brain determines how you see the world. What is Mastery MindFuse with Sasha Xarrian? Mastery MindFuse is a breakthrough technology that has been in development for over 2 years. It utilizes state-of-the-art, scientific technologies combined with dramatic visualizations and word images that literally infuse the brain with new empowering beliefs. It is creating results that are far beyond any of the creator’s expectations. And what makes Mastery MindFuse so powerful is that it requires zero effort. Mastery MindFuseuses a computer. It is very simple to use and essentially runs itself.
  24. 24. Most self help programs work, unfortunately they take too much time, motivation, and effort to see results and that’s why most people never see change. Mastery MindFuse eliminates all of that. This breakthrough technology allows you to simply sit, watch and EXPERIENCE results. Never again will you have to wake up and motivate yourself to do affirmations that you probably don’t believe anyway. Never again will you have to “try” to meditate and hopefully see results. Never again will you have to “do” anything in order to see the results you desire. This is what you been waiting for - a simple, yet effective solution that doesn’t require any motivation, any positive thinking on an ongoing basis, or any law of attraction thoughts every minute of every day. All that is required is to sit and watch a short video that has been scientifically designed and created to naturally and deeply infuse confidence, certainty, love, power, and purpose into your life. Now, take a deep breath - - smile - - and be grateful - - while you take a vacation every day into outrageous mastery.® Take your vacation into Outrageous Mastery® here – today – right now! Mastery MindFuse is the personal creation of Sasha Xarrian, the author of the best-selling Outrageous Mastery® trilogy, owned by readers in every country in the world (196 countries). It is another powerful, life-altering creation that will dramatically help you create an outrageous life - full of mastery – fun – fulfillment – confidence - and certainty. ©Copyright  2010  Sasha  Xarrian,  all  rights  reserved