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Checklist for-recruitment
Checklist for-recruitment
Checklist for-recruitment
Checklist for-recruitment
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Checklist for-recruitment


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Recruitment ProcessThe following table sets out a simple checklist of questions to consider before embarkingon an external recruitment campaign. It is not designed to be a definitive list, but is auseful starting point. Identify needs • Why is the job needed? • Can the role be redefined? • Can responsibilities be incorporated elsewhere? • What happens if the job isn’t replaced? • What are the consequences of non-appointment? • Review whether now is the right time to recruit i.e. is there a major reorganisation pending? Consider internal • Are there individuals on the succession plan? candidates • Could hi-pos be moved sideways for development purposes? • Should some be seen out of courtesy? • Consider whether there are candidates within the wider organisation, e.g. in sister companies Select headhunter • Are they recognised selection experts? • Do they have a defined methodology? • Do they have expertise in this recruitment area? • Have they done similar work before? • Have you obtained references? • What success assurances do they offer? • How will they represent you in the market? • Costs – what will you pay them? • What recruitment team will work on the assignment? • What written progress reports will you receive? • What project timings do they suggest? • Do their style and values fit with your organisation? • What are the resources they will assign to your project? • Do they work for your competitors? Draw up job • Define key purpose of job description and • Define key result areas person profile • Define critical objectives • Define role metrics • Define reporting lines • Identify key reports • What is the remit of the job in terms of geography and customer base? • Where will the job be based? ©Strategic Dimensions – August 2004
  • 2. • What are the competencies? • What is the budget? • What qualifications are required? • What is the personal profile of the ideal candidate? • What would be contra indications • Identify key values and vision of organisation • Identify Chief Executive’s “hot buttons” • What are the likely promotion opportunities for this role?Define interview • Define client interview processes i.e. stages, key personnel,and decision format, and formalitiesmaking process • Define sequence of interviews, psychometrics, if required, and additional assessment processes • Define what weight will be given to each interviewer/exercise in terms of making finalDefine project • Agree timings for presentation of initial shortlistmanagement • Agree timings of first round interviewsprocess • Agree feedback mechanismsDefine search • Define criteria which identify relevant organisationsuniverse • Develop research team’s list of relevant companies • Develop client list of relevant companies • Delete those organisations which should not be on the consolidated list • Identify consultants, academics, etc. who may give referrals • Identify established networks which should be searched • Use established consultant networks to identify viable candidatesAdditional sourcing • Conduct web posting • Analysis of head hunter/consultancy database • Assessment of head hunter/consultancy networkSelecting • Screen CVs against key role requirementscandidates for • Assess content and style of candidate covering lettersinterview • Check out obvious reference points • Ensure interview courtesies • Provide detailed overview of role, terms and conditions and company to candidatesConduct head • Check for knowledge of topichunter / consultant • Check for knowledge of client organisationinterviews • Check for knowledge of business • Check for interpersonal compatibility • Check Continuous Professional Development ©Strategic Dimensions – August 2004
  • 3. • Authenticate qualifications • Obtain names of potential referees • Check external networks • Verify current package, notice period and salary expectations • Ascertain candidates longer term ambitions/aspirations • Evidence of external reputation • Confirm, where relocation may be an issue, that candidate will relocate • Provide feedback to candidates on interview performanceHead hunter / • Produce written reports on each candidate with strengths,consultant shortlist weaknesses and synopsis of the details outlined above • Discuss each candidate with client • Confirm final details of client interview process • Confirm date for first stage interviews • Advise clients on any aspect of the interview process or design as necessaryClient interviews • Advise candidates of interview time, location and process • Advise candidates to take examples of good work • Advise clients on interview questions and etiquette • Client to confirm HR’s role? • Client to confirm the line manager’s role? • Client to confirm the line manager’s role? • Dinner with preferred candidate and their partnerPsychometrics and • Identify appropriate ability and/or personality testingadditional instrumentsassessment • Arrange testing • Provide feedback to candidates and clients • Consider development recommendations on the basis of the assessment(s) • Ensure coverage of other assessment processes e.g. presentation or case study • Consultant can advise on in-depth psychological analysis if required • Consultant to advise if independent psychological assessment requiredReferences & • Ensure thorough pre-employment medical is undertakenMedical • References taken by consultant or client but should be with two previous line managers, not necessarily those nominated by the candidateOffer Letter This should include the following: • Basic terms and conditions • Salary information ©Strategic Dimensions – August 2004
  • 4. • Salary review • Performance criteria • Stock options • Notice period • Relocation Policy • Non-disclosure clause • Restrictive Covenants • Start date • Pension Arrangements • Reporting relationships • Mode of acceptance • Expiration of offerPre-employment • Keep candidate abreast of key developments within organisation • Arrange for candidate’s attendance at critical meetings • Deal with candidate’s equipment and office requirements • Brief team of intended start date • Brief organisation on new-hire details • Don’t assume that acceptance of offer means candidate will start! Keep them ‘warm’The first 90 days • Basic induction – orientation • Basic induction – products and processes • Meeting the Board • Candidate to produce a formal output plan for first 12 months • Meeting the team • Initial work plan • Priorities to address • Regular compatibility discussions with client • Compatibility discussion with client • Arrange meetings with key customers • Reinforce key objectives, vision and values • Appointment of mentor or buddy • Fulfil any promises made during interview process • Check the domestics • Check performance against set objectives • Get candidate’s feedback on progress to date, and on wider issues as appropriate ©Strategic Dimensions – August 2004