The Ten Minute Guide to Getting Found on the Internet for Restaurants and Hotels


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Learn the secrets to amplifying your hotel or restaurant web site so that it can be easily found by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

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The Ten Minute Guide to Getting Found on the Internet for Restaurants and Hotels

  1. 1. Amplify Your WebsiteThe Ten Minute Guide to Getting Found on the Internet for Restaurants and Hotels
  2. 2. Remember that adage about the fallen tree in the woods?
  3. 3. s ie ! e ppl m a a e s l ite e ip b s h cT in we r our p y to
  4. 4. If no one can find your website, does iteven exist? If your goal is to get more customers from your website, the answer is no. Your website might as well not exist if no one can find it.
  5. 5. Want to get found? Use keywords.
  6. 6. There are numerous factors that go into decidingwhich pages make it to the top of Google......keywords are the only factor you have full control over.
  7. 7. keyword [ˈkiːˌwɜːd]: Anysignificant word or phrase,especially a word used todescribe the contents of adocument
  8. 8. Google sends bots around the web to categorize thecontent of the Internet. The bots use keywords todetermine what your website is about so that whensomeone searches on Google, the search engine is ableto instantly know which pages on the Internet are abouta particular topic.
  9. 9. It is your job to consider whichkeywords best describe what your site is about.
  10. 10. For most restaurants and hotels thekeywords youre trying to rank for should be something like this... What you are + where youre located French food Boston SoHo Italian restaurant Park Slope bed and breakfast Banquet hall southern Vermont
  11. 11. Your potential customers above yourself
  12. 12. Most websites arenarcissistic. Theyonly want to reflectback on themselvesby making theirkeywords abouttheir name.Chances are, thatsnot what acustomer willsearch for onGoogle.
  13. 13. Choose Your Keywords With Your Sales Funnel in Mind
  14. 14. People searching for keyword terms on Google with your restaurant or hotelname in the keyword already know about your business. They are already inthe sales funnel because theyve heard about you and were interestedenough to search for you or perhaps they are even returning customers. Blakes Restaurant Blakes Restaurant Menu Blakes Restaurant Hours
  15. 15. Restaurants in Manhattan Lower Eastside steakhouses Romantic restaurant New York CityTo get new customers you need to feed the top of the funnel with keywords that will attract people who have never heard of your restaurant or hotel before.
  16. 16. I have my keywords in mind. Now what?
  17. 17. Use your chosen keywordson your site. Each page onyour site should beoptimized for a particularkeyword or keyphrase.
  18. 18. Use Keywords in Your Title Use keywords in your headers Use keywords in your alt img tags for all your website images.Use keywords in your text (but not too much, thats called keyword stuffing)
  19. 19. Places to use your keyword or phrase: -In Your Title -In Your Header (H1, H2 tags) -In Your URL ( your alt img tags (thats the text that appears when you hover over an image on a website) -In the text of the page
  20. 20. Remember though, Google is smart!
  21. 21. Stop right there if youthink you can trick GoogleChances are, you cant and youwill get your site de-indexed if: You stuff your site unnaturallywith keywords You hide keywords with text thatblends in with the background You create pages just for thesearch engines that you dontintend your website visitors tosee
  22. 22. Play nice with Google and Google will playnice with you. Its that simple.
  23. 23. Follow these rules and soon enoughyour website will be amplified. Being findable on Google means your website will be able to reach more potential customers.
  24. 24. Slide Credits Slide 2- Slide 6- Slide 8- Slide 9- Slide 12- Slide 20- Slide 21- Slide 22- Slide 23- pictures used under Creative Commons Attribution License