Russian Food & Beverage Restaurant Service Style (Ultimate Guide)


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Russian Food & Beverage Restaurant Service Style (Ultimate Guide)

  1. 1. Russian Food & Beverage Restaurant Service Style
  2. 2. What is Russian Service Russian service originated from the era of Tsars of Russia who believed in ceremony and ritual. Russian service is also referred as platter service since foods are positioned in well-decorated silver platters. For More Details Please Read this Tutorial: guide-russian-food-beverage-service-style
  3. 3. Features of Russian Service The key features of Russian service which make it distinct style of service are given below: This service is followed specially in the best international restaurants and hotels, mostly in banquet operation where selection of foods are same for all guests. In Russian service, servers place all food items on silver platters attractively when all food preparation is done in the kitchen and present the platter to guests for approvals, and serves the food from the left side. Only dishing and presentation is made on the table.
  4. 4. Features of Russian Service Continued… • Unlike French service, this service required only one server and less labor-intensive and considered as faster service. • Russian service does not necessitate any extra space for special equipment (ex-gu´eridon) and it is an inexpensive service. • The manager is usually responsible for controlling labor and product costs.
  5. 5. Table Setting Procedures of Russian Service
  6. 6. Preparation of food in Russian Service • The servers have to be skilled in balancing the items on the platters since they have to serve food to the guests from the platters standing beside each guest even sometimes keeping the foods only on the palm. • After serving the guests, the servers return back to the remaining food to the kitchen. • After the guests have finished all their dishes, the servers clear the soiled dishes from the table as per standard.
  7. 7. Preparation of food in Russian Service Continued…. • In Russian service, the food production staffs are responsible for preparing foods in the kitchen and organizing the foods delightfully on the service platters and deliver it to the servers for serving the foods to the guests. • All cooking, completion of food preparation and carving are done in the kitchen except the dishing which is done at the tableside. • After placing the heated plates from the right side according to the clockwise direction, the servers bring the platters of food from the kitchen and introduce food to the guest standing to left side of each guest by holding the platters using left hand.
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