Job sectors for hospitality students (


Published on presents indepth presentation on Different Job Sectors for Hospitality Management Students. A presentation from world’s most popular hospitality management training web site,

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Job sectors for hospitality students (

  1. 1. Visit: for Free Hospitality Training Materials
  2. 2. Summary: From this presentation you will learn some valuable idea of job sectors where the hospitality students can seek for job.For Detail Tutorial on this Topic Please Visit: student-hotelier
  3. 3. Hospitality students often havemisconception that a course in hospitalitymanagement will help them only to get job inhotel sector.But this is not true; beside these areas thereother potential areas of job sector are alsoopen for the hospitality students.
  4. 4.  Airlines Catering Restaurant or Fast Food Chain Tourism sectors Teaching Institutes as Instructor or Lecturer Food industry Other job sectors
  5. 5.  In airline industry, expertise in catering and management along with politeness, courtesy and helpfulness are considered as the most precious qualities to attract their passengers which a hospitality student must have to carry. Airlines often advertise for the posts of fight stewards and pursers particularly for hotel management graduates. The women who has a hotel management degree or who trained in catering also can apply for the post of air hostesses.
  6. 6.  A hotel management graduate can easily choose industrial, institutional or private catering as job sector. The industrial catering means operating or assisting to run a canteen in a factory or office. Such canteens may have expertise in serving meals for hundreds of workers a day. The functional activities of institutional catering are quite similar to the industrial catering. Private catering consists of operating a small restaurants or home catering services.
  7. 7.  There is great demand for graduate hospitality students in restaurants and fast food chains. Famous and popular restaurants and fast food chains are, Kwality’s, Dominos, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, Shake Shack and so on. To provide the qualitative service these chains choose hospitality students for their own benefit as they are trained in hotel service and production.
  8. 8. Tourism industry of any country involve the following areas: Tourist offices Travel agencies Tour operators Airline/maritime/railway companies
  9. 9. There are many institutes which offer post graduate courses. Such as: The PUSA institute Cornell University Les Roches Queen Margaret university.Hotel management graduates also can give lecture inpolytechnics or institutes who provide short- term courses infood production, catering, housekeeping etc.
  10. 10. The food processing manufacturing anddistributing industries and companies isanother opportunity where a student ofhotel management can seek for job.
  11. 11. Motels, Clubs, GuestHouses, Theme Parks,Casinos, Health Spas,Retirement Homes, etc.
  12. 12.