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Cd Auction Art Pieces Cd Auction Art Pieces Presentation Transcript

  • SYF Winning Art Pieces by RI Students
  • 1. Photograph: Paradoxically
    Photographer: Michael Lee (currently in 4A)
    Artist’s Statement:     
    It is defined as “An opinion or statement contrary to commonly accepted opinion”
    Who says buildings have to be straight all the time?
    In this picture, I wish to show that there’s a different angle to every picture and that with a careful eye, even dilapidated shop houses can become castles in the sky.
    Minimum bid: $500
  • Close-up view
  • Close-up view
  • Close-up View
  • 2. Painting: Return to Innocence
    Artist: ZengTian Chen (JC1)
    Artist’s Statement:
    Upon a great backdrop of stars one can see a giant arm thrusting itself from the earth to the skies above, where it reaches for the planets and stars scattered from the act of creation. Yet it is restrained by a connection to an earth infested by mushrooms in a fester of decay, from which it grows and is bound, and attempts to escape from. The painting portrays an act of tension and collision, between the forces that attempt to uplift and those that attempt to stall and degrade. Here one can see the impossibility and futility of the arm’s struggle, but also how it forms a stark beauty as it attempts to pursue its goal with great force.
    Minimum Bid: $800
  • Close-up View
  • 3. Painting: Reward
    Artist: Mohammad Iqbal B Roslan(4D)
    Artist’s Statement: 
    In life, we are driven by many things. Even if we are able to do things we dislike, there is always a reward or prize at the end of the road which persuades us to drive on. This is eminent in everybody’s life, even in a baby’s; and it is this that I want to capture in my painting.
    Many babies, if not all, do not like bathing, just like my younger brother. Whenever it is bathing  time, he would put on a disobedient face and refuse to move and this would carry on till he gets a bottle of milk. Only then will he relent and trod to the toilet with a sour face. This is an example how we are driven by rewards in life.
    Minimum Bid: $800
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  • Close-up View
  • The End