HiPP Organic World — the first mommy-blogger project in Ukraine.


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3rd place “The most effective PR campaign” at PRAVDA Awards 2010

Client: HiPP Ukraine
Project owner: HOSHVA PR
Period: may-june 2010

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HiPP Organic World — the first mommy-blogger project in Ukraine.

  1. 1. How the «HiPP organic world» was created by mommy-bloggers. — the first mommy-blogger project in Ukraine. Client: HiPP Ukraine Projectowner: HOSHVA PR Period: may-june 2010 3rd place “The most effective PR campaign”(2010)
  2. 2. HiPP faced a problem... 2 Company’s brand, the leading manufacturer of organic baby food, isn’t associated with their core values — organicity, naturalness, ecological compatibility. .
  3. 3. Objectives 3 Client set the following objectives: • to pay customers attentionon organic aspect of baby nutrition and explain to them what are organic products; • to increase customers awareness about organic properties of HiPP products; • do it in an accessible and credible form.
  4. 4. Solution 4 Educationalprogram at the most popular Ukrainian internet portal for parents UaUa.info (90% of the audience— the core target audience). That is why we decided to develop Ukrainian mommy-bloggers community and created the «HiPP organic world» for them. — mommiestrust opinion leaders, but most of all — each other; — mommies spend theirtime online; A survey among mothers about organic products peculiarities showed: — low level of understanding; — high level of interest to organic baby nutrition.
  5. 5. Principles 5 • Honesty and confidence • Personal experience • Parents dialog with each other — these principles become the basis of the «HiPP organic world» We have set an objectives: • motivateactive peer-to-peer communication; • enable parents to share their own experience, views and emotions; • and thereby demonstratea courage, openness of the brand, to gain confidenceand commitmentof the audience.
  6. 6. HiPP Organic World 6 How the «HiPP organic world» was created? Components: •mini-site at the most popular portal for parents: uaua.info/hipp and a blogging platform there; •«Mommy-blogger handbook», which can be useful for any parent who decided to launch their own blog. •«Organicnutrition school» and 10 consecutive «lessons» for parents about all aspects of organic — from the basis to legal regulations.
  7. 7. Mommy bloggers event 7 Start:blogger-event gathered together active parents, wished to join the project, and within a month test organic products from HiPP, posting results in their blogs.
  8. 8. Blogging month 8 During the month mommy-and-daddy bloggers together created the «HiPP organic world» Posts examples: • Organic products in grandmother's garden: Myth or Reality? • Organic is more delicious. Bet on it? •Where in Ukraine to get organic products? • Dangerous components of the common products. Following the voting results and jury opinion the best blogger was selected, and awarded with a trip to the HiPP organic farm in Germany.
  9. 9. Results 9 We have createda project that: • involved active parents to create content and discussion and motivatedto analyse the issues deeply; • inspired participants to become an ambassadorsof the organic idea and share project content actively. Educationalproject turned into the latest initiative,whichreceivedmedia and TV coveradge. Thewinnerof theproject was inspired to start up an independent online magazine Organic.org.ua!
  10. 10. Some numbers 10 • More than 7 thousand unique visitors of the project; • 10 school lessons for parents; • 225 posts in parents' blogs; • 1255 comments in discussing problen in details; • №1 position in Google.com.uafor keywords: «органические биопродукты»,№2 «органическое детскоепитание» and «органическое питание». Next steps: • HiPP is planning to launch and support OrganicLife.uacommunity • Launch of the local «organic» HiPP social accounts
  11. 11. Project participants comments 11 Polina Sazonova «It's been threeweeks of continuous active work and at the same time, creativity and pleasant time» Іgor Kretov «It was like the institute exams — within 3 weeks so much to learn! In general, I get more serious about the quality of food: for us and as well for our little girl» Maryna Starovojt «I’vegot a lot of fun and useful information. Thanksto HiPP for such a useful project, as well as providing with a lessons on organic issues!»
  12. 12. Why our project is really good? 12 5 simple arguments: • we attractedconsumers attentionto organic aspect of baby nutrition and explainedwhat are organic products; • HiPPwas positionedas organic products with unique characteristics; • we increased customers loyalty and establishedan understanding that organic products are safe and especially valuable for children; • we recieved TV and media-coverage (it wasn’t an oblective of the campaign); • we have done something valuable for people...and we are going to do it in the future!
  13. 13. Thanks for your attention! 13
  14. 14. 14 Communicationsagency HOSHVAPR is celebratingits 5th anniversary in autumn2010.We managed to become one of theTOP PR-agencies in Ukraine for this period. NowadaysHOSHVAPR actively develops its Digital PR practice. Agency’s Digital PR practice provides Social Media monitoring and analytics, SM strategy development,creation and maintenanceof SM accounts, SM policy development,online newsroom, web- site and social networks design, developmentcontrol and launch. Oksana Hoshva, director +38(050)3847178 hoshva@hoshvapr.com.ua Skype: oksana.hoshva