Betting Method Rules - Racing Betting System


Published on The ultimate horse racing system has to meet a number of criteria. First off it needs to make a profit! And that profitable system has to produce those profits on a consistent basis, Ideally we want our horse racing system to be profitable every month and if possible every week.

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Betting Method Rules - Racing Betting System

  1. 1. Betting Method Rules Horse racing methods get bad publicity because there is so much rubbish being peddled. Systems that promise substantial wins but in reality they are just rubbish. Method vendors and creators fall into three main types. 1. Scammers: Harsh words but I think justified. These are people who have no affinity with betting methods but they have realised that there are a lot of raving fans who would like to make money from betting. They spend all of their time writing the sales message that will draw in the unsuspecting punter. They know that however poor themethod is that only a tiny percentage will ask for their money back.2. Idiots: These are people who have found what they believe is a profitable system but in fact itturns out to be just some coincedental wins.These people dont realise the problems caused by making a method fit the data available. Thething is that given any set of data the determined person can find a set of rules that could beapplied to that data that will find enough winners to make a winning system.Predicting the past is always easier than predicting the future.3. The Professional: There are of course people who know about researching trends, whorealise that a factor found in one set of data needs to be fully tested on another different set ofdata before it can be considered reliable. If you are to buy a betting system then these are thepeople you should be following.Heres my step by step plan for creating a reliable horse racing method1. look at lots of past data to find an indicator of winners. Something that looks to be common toa lot of successes that could maybe become the basis of a system.2. Hone that idea by adding known sensible filters, things like days since last run (recent runsindicate that the horse is likely to fit), course and /or distance winners (have proven they can
  2. 2. win in that race type) etc.If you have a filter that says the horse must have run between 1 to 4 days ago or 10 to 20 daysago (IE but not 5 to 9) then you are just making your system fit the data.3. And this is the crucial step. Test your finished method on fresh data. This is how you knowyou are on to something worthwhile. But if you then adjust it a bit so it looks good on both setsof data then you are back-fitting again.