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@hornokplease's Twitter Survey Results
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@hornokplease's Twitter Survey Results



The results of a research survey of user demographics, practices and expectations on the microblogging service Twitter.

The results of a research survey of user demographics, practices and expectations on the microblogging service Twitter.



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    @hornokplease's Twitter Survey Results @hornokplease's Twitter Survey Results Presentation Transcript

    • Richard Nevins MA Candidate, Global Communication Annenberg School for Communication University of Southern California Wednesday, April 22, 2009
    • The Purpose of the Survey
      • The Survey was Intended to Address Four Questions:
      • 1. Who Uses Twitter? (Demographics)
      • 2. How do they Use Twitter? (Conventions)
      • 3. Why do they Use Twitter? (Motivations)
      • 4. What are the Lessons for Brands and Marketers?
    • Survey Results
      • 157 Surveys Administered
        • 128 surveys completed (82% completion rate)
      • Survey was Promoted via Multiple Channels:
        • E-mail (personal and professional contacts)
        • Social Network Sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace)
        • Twitter itself (via ReTweets and #hashcodes)
      • Potential Biases:
        • Survey participants are self-selected and share common interests or traits.
        • Promotion on Twitter is dependent on ReTweets; RT’s are only seen by users who Follow ReTweeters.
    • Twitter User Demographics
      • Twitter Users in the survey tended to be Young, Urban and Highly Educated
        • 72% are between 18-35
        • 65% live in urban areas
        • 82% are college graduates
      • Twitter Users are also Savvy Internet Veterans
        • 97% have been using the Internet for 6+ years
        • 79% participate in User-Generated Content sites
    • Twitter Usage Trends
      • Most Users are New to Twitter and Microblogging
        • 69% began using Twitter within the last 6 months
        • 31% have been using Twitter for more than 6 months
      • Twitter Users are Highly Engaged with the Service
        • 57% update their Twitter status daily or more
        • 24% report updating their status once a week or less
      • Twitter Users Prefer to Send Tweets from a Computer
        • 52% prefer to use the web interface at Twitter.com
        • 38% prefer to use a 3 rd party application such at TweetDeck
        • Only 10% prefer to send Tweets via SMS
    • Twitter Usage Trends
      • Twitter Users Typically Follow many Accounts
        • 13% Follow less than 10 accounts
        • 54% Follow between 11-100 accounts
        • 33% Follow more than 100 accounts
      • This is Holds for the Number of Followers Users Have
        • 20% have 0-10 Followers
        • 50% have 11-100 Followers
        • 30% have more than 100 Followers
    • Twitter User Motivations: What is your Primary Motivation? Sample ‘Other’ Responses: “ To be extremely clever in a public setting.” “ To get word out about the company I work for (PR)” “ To follow big thinkers about my industry” “ It’s the world’s best Q + A”
    • Twitter User Motivations: Who Do You Follow?
    • Twitter User Motivations How do you Decide Who to Follow?
      • The Most Important Factor is Relevance
        • 85% of respondents said relevance is a factor in Following
        • ‘ Relevance’ is broad, but related to a user’s set of interests
      • Users Follow their Real-World Friends
        • 75% said a personal relationship influences the decision
      • Users Value High-Quality Messages and Referrals
        • 59% said they follow users with high-quality messages
        • 36% said they follow users that their friends recommend
      • Popularity and Message Frequency are Less Important
        • But, users will ‘unFollow’ accounts that update too frequently
    • Twitter User Practices
      • Twitter Users Believe in Twitter!
        • 92% of respondents agreed that Twitter is useful
      • Twitter User Convention Adoption
        • 77% of respondents use @replies to direct messages
        • Less than half (42%) of users employ #hashtags
      • Twitter Marketing and Branding
        • 54% say that they ‘Sometimes’ name brands or products
        • But only 13% have participated in Marketing Campaigns
    • Twitter User Preferences: Who do You Welcome on Twitter? Account Type Favorable (%) Unfavorable (%) Personal User 84% 4% Non-Profit/NGO 81% 7% Organization/Group 80% 7% News Media/Blogs 78% 11% Government/Emergency 74% 11% Events/Conferences 74% 11% Celebrities/Public Figures 70% 10% Brands/Products 62% 18% Marketing/Promotions 38% 38%
    • Twitter User Preferences: Why do you Follow Brands/Celebs?
      • User Curiosity is the Main Reason for Following Celebs & Brands
        • 71% want to see what a celeb or brand account will say
      • Communicating with Brands and Celebs is a Big Motivation
        • 46% want to ask questions and interact
      • Celebs and Brands are Another Valuable Source of Data
        • 44% said they provide useful or interesting information
      • Users Follow Celebs and Brands to Feel a Connection with them
        • 33% responded that Following establishes a sense of connection
      • Users Follow Brands to Learn About Purchasing Opportunities
        • 33% said they want to learn of new products, sales and promotions
    • The Lessons for Marketers
      • Different Users Employ Twitter for Different Purposes:
        • Some use Twitter as a Social Network Site
          • They Follow their Real Life Friends, as well as Relevant Users
          • Relevant Users may include Brands and Celebrities
          • Twitter as a location of Identity Performance, Taste Statement, Impression Management and Expressions of Cultural Capital
        • Others use Twitter as an Information Resource
          • These users appreciate the steady flow of new information
          • This can include information about relevant brands/products
          • Social and Cultural Capital Figure into Decisions Regarding which Links to distribute and ReTweet
    • The Lessons for Marketers
      • Users are Wary of Being Marketed to on Twitter
        • User resistance to marketing/promo accounts is clear
        • User revolts have been observed (“Tweet the Rainbow”)
        • Marketers must be mindful of appropriate ‘netiquette
      • However, there are Encouraging Signs as well
        • Users frequently refer to brand names and products
        • Users demonstrate some openness to marketing Tweets
        • Users are much more accepting of celeb endorsements
    • Five Proposals for Effective Brand Management and Marketing on Twitter
      • Play by the Rules that the Community has Developed
        • Good use of conventions will endear; Poor use will provoke
      • Focus on Building Brand Presence First
        • Users are more Welcoming to Branding than Sales Pitches
      • Give Users a Reason to Interact and Share with You
        • Become a Part of the User’s Identity Performance
      • Leverage Celebrity Endorsements
        • Put Your Message in your Spokesperson’s Twitter Stream
      • Track and Measure your Brand’s Presence on Twitter
        • Use the Powerful Tools to Follow the Conversation
        • Develop Procedures for Determining Who to Respond to.
      • Thank you.
      • Questions?
      • Follow me: http://twitter.com/hornOKplease