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Welcome to Drupal! What now? Slide from Acquia webinar, January 26, 2012
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Welcome to Drupal! What now? Slide from Acquia webinar, January 26, 2012


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Slides used in the Acquia "Welcome to Drupal! What now?" webinar, January 26, 2012. A recording of the webinar will be available at …

Slides used in the Acquia "Welcome to Drupal! What now?" webinar, January 26, 2012. A recording of the webinar will be available at
NOTE: Olav Schettler's Twitter handle is @oschettler. The address on the slide posted here is incorrect!

Here are some of the links to resources mentioned in the webinar:





- and many more ...

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  • 1. Welcome to Drupal! What now?Olav Schettler, Client AdviserAndrew Melck, Solutions ArchitectJe rey A. “jam” McGuire, Community A airs ManagerAcquia
  • 2. HousekeepingSlides and recording • posted in next 48 hours • questions • Q&A Tab in WebExTwitter • @acquiaHashtags • #acquia #drupal
  • 3. QuestionsFor$more$information$visit:$$http://www.acquia.comContact$us: or 888.9.ACQUIAFollow$us:$@acquiaOlav:, Twitter: @olav.schettlerAndrew:, Twitter: @drewmelckJe rey:, Twitter: @horncologneToday’s:webinar:recording:will:be:posted:to:
  • 4. About Drupal
  • 5. “Open source is anintellectual-propertydestroyer… I cant imaginesomething that could beworse than this for thesoftware business and theintellectual-propertybusiness.”- Jim Allchin, Microsoft - 2001
  • 6. Drupal today2% of the web11,431+ developers11,819+ modules300,000+ downloads/month1.5M unique visitors/month55 supported languagesFREE
  • 7. “We dont pick onMicrosoft any more, itslike kicking a puppy."- Jim Zemlin, Executive Director,The Linux Foundation.
  • 8. Drupal is freedom1. Freedom to run the program2. Freedom to study the program3. Freedom to modify the program4. Freedom to re-distribute the program
  • 9. Drupal is community
  • 10. Drupal is innovation Open Source Collaboration Community Innovation
  • 11. Get Started
  • 12. I like it! Now what? I can haz Drupal?
  • 13.
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16.
  • 17. Sitebuilding in Drupal
  • 18. Site building exampleBuilding a Drupal site is content first 1 Content types 2 Prototype Design 3 Content entry 4 Theming 5 Launch
  • 19. The Drupal Gardens Jumpstart
  • 20. Choose a template
  • 21. Configure your site
  • 22. Your new site
  • 23. Enter your content
  • 24. Export your siteYou get everything:• code• database• images/media• content
  • 25. Install & Develop
  • 26. Complete the siteFor example, translate interface and content
  • 27. Choose your design
  • 28. Deploy your siteAcquia Dev Cloud, Managed Cloudor any Drupal hosting
  • 29. How Drupal Works
  • 30. How Drupal works - stackDrupal is a PHP applicationDrupal runs best on the standard LAMP stack: PHP on the application layer P MySQL on the Database layer M Apache on the web server layer A Linux on the OS layer L
  • 31. How Drupal works - OS optionsDrupal also runs on Windows ...and Mac.Installers are available to make the job of getting up andrunning easy:
  • 32. How Drupal works - tech optionsDrupal can also run with other databases including:•MS SQL Server•MariaDB•SQLite•MongoDBAnd webservers including:•IIS•Nginx
  • 33. How Drupal works - core & contribWithin the PHP application, Drupal comprises two sets ofmodules: Required: Block, Field, Field SQL storage, File, Filter, Image, Menu, core Node, Options, Path, Search, System, Taxonomy, Text, User Popular modules:Views, Content Construction Kit contrib (CCK), Pathauto, ctools, Admin menu, Workbench
  • 34. How Drupal works - hook systemContrib modules provide additional functionality by alteringor extending the cores functionality using hooks. The hook system modifies core inputs to and outputs from core. Find out more: contrib modules
  • 35. How Drupal works - theming layerThe look and feel of Drupal sites is governed by the theminglayer. This transforms the user interface using:• Template files to define site and page structure using PHP.• CSS stylesheets to add the final touches to your site.
  • 36. How Drupal works - theming layerFind out more:
  • 37. Drupal’s Community & Resources Local Meetups Reg ional groups rest-b ased Inte groups
  • 38.
  • 39. IRC (Freenode)#drupal#drupalcon#drupal-support
  • 40. Drupal CampsDrupal ConsCode SprintsSummitsMeetups
  • 41. Training•• / Lullabot•••• ... and more!
  • 42. Books•Pro Drupal 7 Development•Drupal 7 the essentials•Cracking Drupal•Front End Drupal•Drupal 7 Module Development•The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7•Using Drupal•Beginning Drupal 7•Drupal 7 Visual Quickstart Guide•Drupal 7 Bible• ... and more!
  • 43. Come for the code, stay for the community.