Checking in Hotel Web Design - 50 hotel websites


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Checking in Hotel Web Design - 50 hotel websites

  1. 1. Checking in Hotel Web Design: 50 Cosy Hotel Websites and Trends Samengesteld door:
  2. 2. Hotels often take great extend in trying to provide the perfect ambiance and atmosphere for their customer. However, most of the hotels overlook the importance of providing a great website which will eventually be the gateway for their business. Hotels are mostly catered to international and overseas customers. Most of these customers have not stayed in those hotels before. What make the customers click on the booking button could very much depend on how well the website has captured their attention.
  3. 3. What makes an excellent Hotel Website? There are numerous factors that will determine whether a hotel website is great. Such factors like simplicity of navigation, easy understandability of information and powerful functionality could all affect the user experience which in the end will be the deciding report card of the hotel website.
  4. 4. Visual Attraction Customers will not go to a place where they have never seen before. Most of them are too busy to try anyway. In order to mentally prepare customers on what to expect and lure them to check into their hotel, they would need to look at their room, toilet, balcony etc. Hotel Guarda Golf Hotel Guarda Golf has a great gallery picturing all the different angles of their gorgeous hotel rooms, hence providing visitors an idea of how their room looks like.
  5. 5. Social, Social, Social It seems like social media could never be neglected. Good reviews from satisfied customers could be very beneficial for the hotel business. Nowadays, social media and viral marketing have become so powerful that even celebrities are using them. Hotel guests could provide their feedbacks on their residential experience online. Guests could subscribe to the Hotel RSS feeds or follow them on popular social networks such as Twitter, to stay in touch with the latest promotion and updates. MGM Grand MGM Grand allows their visitors to get updates on popular social media like Twitter, Facebook or Youtube.
  6. 6. Functionality The website has to load fast. While customers are busy scrolling through the images of the hotel room, they could be treated with some soothing music. All hotels needs an online booking system, it is like the brain on the human body. A powerful booking system will eventually bring their hotel into the next technological era too. Atlantis The Palm Beautiful large scrolling images without the need of reloading clearly increases a visitor visual experience. Atlantis also has a comprehensive online booking system.
  7. 7. Multilingual Websites As hotel websites are usually catered to the international market, they need to understand that not all customers understand the same language. So it will be good if the website can be translated into multiple languages for a wider variety of customers without the need to exit the website. Albert Hotel Riga Albert Hotel Riga allows easy switching between different languages such as English, Russian and Latvian without leaving the site.
  8. 8. Ease of Use Clear and simple navigation should be one of the priorities when it comes to hotel website design. It is the factor that could convert interested visitors into customers instead of frustrating them. Important information like, location, contact details and booking method should be readily visible to customers. Grand Hotel Tremezzo All information are listed neatly and prominently on the navigation bar. Grand Hotel Tremezzo website is a great joy to navigate around.
  9. 9. Detailed Service Customers would like to know the type of services the hotel has installed for them, the hotel policies and about us page. Content should be in detail with appropriate and readable font size. The information should also not be misleading or hidden to prevent any empty promises. Capella Singapore Capella Singapore is a six star hotel that has various number of activities, spa and dining options listed on the site for their visitors to check them out.
  10. 10. Choice of Colors Hotels tend to select colors that are warm and sensual to the human being. They like to create a homely and comfortable feeling for their customers. That is why you often see hotel website designs are in certain colors like, white, blue, black or green. White is associated with elegance and pureness, while blue gives off sensual and relaxing feeling. Black meanwhile gives customers mysterious and bedtime thoughts and green gives them a natural and refreshing experience. Hotel Missoni Hotel Missoni presents an unique idea with a very different concept of hotel website design using an excellent mixture of colors.
  11. 11. 50 Beautifully Designed Hotel and Resort Websites
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