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Dropbox - Save to the Cloud
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  • 1.
    • Dropbox
  • 2. Dropbox
    • URL: www.dropbox.com
    • Dropbox is a file-hosting service which enables users to store and share files and folders with colleagues across the Internet.
    • Download and install on all machines where you will work, auto-synchronization will take care of the rest.
  • 3. Video: Dropbox
  • 4. Download Dropbox
  • 5.
    • Installing Dropbox
  • 6. Installing Dropbox Download installer
  • 7. Installing Dropbox Follow the instructions Start the download
  • 8. Installing Dropbox Run the installer
  • 9. Installing Dropbox Run the installer
  • 10. Installing Dropbox Follow the on-screen instructions
  • 11.
    • Create an Account
  • 12. Create a Dropbox Account
  • 13. Create a Dropbox account Choose name to easily recognise origin of file; e.g. work, home, laptop, etc
  • 14. Create a Dropbox Account Choose space required
  • 15. Install complete Continue tour or finish?
  • 16.
    • Using Dropbox
  • 17. Dropbox folder, My Documents Drag-and-drop file between folder and My Dropbox Icons Not yet synchronised Synchronising Synchronised
  • 18. Dropbox on iPhone Documents: Viewing: Settings:
  • 19. Free upgrade to 2.25gb Complete steps after install to obtain free 250mb upgrade
  • 20. Control Dropbox via website Upload, delete files online, etc
  • 21. Dropbox Events List of recent events (file upload, computers linked, etc)
  • 22. Dropbox Sharing Share existing folder with colleagues, or create new one and share immediately
  • 23. Dropbox Help and FAQs Extensive tour and help files, including Community Fora
  • 24.
    • Thank You