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BlackBoard Guide for Tutors

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BlackBoard Guide for Tutors

  1. 1. BlackBoard Guide for Tutors Learning Technologists, The Business School What do you EASE OF USE INFORMATION ASSESS LEARNING COMMUNICATION CO-CREATE want to achieve (PEDAGOGY)? How easy can this be TRANSFER Will this tool allow & INTERACTION CONTENT to set up and used Is it a tool for you to assess your Can it be used for Can you & your by you? sharing information students’ learning? communicating & students collaborate What do you want to do from you to your interaction among & create content(TECHNOLOGY)? students? participants? together?ANNOUNCEMENT Easy, students will Yes: Only tutors No: Announcements No: It is a one-way Maybe: Link toCommunicate dates, see Announcements can add an are a one-way communication tool Discussion Forumsexams, results, room when they access Announcement to a publishing tool, for for tutors only. No (DFs) to continuechanges, resources, the Unit and you Unit, with links tutors only. option for students discussion orweblinks, etc. can email it as well. and/or files. to contribute. collaborative work.ADD RESOURCE Easy, like an email Yes: Only tutors Maybe: Use to give No: It is a Maybe: Use to giveUpload a learning attachment. But can can upload files to feedback. Collect distribution tool. No feedback. Collectresource (Word file, your document the Unit – definitely student files option for student filesPDF, PowerPoint stand on its own? a push-tool. through Forum or interaction or through Forum orpresentation, etc). Assignment. communication. Assignment.ADD RESOURCE Easy, copy the link Yes: Very easy way No: Option is to link Maybe: Link to Maybe: Link toLink to website or (the URL) and paste of leading students to external student external tools e.g. external tools e.g.web page. it into your Unit as to information. You e-portfolio or e-portfolio, e-portfolio, either ‘External Link’ can link to online blogging system to blogging, wiki blogging, wiki or in part of ‘Item’. resources and files. make this Yes. systems. systems.* DISCUSSION Easy, DFs have Maybe: Share Maybe: Forum is Yes: Students Yes: Students canFORUM usable default resources as links or versatile and allows communicate with collaborate, exploreUse for many types settings; ‘name’ and files. High message assessment you and peers, topics, discuss themof Learning Activities. ‘description’ is volume and risk or providing the scene individually or in and write together enough to start. losing info. is set by tutor. group. using DFs.QUIZ/TEST/MCQ Tricky, but easier if No: Tests are aimed Yes: You can time- No: Tests are aimed No: Tests are aimedUse to assess using materials from at assessment, not release, choose at assessment, not at assessment, notlearning; formative or Publisher and to distribute different question for communication. for communication.summative. Respondus to information. types, and give or Tip: Use DF, Wiki or Tip: Use DF, Wiki or upload. withhold marks. even Blog instead. even Blog instead.WIKI Easier with practice. Yes: Very easy way Maybe: Versatile Maybe: Not Yes: Students canUse for many types Use BlackBoard of leading students for assessment, suitable for explore topics andof Learning Activities. Groups to split to information. You providing students discussion, but good collaborate on the cohort into study can link to online have explanation on for collaborative write-up. groups. resources and files. what is assessed. writing or planning.BLOG Easier with practice. Maybe: Depends Maybe: Versatile Maybe: Not Maybe: SettingsUse for reflective Use settings to keep on reason for using for assessment, suitable for can allow cohort towriting or student posts Blog, but your input providing students discussion. read all posts, butdevelopment private or open up into Blog will be have explanation on collaboration notactivities. to whole Cohort. required. what is assessed. possible in blog.ASSIGNMENT Easy, choose from No: Assignments Yes: Set date and No: Assignments No: AssignmentsUse to collect, assess simple upload or via are not to be used time for release and are not intended for are not intended co-and provide feedback anti-plagiarism to distribute submission. Collect interaction or creation of content.on assignments. software Turnitin. Learning Materials. assignments and communication. Tip: Use DF or Wiki provide feedback. instead.* DISCUSSION FORUM: Be creative: it doesn’t always have to be an in-depth discussion. Other Good fit for Good fit for Not bestactivity ideas include class debate, team discussion, weekly report, project news, web searchresults (to share), role play, feedback, peer-review, assessment support, study support, etc. Key: intended use job, but consider alternatives tool for job Modified from: “Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers” by Joyce Seitzinger. May 2010