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  • 1. Three Branches of the Government
  • 2. Executive Branch The Executive Branch is where the laws are obeyed. In this branch the President is in charge.
  • 3. Important People in the Executive Branch The people who help the President is: Vice President The Cabinet Members Independent Agencies
  • 4. President Obama President Obama is our current President and is in charge in the Executive Branch. His job is to make sure that the laws are obeyed. Sometimes he needs help from more people to help make sure laws are obeyed.
  • 5. Vice President Our Vice President is Joe Biden. He helps our President as well making decisions and helping out in the Senate. The Vice President also steps in if anything were to happen against the President.
  • 6. Cabinet The cabinet members consist of 15 members and help the President on any subjects that he or she might need their duties.
  • 7. Independent Agencies These agencies help the President and the Vice President make sure that they laws are being obeyed.
  • 8. Laws Rules Money Bills
  • 9. The Executive Branch is responsible for making sure the laws are being obeyed.
  • 10. Remember this is the branch of the government that makes sure something is followed.
  • 11. President Bush President Obama President Andres
  • 12. Our President is President Obama
  • 13. Does this picture help you on who our President is?
  • 14. Vice President, Independent Agencies, Cabinet Secretary, Principal Teacher, Student
  • 15. The Vice President and Independent Agencies help the President out in the Executive Branch.
  • 16. Does this picture help on who helps the President?